The Day Before The Birthday

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Tomorrow, on Friday, the 24th, I’m turning 21! This is probably the biggest birthday date of my life yet and will be until probably my 40th, because that’s when one might have a mid-life crisis. XD I don’t have much planned for tomorrow–I plan to see Ant-Man, open cards and gifts in the evening when my brother is home, watch my favorite anime finale, and eat my favorite dessert.

I didn’t make many big plans: Usually the family would plan out our birthday’s into the whole day. This is probably my most unplanned birthday ever. I kind of did that on purpose though–I wanted the day to just happen so I could treasure the little moments that will crop up throughout the day.

Today will be the last day where I’m 20. Today is Thursday, and at this point in my life, Thursday is my lazy “Saturday” day; I don’t really like to do things today because it’s my day to unwind, think, enjoy some media, You-Tube, music, Skype messaging, room straightening, ect, ect, ect, ect. It’s just my quiet day. I should probably do something major for my last day as a not-official-adult–but I already dyed my hair for new year’s and I’m not ready for a tattoo or a big road trip yet. XD So I’m here writing this instead.

I’m glad I blog: I had fun reading my thoughts of last year’s birthday. I have not changed much: I still have all the same celebrity crushes, favorite movies, pet peeves… A goal I had for this year was to try more anime and that was a tremendous success! (High fives younger self for being more diverse and open-minded.) I forgot I’ve gotten a zombie film for my last few birthdays…if I don’t get something zombie this year I will buy it for myself–or rewatch Shaun of the Dead.

I’m keeping this short. I’m looking forward to tomorrow; I hope Ant-Man is good, and I’m excited to have my little brother home. ❤ I hope 21 has a good start. Talk to you guys later!



10 Favorite Screen Characters

Victoria at Stori Tori’s Blog tagged me to list 10 of my favorite on-screen characters! So easy! To be more enjoyable and less predictable, I shall steer away from my obvious favorites like Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Captain America, and Rocky. Y’all know I love those guys already. XD

Instructions: For this quick, fun blog hop, you just name your 10 favorite characters from movies or TV, then tag 10 friends (if you can) to do the same!


Batman from The Lego Movie: The Lego Movie has a lot of my favorite things, including my favorite version of Batman. The film exaggerates that whole “Dark and Brooding” attitude of Batman. In a way, it makes fun of Batman in general–and I love it. DC’s films, although sometimes enjoyable, are way too gritty and dark for their own good *sings “De-PRESSING!”* However, when a character like Batman is handled in a spoofy manner, I can’t get enough of it. Here’s a big hand for Will Arnett voicing the best Batman ever!


Shaun from Shaun of the Dead: I love Simon Peg’s title character of this rom-com this much: *tries to hug entire world.* Shaun is ridiculously lovable because while he’s kind of loser, his heart is softer and bigger than most guys you would find in a zombie apocalypse movie. While Shaun had struggled to infuse color into his dull life, zombies helped him figure out his priorities, and so he sets out to save his mum and ex-girlfriend. This movie is awesome because of its smart British satire, its huge heart, its thrills..and its wonderful lead. ❤


Riko Aida from Kuroko’s Basketball: I LOVE THIS GIRL. While I have only seen the first season, Riko Aida stands out in a mostly male cast of basketball players because her entire character’s worth rests on her mental strengths. This is very refreshing to see in a female character. Riko has the clear ability, wisdom, and smarts to drive, steer, and urge her team through competitions. I love that she’s has a super-powered type of eye sight and that her cooking is terrible because the of the vitamins she sprinkles on it. XD


R from Warm Bodies: I love R. His character in Warm Bodies was, I believe, the first zombie that ever made me reconsider the genre as a whole. Beforehand I found the idea of zombies quite dumb, but R was endearing, contemplative, and quite sweet, for a man-eating corpse. I’m not crazy about story of Romero and Juliet, but Warm Bodies is definitely my favorite version, as R makes an intriguing Romero. XD And now, thanks to him and this rom-com, I really enjoy the zombie genre!


Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish: Kuranosuke is one of the most enjoyable characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching on TV; he’s funny, talented, kind-hearted, extroverted, a people person, and a great actor. To keep distance from his political family, Kuranosuke uses his passion for fashion to crossdress. He knows how to use society’s expectations to his advantage and he really doesn’t care what people think of him. I really love Kuranosuke for two reason: He’s hysterical and he’s genuine…even if he fakes in his female alter-ego for most of the show. XD


Pepper Potts from the MCU: Pepper still remains my favorite Marvel woman, even though Natasha is really awesome. I’ve loved Pepper’s quiet strength since the first Iron Man. Tony Stark has slowly reformed over the series of films to make their relationship work, which really speaks to her favor. I think in many ways she’s very underrated in the Marvel Universe. Not only can she kick butt as a business woman, but she’s a worthy action hero too!


Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything: I have only seen Say Anything once, which is ridiculous because that movie was fantastic. It only took one viewing for Lloyd to steal his way into my heart and stay there, too. Lloyd is your every day guy, except better. He’s confident in himself without being an a-hole and he pursues the girl he likes with a steady confidence that wins us all over. Melodrama and hardships effect him but they don’t make him stupid either. He’s also expressive, blunt, romantic…I shall stop myself here. In short, Lloyd is just really awesome character that I’ve not seen replicated anywhere else. ❤


Gale Weathers from ScreamFirst you hate her. Then you love her. There’s really no in-between when it comes to feelings for Gale Weathers. Scream is such a fun film series, its bloody, smart, and completely aware of it’s genre’s shortcomings and how society sees horror. Gale isn’t the main heroine, but her go-get-em attitude and swift-on-her-feet reactions make her an awesome news reporter to follow as we witness the murders. She also has some great one liners. XD


Kokkuri-san from Gugure! Kokkuri-san: He’s a lonely fox spirit who finds a home with a just-as-lonely little girl. Kokkuri-san is protective, hysterical, a good housekeeper, a great cook, and can even shape shift into a girl! Gugure! Kokkuri-san is a comedy and an extremely funny one at that and Kokkuri-san is a strong lead for such a show because he’s very quirky yet very genuine. Kokkuri-san is very loveable because he puts up with a lot of crap from two other spirits to care for and love on the adorable but seemingly emotionless Kohina. Kokkuri-san is about tied with Kuranosuke for being one of those male anime characters that have really affected me. ❤


Wadsworth from Clue: Clue is my most favorite movie ever (a cult classic!) and Wadsworth is one of the few characters in the movie that didn’t originate from the game. He plays an important role as he leads the murder investigation of the late Mr. Boddy. Wadsworth is smart, commanding as a lead among a cast of suspects, sympathetic, a good butler, and very funny. He’s also ridiculously cute and energetic once the murder happens, so I happen have a small crush on him. XD Out of all the colorful characters with all their engaging back stories and many one liners, Wadsworth, thanks to Tim Curry’s acting, is the most memorable, likable, and engaging character onscreen! If you love a good mystery show and haven’t seen Clue, definitely put it on your must-watch list!

It’s time tag a couple of victims! This is a pretty easy tag, so I look forward to seeing what people come up with! I tag:

Sarah | Maribeth | Ivy Miranda | Hamlette | Imogen | Moonstonemaiden


My November Screamed 3 Things:

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  1. Watched The Walking Dead every Sunday–the world was as it should be.
  2. I wrote my first zombie novel–I referred to them as “zombs” and it was a gory awesome affair.
  3. The funny thing about my story was that the zombs ended up taking a backseat during the last half of the book. They simply became a tool to expose who all my characters were at their core. I’m actually really pleased that it turned out that way. 🙂


  1. I worked on my NaNo story almost every single day of November. It was a good practice to get back to.
  2. I wrote a total of 60,043 words for my book, complete with an actual ending! Best NaNo ever!
  3. I surprised myself by being able to keep up with my blog while doing NaNoWriMo–usually my blog gets neglected at this time of year but I guess my writing juices were really flowing! (of course, I still haven’t finished my LotR post yet…)


  1. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, the new episodes of Parasyte, Your Lie In April, and perfection itself Gurure! Kokkuri-san are released and I tried/still try to watch them the same day!
  2. I pinned so many funny Death Note pins that I started rewatching it too. For like the third time.
  3. Other anime clamored for my attention like The Devil Is a Part-Timer and Barakamon (which I finished and reviewed) all while I was trying to work on my book. I’m surprised by how much I was able to watch and write at the same time!

Overall, it was a really good November!

Things I want to keep doing:

  1. Watch more Walking Dead but alas the mid-season finale just happened so I must wait till February for it to come back. 😦
  2. Keep writing! I mustn’t slide! I need to find a story that grabs me at this moment and write it! (Same with blogging! Need to blog more!)
  3. WATCH MORE ANIME. And find a special outlet for me to talk about it–I might start a separate blog just to prattle to myself about what I’m watching… XD


27 Reasons I Love The Cornetto Trilogy

tumblr_mqmy5kvxze1rrglv9o1_500I’ve found a lot of great movies this year and I have two trilogies I need to talk about before the year is over–Lord of the Rings and The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy. Since I watched Cornetto first, I’m going to talk about them first– also because they’re among the most funny, entertaining, and quirky films I’ve ever seen in my life. For the longest time, I couldn’t come up with anything to say about them outside of ‘THEY’RE SO GOOD. GO WATCH THEM RIGHT NOW” which would not have made the best post. Well, I’ve remedied that today with nine thoughts on each film. 🙂


But what exactly is The Cornetto Trilogy?

The Three Flavours Cornetto Trilogy:

The Cornetto Trilogy consists of three comedic genre films written by Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. They are unrelated to each other but I consider it proper to watch them in the order they were made; you’ll catch references and jokes from the first film if you pay attention during the second and third. Cornetto is a brand of ice cream that inadvertently appears briefly in some form or fashion in each film, which leads to the name The Cornetto Trilogy. (Alert to Martin Freeman fans: he appears in all three, each role bigger with each film!)

The Films include:

Shaun of the Dead, the first, is a romantic comedy zombie film–“Shaun becomes so lost in his personal troubles and dull life that he barely notices the zombie apocalypse happening around him; when he does, his first reaction is the protect the woman that he loves.”

Hot Fuzz is the second film, a comedy/thriller/mystery/action homage–“An exceptional police officer, Nicholas Angel, is transferred to sleepy little town of Sandford that turns out to be not so sleepy.” (Fuzz is a derogatory term for cop or police.)

Finally, there is The World’s End, which focuses more on character issue and dynamics more than the alien invasion spoof– “Chasing nostalgia from his youth when everything felt perfect, Gary King drags his four old”friends” back to their old town for a pub crawl only be caught up the extraterrestrial.”

Let’s start those 27 reasons now. 😀


1. In the zombie films I’ve seen, most apocalypses are portrayed as taking the characters by surprise in a split second,  changing the world in a flash. In Shaun of the Dead, the apocalypse is slow; over a day and a night goes by before the main characters even notice because they’ve been so involved in their own mundane lives and problems. I consider this twist on zombie apocalypses brilliant!

2. The film’s image of humanity’s lack of zest for life being similar to just existing like a zombie is fantastic and a little nudge in the ribs. It’s presented very humorously, too, specifically during the title credits!

3. I consider this trilogy, especially this film, to be the essences of quirky-ness. I can’t stand over-done or fake quirky-ness in people, films, and the internet (for an example of fake quirk: Anna from Frozen–she’s not quirky, she’s an awkward air head. Gr.) I cling tightly to the truly quirky things I find. Out of the three Cornetto films, this is the quirky-est of them all!

4. The chemistry between the actors, especially Simon and Nick, lay groundwork for the film to really work. In many ways, it lays groundwork for the next two films as well–I walked away  from Shaun wanting more of Simon and Nick acting together!


5. The main character, Shaun, is the most lovable guy–he’s well-meaning and soft-hearted. Although he lets the consequences of his passiveness sneak up on him, he does make a real effort to fix things with his girlfriend after it’s shaken him up. When he finally comes face to face with zombies, he’s more than capable of taking them down, too. I would want Shaun on my zombie team if I could!

6. This might be a short reason but worth noting… I love Shaun’s goatee in this film! I’m not really a beard person, but Simon Pegg really wore it well. ❤ I missed it a little bit in Hot Fuzz, lol. 🙂

7. This film is flavored with a distinct smart British humor–trust me, all the films are, but I’ll talk about it here with this film. British humor is smart and used effectively! Unlike a lot of American humor, British humor relies on sharp dialogue rather than sexual innuendos and fart jokes. British humor can sometimes be more subjective to personal taste, but if you enjoy TV shows from England like Doctor Who, the humor isn’t a hard jump to get and is very refreshing! It’s nice to have a trilogy of movies assume I’m a smart viewer who can understand good humor! A+!

8. That theme song–I love it, it’s so strange!! You gotta hear to believe it! (It is one of those songs I don’t mind getting stuck in my head.)

9. The film is unafraid to smartly. kill. off. characters. I won’t say much else, but a zombie film is no good if nobody dies…

Because zombies aren’t always everyone’s thing, I can see a lot of people avoiding this movie and going straight for Hot Fuzz. However, to me, although not mandatory, it’s still ideal to watch them in order if it is possible. My sister told me she was glad she saw Shaun first because she didn’t think she would have enjoyed Hot Fuzz as much as she had without it. Of course, that’s not to say you won’t enjoy Hot Fuzz without Shaun, I simple think Shaun makes Hot Fuzz an even more enjoyable experience. This has become a tongue twister so let’s move on. 🙂


1. The freaking opening…dramatic chilling walk, fastest character assessment ever, narrated by Martin Freeman… This film KNOWS how to begin and it’s amazing!

2. This film has a fun cast of quirky characters; from the villagers to the members of the police force, everyone is memorable! I’d hate to spoil anything, so I won’t say much here except that this film’s cast is outrageous fun!

3. Nick Frost’s best character work is in this film in the form of Danny Butterman. Danny is sweet and earnest; the perfect sidekick to Simon’s sharp character Nicholas Angel. Danny wants to learn how to be a better cop, and befriends and respects Nicholas as a friend and fellow cop in a very endearing way. Gotta love Danny!

4. Out of the three movies, the buddy relationship between Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s characters is at it’s best here between Nicholas Angel and Danny Butterman. The friendship’s development is so fun to watch, especially because their cops. Buddy cop films are the best, after all!

5. The murder mystery is actually great. When I first heard about this film, I thought it was going to more action driven. While there is homage to action, much of the story is more driven by a chilling murder mystery! The mystery element is handled very well throughout the script and editing, and it’s terribly fun to get caught up with Nicholas trying to unravel who the killer is!


6. Due to fantastic acting, chemistry, and writing, the depth of emotion in Hot Fuzz’s core characters is surprisingly touching! Every once and awhile, the film slows down just enough to give us little glimpses into the characters before dashing on. This makes for a more heartfelt ending. This is often lacking in action movies where the drive is more plot or action, so it was very satisfying to have a balance throughout this film.

7. The cameos in this film are outrageous! 😀 Even more Martin Freeman, a Bill Nighy cameo from Shaun, a Peter Jackson cameo (hard to spot!), a Cate Blanchett cameo…

8. Overall, this film is near perfection. It has an amazing atmosphere and plot pace; laughs are stretched throughout entire film; characterization is amazing, the action at the end is hysterical and fun, the mystery is well thought-out… it’s just an outright hoot!

9. Surprise! You knew I had to mention this: Hot Fuzz is one in my top ten favorite films of all time because I loved it so much!

What more do I need to say; I flipping love this movie as it’s everything I love from the murder mystery/action/comedy genre!


1. In the last two films, Simon Pegg’s protagonists had always been likable, but we get a change of pace with the character Gary King! Simon’s acting as an obnoxious character is actually great fun and really proves his abilities as an actor. Gary King comes off as very unlikable and insensitive throughout most of the film, but I somehow liked the character by the end of the story. I’d say that is all because of Simon…

2. This film has Martin Freeman’s biggest role in The Cornetto Trilogy. Martin plays one of Gary’s old high school friends and obviously does a smashing job. I’m a huge fan of Martin since his amazing work in Sherlock as John Watson. I get a kick out of seeing him play other roles while Sherlock on hiatus.

3. Even though this film is also a comedy, it’s a little different from the other two. The underlying theme of chasing nostalgia has an almost tragic feeling. The characters are more tragic-like, too. It’s a nice change of pace.

4. Martin’s character has a fun line where he exclaims “WTF”–he literally says WTF instead of the actual swear line–and it gets me every time.


5. The opening montage narrated by Simon Pegg is fantastic (this has become a regular with these movies–strong openings!) It’s a memorable part that gets paralleled throughout the rest of the film. It really sets the whole mood of the movie–a wish for the good old days, which is something we all chase in our own ways.

6. I love the soundtrack of this film; it reminds me of the type of soundtrack Guardians received, in a sense. Most of the songs come from late 80’s/early 90’s era and perfectly gives me a taste of what Gary chases after throughout the story. Out of all the films, this might be my favorite soundtrack.

7. This one is short, but I kinda want to cosplay Gary King. He has a smashing coat, car, and swagger.

8. They were completely R rated, but before the gang even got to their destination, there were two jokes that made me laugh so hard, I cried and had to stop the movie. I wish I could write snappy dialogue that this film displays among the five main characters. (The Three Musketeers bit. Oh my gosh, I was left for dead at the side of the road from that bit.)

9. I find it interesting that this is the most picked on of the three films. A lot of people don’t like this film–it may be because the main character is annoying and or ‘the magic spark has gone’ but I frankly enjoyed this film quite a lot. Comparing it to Shaun and Hot Fuzz, it doesn’t quite reach the same heights, but compared to your average American flick, it’s still very good.That’s where I stand on that subject.


Well, there is nothing more to say. These are some of the best films I discovered this year and it was about time I wrote about them. If you’ve seen one of these, you must tell me what you thought of it! Until next time…need anything from the shop? Maybe some ice cream?…


Plotting and Planning

I didn’t mean to go this long without blogging, but being busy before getting sick creates a recipe for not blogging. As I wait to get better, I’m sitting here plotting and planning the last two months of the year–at least the best I can not feeling well! I’m also mad that almost everything in the fridge seems to have a diary product of some kind in it. Right now, I’m lying on my bed filling out my new Booktrack profile and watching The Sorcerer’s Stone as the beginning of my Harry Potter marathon.

I’ve finally figured out what my NaNoWriMo book is and what it’s purpose is. This year’s story is only for my writing exercise to practice in a new genre–zombie survival. I’ll be using my old fan-fiction characters instead of creating new ones to make story-telling easier on myself. As I know some people are interested in a synopsis, here it is: “Trapped in Florida’s peninsula, on the wrong side of the US’s safe board to quarantine the zombie infestation within Florida, friends from an old childhood club join together to make their way to safety without getting infected or eaten–along the way, they learn an old enemy is out to find them.” It’s going to be so cheesy but good fun to write! I’m looking forward to spending November with this story. Any last-minute joiners to NaNoWriMo yet?!

So far, my giveaway has been doing well; be sure to enter while you still can! Other than that, I can’t think of anything else to say right now, so I’ll bid you a do for now. 🙂