For My Fellow Writers

Today I have for you guys a video game soundtrack which I discovered accidentally a couple days ago. The thumbnail made me click it, the magical wispy blue, the adorable fantasy creatures, and the overall atmosphere just grabbed me. The music itself did not disappoint. Take a listen!

This first track blew my mind. The soft piano, the orchestral richness, the angelic voice, the mysteriousness. I was immediately stolen away!

This track captures the darker side of the soundtrack, surging from softness to urgency half way through.

And I just really like this track. It’s sounds like raindrops and spring showers. It’s gentle and soothing and mysterious.


What video game soundtracks are your absolute favorites?




Touring My Whiteboard

As a teenager I always wanted my own large whiteboard for my bedroom wall. To scrawl story ideas and things I needed to remember quickly in place that was hard to miss. And just under two years ago, I finally bought one, with enough space to write lots of keywords for memory and extra space left to spare…well, you know. If I didn’t write words so gosh darn big. XD It’s honestly been a great addition to my life, and I thought I’d do a little tour of my whiteboard just for fun!

This is a legit look at my whiteboard you guys; I didn’t clean it up for you, or rearrange a bunch of stuff, or even try to make this look symmetrical. I’m honestly a big slob by nature and I really only care when I can’t find something. XD (but ask my mom, I’ve improved greatly since 2001. 😉 )

IMG_4870 (1024x765)Oh, here it is. XD

Now, for a simple size comparison, here it is above my little desk and surrounded by my words of inspiration. xD

IMG_4871 (1024x765)It's a messy work station, but it's my messy work station. <3

Firstly, I have several colored pens that I use. I think some people assign meanings to colors, but honestly if my board is simply lacking color, I just grab one to write my current thought. I bought a magnetic little mesh container that I keep my cleaner, fine-tipped pens, and all my story-inspiration dice in. Extra magnets not in use are pushed to side near the pens as well.

The main use, of course, for my whiteboard is to write stuff on. If you can’t tell, I have some super random stuff scribbled out. Right now, I have a note to remind me to practice Amazing Grace on the piano, and “battery” circled to remind myself I DESPERATELY need to buy a new laptop battery. I also wrote out a reminder to scrub the bathroom floors and the shower when my knees feel better. I didn’t get a good picture of it, but I also have a list of blog post ideas formed in blue too. XD

1 My white board also holds things I get from friends. My dear friend Robyn in Canada sent me this cute Halloween print she created last October and I still have it up above my laptop. ❤
2. My best friend’s mom made me the cutest stationary for my birthday last year and I’ve used many of them! But I keep one up here because A) it’s so adorable, colors pop, and I just really like looking at it, and B) so I don’t accidentally mail them all away. xD I want to keep at least one!
3. And then from last semester I still have my note card of words my fellow students had said were things they thought of when they think of me. My professor told us all to put our cards where we’d see them and be reminded of our strengths and affirmative words that people tell us.  So of course, mine goes on my whiteboard. I still feel really happy when I remember them all telling me they could see I was very upbeat and smart and passionate and out of the box. ❤

Next up to highlight are my many magnets! I have a ton of Kuroko’s Basketball magnets that I fawn over. XD I have a wonderful Doctor Who magnet from my dear girl friend Ashley, and then I’ve bought my Hogwarts, Totoro, and Cruella De Ville magnets at comic-cons! Sometimes these guys keep stickers and trading cards in place, but I don’t have any of those up right now.

These aren’t on my actual whiteboard, but they are a part of my workstation. I especially likethe two on dreaming, “Don’t Wait for Sleep to Start Dreaming” followed by “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do.” ❤

And that’s all the pictures I snapped with my iPod Touch. XD I love my whiteboard, and I highly recommend getting one if you’re a writer or if you’re like me with a beautiful scatter brain. ❤ Do you have a whiteboard? What do you use it for?



Beautiful People: Writerly Resolutions and Goals

10928109_595959117172101_1450331761_n 1_zpsw3b8il6sI have a day left to join the link-up for Beautiful People, hosted by Paper Fury and Further Up and Further In. Last month they had questions for writers on their resolutions for the new year! Considering I’m taking a very different approach to my writing this year than I did last year, I thought I’d join in and attempt to pin down my thoughts for 2016 and my fictional writing!

What were your writing achievements last year?

They were nothing that I originally wanted, at least in terms of “finishing first drafts and publishing”, but I still broke a wall last year that I’m happy a bout

I wrote completely for myself last summer. I was hit by a strange form of inspiration, for the continuation for an old saga that’d I’d been stuck on for years. After being scared of following that character route due its nontraditional elements, I decided to challenge myself to break the walls in my head and write completely for myself. I didn’t tell anyone but my sister about it, for the entire summer, and wrote completely for me.

Honestly, it was the best thing to happen to me as a writer last year…learning to write for myself. I wrote like I was mad (I felt mad too,) and I got to know my longtime favorite characters like I never had been able to, just by being experimental and brave! So, I consider that the best achievement of 2015 when it comes to my writing.


Tell us about your top priority writing project for this year?

I have decided to do something different this year and not make any one book a top priority project. I did that last year and when I realized I needed to do something different, I almost felt guilty for changing my goal. I want to avoid that feeling this year. I’d like to give myself a more open path. I want to follow my heart and the words in my head without feeling the need to “reach a goal.” For one year, we’ll see how that works.

List 5 areas you’d like to work the hardest to improve this year.

I have actually only 1 area I want to work on this year, and its to stop stopping at the “boundaries” in my mind. Basically, to grow on what I learned last year. I learned last year that experimenting for myself leads to amazing breakthroughs, so this year I want to stop holding back on things I want to write. Especially when it’s completely personal anyway. I want to give myself permission to freely express what I need and thinkig in my fictional writing. I hope to bring that into what I blog as well!


Are you participating in any writing challenges?

Noooooo, sadly. I’d love to think I could start writing every single day, but I won’t even pretend that I could give that an honest go right now. XD But since I took this past NaNoWriMo off, I would love to do it this year for sure! Every other year seems to work best for me when it comes to NaNoWriMo. XD

What’s your critique partner/beta reader situation like and do you have plans to expand this year?

While I let my best friend and my sister read things when they can before I publish them, I currently don’t have anything else set up at the moment. I don’t have anything in particular that I need beta readers for, since I’m focusing on a lot of short stories at the moment. XD But…then again. I always need help with those too. I over think my wording too much. XD


Do you have plans to read any writer-related books this year? Or are there specific books you want to read for research?

Last year I bought several writing books cheap and I’d love to put a dent in them! I would like to read the book “Writer with a Day Job” and really use my copies of “The Pocket Muse” and it’s sequel (excellent books for inspiration!) “The Little Red Writing Book” is slim, looks extremely promising and should be easy to read as well!

Pick one character you want to get to know better, and how are you going to achieve this?

If I had to get to know a character better this year, it would be my villain-turned-anti-hero, Kyle. I created Kyle when I was fourteen and for years he’s remained the bland, two-dimensional baddie whom I didn’t understand personally or know how to use properly. But last year when I got to know my lead hero better, I also realized that as Kyle’s role expanded, I began to understand why he felt the way he did. After seven years, we finally began to click.

So, if I had to get to know one character better this year, it would be him. He’s the angry, grieving, screaming sound in my head that’s slowly mellowing and releasing and changing when I reflect on him. I want to get to know him even better!


Do you plan to edit or query, and what’s your plan of attack?

Oh no, I can’t make any serious promises for that this year, like I did last year. I’m going to just write and follow my gut this year. XD

Toni Morrison once said, “If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”  What are the books that you want to see more of, and what “holes” do you think need filling in the literary world?

I desperately wish there were more books that followed a guy and girl friendship that didn’t have any real romantic tension or didn’t develop into romance. I’m determined to write stories like this myself.  It just would be refreshing! Also you then completely bypass all those annoying love triangles. XD


What do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2016?

I hope to have achieved a stronger sense of freedom in my writing, to be less terrified of exploring my own consciousness and writing inspirations. Right now, I think the most I want to ask of myself is to become a better writer than the writer that I am in this moment. Continuing self-improvement, at my pace and in my way, will be all that I’ll demand of myself this year.

And quite honestly, that's a tall order all on its own anyway.

Are you a writer? What are your goals for the year? Did you accomplish something you’re proud of in 2015, whether in blogging or novel-writing? 


For My Fellow Writers /// 05

It’s time for another addition to this series! I just found this specific link the other day and it kinda blew my mind as a writer! I’m determined to starting using it in my writing sessions starting today.

The link I have for you my fellow writers today is:

Using Brackets to Write FasterScreenshot (120)

I highly recommend you all read the short, original article above for full examples of what this means. But basically: instead of bogging down your writing pace by trying to come up with everything all at once, you use brackets with reminders in the places you get stuck at, to keep up your writing pace. When you’ve finished, you can then look back over your writing for the brackets and beef up your sentences as needed!

See article of an before-and-after examples of what this might look like.

I find this incredibly ingenious. I’ve lost track of the times my writing has slowed because I got stuck trying to find the exact wording for a minor detail. This trick will allow me to simply get the flow of the story out without those awful brain freeze moments!

Have you used this trick in writing before?


Jamie’s 2016 Bucket List

So I’ve had a fairly interesting beginning to my new and shiny year, 2016, and for such reasons, I decided at the beginning of the month not to immediately throw together a bucket list for the year. Instead I’ve been riding January out as it’s progressed and compiled this as the ideas have come to me. I figured they’d be more genuine to what I actually want to do, and I believe they are!

While I came up with some unique things to do, my last item is something that just hit me today. So I’m really glad I waited to share this with you, because now you can read it too!
large (34)

Investigate more video game and anime soundtracks for writing.

Officially meet my best friend in person.

Learn the rules of the road.

Take better care of myself emotionally and physically.

large (33)

Finish reading and underlining my Creative Writing books.

Spend money consciously.

Find unique ways to express my personal creative spirit and needs.

Continue enjoying anime and anime blogging.

large (36)

Make a YouTube playlist of empowering/humanizing songs to memorize.

Play the piano more consistently again.

Continue maintaining online relationships and build new ones at college.

Write only for me.


Re-blog my updated 100 Favorite Movies series.

Clean out my room of useless junk during my next furniture arrangement ritual.

Decide on a college major.


Listen more when others speak, but speak up more for the authentic me.


How has your 2016 been treating you? Did you make resolutions or a bucket list for the year? What are some movies you want to see this year, or books or music? Making grand plans, or seemingly insignificant ones, or medium-fries-with-extra-ketchup-sized one?…does that even make sense. Ah, who cares. XD

I hope you’re having a good year already! ❤