Top 100 Favorite Films|30-21



30.  Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl | 2003 | PG-13

Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors because he is so versatile. He can play so many bizarre roles and not even look like the same person, which I consider really really neat! From Edward Scissorhands to Willy Wonka to The Mad Hatter to Tonto, he’s fantastic. But the role I love him most in is as Jack Sparrow–Captain Jack Sparrow. The Curse of the Black Pearl would be a lot lower on my list if it were not for everyone’s favorite shambling pirate Captain Jack. The movie itself is very very fun, very adventurous, full of great characters and an amazing soundtrack. But I only care for this movie so much because of Depp’s unpredictable, ever lovable Jack. (Also swashbuckling is awesome.)


29. Shaun of the Dead | 2004 | R

The first film of my new favorite film series–The Cornetto Trilogy–this is easily one of the funniest movies I’ve seen since the beginning of 2014 (I’m actively checking out new movies.) Although I’ll be reviewing The Cornetto Trilogy in a separate post soon, I’ll speak briefly here on how this movie became an instant favorite. Shaun of the Dead won my heart in spades for the dry British wit, the empathetic main character Shaun, and the poking fun at the zombie genre while at the same time paying homage to it. Because the film delivers a balance of both dimensional characters along with it’s whacky story, the film gives emotional punches alongside it’s fun plot. This creates an overall fun yet genuine heart-felt movie experience for anyone who’s willing to try a new film flavor every once in a while.


28. Rambo: First Blood | 1982 | R

It’s strange that I have a soft spot for this movie, especially since it’s an action packed typed movie aimed at the male audience. However, the message on the veterans is very touching, executed and delivered well in sadness and truth, even with all the gun fire, motorcycle shots, and explosions. I’m a big fan of Sylvester Stallone and he was fantastic as Rambo, a very empathetic character who’s both a bad*ss yet also emotionally and mentally damaged from war. Overall, the movie is engaging, exciting and yet respectfully sad. If only they made action movies like this these days…


27. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire | 2013 | PG-13

THIS MOVIE WAS SO GOOD. This movie made me a Hunger Games fan! I love how even though the plot is almost the same as the first when you boil it down to a sentence or two, everything feels new and invigorated. The stakes are higher, the characters are even more damaged than before, the clothes, the arena and the country Panem is realized even better and darker than before. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen continues to be an amazing actress. Peeta cemented himself as one of my very favorite characters as he proved himself to be a honest to goodness true friend to Katniss by being there for her. New characters were great additions. Twists and turns in the plot were effective and surprising. The film does a great job being it’s own film while setting up for the Mockingjay Part 1. Overall, I really really love this movie, will hopefully own it someday and definitely give it credit for making me a true Hunger Games fan!


26. Terminator 2: Judgement Day | 1991 | R

*Dun dun, dun, dun dun.* 😀 The reason this movie didn’t rank higher than the original Terminator is because I find John Connor an incredibly annoying kid. To me personally, he weighs the film down a little. However, Sarah Connor’s character development into a kick-butt take-action heroine is awesome and I liked the tables turned around with the Terminator being on Sarah’s side of the fight. The last half of the film with the explosions and constant action is also extremely exciting and awesome.


25. The Terminator | 1984 | R

Can you hear theme song yet?! I haven’t seen this one in ages which calls for a rewatch sometime soon. Time travel and thrills are combined to create this fantastic film. The intense chase scenes are thrilling even during rewatches. Sarah Conner and Kyle Reese are great characters; I love Sarah’s roller coaster journey throughout the movie and I consider Kyle a really neat hero, especially opposite Sarah and The Terminator. Although the effects might seem outdated, I don’t find that it hurts the film at all. And forget Doctor Who, The Terminator and it’s films have some of the most confusing time paradoxes ever. However, it’s sold so well that I don’t mind a bit. And how does Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “I’ll be back” line never get old?! 😀 Overall a fantastic action thriller!


24. The Dark Knight | 2008 | PG-13

Nolanites, don’t loose you pants, The Joker is the only reason why I love this movie and placed it so high. In fact I won’t even talk about all the plot holes and how awful Rachel Dawes’ character fell, ect ect ect ect ect. No, this movie is one of my favorites because of the malicious, the twisted, the clever, the ever hysterically dark, dark villain, The Joker. I keep it no secret that I absolutely adore The Joker as a fictional villain. Heath Ledger’s performance is amazing in this movie. He steals every single scene he’s in and it’s glorious. His purple outfit is fantastic, his perspective on life is extremely buy-able, he’s funny without necessarily cracking jokes like other versions of the Joker do, and he’s just plain awesome. But besides him, this movie is actually kinda sad…


23. Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street | 2007 | R

I myself still don’t quite understand how Sweeney Todd actually beat The Dark Knight and both Terminator movies when I ranked my list. But I just don’t like the look when it’s all said it done when I lower it either. There is something darkly wonderful about this film to me; murder, music, gritty gothic London and Johnny Depp: it all makes one very ghastly yet beautiful period horror film. If we’re not counting animated movies, this would be my highest ranked musical. The anti-hero Todd is a great main character with a story of loss and revenge that makes a great plot device. Besides Johnny Depp of course, I absolutely adore Helena Bonham Carter in this film as Mrs. Lovett and Alan Rickman as The Judge is fantastic. And artistically speaking, the movie is gorgeous with it’s sets, costumes, near B&W coloring and overall setting of dark bitter London. Overall; dark, bloody yet beautiful, Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street remains one of my most favorite musicals and films and I highly doubt it will drop anytime soon.


22. Captain America: The First Avenger | 2011 | PG-13

I will never understand the people who didn’t like this movie. In fact, people who hate Captain America are on my “do not trust” list because… that’s just scary if you hate the most lovable, gentlemanly, most heroic little guy from Brooklyn.  I absolutely love The First Avenger. I love the 1940’s setting. I love the superhero serum. Hyrda is a great villainous organization, so I love them too. I love Bucky Barnes. I love Peggy Carter. I love Howard Stark. I love the Star Spangled Man song. And I LOVE STEVE ROGERS YOU GUYS BECAUSE HE IS AMAZING. But really, you all should know this already! 😛 Browse my Captain America tags and category if you haven’t already! 😛 The First Avenger; my first superhero movie and first superhero love. Definitely belongs just below Empire Strikes Back!


21. Empire Strikes Back | 1980 | PG

What is there left to say that hasn’t been said already? Of all the movies on my list, this movie needs the least bit of explanation about the awesomeness of it. I mean, if you are scratching your head than YOU NEED TO GO WATCH THE ORIGINAL STAR WARS TRILOGY RIGHT NOW–QUIT READING THIS AND GO DO IT NOW. … end scene.



Villains Are Characters Too.


I very recently got myself a t-shirt from Hot Topic with The Lion King’s Scar on it. A comment from my mom made me think to write this. To sum it up what she said briefly, it was along the lines of, “I like how you like the villains; you don’t like them for the evil things they do but you like them for who they are as characters.” This is so true for me and reminded me of a pet peeve of mine that I want to discuss now.

From some of my past circles of social life, something that always annoyed me was when people would discuss movie/book characters, and while they’d discuss what they did and didn’t like about the good guy/hero/heroine as a full character, they’d then turn around on the villain with statements of, “They’re the bad guys, you’re not suppose to like them!”

The villain would fall to the bottom of discussion, brushed away as a two dimensional, flat, black and white stand up, who got what they deserved. I would be left feeling awkward, because, I’m sorry, I didn’t realizing liking Darth Vader was a crime against the story, the hero, or being a decent person!


Those social circles have been long gone and I’ve grown more comfortable in speaking up about what I think and like. And I still see that thinking from time to time. Some people do not understand why one would like a villain, while others fall all over certain ones simply because they’re good looking, *cough-most-Loki-fangirls-cough*.

I certainly would never applaud the villain’s evil deeds nor do I like or appreciate every single villain that I encounter. However, I see villains as more than just a black and white cutout that can be summarized by the one word: “bad”. They can be much more than just “bad” and that’s why I like them.

They are characters too. They can and should be as complex and compelling as the heroes they’re opposing.


Take Loki. Adopted. Mischevious. Jealous. Emotionally wounded. Clever. Bitter. Sassy. He’s a well-rounded, brilliantly evil, smart, yet understandable villain. Or how about one of my other personal favorites, The Joker. Disfigured. Crazy. Heartless. Clever. Has wicked sense of humor. Mysterious. He’s bad for bad’s sake, to ruffle Batman’s feathers and see if anyone is up to the challenge of stopping his evil deeds.

And Darth Vader is just iconic-ly awesome from voice to costume to back story. I wouldn’t know what to say if you didn’t like Darth Vader at least a little bit. And there are many more!

While not all fictional villains are as dimensional as they should be (shame on you, writers! Shame! Shame!) the ones that are do deserve to be acknowledged for who they’ve been created to be. Stop labeling them as just ‘bad’ and look at them as deeply as you look into your favorite heroes. See what you can learn from their mistakes and appreciate what they add to the story. That is part of the art of appreciating the fictional stories around us.

Okay. Pet peeve rant over! 🙂


My Favorite Villains

Today is a list of my top nine favorite villains. I don’t know about you, but I like a good villain in my fiction. They come in all shapes and sizes; there’s epic, there’s psycho, there’s cursed, there’s misunderstood, there’s even just plain scary. Each of these can add all sorts of interesting factors to a story. You need villains for there to be heroes, so I consider the villain to be very essential to a good story.

I had a little debate with myself on how I wanted to rank the villains and who should be first. I finally decided that the first villain would be the greatest villain in my opinion and the rest of them would be ranked by who are my favorites.

Darth Vadar, 6_Fotor_Collage

1. Darth Vader from Star Wars. Probably the greatest fictional villain to ever exist–or will exist– in the cinematic world. Darth Vader is the perfect package for a great and intimidating villain–the ‘mask’, the voice, his outfit and cape, his stride, his use of the Force, his agenda and lack of mercy. I don’t know if it can get anymore epic, but he really adds a lot to The Original Trilogy and he was the first villain that I ever really liked.


2. Loki Laufeyson from Thor and The Avengers.He’s that menacing villain with a tragic back story. I didn’t know Loki was going to turn bad when I first watched Thor so I got attached to him rather quickly because, admit it, Thor was a jerk for most of his movie. I was sad to see him turn evil but at the same time he was perfect for it, being the god of mischief. Loki was also the perfect bad guy for The Avengers’ first villain and he was pure evil that was just such fun to watch. I’m really excited to see where Loki’s character will go in The Dark World in regards to villainy and being Thor’s brother.


3. The Joker from The Dark Knight. I’m not really sure what keeps Loki just a little ahead of The Joker in this list because I really really really really really love Heath Ledger’s Joker. I could care less about everything else that happens in The Dark Knight, The Joker completely stole and made The Dark Knight a success in my book. He’s completely scary yet funny in a dark sense, his outfit is freaking awesome, and what makes him tick is terrifying because he doesn’t do things for the normal ‘villain-y’ reasons. The Joker could easily be second or first on this list but he shall have to be happy at third.


4. Jim Moriarty from Sherlock. He’s here at number four because he’s just absolutely slimy, smart and revolting. Since I first read some of the Sherlock stories, I’ve always liked him because he was that mastermind who was Sherlock’s equal with the mind games. Jim Moriarty from Sherlock is easily my favorite adaption of the character I’ve seen and I love to hate him!


5. Walkers/Zombies/The Living Dead. They’re no one specific but they scare the hell out of me so I decided they needed to be on here. They come in different versions, some move fast, some move slow, some go for the brain and other just try to bite down wherever. Either way, they’re disgusting; they’re a force of unnaturalness that make the characters–even us, at least me–to question our very cores of inner strength. And they’re freaking terrifying.


6. The Daleks from Doctor Who. I haven’t yet gotten tired of seeing The Doctor face down his old foes; they’re classic Doctor Who villains; little creatures with no feelings and no loyalties except to each other. Their classic voice and robotic way of talking adds to the feeling-less beings. And who gets tired of hearing, “EX-TER-MIN-ATE.”


7. Cruella De Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians and 101 Dalmatians. Cruella has been one of my favorite villains since I was little. She’s scary, she’s in your face, she’s a demon-like driver, her car is the neatest thing ever, she’s ridiculous and outrageous. If I was psychotic with a huge wallet I’d probably be a lot like her. 😛


8. Rumpelstiltskin from Once Upon A Time. Rumpelstiltskin is a lot of things, both a villain and a hero, but he fits the villain category very well. Rumpelstiltskin is one of those happy type villains; full of magic, he’s constantly striking deals with our favorite fairy tale characters, often not telling them certain downsides that will follow their deal. He’ll do a deal with anyone, from the pure evils to the fairest of them all and back again. He has a giddy laugh that’s funny to hear, too. He’s a sympathetic villain in many respects and he’s one of my favorites.


9. Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I’ve only seen The Little Mermaid once and I didn’t really care for it. Ursula was the best part of the whole movie for me and she’s one of my most favorite Disney villains. She was downright scary and evil–she also is purple and that’s my favorite color. So. 😛

I have several other favorites which could go on to make a top twenty list but picking nine was hard enough, so these I’ll call honorable mentions. Among them include Emperor Palpatine, Boba Fett, Bettlejuice, The Terminator, weeping angels, Kahn, and Red Skull.


I know September is over, but I have two more lists planned out, so this is going to spill into October, but that’s okay. Hopefully you guys are enjoying these as much as I am. 🙂


posters, books, blizzards and the Joker spinning at the bottom of this post

I’m sitting downstairs at the dinning table; Mom is playing Christmas music off her laptop and I wanted to be near the Christmas atmosphere while I randomly blog about whatever pops in my head.

So, I thought I’d give you all a view of my side of the room that Kayla and I share. 😉 Included below are posters and large books and toy story figures. Proceed with smiles.


I know, so much stuff; this picture could be used for an page in one of the old I Spy books. I spy a Batman shirt, a Chewbacca plushie, a cowboy hat; two tigers smiling at each other and a large box of matches. Epic fail, I am aware that did not rhyme.

Moving on.


Shot of the wall above my bunk (Kayla and I share a bunk bed and I sleep on the top). Yes, Cap is at the foot of my bed, then there are two Avenger posters and then right where I lay my head is The Joker grinning down on me. Oh, Kayla bought me that poster;a very nice sister, she is. Wow, why did that come out in a Yoda phrase? Okay, moving on.


This is our Avenger poster over the window; and the window is right next to the area that the Captain America: The First Avenger Poster is, at the foot of the bed. I adore this poster to death, it’s super cool.


View of the top of my book case. We’ll examine the shelf in a moment; let me make sure you appreciate my Darth Vader helmet, my top hat with a masquerade mask on it, another hat which you can’t really see so we’ll move, my 2013 Avengers Calender that is awaiting–well, 2013, and behind that a framed picture of two tigers, my favorite type of animal, that I found at a Goodwill.


Top shelf: three books, a pipe-shaped piece of licorice, Buzz Lighter and Woody, an Avengers cup-thingy that has my mini disco-ball sitting inside it and my Sherlock Holmes tin that I also found at Goodwill about three years ago.


I know a certain somebody was really excited about the two books I bought at Barnes and Noble especially when she found out one was red and gold. So, here is a close up of those books. Seven novels of Jules Verne (RED AND GOLD), seven novels by H.G. Wells (purple MY FAVORITE COLOR), and oh! The Sherlock Holmes book Dylan gave me as a graduation present. I’m very in love with that Sherlock Holmes book, it is, right now, my most favorite fictional book in my possession.


Okay, last picture; a shot of the shelf underneath the one you saw above. Look, there are those matches I was spying. 😀 You can also see my Sherlock Holmes for Dummies, my Writing Fiction for Dummies, the four famous books of Tolkien which I still have not yet read; The Dead Witness, Victorian detective short story collection I bought at Barnes and Noble, Charlie and Chocolate Factory, Dracula, the library’s copy of Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, which I have not finished, the slim little copy of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow that Dylan gave me, which you probably cannot see, my copy of Sherlock Holmes vs Dracula and then the library’s copy of Sherlock Holmes vs Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Oh, and there is my Avengers DVD. 🙂


You are probably breathing a sigh of relief and saying, “Glad I scrolled past all those boring pictures of books, talk about something interesting now, Jamie.” 😀 If you didn’t scroll past that then I count you a true friend and raise my cup of cocoa to you!

I actually am drinking hot chocolate….

Dad is saying whoever wants a blizzard from DQ needs to come out to the car so I gotta go….

I’m back with a strawberry chocolate chunk blizzard and Dad put in the movie His Girl Friday with Cary Grant….

Okay, I’m watching the movie from the table and writing at the same time. Multitasking, people. Multitasking.

Moving on to other things, I don’t know if any of you happened to notice that there is a new page up above you. I deleted my Captain America and Star Wars pages (plays the Taps) but have erected a new page to all my largest most favorite fandoms. Which, of course, includes Captain America and Star Wars. And other movies too. You might want to check that out after you finish this post.

Also my friend Rebekah drew two winners for her book giveaway; go check it out if you entered.

I just reached the bottom of the DQ blizzard I’ve been eating and I’m beginning to feel a little pumped from all the sugar of that and the hot chocolate I was drinking early. I’ll bet you in about an hour (which will make it about 10:00 PM) I’ll be really wired…. like this gif below that I really like, so I better end now before that all kicks in and I start writing weird stuff on here.

You can picture me doing this for the rest evening:



11 is a fun number

The 11 Tag has come back around and I was tagged by two different people on the same day! I thought that was hilarious! So. Here we go, 11 facts about myself, I will be answering 11 questions from both LouPat and Solace Utara. By the way, thanks for tagging me, gals! I feel special when I see my name on someone’s list of tagged people for some reason. XD

1. I’m a bad writer; I should have been working on world building for my NaNo fantasy novel today, but instead I did lots of research on the Royal Opera Theater in London. All for a book idea that just popped up out of no where the other week. It has me very excited though; as of now, it’s’ a steam punk/Victorian murder mystery set in 1892 in London. And Sherlock Holmes might have a cameo in it. I’m very mad at myself about all this.

2. I just started a journal with one of the notebooks given to me for graduating. I always miserably fail at keeping journal’s, so we’ll see how long this one lasts.

3. I love Adrian Von Ziegler’s Celtic and Gothic music, it’s the bulk of my inspirational writing music. He’s also composes World music and Film music. Don’t be scared away by some of the darker pictures he uses; he writes amazing music which I would recommend all writer’s checking out at least once. CHECK OUT HIS YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

4. While our family has never celebrated Halloween, I enjoy seeing all the costumes that come out around this time of year. I’ve even been taking advantage of things that I don’t normally see in stores. I’ve bought enough things to pull together a Biker/Victorian-esque outfit, completed with a feather hat, delicate gloves, a leather jacket, dark sunglasses, and spiked bracelets. Along with my black boots and blue skirt, it looks awesome. All I’m missing is a motorcycle.

5. My sister and I just finished watching both Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea. I like Anne of Avonlea better.

6. Video game music rocks. I just found the soundtrack to a super old army game called People’s General I used to pretend to play when I was younger. The Intro music itself is so stirring and makes you just want to march off to war!

7. I have a thing for BBQ chips. ‘Nuff said.

8. I’ve decided I really want to see an accurate Dracula movie, but according to all my friends, there is yet to be one made…. I just did a Google search and there have been about 28 different Dracula films made but I don’t think any of them stay close to the actual story. SOMEBODY, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF MARSHMALLOWS, MAKE A DRACULA MOVIE THAT ACTUALLY FOLLOWS THE BOOK FOR A CHANGE! I WILL PAY MONEY TO SEE IT! AND PLEASE CAST TOM HIDDLESTON IN IT SOMEWHERE! THANK YOU! AMEN! …. somehow that turned into a prayer. Lol!

9. I feel weird during autumn. My family lives in Arizona and here you don’t see much when it comes to season changes. No leaves changing colors or temperatures dropping very noticeably. No scarves or sweaters till November at the least. And seeing everyone on the blogosphere prattling on about, “oh i just love autumn when the leaves change brrr i get to wear my scarves now this is totally my favorite time of the year forget christmas now i’m going to starbucks for my pumpkin latte luv you bye.” LOLOL  Teasing aside, I feel left out not seeing weather change like everyone else. :*(

10. I still haven’t started reading Lord of the Rings yet. Grrrr. And there will be no time during November either. Oh well. I will put it on next Summer’s reading list, lol.

11. I love Donald Duck cartoons. Period.

LouPat’s Questions:

1) What is your earliest memory?

That’s kind of hard; I’m not sure how to separate memories and home video! LOL. Especially since I’ve been watching home video of myself since I was about two years old! So… kinda tough. One early memory I have is riding bumper boats at a kids park in our neighborhood.

2) What is your favorite holiday tradition? {Any holiday will do.}

Mmmm, maybe looking at Christmas lights with the family during Christmas. Probably anything to do with Christmas really.

3) What is your favorite musical? {This can be Broadway, a Disney film, Rodgers & Hammerstein, etc.}

All musicals I’ve seen are leaving my memory very fast, so I’m just going to say Beauty and the Beast because those songs are genius because they actually help the plot along and they’re beautiful.

4) Would you consider yourself an early bird or a night owl?

Mmmmm, more night owl than early bird but I can’t stay up super late like my sister does.

5) How has the Lord worked in your life since this time last year?

He’s certainly shown many instances of Providence that are too obvious to push to the side, so I think He’s helped me put more faith in His control over all things.

6) If you could have dinner with three theologians and/or heroes of the faith, who would they be?

OhMyGosh how are you suppose to do this???? Going off  the top of my head, I will say John Calvin, Martin Luther and William Tyndale.

7) How would you describe your favorite kind of fictional hero {not heroine}? Are you generally attracted to or intrigued by the aggressive, scholarly, reckless, quiet, jovial, brooding, tender, or straightforward?

Well, I like all sorts of different hero types. Take Luke Skywalker and Han Solo. Two very different male leads but both extremely heroic. And I like both of them very much. I know some people prefer Luke over Han and other people prefer Han over Luke. But me? I like them both equally!

8) What are you currently reading for pleasure? Schoolbooks don’t count 😉

A Study in Scarlett is the book I’m reading now and AM LOVING IT. SHERLOCK HOLMES, HOW I LOVE YOU, YOU WONDERFUL WRECK OF A HUMAN BEING! *swoons*

9) If you could live in any other state, which one would it be and why?

Oh, I don’t know. Maybe Oregon or Washington State. It rains in those states a lot and I love rain very much. I could be sensible and say Texas because that’s a pretty conservative state but in all honesty, most people from Texas irk me. Texans, please don’t take offense, but you guys do seem to brag a lot. The general feeling I get from Texans is quite a bit of pride which just rubs me the wrong way. I know you’re very proud of your state, but please. Tone it down a little bit, okay?

10) What is your opinion of coffee? Do you drink it? If so, how do you drink it?

Coffee is fine for some people, as long as you do not get addicted to it. I personally do not drink coffee.  My mom only drinks coffee once in a while and my dad doesn’t like it. We don’t keep very much coffee in the house and I don’t even know how to make it. You pity me, perhaps. Oh well.

11) You’re about to go on an extraordinarily long trans-Pacific flight and you’re only allowed to take one DVD with you to watch on your laptop….. Jamie Joyce: your favorite Star Wars movie (I believe it’s Return of the Jedi) or…The Avengers. I may have just made you VERY desperate.

IT IS UNBELIEVABLE, I AM BEING FORCED TO CHOOSE BETWEEN STAR WARS AND THE AVENGERS! OHMYFREAKINGGOSH! ….. I’m going to say The Avengers though, because it is my recent favorite. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this movie, go see it now. Unless, of course, you haven’t seen Captain America, Thor or Iron Man. Watch those first, than The Avengers. 🙂 TRUST ME, YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

Solace Utara’s Questions: (wordpress squished these together, don’t know why)
1) What are your fandoms?
Ah, I love talking about fandoms! 😀 My fandoms include Star Wars, The Avengers, and even Dr Who, although I’ve never seen the show. I’ve seen so much of it on Tumblr though that I feel like I could be part of the fandom in just a small way. 🙂 And while I’m not a huge Batman fan, you could say I’m in The Joker fandom because I really like The Joker. And I’m in the Disney Fandom too. 🙂
2) Do you do fan art? If so, can you post it?
I’m afraid I don’t draw very well at all. I once drew a nice picture of Chewbacca in the middle of church (lol) but I’m afraid I lost the piece of paper. It was over a year ago.
3) What is your opinion of Ahsoka and why?
Oh goodness… I’m going to get A TON of hate for this. But I do not like Ahsoka. DISCLAIMER, I’M NOT SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT ASHLEY ECKSTIEN! But I do not like Ahsoka. To me, she messes up things and simply adds more questions to the Star Wars world. She’s such a big character, how come we don’t see or even hear about her in RotS? I could list other reasons why I don’t like her but that wouldn’t profit anyone.
4) Do you like to write?
Oh yes! I love writing!  I feel rather rusty with my fictional writing right now, it’s actually been a while since I did any decent fictional writing. But I’m hoping to loosen up during NaNo for the upcoming year of 2013!
5) Would you rather be an Elf or a bounty hunter?
I’m afraid I don’t know that much about elfs so I will go with bounty hunters, because they’re pretty swag. Lol. Cad Bane, anyone?! Or how ’bout Boba Fett? Some you up for a serving of Zam Wessell?
6) Explain your perfect fantasy relaxation place.
I actually have it right here in front of me. My desk, in my room, near the window, under the fan, with a candle next to me and my headphones on. I’ve not had my desk in my room for a long time, so I’m happy to be back in the quiet of my fortress. 🙂
7) Tell us a strange talent you have.
I don’t know if I have a strange talent! Lemme think….. no, I’m sure I don’t have a strange talent.  Lol. That’s sad.
8) What are things that make you happy?
Oh, good music, good books, good movies, good talks with friends, the good life, you know? 🙂 Stuff like that. Oh. And ice cream. Yes, I sound very superficial but I believe in being grateful for the little things.
9) Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
I have not see either but I will easily go with Lord of the Rings over Harry Potter.
10) What’s the last song that’s stuck in your head?
I think it was the party music from the Toy Story short Partysaurus Rex. Watch the whole thing below. Why didn’t I get glow-in-the-dark bath toys when I was little?!?!?!?!?
11) Have you ever been in love?
I seriously don’t think I have been. I’ve been attracted to different people and I’ve had crushes but I honestly don’t think I’ve actually ever really, truly fallen for someone. (I have more feelings for fictional characters than for real people, actually. You know, Steve feels, Loki feels, Joker feels, Robin Hood feels, Star Wars feels, Sherlock Holmes feels…. I’ll will bet that the longest crush I ever had on a fictional character was Captain America… but let’s not go there right now. XD
I don’t feel like tagging anyone and I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t already been tagged and I don’t feel like coming up with eleven questions either. LOL. So, I’ll be a rebel and just end here. 🙂 If you haven’t already GO CHECK OUT THE MUSIC LINKS I LEFT YOU! RIGHT NOW! Please and thank you.