Last Ten Books That Came Into My Possession

It has been very nice having this blog on hiatus to blog only when I want to…which hasn’t happened until today. XD

This morning, while checking blog posts updates as I scrambled out of bed, I saw this week’s Top Ten Tuesday’s topic was on the latest books you’ve just acquired. I couldn’t help but get excited!

Latest Read

The past month I’ve been getting back into books, or at least trying too (it’s a slow process.) I’ve been specifically immersing myself in the online book community as a spectator. I’ve discovered Booktube (the YouTube book vlogger world) and have been familiarizing myself with contemporary, modern books that are dearly loved by the community. Partly because I think reading more will help my writing, but partly because I kind of miss reading. 🙂

I’ve been specifically going through these posts here to discover unique reads. I’m not very interested in run-of-the-mill YA or single genre novels. I really want memorable stories, or books with magic, or books in unique settings or with unique elements–I credit this crave to my current anime diet. XD

Lately I’ve bought thrift store copies of different books the past couple weeks (most of them just by gut feeling, not by acquired knowledge of them) and my book shelves have overflowed to my under bed! My Instragam followers have probably gotten tired of my different book haul pics. XD

Top Ten Tuesday’s a blog link up hosted by the writers at The Broke and Bookish, and their Top Ten Tuesdays are incredibly popular in the blogging world of books. I’ve never done one before, so this will be exciting to join in, especially since books have become more relevant in my life the past month or so! I’ve bought more books the past month than I have the past five years! (Book titles link to their Goodreads pages.)


The Graveyard Book: Firstly, the cover is gorgeous, even more so in person! (hugs physical copy of book.) The premise of this book really captured my attention and I desperately want to read it–I actually ordered this a thrift copy for myself in a “” excursion a few weeks ago, and it just arrived yesterday!

Swamplandia!: This has been on my to-read list for a while, so I’m happy to finally own it! I saw it on several “most unique reads” list, which has my hopes up in the clouds. I love how old-fashioned the cover art looks. The copy I ordered is a little beat up, but that merely means it was well-loved! XD

The Teleportation Accident: Time Travel. 1920s-ish… maybe? This was also on a lot of “unique reads” lists. I got a ex-library copy cheap in superb–I mean superb!–condition, so I’m happy!

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making: The title alone is enough to guarantee a read from me–it sounds so different! I’m glad its small, though, so I can find a place for it on my bookshelf.

Life After Life: I’ve sampled Kate Atkinson’s writing before and really enjoyed it. I stumbled over this book at a thrift store in beautiful condition. For once, I was so happy the author’s name was the larger print on the spine than the book title (generally that is a peeve of mine) because it caught my eye.

Counting by 7s: I randomly found this at a thrift store (I had a Goodwill gift card about to expire, so I was grabbing any book that piqued my interest by the spine to use it up.) This spine had a fish on it, and when I pulled it off to see the cover, I fell in love immediately. I brought it home when I discovered it was about eccentrics. XD


Nightmares!: I saw this online many times, loved the purple cover and the mansion, but thought “I’ll probably only ever read the library’s.” But then I spotted the hardback spine at Goodwill and nearly fainted over my shopping cart. The cover is gorgeous in person, the page’s edges are uneven and wrinkly like an old-fashioned book, and the illustrations are awesome. I don’t care that this is a children’s book, I’m happy to own it!

The Casual Vacancy: This was another book I first saw online–I’d never realized J.K. Rowling wrote other books besides Harry Potter. XD I found this hardback right next to Life After Life and brought them home together. It’s written specifically for adults, so I’m very curious to see what it’s about. I love the yellow cover!

The Shogun’s Daughter: I didn’t know anything about this book when I bought it. That it was a historical novel set in Japan was enough to interest me; I also thought the cover was beautiful, and I just felt good vibes: I couldn’t leave it behind. It was only after I got home that I realized it was a mystery (HUZZAH!) and it was highly praised on Goodreads. I always follow my gut now while shopping books because of that….

The Blind Assassin: I bought this the same way I did The Shogun’s Daughter. The spine caught my eye at the store, the cover looked appealing when I pulled it off, I felt good vibes, I brought it home, and Goodreads said it was good. It’s quite a large hardback, though, so it’s one of those “can you squeeze me in?” books. 😀

this book is literal magic

This is only half of the books that only recently came into my possession: The Night Circus just arrived a few minutes ago in the mail. I just wanted a copy so badly. Because it was awesome.

I picked up a hardback copy of The Goblet of Fire and wedged it in with my big books like Sherlock Holmes, a HG Wells collection, and Dracula. JK and her dinosaur-sized books!

I picked up fourteen different random hardback/paperback books on the 4th because of gift card and more good vibes (which all proved right,) and I’m had to put several of those under my bed. XD And I have more books  coming in the mail!


Well, I wonder what I will feel motivated to blog about next. Are you reading anything unique this summer?




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Currently liking: having my computer functioning again! I still feel a bit apprehensive when I turn my computer on the morning–I stand and wait for my log-in screen to appear. Thankfully it’s been working fine! Also I like having a working MP3 player again!

Currently listening: to an unabridged audio book of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’ve played it at night as I fall to sleep, so I haven’t gotten that far lol. XD

Currently drinking: I just had a homemade chocolate milkshake. Slurp!

Currently reading: slowly but surely through “The Night Circus”–it takes more effort now to focus on reading then it used to, but once I sit down and crack the covers open, its hard to stop! ❤

Currently sitting: at my desk near an open window, with my Watermelon Lemonade candle lit.

Currently writing: still writing “100” as my computer issue pushed my first draft deadline from Feb 28 to April 4th. And while I’m not writing this one, I am Booktracking the first part to an underwater/lucid dreaming serial story I hope to publish soon!

Currently watching: Lots of Frasier with Mom! I’ve been rewatching Arrested Development lately, which has been fun–I’m at the beginning of the fourth season, which I never finished. I’m watching each new Walking Dead episode, of course. I also just got my Netflix DVDs queue cleaned up so last year’s movies are now the top–so now I’ve seen The Maze Runner just last week and Gone Girl should arrive tomorrow!

Currently obsessed with: investigating creative writing books from the library! I love looking into each new book to see if it might be helpful at some point in the future. I love discovering good-looking books at the library, it’s like a high, lol (it’s also nice to see books before buying them).

Currently tired: of how my bed room is set up. I think I’m going to rearrange my bed and keyboard soon, hopefully before my dentist appointment at the end of the month. I’ll be getting a crown lengthening done and they say it’s not pleasant afterwards (its actual surgery!) So I should get my room in ship-shape before that happens.

large (32)

Currently excited: about getting my blogging game back together! I’ve learned how to schedule my posts, which makes me happy; now posts can publish themselves while I’m at school! I’m ALSO now using Google Calendar to mark blogging deadlines so I know when to schedule which posts on which blogs and how much time I have left to write, edit, and re-read ECT, ECT, ECT. LOL it sounds hard but I’m so excited about it! I love blogging!

Currently failing: watching my diet. I made two batches of muffins in the span of a week and half and they taste so good (with so much butter and sugar)! 😯

Currently scaring myself with: outlining each dungeon level for my book. That means figuring out what monsters I want to use and how deep in the dungeons they need to placed. This also includes loosely mapping each dungeon floor plan and what special things my character and her guild can discover. I’ve never outlined with such detail before but it’s something that desperately needs to get done. Eeeek!

Currently stuck in my head: I’ve used the ListenOnRepeat app on my iPod ALL MONTH with a wide collection of songs, so this question is so relevant right now! I’m going to go with “My Truth” from Your Lie in April. The Japanese lyrics are so beautiful and I have a good mental challenge learning the words’ syllables so I can sing along. So far I can sing the first stanza. 😀

Currently wishing: that I could figure out a way to do Camp NaNoWriMo this April…but it’s looking like I probably won’t be able to try. 😦

Currently praying: that I can get a lot written before my crown lengthening. Fingers crossed that will go well. 🙂


A 2014 Recap

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At the edge of 2014, I was really looking forward to leaving behind the emotionally traumatic remnants of 2013 with a hope that the new year would be more stable and peaceful. I wrote all about in this post, if you want to catch up to speed with my life’s story.

My life has been refreshingly calm and slow the past year, to the point of being mundane at certain points–and this has a good thing! A lot of fun, exciting things did happen too and I want to document some of them now!

Throughout the spring and early summer, I blogged about my life’s little happenings and things I had learned from the past year on how to be happy. I blogged about the movies I was managing to watch, too. I did my 100 Favorite Movies blog series which carried went from March to June! That’s easily my biggest blog series ever!

large (22)

I went to my very first Comic Con in June, and in July I turned twenty.

I continued using Booktrack, too. I entered a contest over the summer and two months later won the grand cash prize of 5k, leaving me completely floored. It was a huge esteem booster to realize my work had value. I self-published my third short story and officially called myself a published writer when it received positive feedback. One of my upcoming goals of this year is to write and Booktrack more short stories!

click to read!

This past summer I also started attending a school to acquire my GED. My knowledge of math jumped from “how do you do fractions?” to doing geometry and the fancy math with letters. Ha. I defeated the Language Arts test in late fall! I’m still attending school and am hoping to take the Social Studies test in the next couple months.

Speaking of school, Mom put my little brother in a charter school this year, as well, where he’s been flourishing around people. It was a huge change for my family, as he’s the first child to attend a real school, but it has been a tremendous blessing in many ways.

large (2)

I jumped from watching Studio Ghibli to full anime TV shows; I loved it so much that I started to blog about it and then made a completely separate blog for anime posts alone! Anime revived the creator in me, to different degrees! I even made up my own 42 Question Studio Ghibli tag.

A fun part of my past year was getting to Skype with James nearly every week since the beginning of summer. I’ve been quite secluded from a social life these past two years, as I haven’t attended a church or done much of anything. So it was really nice to have a friend to literally talk. Thank you so, so much for taking all that time this past year to Skype with me, bro! It ‘s been so fun and I’m really grateful for the time we get to share talking and fanboy/fangirling together! XD

we’re basically Kyoya and Tamaki XD

I wrote a lot of long, big posts right after summer. Two were incredibly hard to share: my Harry Potter story and my unpopular opinion of Doctor Who’s recent seasons 5-7. It was good to finally get those on the table. Others were more fun, like my massive collection of Studio Ghibli reviews, 15 Tips for Conquering NaNoWriMo, and my 6 Tips to Quit Procrastination Without Leaving Your Computer. After winning the Booktrack contest, I was also FINALLY able to host my first blog giveaway, which was an experience to say the least!

Outside of catching a cold, then being sick on and off, my autumn was ALL about school and NaNoWriMo. I wrote a story completely for myself this year and even participated in a three-month blog party, which I rarely do. December was a very low-key Christmas and here I am typing this up now.

large (13)

This past year has felt off but peaceful at the same time. Thankfully, the horrible experiences of 2013 have become a muddled jumble of memories that I can’t see clearly anymore. 2014 could be described the year of Waiting. When they got married, my parents signed a covenant marriage license, meaning they must live separately for two years before they can go through with a divorce. This waiting game is almost over! I’m really looking forward to this new year because the divorce will finally be over and hopefully that chapter in my life will at last close.

No matter what 2015 holds, I want to stay positive, and write as much as possible. Outside of that, I can’t wait to see what happens next!


If I Got A Quote Tattoo…

…it would be one of these (though, obviously the last one for sure, because I already have it tattooed on my soul.)







Plotting and Planning

I didn’t mean to go this long without blogging, but being busy before getting sick creates a recipe for not blogging. As I wait to get better, I’m sitting here plotting and planning the last two months of the year–at least the best I can not feeling well! I’m also mad that almost everything in the fridge seems to have a diary product of some kind in it. Right now, I’m lying on my bed filling out my new Booktrack profile and watching The Sorcerer’s Stone as the beginning of my Harry Potter marathon.

I’ve finally figured out what my NaNoWriMo book is and what it’s purpose is. This year’s story is only for my writing exercise to practice in a new genre–zombie survival. I’ll be using my old fan-fiction characters instead of creating new ones to make story-telling easier on myself. As I know some people are interested in a synopsis, here it is: “Trapped in Florida’s peninsula, on the wrong side of the US’s safe board to quarantine the zombie infestation within Florida, friends from an old childhood club join together to make their way to safety without getting infected or eaten–along the way, they learn an old enemy is out to find them.” It’s going to be so cheesy but good fun to write! I’m looking forward to spending November with this story. Any last-minute joiners to NaNoWriMo yet?!

So far, my giveaway has been doing well; be sure to enter while you still can! Other than that, I can’t think of anything else to say right now, so I’ll bid you a do for now. 🙂