My Latest Guest Post!


If you remember, I briefly talked about a couple of my recent favorite anime in a post here. In that post I declared the rom-com Princess Jellyfish to be my current top favorite. Today, I got to share a few reasons why, in a review over on James’s blog J and J Productions, which is fitting since he got me into anime in the first place. This review will only be available over there, so I highly recommend you jump through the links and check it out for me!

Click here or the picture above to read!



my links


I’ve gotten behind linking to my last two guest posts, guys! How did I do that!? Anyway, here there over on J and J Productions!

Ghibli and Disney Paired//Five Animated Double Features

A “Girl” Movie Everyone Should See // Thelma and Louise

And that’s it for today. 😛 I have longer posts that need more attention right now so I can post them soon. 🙂


I’ve Guest Posted Again


Today is me simply linking to two guest posts I’ve shared on James’ website while he works on his finals. While for some bizarre reason I struggled on the Catching Fire review, I did have a blast writing up the one for The Walking Dead. So I’m excited to share them both since I both had fun and was able to pull the review together in the end. 😛 Aaaahhh, the life of a writer!

Why The Walking Dead Is Worth Watching

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review


“How ‘Bout a Shave?”


I’ve written my review for Sweeney Todd: Demon Barber of Fleet Street and it is posted on my friend James’ blog; I would love it if you would at least go check it out for me! This is my new favorite musical, even though it is very dark!


my hair


Alright, Kayla took some pictures of me the other day and this is the one that came out the best. My hair is much shorter, it used to be mid back length. You can also see some layers higher up.

Mom and Kayla’s reactions were funny to my transformation. My mom first looked surprised but then please and she said I did a good, even job. She also said my hair was much curlier. Kayla’s reaction was as if she’d been shot out of the water and she really liked it too. 🙂


I myself love how much better my hair looks; I feel very pretty. I am thinking of cutting it even shorter though, at least up to me neck and Kayla thinks that’s a great idea so I just might take the scissors to it again. 🙂

Also I found another scorpion in my bathroom. It is seriously the worst place for them to be!

While I’m here, I thought I would give y’all a link to a guest post I wrote for James for his blog while he gets his schedule with college worked out; it’s my spoiler edition thoughts on Iron Man 3. If you haven’t already seen the post, then hop on over to read it if you have seen the movie. Here is the link. PLEASE DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE MOVIE!


I have a book I need to read for tonight, so I need to be running! 🙂 Have a good day!