15 Memorable Things I’ve Learned Being 21

As my 22nd birthday approaches with the Sunday sunrise, I figured I should reflect on different experiences, thoughts, and lessons learned during my 21st year while I’m still 21.


1 Potato chips aren’t necessary for life to go on. Tightening my budget means cutting out unnecessary crap, and that has included chips. *sobs* However, I’m learning that while the cravings are tough, life moves on.

2 I learned I have a passion for helping people help themselves. I go over this in depth in this post, but it was amazing to find my personal calling this past year! Knowing what I love to do is so freeing!

3 I can drive a car. I’m still learning, and sometimes it’s still a little scary. but it is possible.

4 Perspective is a curious thing. Everyone’s reality is a little different; its something I’ve pondered throughout the year or observed through interaction. How people see the world, how they see themselves, how they see me. To some people, I am little more than a name. To others, I am their entire world: that’s mind-blowing.

5 I can get an A in math if I WORK for it. Ugh I hate math, but I got an A for it last semester. My best friend was a gracious, incredibly patient tutor (I’m still so sorry I can’t do math in my head, James) and I studied A LOT. Hirasawa and Enya saved my sanity at times too while I did homework. And I got an A!

6 I learned my intelligence wasn’t solely based on my math skills. It turns out there’s a Theory of Multiple Intelligences, and I’m actually incredibly smart in interpersonal, musical, intrapersonal, and linguistic intelligence. Major confidence booster there, lemme tell ya.

Disney Jazz is a wonderful thing. Just ugh. <3<3<3<3<3<3

Mickey Mouse <3:

8 The strangest yet most beautiful souls ride the bus every day. I saw so many different individuals on my bus route. The I-think half intoxicated woman getting home who was so proud of her daughter’s academic accomplishments. The older woman who smelled of buttermints when she walked by. The girl wearing an anime shirt, and the teenager with the Star Wars hoodie. The transgender man, the two elementary aged children, the people lost and finding their way, the people who gave their seats to others. Even the ex-convict who I spent 30 minutes chatting with at my stop. Such an array of souls.

9 Facebook can be enjoyable when you take control of it. I for real learned this, and while it might sound silly, it was very fun making my feed more positive. I took re control of several of my social networks during the last year and it was very freeing.

10 I lost 8 pounds riding my bike to school. At the beginning of the year biking that three-quarters of a mile to my school, it felt like such a long trek. In a couple months, my breathing was better, my endurance stronger, my legs were more powerful. Forced exercise is the best.

11 JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This anime is one of the most enjoyable, crazy, hysterical, intense stories I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching and I’m so glad I caught up with the series this past year. Time worth spent lemme tell ya. Also now I have a poster of Joseph Jostar on my wall, handsome devil. XD

12 My self-confidence grew, slowly but surely. I learned I could take public transportation regularly and be ok. I learned I could still fly across the country on my own and be ok. I learned I’m loved exactly as I am and that I should love myself the way I am too. I learned I have incredible strengths worth growing. I learned that hardships are often times neverending but I can survive them bit by bit.

13 Communication is hard but worthwhile. I poured everything I had into communicating consciously and as clearly as I could with my best friend to make our meeting in May a success. The result was a trip I’ll never forget and all that communicating was completely worth it!

14 I won ten dollars from a lottery ticket. That was really fun. XD

15 I need music like I need air. I really came to terms with how influential, necessary, and engaging music is for me. I love exploring music, using it to process my states of emotion, and writing about it. Often times, music is the way I survive: The long waits for the bus or the times when my brain gets so loud that I have pump it through my ears for hours on end outside late into the night. It’s how I bike to school and walk the dogs and wash the dishes. It feels good acknowledging its importance and my own confidence in my taste.


Tomorrow I’m going to the Rainforest Cafe for my birthday lunch and mall shopping, and then hopefully I’ll get to skype with my best friend for the afternoon. Right now, I’m just back from seeing Finding Dory as well! Hopefully, it’ll be a chill, happy birthday! ❤




The Soundtrack of my Childhood P1

I thought I’d blog purely for myself tonight. And myself wants to do some heavy tripping on the music/theme songs/sounds of my early childhood and youth. I’ve always loved music, especially the songs that help me retreat to  And how many childhood sounds do you and I possibly share?

One Radio Theme

Rush Limbaugh’s Theme. My parents were listening to Rush everyday even before I was born: so my lunches growing up in the kitchen was to Rush Limbaugh’s voice and theme with peanut butter and jelly. Mom and my sister and I would head bob to this song at the table while we ate. And I remember when I was older, like eight or nine, often holding the kitchen broom like a guitar and air strumming the bristles instead of sweeping. I don’t care if you’re conservative or liberal, but y’all gotta admit that this is an epic theme to hear growing up EVERY DAY. XD


VeggieTales. My childhood was awesome because of VeggieTales. We sang the songs all the time when I was just three and my sister a year old; I have specific vivid memories connected to the songs above. I love all the old silly songs, you guys. And the stuff mart rap was like pure dope. XD And LarryBoy was my first superhero. Since the entire show is strong in music, it makes sense that many of the early episodes were the background of my entire childhood.

The Busy World of Richard Scarry.

The Busy World of Richard Scarry songs. OH MY GOSH. THIS WAS MY EARLY CHILDHOOD. I WAS TWO OR THREE WHEN I WAS GIVEN VHS TAPES. AND HUCKLE AND LOWLY WHERE THE BROS AND I WILL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING BUT HAPPY FEELS. *pauses to take a chill pill.* But yes, childhood, the happy memories, the many songs: This was my Zootopia, guys.

Disney Songs/Musical Scores

Disney soundtracks. I have very distinct memories of these tracks! I WAS Tigger as a child and I bounced around the living room singing his song. XD The intro for 101 Dalmatians IS BURNED IN MY HEAD–I don’t know why. But it gives me the childhood chills. Any song from the Aristocats is pure childhood, to be honest. XD Little April Showers put me in awe. And The Jungle Book had that mysterious music that always grabbed my attention as the movie started.

Disney Cartoons

Assorted Disney Cartoon scores. I just need to hear the first few brass notes of Donald Duck’s theme to take me alllllll the way back. ❤ Now these cartoons above have very specific melodies that have stuck with me through the years. “It’s a lovely day, Dolores!” Goofy’s whistle in Crazy in the Heat. The little military melody in Whirl Wind. The great musical finale of Toby Tortoise Returns. And the song and piano diddly at the end of Two Chips and A Miss.

The Prince of Egypt

The Prince of Egypt soundtrack. I still count The Prince of Egypt as one of the defining musical moments of my childhood. My family didn’t own it, and I only saw it a few times growing up, but I’ll never forget the first time saw it. The music blew my mind and I was obsessed. I did have a cassette tape of the songs, and I listened to it constantly. Hans Zimmer will always mean the world to me because how seven-year old me felt when I heard his music.


I guess I’m going to stop there for the night; I’ll have to cover video game soundtracks and classical songs some other time. XD How about you guys, what childhood melodies do we have common?


Movies of Interest

So, I haven’t done this blog series in a while! Totally time for it because I’ve been getting through my want-to-see list pretty steadily this past month. The one thing in common between these movies is that they were all released last year. Which ones have you seen?


The Edge of Tomorrow | 4.5/5

So, I loved this movie! It follows a major who becomes stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day again and again as he awakens on an army base and goes into battle against aliens. It was SO entertaining and never once got boring! I loved Tom Cruise in the role of the Major and Emily Blunt in her female soldier role. I regret not seeing this in theaters; it would have been an amazing experience! If you enjoyed a good sci-fi story, definitely check this one out!


Big Hero 6 | 3/5

I have A LOT of problems with Big Hero 6, I’m afraid, and I went in with lowered expectations to see if Disney would surprise me. I guessed the villain immediately because of his nose. The side-characters were gross one-dimensional tropes. Nobody felt like superheroes at the end, just glorified “LOOK AT US WE’RE COOL NERDS” with science-y things they’d made. Honey Lemon was a near carbon copy of Rapunzel except she dabbled in science instead of art (her personality, hair and face looked so similar…she looked cheap.) Disney, stop delivering such poor character quality already. One Pro: Baymax was cute. He was adorable. I want a Baymax.


Gone Girl | 4.5/5

So, I really want to read the book, now that I’ve seen the movie! It was a great psychological thriller/murder mystery with some great characters, mostly because their depravity is slowly revealed as the movie progresses. I was on the edge of the couch throughout the running time and it went to places I didn’t expect. It was really long, but that turned out okay because I kept wanting more. 🙂


The Maze Runner | 4/5

I’m about to watch Divergent as well because I’ve been curious about these other YA dystopian films the people always end up comparing against The Hunger Games. Well, I ended up enjoying The Maze Runner quite a bit! The lack of romance was very refreshing, the maze setting was really cool (I admit I expected more than I got when it came to the maze, but what I did get was okay,) and the end reveal surprised me. The movie did leave me with more questions than when I started, so I’m fidgeting for a sequel with anticipation. I hope the next movie answers my questions!


If I Got A Quote Tattoo…

…it would be one of these (though, obviously the last one for sure, because I already have it tattooed on my soul.)







Soundtracks//Hans Zimmer

When I first discovered as a teenager that I could listen to movie soundtracks by themselves, one of the first composers whose work I went to find was Hans Zimmer. He and John Williams were two names I knew whose work I loved, even at that point when I was quite clueless when it came the composers who score film soundtracks. So, as a sort of filler post which I’m needing at the moment, here are four tracks by Hans Zimmer that I instantly think of when I hear his name.

The Chariot Race || The Prince of Egypt: The Prince of Egypt left a strong impression on me when I first saw it as a kid, most specifically its songs and musical score. The animation was enchanting and the story well-told, but Hans Zimmer’s stirring, emotionally moving score was what stuck with me for years in my head. When I at last found and eventually bought the soundtrack, it was liking finding a piece of my being that had been missing. (One of these days, I will have to rank my favorite musical scores just so to see where this one falls!)

The Might of Rome || Gladiator: I heard the soundtrack for The Gladiator before I saw it, and I think that’s why I was left kinda disappointed by the film. The music swept me and my expectations so far away by its wonder that the film itself paled when I finally saw it, which is why I now highlight this soundtrack. The power of music, people! (This track specifically is my personal favorite because I have an old book scene completely mapped to this track by. the. note.)

An Argument/You’re Mufasa’s Boy/Remember || The Lion King: I love the music in this film, especially when watching the movie, as it adds an entire extra layer of amazing. The Lion King film is also incredibly important to me emotionally; my mom and I think it’s because she saw The Lion King in theaters when she was eight months pregnant with me and the music reached me through her belly–at least, that’s what I like to think. XD

Final Credits || Inception: Finally, there is no way one can end this list without mentioning Inception. Inception’s music is one of the highlights of the film–even though the film is pretty much a highlight in and of itself. Definitely love the level of intensity the score reaches. Hans Zimmer is definitely awesome.