10 Favorite Screen Characters

Victoria at Stori Tori’s Blog tagged me to list 10 of my favorite on-screen characters! So easy! To be more enjoyable and less predictable, I shall steer away from my obvious favorites like Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Captain America, and Rocky. Y’all know I love those guys already. XD

Instructions: For this quick, fun blog hop, you just name your 10 favorite characters from movies or TV, then tag 10 friends (if you can) to do the same!


Batman from The Lego Movie: The Lego Movie has a lot of my favorite things, including my favorite version of Batman. The film exaggerates that whole “Dark and Brooding” attitude of Batman. In a way, it makes fun of Batman in general–and I love it. DC’s films, although sometimes enjoyable, are way too gritty and dark for their own good *sings “De-PRESSING!”* However, when a character like Batman is handled in a spoofy manner, I can’t get enough of it. Here’s a big hand for Will Arnett voicing the best Batman ever!


Shaun from Shaun of the Dead: I love Simon Peg’s title character of this rom-com this much: *tries to hug entire world.* Shaun is ridiculously lovable because while he’s kind of loser, his heart is softer and bigger than most guys you would find in a zombie apocalypse movie. While Shaun had struggled to infuse color into his dull life, zombies helped him figure out his priorities, and so he sets out to save his mum and ex-girlfriend. This movie is awesome because of its smart British satire, its huge heart, its thrills..and its wonderful lead. ❤


Riko Aida from Kuroko’s Basketball: I LOVE THIS GIRL. While I have only seen the first season, Riko Aida stands out in a mostly male cast of basketball players because her entire character’s worth rests on her mental strengths. This is very refreshing to see in a female character. Riko has the clear ability, wisdom, and smarts to drive, steer, and urge her team through competitions. I love that she’s has a super-powered type of eye sight and that her cooking is terrible because the of the vitamins she sprinkles on it. XD


R from Warm Bodies: I love R. His character in Warm Bodies was, I believe, the first zombie that ever made me reconsider the genre as a whole. Beforehand I found the idea of zombies quite dumb, but R was endearing, contemplative, and quite sweet, for a man-eating corpse. I’m not crazy about story of Romero and Juliet, but Warm Bodies is definitely my favorite version, as R makes an intriguing Romero. XD And now, thanks to him and this rom-com, I really enjoy the zombie genre!


Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish: Kuranosuke is one of the most enjoyable characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching on TV; he’s funny, talented, kind-hearted, extroverted, a people person, and a great actor. To keep distance from his political family, Kuranosuke uses his passion for fashion to crossdress. He knows how to use society’s expectations to his advantage and he really doesn’t care what people think of him. I really love Kuranosuke for two reason: He’s hysterical and he’s genuine…even if he fakes in his female alter-ego for most of the show. XD


Pepper Potts from the MCU: Pepper still remains my favorite Marvel woman, even though Natasha is really awesome. I’ve loved Pepper’s quiet strength since the first Iron Man. Tony Stark has slowly reformed over the series of films to make their relationship work, which really speaks to her favor. I think in many ways she’s very underrated in the Marvel Universe. Not only can she kick butt as a business woman, but she’s a worthy action hero too!


Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything: I have only seen Say Anything once, which is ridiculous because that movie was fantastic. It only took one viewing for Lloyd to steal his way into my heart and stay there, too. Lloyd is your every day guy, except better. He’s confident in himself without being an a-hole and he pursues the girl he likes with a steady confidence that wins us all over. Melodrama and hardships effect him but they don’t make him stupid either. He’s also expressive, blunt, romantic…I shall stop myself here. In short, Lloyd is just really awesome character that I’ve not seen replicated anywhere else. ❤


Gale Weathers from ScreamFirst you hate her. Then you love her. There’s really no in-between when it comes to feelings for Gale Weathers. Scream is such a fun film series, its bloody, smart, and completely aware of it’s genre’s shortcomings and how society sees horror. Gale isn’t the main heroine, but her go-get-em attitude and swift-on-her-feet reactions make her an awesome news reporter to follow as we witness the murders. She also has some great one liners. XD


Kokkuri-san from Gugure! Kokkuri-san: He’s a lonely fox spirit who finds a home with a just-as-lonely little girl. Kokkuri-san is protective, hysterical, a good housekeeper, a great cook, and can even shape shift into a girl! Gugure! Kokkuri-san is a comedy and an extremely funny one at that and Kokkuri-san is a strong lead for such a show because he’s very quirky yet very genuine. Kokkuri-san is very loveable because he puts up with a lot of crap from two other spirits to care for and love on the adorable but seemingly emotionless Kohina. Kokkuri-san is about tied with Kuranosuke for being one of those male anime characters that have really affected me. ❤


Wadsworth from Clue: Clue is my most favorite movie ever (a cult classic!) and Wadsworth is one of the few characters in the movie that didn’t originate from the game. He plays an important role as he leads the murder investigation of the late Mr. Boddy. Wadsworth is smart, commanding as a lead among a cast of suspects, sympathetic, a good butler, and very funny. He’s also ridiculously cute and energetic once the murder happens, so I happen have a small crush on him. XD Out of all the colorful characters with all their engaging back stories and many one liners, Wadsworth, thanks to Tim Curry’s acting, is the most memorable, likable, and engaging character onscreen! If you love a good mystery show and haven’t seen Clue, definitely put it on your must-watch list!

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jhgdfbdsfThank you for tagging me, Vellvin! Your questions were a lot of fun to answer!

1. What is your favourite thing about blogging? I love so many aspects of blogging; I love meeting new people, the challenge of writing and joy of succeeding, the supporting comments of readers; just about everything is my favorite!

2. What type of music do you enjoy listening to? i.e. pop, rock, electronic ect. The variety of music I listen to is almost too much to list; big band, electronica, rock like The Beach Boys, different types of pop, Celtic, soundtracks like Danny Elfman and James Newton Howard, indie instrumental trailer music, Lindsey Stirling, ragtime, Christmas classics, ect ect ect ect…

3. Best line from The Princess Bride? (I’m assuming you’ve all seen it) I have seen The Princess Bride but I only liked it a little bit. However, I did love the running “inconceivable” joke. 🙂

4. Are you more of a reader or a watcher. Books vs. Movies? Although I know people have personal preferences sometimes, I could make fantastic arguments for both sides. I’ve always been both; a reader and a watcher. Currently I’m more of a watcher than a reader as I refuse to read The Hunger Games and Lord of The Rings books till I see the movies. However I can and do dance on both sides of the floor, if you catch my drift.

5. If you could meet up with one of your favourite characters from a book you’ve read who would it be? Sherlock Holmes–also Willy Wonka. The original book version of Sherlock Holmes was less of a jerk than what he is often made out to be in the movies and tv shows, so I think it would actually be a good experience; besides, I would love to meet my favorite fictional character. And Willy Wonka would just be amazing in his big top hat. I bet he smells of chocolate…

6. Marvelite or Ringer? I still haven’t seen Lord of the Rings so I must go with Marvelite, which I can stand by very seriously. 🙂 I’ve found that Marvel has a larger, better sense of what they’re doing with their movies than DC does, so I definitely identify myself as a Marvelite. As to Lord of the Rings, I’m pretty sure I’ll be a Ringer once I see the movies. 🙂

7. On average how much quoting do you use on a day to day basis? i.e. quotes from movies that just fit the situation. Not that often. Every once and awhile I’ll go, “Hey, this is like that moment in The Office with Jim and Dwight! HAHA!” and stuff to that degree. It’s rarer occasions when I actually remember an appropriate quote in time to actually say it. 😛


Top 100 Favorite Movies|20-11

Well, we’ve hit my top twenty (plus a bonus in this post-because of rearranging.) Although I’ve loved that I’ve been able to do this blog series, I’m also excited to be near the end! No lie; it has been very challenging to come up with 100 mini reviews within the past two months. Still, I’ve been thrilled just to have achieved this task of ranking some of my favorite movies, even if they rearrange themselves every so often. Seriously, it’s a huge accomplishment for me personally! Okay, enough talking, let’s go!


20. How to Train Your Dragon | 2010 | PG

This actually feels a little low for How To Train Your Dragon because this movie is genuinely awesome–like, pretty much everything about it is awesome. I tend to be a little protective of the film-it always made me mad to hear church friends call Hiccup a modern day wimp, even before I watched the movie. Hiccup is one of my favorite animated characters Dreamworks has ever made because he’s a hard worker even though his size prohibited him from being like everyone else. He’s an underdog, he’s compassionate, smart, has a fun sense of humor and brave enough to change his entire culture by learning to not be afraid of new knowledge. Besides Hiccup and Toothless (who can dislike Toothless) being some of my favorite characters, the film has an amazing soundtrack, fantastic visuals, lots of fu and suspense along with the interesting setting of the Vikings. How To Train Your Dragon is very easily one of the best animated films I’ve seen and it’s very easy for it to be in my top twenty!


19. The Help | 2011 | PG-13

Earlier I said “The Devil Wears Prada” was my highest ranked chick-flick and I would continue to hold to that statement because The Help, although a film that would appeal more to women, has content more deep than one would normally find in a “chick-flick”. Once again, Emma Stone is perfection, this time as Skeeter, an aspiring writer looking to talk about something deeper; with the invaluable help of Minny and Aibileen, she goes attempts to do just that. I love this movie for how many issues it touches without being overwhelming–standing up for something you believe in, even when it’s very very scary; being bold enough to write something revolutionary; learning that people are not always what they seem; learning what real beauty is: all with depth, humor, and heart. The story is moving and encouraging and sad and quite funny! A chick flick this is not.


(Bonus) 19. Men in Black | 1997 | PG-13

Some last minute rearranging led to have Men In Black bumped around a tad bit; it is technically now the new number 19. 😛 Anyway. Men in Black! When I put the film into my laptop, I didn’t know much about it at all except that it was very popular, but that can mean so many things when it comes to certain movies, right?! So, I went in with no expectations and was shocked to fall in love with it as the film got going. In fact, I’m mad that I didn’t get to see it sooner than I did. I’ve always liked Tommy Lee Jones but this movie made me really love Will Smith. The combination of the two actors is a match made in heaven. Besides the enjoyable science-fiction/super-secret agent elements, it was also just darn funny and exciting! Definitely stood up to the hype and was incredibly fun! So, bumped up high because of surprise elements and brilliant script, MIB is definately one of my very favorites.


18. Despicable Me | 2010 | PG

Despicable Me; it looks like one of those cheesy kid movies, and in some ways it is. It’s also heart warming and plain freaking hilarious . The minions are pretty much the pinnacle of success when it comes to comedy and animation. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the minions. Steve Carrel is perfect as Gru; the accent and everything is what makes the character so great. The three girls are very lovable and they balance each other’s personalities out well. Their interaction with Gru is great. One of my favorite parts about this movie is Gru’s transition from his bad guy persona to willing father to three girls who need a dad and what he’s willing change  for them. Considering I’ve seen my own dad choose things over me, these moments in the film are very touching to me, especially near the end. So, packing a punch to funny bone and heartstrings, Despicable Me is one of the best non-Disney movies in my book!


17.  Iron Man | 2008 | PG-13

(I swear foreign posters are always the coolest–I had to use at least one! :P) The beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, Iron Man is still one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen. What a strong start! Tony Stark’s origin as a playboy genius turned terrorist fighter is rendered beautifully in this film. Tony Stark is one of my very favorite heroes because his journey towards heroism is gradual but real. I still consider Tony Stark one of my top ten favorite fictional heroes ever. Iron Man also introduced one of my favorite female characters from comic book origin, Pepper Potts. Pepper and her relationship with Tony is set perfectly in the first film and developed well throughout the Iron Man movies. I’m always grateful that the relationship was not rushed within this particular film as it kept it realistic and more lovable. Besides the AMAZING soundtrack, humor and heart, Iron Man is a fantastic superhero movie that begins one of my favorite franchises perfectly.


16. Iron Man 3 | 2013 | PG-13

In which Tony Stark continues to get even more awesome! This was the perfect place to pick up right after The Avengers and it was also just a great continuation of Tony Stark’s story. The Tony in Iron Man 3 is way more sensitive and mature than the Tony in the first Iron Man. This is what continually reminds me that Tony is one of my favorite heroes. He’s still himself while becoming more responsible and dependable, like a real hero. Besides the movie just being all around entertaining, hysterical, and engaging, I really appreciated how much raw soul we got from the characters. There nothing like a “former” bad*ss superhero now dealing with panic attacks and making more effort than ever to make his girl feel secure in their relationship–seemingly small scale things that are actually very relatable, relevant and important! As Tony becomes more and more real, the more amazing he becomes. And Pepper Potts; she was just AWESOME in this movie. Also the climatic ending of this movie is one of my ultimate favorites.


15. Wreck-It Ralph | 2012 | PG

I’M GOING TO SAY THIS FOR THE ONE THOUSANDTH TIME. THIS IS UNDERRATED GENIUS. From the minute I saw the first trailer, I knew I would love this movie. And boy is it good. I love the video game world that was constructed–the whole world just reeks with brilliant creativity! The plot delivery is great and main characters are so lovable! However, my favorite aspect of the movie is it’s message. I saw Wreck-It Ralph during a point in my life when I really didn’t know what was “me” and what was ‘what other people wanted me to be” and it was very confusing. I was at a place where I was becoming tired of trying to please everyone, of trying to keep from stepping on toes in my Christian circles and was slightly conflicted on what my dad wanted me do/be and what I felt was right. Wreck-It Ralph was a beautiful, funny yet perfectly timed reminder that the best thing to be in life is yourself.


14. Thor: The Dark World | 2013 | PG-13

Oh my gosh this movie was so fun. Haha, that could be the tag line: Thor The Dark World: so much fun. While I was a little worried about how they would handle post-New York Loki, Marvel was amazing and handled him and Thor beautifully. What I loved best about Thor The Dark World was how well they continued the main characters’ stories while delivering a fantastic theater experience. It. was. so. fun! Thor and Loki’s brother dynamic was explored more and that was one of my favorite parts. I do not understand the hate for Jane, I loved her in this movie and waiting for the reunion between her and Thor was also high on my list of priorities for the movie to cover. I was pleased with the result! Despite Darcy being a little over the top, I can’t come up with any complaints that I have about the movie. It was everything I wanted from the Thor sequel and easily one of the most enjoyable times for at the theater!


13. Die Hard | 1988 | R

The action genre at it’s best. I repeat, it’s best. I’m serious, I consider this the unrivaled king of action films because it’s basically as close as you can get to perfection. Especially in this genre where 90% of recent action movies can’t seem to handle a good plot, special effects, decent humor and believable characters all at once (resulting in the characters becoming limp, thus the inevitable flop into the mud.) Die Hard delivers the opposite of that in spades. Basically, if you haven’t seen this movie yet, you need to do whatever you have to do to see it. So, besides it being perfection, why else is it so high on my list? One name: John McClane. Your every day cop pushed beyond the limits. He’s such a great character, who not only is a perfect bad*ss action hero but also goes through some fantastic character development! One of the most touching parts to me is when he realizes what he should have done differently in his struggling marriage and takes it to heart. I wish I could have seen this in real life from my own dad, but the next best is from the good heroes in the movies. That’s what I’ll always say. Yippee-ki-yay!


12. Captain America: the Winter Soldier | 2014 | PG-13

Of all The Avenger sequels, I was most worried about this one for the sake of my favorite Avenger. I didn’t want Steve Rogers’ conservative beliefs to be changed, watered down, or compromised to “make all audiences happy.” I didn’t want Sharon Carter to be introduced right away as a love interest and loose the specialness that Steve and Peggy had had. I didn’t want Natasha’s character to be handled wrong or taken in a weird direction. Thankfully, Marvel delivered and my faith in them is now stronger than ever before. 😀 I personally was relieved that my favorite superhero wasn’t tampered with but was delighted that he and his beliefs were respected throughout the film. So, not only was it amazing sequel to The First Avenger/The Avengers, it delivered it’s own story keeping true to the heart of what Captain America actually represents. Five stars from me!


11. The Avengers | 2012 | PG-13

The Avengers bounced up and down my list constantly, from between my top forty and top ten. It was hard finding even a temporary point for this film. It’s not like I rewatch The Avengers all the time or anything like several of the movies in my top ten. However, it has finally settled here at number eleven, and so many of you have already seen it that I shouldn’t need to go into too much explanation as to the specialness of this movie. Because even though it didn’t make my top ten, The Avengers and it’s many movies have had a beautiful impact on my life. This movie is what I consider “comic book spirit adaption” perfection. Marvel gave us something very special. It gave me something special. Superheroes in New York. Who knew it could be so funny, touching, and exciting! That’s what movies are all about.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

the-amazing-spiderman-2-new-posterHOW HAVE I NOT TALKED ABOUT THIS MOVIE ON HERE YET?! I know why, because I was talking about it with James and Jordan for James’ latest podcast! Had lots of fun doing that; you should check out the links to the podcast if you have time! But back to the fact THAT I HAVEN’T BLOGGED ABOUT THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2. SHAME.

I like to say that it was truly amazing. Do not believe the critics and the naysayers, this was such a fun, great film! I will question the sanity of those who say this was ‘a bad’ film. (I also can’t comprehend the people who hate Spider-Man. There is not even a section in my head to comprehend what it takes to hate such a fun and wonderful character!)

Some spoiler free thoughts off the top of my head: I absolutely loved the development we got from Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s character; that was certainly a highlight for me! We have an awesome new villain Electro and he did not disappoint at all! Gwen Stacy continued to rock as one of the best on-screen girlfriends ever because she was supportive of Peter while still chasing her own dreams–Gwen has found a permanent place in my top three Marvel women alongside Pepper Potts and Natasha Romanoff because of how healthy her views on relationships and life were! And also, the brand new take on Harry Osborn was a refreshing change of pace (I still love James Franco’s version, though!)

The movie was just overall well-paced, well-balanced between characters, well-acted and well-developed and in every way amazing. If you haven’t seen it, then what have you been doing? Go watch it! Everybody needs a dose of Spider-Man!


The Winter Soldier (short n’ spoiler free)


(I’m keeping this short since the movie just came out.) I saw Captain America The Winter Soldier Friday evening with my sister and we both really loved it! During a scene, Kayla randomly leaned over to me and whispered, “This the best movie ever!” That pretty much summed up my feelings too.

It was awesome seeing Steve Rogers front and center again. It was his movie The First Avenger that brought The Avengers into my sights in the first place. I fell in love with his heart, character and nobility. I take a moment now to say thank you to Marvel for the amount of energy and thoughtfulness that has been put into translating this character onto the screen without making him seem preachy or over in-your-face-patriotic or trying to make him more liberal. They’ve done right by him and that makes me extremely happy.

What makes this movie so great is that Steve shares this movie with SHIELD. Natasha Romanoff was amazing in this movie; she and Steve make such a great team. I really liked seeing more of her and I’m glad she got to share the spotlight. We also got to see a lot more of Nick Fury during the first half; it was very exciting seeing him in action rather than just directing people around. 😀 As to the rest of the movie, there was tons of fantastic action, intimate emotional moments, excellent introduction to The Falcon and some good twists throughout the plot!

Other than a few technical things that bothered me (two action scenes were little hard to follow because of the cinematography) I have practically no complaints about the movie! I highly highly recommend getting to a theater as soon as earthly possible to see this if you haven’t yet!