Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas everyone! Yesterday was technically Christmas Eve, I know, but my family celebrated a day early as my little brother is to spend Christmas with my dad; thus, while we had him we opened our presents. It was lots of fun, we ate lots of candy and set up our new basketball game! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday; don’t drive your families crazy, remember someone loves you, and have a great New Years as well!

The Giving Spirit


Something peculiar happened to me this Christmas season, something I didn’t even notice till my Mom pointed it out; and I’ve done some thinking on it since. For the first time, I didn’t make a Christmas list.

I didn’t even think to make one! Which is so very odd, because I love Christmas and I love receiving presents–getting gifts equals receiving a physical object from someone who said, “I value you enough to spend my hard-earned money on you.” Like, wow! I LOVE PRESENTS and the paper and the name tags and the excitement of opening them. I say without shame that presents are the one of the best things about the Christmas season–it sounds selfish and materialistic to say so out loud, but it’s the honest truth.

So, I did a double take the other day, when I realized how much my focus had shifted off myself and on to others, without me even trying. Without me even realizing it.  It wasn’t even until a couple of days ago when Mom, in passing, mentioned, “Hey, you didn’t make a list this year” and I realized I’d completely forgotten about it.


I want to know why, in a rhetorical sense. Is it because I’ve grown up? Because I knew my family’s Christmas was going to be really low key this year and so I didn’t want bother my mom with a list? Because I’m distracted with my new story idea? Is it a combination of everything above? What happened to the my tradition of list making? Is 20 the magic adult age?!?!?!?!?!

I honestly don’t know.

What I do know is this: giving gifts is incredibly awesome. It’s what I’ve been focused on since Thanksgiving ended–“It is present buying time for family and friends!” And I like that that was my primary focus this year, without me even thinking, “Gosh, I’m too old to make up a list of things I want, I should focus on others for a change.” Like, wow. Maybe I am growing up…?

christmas presentI often shake my head when I hear people complain about how Christmas has become commercialized. Because you know what? Money is only as good as the things you buy with it. To give people gifts and see their reaction, hear the sequels, and make them feel noticed and appreciated–that’s exactly what the Christmas season is for!

Because when has the spirit of Christmas been about anything but giving.


Winter-y Wonder!


S tagged me with this winter tag, which I’ve never see before, so I’m especially excited to answer it! Thank you, S! (Check out her blog, A Free Mind, people! One of my faves!) I’ve not gotten into a holiday mood yet, mostly because my zomb story means listening to intense music, putting joyful Christmas music to the back burner. Thankfully, that’s about to change very shortly–(I’m putting up the Christmas tree today)

The Rules: 
1.Thank the person who tagged you & link to their blog.
2. List your top 5 favorite things about winter.
3. Answer the questions of person who tagged you.
4. Create 5 questions about winter for the people you tag to answer.
5. Tag 3 or more people.

5 Favorite Things About Winter:

1. Christmas: does not need to be explained because it’s almost everyone’s favorite holiday. ;)

2. The Cold Weather: even if it leaves me shivering at 70 degrees, it’s still a great change from a constant sweat at 105 degrees. :-| And cold weather means my favorite thing which is…

3. Hoodies: I love wearing hoodies. I want to live somewhere where I can wear them all the time. I have a Joker hoodie, a Darth Vader hoodie, a very comfortable boy’s hoodie that are the best clothes in the world.

4. Christmas Music: because Christmas music is the best.

5. Christmas Decorations: in people’s yards, in stores, in my home, everywhere. I love seeing Christmas decorations everywhere.


S’s Questions:

1. What does winter makes you think of? Heehee…Christmas. Always. To me, Christmas equals winter and winter equals Christmas. Winter never seems to last that much longer after Christmas and New Years ends…I mean, yeah it lasts past March, but it doesn’t feel the same. :-|

2. What’s your favorite Christmas movie(s)? *gasp* I will have to limit myself: I usually list A Christmas Story as my favorite, but I also adore Miracle on 34th Street (the old one!), White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, and How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

3. What’s your favorite winter/Christmas song? (Feel free to make that plural.) Oooh, so hard because there are so many good ones. I love Sleigh Ride (instrumental is best!), Carol of the Bells, O Come O Come Emmanuel, Winter Wonderland, and the songs from the animated Grinch film. Below is the acapella group Pentatonix’s rendition of Carol of the Bells.

4. What’re your favorite winter clothes? Heehee, again, hoodies. I sometimes have to wear hats and scarves, but my favorite thing is a warm fandom hoodie.

5. What’s your favorite winter drink? HOT CHOCOLATE. It is one of the best drinks, and I can’t drink at any other time except for wintertime. :( :)

I now tag:



I can’t think of anyone else at the moment–if you want to do it, go ahead, of course! :D


Top 100 Favorite Movies|40-31



40. Warm Bodies | 2013 | PG-13

This was my first zombie film, in fact my first real introduction to zombies and it’s funny that I even wanted to try something like it in the first place. However, I fell in love and haven’t looked back. Zombie movies are at their best when the plot is focused on the characters and not the gore factor, and movies like Warm Bodies are a testament to that. Our main character R is more than just a flesh eating corpse; he remembers the the world as it was before the infection hit and wishes he could feel again, sleep again, be alive again. The zombie apocalypse version of Romeo and Juliet is the neatest the thing, in my opinion, and the interesting plot and dear characters made the movie an instant favorite in my book. hp5final 39. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix | 2007 | PG-13

I really liked this movie. Everything just got so serious. Hardly anybody believes Harry Potter that Voldemort is back and when the Defense Against The Dark Arts sends Hogwarts a nasty teacher who won’t let any of the students learn to defend themselves, Harry begins to secretly training “Dumbledore’s Army”. Watching the Harry Potter series, this is probably the first movie where I got really invested in the thrills, characters and plot. I appreciated the growing darkness of the HP world too, with Voldemort presence, and delving into Snape’s background in connection to Harry’s parents. Harry also continued to cement himself as my favorite character as he found things that were definitely worth fighting for.
tumblr_lr27ov4jk71qal4szo1_500 38. The Sound of Music | 1965 | G

I didn’t get to watch a huge variety of movies growing up but thankfully I got to grow up with The Sound of Music.  So, I’ve been in love with Maria and the Von Trap family for as long as I can remember. It’s a wonderful musical, especially because music is a part of the plot itself. The characters actually know when their singing and I like this a lot because then it doesn’t even feel like a musical; it just feels like a long movie with music as conflicting plot piece between characters. I personally appreicate this approach when it comes to musicals.  With unforgettable songs, fantastic characters, engaging moments and a more somber ending, the film is definitely one of my favorites from my childhood. (The film is truly at it’s best with the glasses of nostalgia.)The-Hunger-Games-IMAX-poster1 37. The Hunger Games | 2012 | PG-13

I have a respect for this movie–for the franchise on a whole, in fact and I hate the fact that most people water it down to a simple love story in which you pick Team Peeta or Team Gale. The story is so much more than that. It’s about a girl who had to grow up, who cared enough about her family that she was willing to die for them. Who accidentally became the symbol of a rebellion against a wicked government. Although it wasn’t until Catching Fire that I became a sold-out fan of the franchise, I still really liked The Hunger Games. The soundtrack is fitting, the acting is great because Jennifer Lawrence is always good and the plot is not cheesy at all. Katniss is an easy hero to stand behind and support and that’s what I like about her and this movie.InceptionPoster3WBHD 36. Inception | 2010 | PG-13

This is one of those special movies that don’t come along enough; they happen and blow our minds with their inventive creativity, dimensional characters and extremely unique premises. I adore nearly everything in this movie. The actors are fantastic, especially Leonardo Dicapiro. The music is awesome because it’s Hans Zimmer and it’s very fitting. And the plot–planting information within someone’s mind–is brilliant. There is not too much I could say about Inception that hastn’t been said already except that it’s a masterpiece and a must see for anyone who considers themselves someone who likes movies. Walt-Disney-Screencaps-One-Hundred-and-One-Dalmatians-Title-Card-walt-disney-characters-32132663-4314-3162 35. 101 Dalmatians | 1961 | G

The moment I rewatched the opening credits of One Hundred and One Dalmatians, I knew this would be one of my lasting favorite Disney movies forever. The film is kinda whacky when it comes to animation style, slightly off beat from other Disney films and very, very funny. The music is unique and and bouncy like a puppy, easily one of my favorite soundtracks ever. Pongo, Perdita, Roger, Anita, Nanny and the puppies are the warmest little family ever-I absolutely love Roger and Anita’s relationship, they’re a tragically underrated Disney couple. Jasper and Horace are hysterical henchmen and easily one of the best parts. Cruella De Ville is one of the most intense yet hysterical villains to ever grace a screen. In my opinion this is a wonderfully unique Disney film and a classic that should live on with the best of the bunch. tumblr_lubi5fLKD81qfklxzo1_500 34. A Christmas Story | 1983 | PG

I know from personal experience that you will walk away from this film either loving it or hating it. But oh my gosh, do I love it! This is easily my favorite Christmas movie, hands down. It’s one of those comedies that never get old because of it’s fantastic dialogue and comedic timing.The plot is so simple-a boy wanting with all his might to get a Red Ryder BB gun for Christmas–but the insight we get on your typical American family around Christmas time is dimensional and priceless. Despite the setting being in the early 1940s, the film rings true for even today because parents and children alike haven’t changed that much. As kids we all fantasize ourselves as heroes and have to deal with one or two bullies and adults today still insist that we will shoot our eyes out if one ever touched a BB gun rifle. Ralphie dreams, he wishes, he schemes, he’s both naive yet not pure innocence; it’s easy for us to cheer for him because he is us. And to me, that is what makes this Christmas comedy so beautiful.Aliens-1986-Poster 33. Aliens | 1986 | R

The first movie Alien gave us great sci-fi horror and excellent introduction a fantastic sci-fi heroine. In the sequel Aliens, we get to continue to follow our heroine Ripley as she must face these demons again. This is credited to being one of the best sequels ever made, and I would agree. Although I like Alien and Aliens about the same, I’ve set Aliens higher because I hate bad sequels and this franchise already has two other known flops, so I highly appreciate this movie. Ripley is one of my top favorite female movie heroines now; she’s smart and strong– in this film, her motherly side is also brought out when she rescues a little girl. Speaking of the little girl Newt; she’s one of the most likable, believable little actresses from the movies ever. I have so much good to say about this film and not enough space too; it’s action, it’s character motivation, it’s harsh, it’s scary, it’s smart and steady; it’s Aliens.
screenshot-med-01 32. Monsters Inc | 2001 | G

Of all of Pixar’s quite broad range of movie settings, I remember being the most impressed with Monster Inc. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the monster setting and the whole creative idea of Scarer’s collecting children’s screams for fuel. Little Boo’s appearance in the monster world makes for a great plot line of “put that thing back where it came from” with plenty of great suspense. However, my favorite part of the whole movie is the relationships that are between Sulley, Boo, and Mike. Oh yes, Mike, who can forget Mike; he’s easily one of the most hysterical characters created for animation–ever! You will see several more animated films on this list but Pixar films end here at number 32. It feels appropriate for this to be my highest placed Pixar; after all, I literally fall asleep every night with a stuffed version of Sully.scream_xlg 31. Scream | 1996 | R

How do I talk about Scream? It’s easily the best horror film I’ve ever seen. Most shocking and surprising opening to any movie ever. Great cast of believable, mostly likable characters. Creates the beginning of a wonderful heroine. Suspense is unbelievable. You will be guessing whodunit the entire time. It also happens to be a spoof on the horror genre and it’s done so well that you could barely tell! It has one of the best twist endings ever. Bad guy “Ghostface” will scare you EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. You will not be able to walk through your house at night without a light ever again and it’s absolutely awesome. What else do you want me to say about it? It deserves it’s cult following, it has several decent sequels (which is more than some movies can say) and delivers on the suspense and mystery big time! Two thumbs up for Scream allll the way.


Christmas Aftermath

(aka, because today is kinda the only day when showing off my gifts is reasonably except-able. Yeah, I went there.)

I hope you all had good Christmases! Let me recap my Christmas.

In the morning, I got to see my brother and sister’s reactions to the tree, which was great fun. Mom put the traditional orange rolls in the oven and then we all made our own piles of presents where we wanted to sit. I got one half of the couch and that’s where I put my presents.


I LOVE the selection of wrapping paper that many of my gifts were wrapped in; lots of red and white! Among my gifts, I was given a poster of Loki, a poster of Daryl from The Walking Dead from Kayla, Toy Story 3, a very nice Disney watch from Nathan, Doctor Who notebooks, a gift card for the movies, a Sherlock Holmes pillow case, a USB power wall adapter for my iPod, and all sorts of sweets and candy! Cotton candy, whoppers, nerds, marshmallows, chocolate and so much more! Oh, and cash. Some very nice cash. :) I plan to spend it wisely but happily! My dad gave me some things a few days before Christmas, too, which included the entire rebooted collection of Doctor Who, Seasons 1-7.


I felt very blessed by all my presents on Christmas Day because I didn’t ask for that much this year because I really couldn’t think of anything. I did ask for the two posters and was so happy to get both of them! But I loved being surprised by what I got-and I love pleasant surprises!

I gave Nathan a lego set of a car, I bought Mom her favorite candy and helped Kayla buy her one of our favorite movies, The Help. I really wanted to get Kayla some special things, so I got her a gift card for Wal-Mart, Taylor Swift guitar music to play on her guiatar, a music poster and movie she really wanted! It felt so good seeing her open her presents and loving them! I put more thought into buying presents this year so it felt a lot more personal. It was nice. :)


We spent the day taking it easy; we decorated gingerbread men, watched Christmas movies, played Christmas music, ate candy and leftovers. Did I happen to mention it was really nice?

Christmas Day this year was certainly different from any past Christmases, but it was a good different. The kitchen didn’t become a mess. The opening of the presents in the morning was relaxed and didn’t feel rushed. I felt very peaceful and content before seeing any of the presents, which I credit to growing more mature throughout this year. This was my first year with my iPod and Instagram so I was able to take some nice pictures throughout the day. I also liked seeing my friends’ Christmases on Instagram, that was a lot of fun! I love social media and how it’s kept me somewhat ‘social’. :)

Overall, this was one of the best Christmas’s I’ve ever had!

Okay, who’s looking forward to the New Year now?! :)


Merry Christmas!


Well, I’m writing this on the verge of early Christmas morn! Merry Christmas to all of you! I’m really excited; I can wait to see my siblings faces when they open their gifts from me!! This is my first year helping set out the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve; it was different but certainly fun and exciting. I feel grown up and mature yet I’m clinging to the the inner kid inside (if my over-piling stacks of VHS Disney movies doesn’t prove anything than I don’t know what to tell you!) I’m still looking forward to shredding open my presents (I love wrapping paper). So, anyway, I hope you all have/are having a Merry Christmas!


*Inserts A Cliche Christmas Lyric That’s Completely Unrelated To The Post*


Wow, I can’t believe I dropped my blogging ball again. And it’s not like I’ve been super busy or anything; besides small things, I’ve not done much, which is probably why I’ve been uninspired.

I am looking forward to Christmas Day. Building up to it, I’ve finished Christmas shopping, I’ve baked the Christmas goodies I like, enjoyed the Christmas lights and listened and watched Christmas music and movies. Arthur Christmas is my new favorite Christmas movie, guys, it was so adorable and clever! *happy sigh* I’m looking forward to the 25th! But the funny thing is, is that I’m rather anxious to get to New Years, for several reasons, which I shall try to go into on a different post after Christmas. Isn’t that odd?! LOL


The last few exciting things I’ve done… go out with the family looking at Christmas displays; we saw a huge display at a resort and had a lovely time looking at all the lights. I got to Skype with one of my best friends, James, again, and I FINALLY got to talk about The Walking Dead with someone who likes the show! That was very exciting. I need to Skype with people more often, I think. Also, since getting my iPod and Instagram, I’ve found it much easier to take pictures again, as you can see in some of my more recent posts! :P So I’ve tried to do that more.


And…I’ve been on Netflix a lot. They recently sent me Man of Steel and I’m waiting for a good night to watch it. I’m a very faithful Marvel fan, and although The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies (BECAUSE OF THE JOKER; I LOVE THAT CHARACTER MORE THAN I SHOULD, CAUSE HE’S CRAZY), DC doesn’t impress me like Marvel does. So, we shall see how I feel about it (this will also be my first introduction to Superman, so I may not like it as much as some people who may have attachments to the character in some other form or fashion already. OR it might really surprise me. Don’t worry, I shall faithfully report back the results.)

Also I have no idea why my word sizes have been changing recently. Hopefully it doesn’t bother you guys that much; I can just tolerate it myself. 8-)

Look at that last face, I have never seen that before in my life. I don’t know what it means but I’m leaving it there.

Well, that is all I can think about to share right now. I have some end of the year posts planned and I should maybe spend some time writing them up so they’re ready to post… I hope you all are enjoying the holiday spirit right now!!!