The Happy Tag!

My blogging pal SW tagged me to do the happy tag (and do check out her blog A Free Mind, it’s one of my favorites! <3) So I complied just a few things below that make me happy!


“The Night Circus” ( ’cause magic) // Sherlock Holmes original novels and short stories  // “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (THE NOSTALGIA.) // Treasure Island” (pirates, hello?! XD) // Dracula”  //



Twitterpated (“Love-struck.”) // Serendipity (“Finding something good without looking for it.”) // Wanderlust (“a great desire to travel or rove about.”) // Collywobbles (“butterflies in stomach.” // Kawaii (“something super stupid cute.” pst, my own definition. XD ) //




The Ellen DeGeneres Show (because Ellen equals happy LOL) // Clue (my fave! XD ) // The Office US (I credit it as saving my life with joy.) // Frasier (my life was not complete before I saw Frasier.) // Murder by Death (mystery parodies FTW) // Erased (tears. so many tears, but most of them happy.) // Harry Potter (#ObviousReasons) // KonoSuba (happy feels happy feels happy feels.) //



the air before it rains // pizza // pool water // freshly baked brownies // white citrus Bath and Body foam soap // hotel rooms// the smell of mint when you open the floss container // and that speCIAL SMELL NEWBORNS HAVE ON THEIR HEADS THAT YOU JUST WANT KEEP YOUR NOSE BURIED IN FOREVER, BECAUSE SWEET MAMACITA.



“Sh-Boom”  by The Chords // “Clean” by Taylor Swift // “Sing” by Pentatonix // “Rise” by Selena Gomez // “Female President” by Girl’s Day // “Spy” by Super Junior // “Fireflies” by Owl City // “Walk Like An Egyptian” by The Bangles // “Sleigh Ride”  by Leroy Anderson //



balloons // aquarium trips // Hercule Poirot // fairy tales // CASUAL CAPSLOCK CONVERSATIONS XD // Encyclopedia Brown // jellyfish // candles // anime marathons // bubble baths //  Mickey Mouse // color // bubble gum chewing //


I tag anyone who hasn’t ALREADY been tagged to do this…is there anyone left who hasn’t? Everyone in my circles seems to have done it. XD But if you want to do it, I’ll come comment on your post if you leave me the link! ❤ Because comments and commenting also make me happy! ❤



My Favorites from 2015

As a follow-up post to my personal rundown of my 2015, I’m going to document a few things that represents my favorite things from 2015. Like music, to what I did on social media, to movies. Well, speaking of movies, let’s start with that!

Favorite Movie

No doubt about, no competition in the ring, Fury Road was the best and most fun movie I saw in 2015 and it is one my favorite movies of all time. Bizarre and grimy, it followed women on the run to find hope in a hopeless world, in a post-apocalyptic, breakneck-speed feature-length car chase. For me, Fury Road succeeded where most action movies fail, in that while it was all mostly action, it didn’t lack a bit of heart from beginning to end.


I went and watched Fury Road at the theater alone. It only took a few minutes to completely pull me into the savage terror that was Immortan Joe’s world, where deformities and thirst plagued the people while he sat atop a great water reserve. I was quickly invested in the flight of his five wives and their driver, Furiousa, as the six took off find the Green Place where they would not be slaves. The film didn’t have to spell any of this out for me to understand, which I absolutely loved, and my attention was stolen in an instant.

While I loved the epic chase and suspense and brilliant action, Fury Road, though touched with a wacky bizarreness, had as much humanity and heart as it did its action. I was blown away; I walked out of that theater chilled by the ending. I didn’t get another movie experience like that out of 2015, not by a long shot!

Runners up of movies that I loved both from this year, and just seeing for the first time in 2015, include Creed, Redline, Inside Out, Mission Impossible, and The Sixth Sense.

Favorite Soundtracks

8c5480d74c81f7997b17fdc09d1b808b_Fotor_Collage1Left to right, top to bottom: 
Gangsta, Assassination Classroom, Parasyte, Noragami, Death Parade, and Blood Blockade Battlefront.

I’m a huge original soundtrack fan and in 2015 I listened to almost exclusively anime soundtracks. Both as a writer who needs music to write to and as a music enthusiast, I was so happy that by discovering anime, I discovered the rich wealth of their OSTs as well.

I included some that didn’t actually release last year, like Gatchaman Crowds and Redline’s (and Berserk’s has been out for over twenty years) but they were still huge musical highlights of my year!

8c5480d74c81f7997b17fdc09d1b808b_Fotor_Collage2Left to right, top to bottom: 
Redline, Gatchaman Crowds, Wolf Children, Beserk, Food Wars, and Magic Kaito 1412

Favorite Books Read

DarkerShadeofMagic_Fotor_CollageI wanted to read more than I did last year, but the two fictional books I did read entirely were absolutely amazing. In fact, I had to buy The Night Circus for my book shelf. A Darker Shade of Magic and its coming sequel really do deserve future shelf space too.

The Night Circus was phenomenal. It was full of rich descriptions that could have rubbed me the wrong way but instead just soaked me into the world of black and white magic. I couldn’t get enough. And A Darker Shade of Magic was just fantastic and such a joy to read–if magic being smuggled between alternate universes of London doesn’t sound awesome, then I don’t know what does. XD

Favorite Pop Music

homepage_large_Fotor_CollageI built a brand new appreciate for the treasures hidden in today’s pop music this year. Actually, my appreciate for music in general grew mountains this year alone. SPOILER ALERT: I LISTENED TO A LOT OF KPOP. But there was other pop music too. XD

Justin Beiber actually put out decent music last year and I was startled to actually like some of it (please please please listen to I’ll Show You; it humanizes him in a really nice way.) Pentatonix blew me out of the water with their latest album of a capella songs. Selena Gomez’s newest electropop has fueled my writing BIG TIME. And I was so excited to get more music from Melanie Martinez. Her dark quirky music just really appeals to the disturbed part of me. *inserts innocent-looking heart-eyes emoji* 😉

But I mostly listened to Kpop. And it’ll just be easier if I just leave this little playlist right here instead of rambling about it. XD But this was the soundtrack of 2015 for me, right here. ❤ (especially that first song: listened to that one on repeat for about three days straight while painting a room. XD)

I’m not a band fan, never really have been, but I can rally behind Super Junior and EXO and B.A.P any day. They’re actually really rad and HAVE YOU SEEN THAT CHOREOGRAPHY!?!?!? ❤

Favorites From My Social Media,

This is more for me than for any of you, but enjoy nonetheless! ❤ 😉


Its silly, but I’m thankful for Twitter. Its preserved some interesting things that have run through my head over the last year. XD That’s really nice.


I’m actually also really thankful for Instagram, too, I almost forgot how much work I put into repainting my mom’s workroom, or standing beneath a lightning storm to film the flashes, or that I had to replace my nine-year old MP3 player. Just, little memories are safely preserved. ❤ 🙂

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This is my mortal enemy. #hateyou

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Christmas as a grown-up. XD 😊👍🏻😂

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I used Pinterest on and off over the year, but I enjoyed the month and a half that I posted everyday to a challenge board to chronicle my feelings for Studio Ghibli movies. My Words board was also a huge place for encouragement and inspiration for me at different points.




These were the collections I was most addicted to filling during 2015, from the cutie patooties with morbid twists, to breathtaking anime-styled artwork, and lots of jellyfish. I’ve always loved WeHeartIt, but this past year it was an especially nice escape for visual beauty. ❤




Final Thoughts

2015 was a crazy year personally, and I did a lot exploring and embracing of things that I’d considered weird *cough-Kpop-cough* or too scary (like being afraid of being myself on my own social media sites.) I hope I can keep exploring and embracing new things into my life in 2016 too!

So, what were your favorite things of the year?


For My Fellow Writers /// 01


It begins! Welcome to the first post of my new blog series “For My Fellow Writers”, in which I share something that’s helped me in some funny way, in hopes it might help you out too! I hope you all enjoy! ❤

NaNoWriMo is coming up really soon, so I decided to share one of my favorite world building/inspiration resources on our very first entry for “FMFW” in honor of everyone building their worlds right now! I don’t remember where I found this site, I just know that I forget about it too often for loving it as much as I do. (A casual disclaimer, I’m not a big enough blogger for this to be sponsored, so I’m only recommending this because I LOVE IT. XD )

It has a funny simple name of “donjon” and it’s a straightforward generator; I believe it was made for tabletop role-playing games but it is the fantasy/sci-fi writers dream generator for world building and world/story inspiration! Go here for a moment and play around on this page to get a quick taste; be sure to click the drop down tab!

Screenshot (1117)
the main page

To list just a few of its amazing, detailed generators, it can create globes and maps of variations and fantasy calendars, along with different types of star systems, adventures, magical items, dungeon levels, and monsters. It generates tons of names and titles for humans, aliens, monsters, inns, spaceships, and planets, too.

These generators are all surprisingly detailed, so you can be about as specific as you want for most things, which is fantastic! I always get super pumped whenever I pop over there to fool around for awhile. I’ve used it to generate random writing prompts; I also use it to shake things up in my head. It’s lots of fun!

Screenshot (1118)

Hopefully some of you who might be writing fantasy or sci-fi this year might find something useful to your world building or writing! Be sure to let me know which generator you find that you didn’t know you needed! XD

(Of course, download things at your own risk, but I don’t remember having trouble with this the last time I used it. You can always take screencaps of the information as well to save as images.)

While I’m still undecided on my participation of NaNoWriMo 2015, I’m all gung-ho on cheering on the rest of you! So don’t be shy to come vent your frustrations or ask for a “you can do it” from me; I’ll have something positive and supportive to say to anyone who needs it whether you are participating or not!


Also I thought it’d be fun to do another poll! The results of the last one were very helpful! Like last time, this is a multiple choice, so check whichever might fit you, and if you want to be more specific in the comments, feel free! If there’s a general time when the majority of you get your writing done, I might figure out a good time to publish these posts to benefit you all. That is, after all, the point of this series. XD

For me, I get more written on weekday nights for some reason. 🙂 Have a great day, my fellow writers! ❤


Top Ten Tuesdays || 10 Wishes to Ask The Book Genie


I couldn’t pass up The Broke and The Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday link up today! I’m attempting to read more as 1) it helps me write, and 2) I miss reading and doing these types of things make me want to read more. XD

Ok, on to my ten reading wishes to the book genie! Which will you agree with? XD

1st Wish: The ability to read books while watching things.

I need time in the day to not only do life’s regular demands, and watch anime, but also read books! I could ask for more time in the day, but how awesome would it be to be able to watch and read things at the same time without losing the enjoyment of either? XD

anime girl reading

2nd Wish: The ability to look at any book and know if its worth my time.

I hate looking at popular books or books I’ve never seen before and wondering: “Will I actually like that? Is it as good as everyone says? Would I personally get anything out of it?” I need mini fireworks to go off around books that I would definitely love so I can skip all the crappy books and just read the ones I’ll like. XD

3rd Wish: A pass to enter book worlds as a character to join the story.

I don’t just want to just enter books, I want to experience them! I want to run with Harry, Hermoine, and Ron, and have them actually acknowledge my presence. I want to trot the London streets as Doctor Watson’s second chum, the two of us puzzling over Holmes’ methods and genius. I want to perform an important act in the black and white tents of The Night Circus; I want help Sam protect Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. I WANT TO BE IN ALL THE STORIES.


4th Wish: A manga/book cafe in my neighborhood with food and wifi for overnight stays.

Because a dependable place to go read books in peace in my own private corner would be fantastic. Japan has these already as manga cafes, why does America not have them?!?! THIS ISN’T A FAR-FETCHED WISH, AMERICA HURRY UP AND CREATE BOOK CAFES.

5th Wish: Unlimited book funds for anything related in the slightest to books.

This includes more than books, people. It includes book merch, book clothes, book movie adaptions and merch, ANYTHING THAT MIGHT TIE BACK TO BOOKS. I WANT A BOTTOMLESS PURSE TO BUY IT ALL. I like stuff, especially books and book stuff. XD

6th Wish: To own the library from Beauty and the Beast.

Because. Who. Wouldn’t. #faints


Wait, why isn’t this my first wish. This is extremely important to me. People need to stop messing with my favorite book character. He’s not in love with Irene Adler and he’s actually extremely polite to women. He gets adapted so poorly, it’s not fair! *grumble grumble grumble*

8th Wish: That George R.R. Martin would quickly finish his Game of Thrones series.

I don’t want the TV series to branch off from the books but I think they’ll have to at the rate he’s writing them.  I NEED THE BOOKS FINISHED PRONTO SO HIS CHARACTERS’ STORIES ARE TOLD PROPERLY ON SCREEN.

9th Wish: To meet authors of interest, both alive and dead (but the dead ones brought back to life.)

I really, really want to meet Agatha Christie, and JK Rowling, and Arthur Conan Doyle, and Robert Louis Stevenson, and Dr Seuss. I must pick their brains and then just stare at them as they go about their day. They would seem so ordinary…but in a fascinating way!


10th Wish: That authors would be empowered to write stronger books.

This is pretty straightforward. I want fewer cheap rip-offs of popular books and more genuine originality. I want fewer flat characters and cliches and more characters that are rich, dimensional, and fascinating. To do all this and more, I will spend my final wish on all my fellow writers and authors, wishing them strength and ingenuity to fill the world with better, stronger, more wonderful books.

What wishes would you make to the book genie?! Which of these can I get an amen?! 😉


My Forged Summer Bucket List


Due partly to my break from blogging and due to already having a 2015 Bucket List (that I’ve been recently neglecting), I skipped doing a Summer Bucket List this year. I’ve done one for the past two years, but I broke the tradition.

However, I thought it would be fun to make a list of things I did do this summer and pretend they were on a bucket list in the first place. XD

Go swimming once.
Watch more classic horror.
Acquire plastic mini drawer tower for my desk.
See “Mad Max: Fury Road” in theaters.
Buy a clip-on lamp for my bed for nighttime reading.
Thrift shop books.
Find a decent hat to wear in the morning for walking the dogs.
Learn how to grown-up budget.
Consistently blog on Jamie Talks Anime to build a readership.
Watch some 80s movies I’ve not seen.
Feel depressed about math and life.
Skype with friends.
Attend comic-con and wreck my feet from wrong shoe choice.
Purchase my first anime posters.
Start Daredevil.
Fuss over friends’ birthdays on Facebook.
Watch so much anime that I start to accidentally pronounce English words like Japanese words. (yes this happened and there are witnesses.) 
Stop neglecting Pinterest and Twitter.
Write a story that might seem weird, just for me.
Sway around in a rainstorm while crowing “Singin’ in the Rain”.

Omg you guys! I did everything on my bucket list this year! And it was so easy! How have I not done this before?! 😉

How about you? Did you do a summer bucket list? Did you get everything marked off like me? 😛