I’m a self-published writer. To be specific, I have published my work to be read for free on the most exciting platform for reading: Booktrack! On Booktrack, you can read my stories with musical accompaniment and sound effects, much like listening to an audio book but while reading an ebook! I have only dreamed of this my entire writing experience as a kid, so I’m thrilled to be able to freely publish my own stories through Booktrack Studio!

I have self-published three short stories with elements of fantasy and horror within the past year, two of which were contest entries that became winners! Summer of 2014, I won a global literary competition hosted by Booktrack, the Hugh Howey Booktrack Competition! As winner, I earned 5,000 dollars for my audio work on chapter one of Howey’s novel Half Way Home, a stunning sci-fi story!

I hope to continue Booktracking my writing in the future and am planning to release a full length fantasy novel in the future to the paperback world, with the help of my contest winnings. To read my Hugh Howey Contest Winner and my three short stories, click on my book covers below; their synopses accompany each image!

Until I Wake Up cover
A sensitive child serenely revisits the edge between sleep and non-existence, calmly beholding a familiar dark world stretched out before her.
Disappearances and horror awaits intimidated 19 year old Lacey when she attempts to reunite with her cousins at her aunt’s falling-apart country estate one dark Thanksgiving Eve…*A Halloween Contest Winner
A haunting narrative about a beautiful but strange book being accidentally discovered by two unsuspecting young people. *A Short Story Contest Winner
Comment from Hugh Howey–“A Booktrack changes the reading experience. This was never more obvious than while judging the audio contestants. The same words had a different feeling depending on the accompaniment. It was close, but Jamie’s entry made my rough prose take flight, if only for a moment.”

Thanks for reading! If you’ve checked out even just one of my short stories, I would love to hear any feedback you might have. I’m completely opening to comments and critiques! God bless!



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  1. well I’ve just now found your blog and was so delighted to find that it snows! ps I read a bit of “unearthed magic” and it is really quite good.

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