“Its a Marshmallow World Out There…”

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That’s the song that I can hear playing off the Pandora station downstairs. Such a pretty song! ^_^ Of course there is no snow in the middle of Phoenix, but I dream.

Earlier today:

I’m multitasking at this moment! I just submitted my final paper as a creative piece on Booktrack to my teacher while I get ready to attend class; I’m copy and pasting scripture verses about strength into a letter for my sister, who’s still at Basic Training; and I’m mentally preparing to take my final two college assessment tests later today (for reading and writing an essay, both of which are two things I’m actually comfortable with, so I’m not that stressed.) It’s kinda fun to multitask!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged; I’ve been happy being alone in my head lately, working out personal feelings and making big decisions that I was afraid of making a few months ago. The last four weeks has been especially interesting, a brand new challenge or revelation cropping up almost every day. I feel like I’ve grown a lot and changed a lot on the inside and that feels really good, guys!

Oh, I know something I want to talk about!

Currently, my soul is completely obsessed with Pentatonix’s latest album. Its been a very long time since I connected so well to one group’s music; and I’m back in love with a Capella! “Water” tore me open and put me back together; I’ve been aggressively thumping to “Ref” and mouthing the words to all the people who’ve left me; “Na Na Na” is too much fun to walk the dogs too; “New Year’s Eve” makes me want to soar into the clouds; and “Sing”… I can belt out “Sing” and its like the best instant pick-me-up ever.

I’ve said for years that music is my soulmate, and I’m always reminded of how true that is for me whenever I find so many songs that just click. “Rose Gold” “Cracked” “Take Me Home” “First Things First” and “Can’t Sleep Love” are also incredible….so just listen to the whole album, guys. It’s what the inside of my head sounds like right now and it’s loud enough to make me write two paragraphs about it. XD


This evening:

Talk about multi-tasking; I wrote all that this morning before I left for school. Now it’s the evening and I’m about to do my laundry before watching all the weekend’s anime episodes.

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Oh; I got good scores on my two assessment tests! And I got present Booktrack to my entire class and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. It was kinda fun presenting something off the cuff, too. I’ve found this semester, for not having much practice, I’m not bad at all with public speaking! Especially if it’s about something I love. :D

I could keep rambling but I’m going to go watch anime before it gets any later. I hope you all are having a nice holiday season? What have you been doing? Anyone survive finals in one piece? Anyone over-playing any specific pieces of music? Please share; gimme gimme gimme. I might love it too! <3


For My Fellow Writers /// 04


This Sunday will be the mid-way point for NaNoWriMo, guys! How is everyone’s books going? Today I’m sharing a post I wrote last November about my methods for beating the NaNoWriMo 50,000 word challenge. I’ve won this challenge the three times I’ve joined and I can credit the wins to many of these methods. And, not to brag, but I did mange to do it each year without a lick of coffee. :D

Fifteen Tips for Conquering NaNoWriMo (one day at a time!)

Numbers 6, 10, and 12 are big ones for me to remember especially. And 9 and 14 are hard to do, but worth the effort for sure! So, what are a few of your personal tricks for “beating NaNoWriMo with a stick”?


Changing Seasons

compassI’m incredibly distracted right now; the seasons are changing, goodbyes have been said to special people, future hellos are approaching out of nowhere, I have a school project I’m slowly working my way towards beginning XD, and…just a lot of things are shifting. Quickly, anxiously, happily…it’s all very distracting. XD

My baby sister left this week for Army Basic Training and it was one of the worst goodbyes I ever had to say. The last time I cried that hard was four years ago when my family first crumbled apart, and the time before that was probably never. I’m incredibly proud of my sister and I know military life will really suit her, but the letting go was brutal. I survived, though. :'( I can’t wait to see her again in a few months! <3

I’m not ready for it to be November already. The year seemed to have slipped by so fast. Its weird to look back and realize so many of my priorities changed over the year from my original 2015 bucket list. I’m not ready for it to be Christmas again. I’m not ready for 2016. And meanwhile, the rest of the country is up in arms over the Starbucks coffee cup designs. Just, why.

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My college class on career exploration continues to be wonderful and I’ve been attempting to explore the effectiveness of some of the things I’ve learned about myself, especially the Seven Intelligence test. I tested highly in Musical Intelligence, so I’ve been listening to my music outside at night; to really feel the melodies, emotions, pitches, and beats, to see what my mind might find on the journey. I pace a lot and let myself move with the lyrics and swells. There’s something about being in the darkness in the cold with my music that really helps my mind feel more secure and open to delve deep inside myself. It’s been intriguing…plus, it gives me time to tease the cat with his laser toy. I love that part too. XD

A lot of other exciting things are going on, but those will have to wait for another day when they’re more set in stone. I will mention that I’m REALLY looking forward to the last Hunger Games film next week! All my spoiler-avoiding for this ending is going to pay off!

I hope you all are doing well; anyone else a little depressed the year is coming to an end?!


What’s Up?!

How is everyone doing? Last week my schedule was busier than usual and I decided to let the blog rest for half the week instead of attempting to schedule something. Which leaves me writing this before I dash off to school. For GED stuffs. XD I’m just gonna ramble for a bit. :)

I’ve been on a big paint job the past two weeks, but I did a lot this last week–I guess if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen some of the pics, lol. I’m helping my mom clean out, rearrange, and completely deep-clean her old workroom where she used to sew quilts–it’s a big room with high ceilings too. She hasn’t been able to properly use it for years so I’m really excited to help make it clean and fresh again. Right now I have over half the room cleaned and painted, with only one end of the room left. I feel like all the painting is going to give me super-strength arms. XD

Comic-con is less than two weeks away! I’m so extremely excited, because this will be my big summer activity and I’ll be treating myself to special things as early celebration of my 21st birthday in July. I can’t wait to browse anime posters, I’m determined to find a Kuroko’s Basketball poster and Free! Iwatobi Swim Club poster for my walls. I’m hoping that I might see friends there this year, too.

It turns out that running two blogs takes a lot of effort than just one but I’m determined to handle both! I have a more concrete schedule for Jamie Talks Anime now so that in theory I have more time Through Two Blue Eyes. Anime has some amazing stories and characters and visuals to offer, so I have so much to say or write down about it; it’s really nice to have a separate blog for reviews and thoughts ’cause I know having that content take over this blog would drive most of you mad. XD Writing two blogs is definitely an interesting challenge, but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless both blog topics were things you are passionate about–that way it doesn’t feel so hard to maintain both. :P

Well, I need to stop here and go find my shoes. I hope you’re all doing well–what have you been up to recently? Any big projects at your house? I look forward to hearing about them after school! :)


Wolf Children || A Weekend Flick

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, a survivor and fighter. I don’t need to say much here, I wrote a personal card already XD. So for you readers today, I’m sharing my thoughts on today’s anime movie Wolf Children, which is the most perfect Mother’s Day movie. I don’t share too much of my anime content over here, but this movie is so special and beautiful (and sad!) that I definitely want to make sure everyone has a chance to hear about it! Really, do yourself a favor. ;)

Jamie Talks Anime


Today premieres my very second anime blog post series, A Weekend Flick: On one weekend day, an anime movie gets the spotlight! I’ve wanted to do this post series since the blog’s beginning, so I’m excited toput the idea in action!In honor of Mother’s Day, the first entry in this series will be one ofthe greatest stories of motherhood: Wolf Children byMamoru Hosoda.


Wolf Children was one of very first anime films I ever saw. Itsimpact was very positive on me, as it demonstratedthe power of anime storytelling and its ability to capturethe human spirit, one woman’s in particular.

Wolf Children: Ame and Yuki

Slice-of-Life| Fantasy| Coming of Age

2012 | 117 minutes| PG

Hana meets and falls in love with a werewolf while in college, and the two form a loving family in which she has two half-werewolves, a spunky little girl, Yuki(the narrator of…

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