Happy Star Wars Day!


I’m popping in quick because I can never miss blogging on this day! May the Fourth Be With You! 😉

Star Wars has meant the world to me, from helping me meet my very best friend to learning to be bold on my own, to celebrating the excellent combination that is sci-fi and fantastic story and character development (specifically referring to episodes 4-6.) Chewbacca is still my favorite character and I continue to own all the Darth Vader merchandise in my family. XD While I wasn’t crazy about the new film, I’ll still always love and value what the original trilogy gave me! ❤

So, Happy Star Wars Day to all my geeky friends! ❤




Wow Wednesday /// 07


Wow…but it is only wow because I’ve actually seen this come very true in my own life! Wow! ❤


Wow Wednesday /// 06

Wow! Being a struggling creative artist myself, this is actually a FANTASTIC way to approach the idea of my creations. Love.


Wow Wednesday /// 04

Wow. I wish someone had told this to me like that when I was a little younger. That really help puts failure in perspective. ❤


Wow Wednesday /// 03

I was hanging out at my neighbor’s today, watching Ellen, and Demi Lovato was on. I remembered just how much I look up to Demi as someone confident and open about herself, how much I enjoy her music! Tonight I was flipping through graphics of her lyrics on Pinterest when I came across this one. And wow. I’d not heard this phrased quite like that before, and so bluntly too. Thank you, Demi. I needed that. ❤