Wow Wednesday /// 06

Wow! Being a struggling creative artist myself, this is actually a FANTASTIC way to approach the idea of my creations. Love.


Wow Wednesday /// 04

Wow. I wish someone had told this to me like that when I was a little younger. That really help puts failure in perspective.❤


Wow Wednesday /// 03

I was hanging out at my neighbor’s today, watching Ellen, and Demi Lovato was on. I remembered just how much I look up to Demi as someone confident and open about herself, how much I enjoy her music! Tonight I was flipping through graphics of her lyrics on Pinterest when I came across this one. And wow. I’d not heard this phrased quite like that before, and so bluntly too. Thank you, Demi. I needed that.❤


“Its a Marshmallow World Out There…”

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That’s the song that I can hear playing off the Pandora station downstairs. Such a pretty song! ^_^ Of course there is no snow in the middle of Phoenix, but I dream.

Earlier today:

I’m multitasking at this moment! I just submitted my final paper as a creative piece on Booktrack to my teacher while I get ready to attend class; I’m copy and pasting scripture verses about strength into a letter for my sister, who’s still at Basic Training; and I’m mentally preparing to take my final two college assessment tests later today (for reading and writing an essay, both of which are two things I’m actually comfortable with, so I’m not that stressed.) It’s kinda fun to multitask!

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It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged; I’ve been happy being alone in my head lately, working out personal feelings and making big decisions that I was afraid of making a few months ago. The last four weeks has been especially interesting, a brand new challenge or revelation cropping up almost every day. I feel like I’ve grown a lot and changed a lot on the inside and that feels really good, guys!

Oh, I know something I want to talk about!

Currently, my soul is completely obsessed with Pentatonix’s latest album. Its been a very long time since I connected so well to one group’s music; and I’m back in love with a Capella! “Water” tore me open and put me back together; I’ve been aggressively thumping to “Ref” and mouthing the words to all the people who’ve left me; “Na Na Na” is too much fun to walk the dogs too; “New Year’s Eve” makes me want to soar into the clouds; and “Sing”… I can belt out “Sing” and its like the best instant pick-me-up ever.

I’ve said for years that music is my soulmate, and I’m always reminded of how true that is for me whenever I find so many songs that just click. “Rose Gold” “Cracked” “Take Me Home” “First Things First” and “Can’t Sleep Love” are also incredible….so just listen to the whole album, guys. It’s what the inside of my head sounds like right now and it’s loud enough to make me write two paragraphs about it. XD


This evening:

Talk about multi-tasking; I wrote all that this morning before I left for school. Now it’s the evening and I’m about to do my laundry before watching all the weekend’s anime episodes.

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Oh; I got good scores on my two assessment tests! And I got present Booktrack to my entire class and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. It was kinda fun presenting something off the cuff, too. I’ve found this semester, for not having much practice, I’m not bad at all with public speaking! Especially if it’s about something I love.😀

I could keep rambling but I’m going to go watch anime before it gets any later. I hope you all are having a nice holiday season? What have you been doing? Anyone survive finals in one piece? Anyone over-playing any specific pieces of music? Please share; gimme gimme gimme. I might love it too!❤