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100 Favorite Movies|80-71



80. Inkheart | 2008 | PG

Family fantasy, nearly at it’s best! I love the delivery of this story. It’s a plot I wish I had come up with myself. It’s almsot hard to talk about this movie; it’s just one of those films that everyone should watch once and give the tale a chance to win their hearts. As a writer, it’s only a dream to meet your own fictional characters in the flesh, so that element of the story is pure delight.


79. Peter Pan | 1953 | G

It took me a little while to warm up to this movie. But non the less, I do like it now. Tinkerbell did annoy me for a long time but I’ve finally warmed up to her as well. Wendy and her siblings are extremely lovable, Peter Pan is the definition of ‘classic’, and Captain Hook is quite a character! The film’s wiggled it’s way into my heart within the past several months and now it’s one of the classic Disney movies I wish I could have grown up with.


78. Corpse Bride | 2005 | PG

The plot (fantasy romance) is very simple and nothing that special but the movie is one of my favorite animated features because of almost everything else about it. The musical numbers are both spirited and beautiful. The Victorian and after-death settings are some of my favorite. The stop-motion animation is gorgeous. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are paired together once more, which I love, even if it’s just their voices. I also usually despise love triangles but I loved this one because of how it resolved. Overall a favorite animated film for the dark romantic within me!


77. Scream 3 | 2003 | R

It was better than Scream 2, at least in my opinion! I enjoyed the scares as much as I was scared of them; Ghost Face is a terrifying yet fantastic villain. A big score for me was that two characters, who really needed a new act from the ones they’d gone through in the first two movies, finally got some conclusion together. Yes, I really adore this couple but I’m skipping names for spoiler sake. Trust me on this one. Also this film wrapped up the other two movies nicely with a good conclusion (even though there is a Scream 4, which is higher on this list.)


76. She’s the Man | 2006 | PG-13

This movie is hysterical. Easily one of my top favorite comedies ever. Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes are great together in this movie. Pure high school type fun, this is one of those movies you throw in when you need a really good laugh and want to see a ridiculous plot actually work. At least, I get a really good laugh out of it.


75. Secretariat | 2010 | PG

Horse movies are some of my favorite and I love this movie to pieces. The characters are fun, the journey is great, the race scenes are powerful and exciting, and I appreciate the message of charging forward when faced with difficulties. Penny Chenery is a favorite female character; I love her attitude, enthusiasm and heart. I love everyone else as well, especially the jockey Ron. And any and all scenes with a horse in them are completely loved and appreciated. :P


74. Spider-Man | 2002 | PG-13

Even though I saw The Amazing Spider-Man first, I still really loved this movie when I watched it about a week later. Toby Maguire was perfect for Peter Parker; I love Peter and his beginnings as Spider-Man. The Green Goblin was hard to take seriously, though, at least when he was in costume. However, the rest of the film is great. I sadly watched it too many times too close together, so I’m rather tired of it in a sense. But it should speak that I really did love the ride it gave me because of the rewatches. :P


 73. Batman Begins | 2005 | PG-13

I like this movie a lot more than most. Bruce Wayne’s journey to being Batman, emotionally and physically, really hit home for me. The film communicated the conquering of fear very well and I connected to story and journey enough to really care about Bruce. Alfred became one of my favorite characters almost instantly. I really like the atmosphere of Gotham city in this movie as well, a lot better than I do in the other two movies. I like Cillian Murphy in general, so I like Scarecrow, too. Overall, an enjoyable, good movie which I consider underrated.


 72. Return of the Jedi | 1983 | PG

I love this movie quite a bit, despite the Ewoks and the overall weirdness of Jabba’s palace. The characters are still great, most of them at the height of personal growth from all three films. I love the resolution the whole film gives the Original Trilogy. I love the soundtrack to this film–even though I don’t like the Ewoks, their theme is one of my very favorites from the entire saga. Han is just as classic and if not more heroic than ever; Harrison Ford is always a delight. The ending battle between Luke and Vader is also one of my ultimate favorites, especially with the twist-like ending to it. But seriously, it’s Star Wars, I shouldn’t need to go on too much here. :P


71. It’s a Wonderful Life | 1946 | PG

This is probably one of the most popular Christmas movies ever and for good reason! I love seeing the life story of George Bailey and his little town; it’s almost like going home each Christmas because it often feels so heartwarming yet realistic. Since seeing this movie as a younger girl, I’ve often wondered what people’s live around me would be like if I had never been born; so, the film not only creates and delivers a triumphant film but gives us things to think about in our own lives. This is one of the best things a movie can give us. :)


Top 100 Favorite Movies: Intro

Luke, double moons_Fotor_Collage

James likes to ruin my film life as often as possible (ruin meaning make-even-more-awesome.)  Thank you, James, I count you as a true best friend. :D

Anyway, he recently shared this link to Flickcharts, where I became addicted to ranking movies against each other for about 72 hours. I came out with a rough list of my top 100 movies! I would never have been able to make this list without it. The idea behind the blog series also comes from James and his top 100 movies. He is, amongst other things, revising that list and I’m really looking forward to seeing it in completion. You should all say thank you to him for letting me borrow his idea. :D

So far not all my posts are completed; but have no fear, but I shall be working on them faithfully!

There are some things to cover before I start posting my 10 planned posts, though.

No, I couldn’t wait to see Lord of the Rings before doing this; it would have taken too long. Sorry guys. :P

My list is strictly personal. This is not a “Top 100 Movies Ever Made” list. These are my personal favorites, pitted against each other. A question I asked a lot was, “How often can I rewatch this film and not get tired of it?” For example, some of my ultimate favorite films, like Star Wars, rank lower than some of you might expect: I love Star Wars, but it is not one that I re-watch over and over and over again.

And: this list changes all the time. Every time I re-watch one of these movies, they’re my new favorite, so the numbers a little rough. :) My top ten are also little sketchy as it became too hard to pick my very top ten so I went with my heart and instinct on those. :D

Anyway, I’m looking forward to posting this series and I hope they are enjoyable.

Intro Over.


Villains Are Characters Too.


I very recently got myself a t-shirt from Hot Topic with The Lion King’s Scar on it. A comment from my mom made me think to write this. To sum it up what she said briefly, it was along the lines of, “I like how you like the villains; you don’t like them for the evil things they do but you like them for who they are as characters.” This is so true for me and reminded me of a pet peeve of mine that I want to discuss now.

From some of my past circles of social life, something that always annoyed me was when people would discuss movie/book characters, and while they’d discuss what they did and didn’t like about the good guy/hero/heroine as a full character, they’d then turn around on the villain with statements of, “They’re the bad guys, you’re not suppose to like them!”

The villain would fall to the bottom of discussion, brushed away as a two dimensional, flat, black and white stand up, who got what they deserved. I would be left feeling awkward, because, I’m sorry, I didn’t realizing liking Darth Vader was a crime against the story, the hero, or being a decent person!


Those social circles have been long gone and I’ve grown more comfortable in speaking up about what I think and like. And I still see that thinking from time to time. Some people do not understand why one would like a villain, while others fall all over certain ones simply because they’re good looking, *cough-most-Loki-fangirls-cough*.

I certainly would never applaud the villain’s evil deeds nor do I like or appreciate every single villain that I encounter. However, I see villains as more than just a black and white cutout that can be summarized by the one word: “bad”. They can be much more than just “bad” and that’s why I like them.

They are characters too. They can and should be as complex and compelling as the heroes they’re opposing.


Take Loki. Adopted. Mischevious. Jealous. Emotionally wounded. Clever. Bitter. Sassy. He’s a well-rounded, brilliantly evil, smart, yet understandable villain. Or how about one of my other personal favorites, The Joker. Disfigured. Crazy. Heartless. Clever. Has wicked sense of humor. Mysterious. He’s bad for bad’s sake, to ruffle Batman’s feathers and see if anyone is up to the challenge of stopping his evil deeds.

And Darth Vader is just iconic-ly awesome from voice to costume to back story. I wouldn’t know what to say if you didn’t like Darth Vader at least a little bit. And there are many more!

While not all fictional villains are as dimensional as they should be (shame on you, writers! Shame! Shame!) the ones that are do deserve to be acknowledged for who they’ve been created to be. Stop labeling them as just ‘bad’ and look at them as deeply as you look into your favorite heroes. See what you can learn from their mistakes and appreciate what they add to the story. That is part of the art of appreciating the fictional stories around us.

Okay. Pet peeve rant over! :)


Grown ups weren’t fibbing when they said hard work feels good.

IMG_1188I’ve come to understand, at least in few ways, what grown ups mean when they say, “it feels good to work hard.” When I was a kid, I always wrinkled my nose and thought, “NAH! IT. DOES. NOT.” Even now at the age I am now, I’ve never really had the attitude of, “YEAH, LET’S GO WORK OUTSIDE.” even though I’ve tried to do the work with as cheerful an attitude as I could muster. Yet, the past few days in which I’ve completed two productive, large projects, I’ve realized the saying is quite true.

Thursday I spent several hours in the attic, going through boxes, sorting things into piles and just organizing. Our attic was bad, guys; when I, mind you, ME, who can live with a mess, decides to PERSONALLY go and clean up someone else’s mess: well, you know it’s gigantically ridiculous. It’s not anymore though, because I crawled around on my hands and knees and made it orderly at my own decision. There is now ACTUAL SPACE to put things up there; that sounds silly but it’s dream come true. It was a physical strain; if my mom hadn’t passed up knee pads halfway through, my knees would been black and blue and not just red as a final result. But that felt incredibly good to go do that and make it functional again!


Then on Friday, I rolled up my sleeves to rearrange my room for the new year. I had no idea how I was going to change it when I started, so I got nervous after I emptied my room completely of everything except for my bookshelf frames. I hate change, guys, and here I was changing my room at my own accord and I scared myself. But then I thought, “hey, I might actually really like this layout if I make it look like a bedroom again!”

And so I pushed through it and fell completely in love with how it turned out. My room feels twice the size it was and I can make my bed easily, which means my room now looks nice. I also let go of some childish things that have sat on my shelves for years and freed up some space. It was nice letting go of some stuff. It was a lot of work, physically and even a little emotionally, but it was a confidence booster at the same time and a reminder that change is good.


I’m not hear to brag on myself:  “Hey, look at me, I did all this hard work last week, I’m fantastic,” but to share the fact that I had a revelation. What you can produce through your hands in hard work is well worth the trouble by what can happen in your heart if you will let it. It feels very nice to feel real satsifaction when you step back and look at something that was once chaos and is now order and say, “Wow, I accomplished this! Maybe I can amount to something in this world.” That’s a great feeling, it’s almost a shame that I’ve not fully experienced that satisfactions until now.

I would give anything to hop back in time ten years to say that to myself and see the expression on my face. :P