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My computer is having a bad issue right now so I won’t be able to post on either of my two blogs till the problem is resolved. Both blogs have been way overdue for a post and I was working on one when the problems arose, so this makes it all the more frustrating. Hopefully, I will figure everything out soon but until then, blogs and emails will need to wait till after I’ve figured out my problem. Any prayers to give me wisdom as to how to fix the issues would be fantastic. If you need to reach me, Facebook or Twitter would be the prime places (or Skype, too, which I also have on my iPod.) See you guys on the other side.

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Live Stream: Now Tonight! || Winter Anime Impressions


This is now taking place tonight! (Reblogged from my anime blog!)

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Tomorrow at 7:00 Eastern time (or 5:00 Pacific time for me,) I and my friend James the Movie Reviewer will be running a Google+ Hangout discussing our Winter Anime Impressions, which you can watch on YouTube. Click here to view the countdown and save the page for tomorrow evening! I’m very excited and am anticipating an enjoyable discussion! Feel free to listen in and ask questions!


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I Won


Read the official statement here!

See my winner’s page here!

When it was announced that I was the official Soundtrack Winner of the Hugh Howey Booktrack Contest, I tumbled down the stairs to my mom and managed out, “I won it!” We started jumping up and down and hugging each other. It felt surreal yet thrilling, especially on top of my poor nerves. I’d been apprehensive the day before and slept so badly that entire night. Not even Lady and the Tramp had helped calm my spirit enough to sleep soundly. Somehow, all the suspense was both lifted yet escalated at the same time!

I feel so blessed and incredibly excited and even surprised that Hugh Howey liked what I’d added to his story and thought it worth the grand prize. As a writer, I know the protectiveness one can have over how someone else is interpreting or viewing your story and characters; so when I added the music and sound effects, I wanted to honor and build up what he had already so skillfully written, while having fun myself. I feel so happy that that must have come across in my work in some fashion! That feels very fulfilling–especially against so much good competition!

So, three months since first learning about the contest and thinking “ooh, sounds fun, what’s stopping me from giving it a try”–I’ve won 5,000 dollars! On top of that, I’ve won an opportunity to co-produce another Hugh Howey book on Booktrack! How quickly this changes everything! I have money I can save for editing and publishing purposes, money that I can put into making myself a real author in the near future. I have the opportunity to work with a well-established author as well, which will be so good for me and I hope I learn a lot from him! This all IS HUGE, especially since I come from a background where I was told by authority figures and the pulpit it wasn’t God’s will for a woman to have a career outside of marriage and motherhood, leaving me so insecure about my abilities. What an incredible boost this is!

booktrack winner

I want to say a big thank to my two test readers; my sister Kayla, who told me it sounded great when I was insecure about the music selections, and James, who pointed out a couple spots of inconsistency that were easily fixed and also assured me it sounded great! Your feedback was very encouraging to hear before I hit that publish button! I would also like to thank Booktrack and Hugh Howey for hosting such an amazing competition! What a summer this has been for me!

I hope to very soon write a post on my process and tips for creating a Booktrack; I think it would be fun and I hope to encourage any of my fellow writers to check this program out if they haven’t already. I also hope to claim my prize money soon! Haha!

When it gets down to it, I’m feeling so stunned and thrilled and curious about the future and just–wow. I’m really floored.

I know I will sleep good tonight.


All About Doctor Who

{includes discussions about verbal abuse, the Matt Smith era, and thoughts on Season 8.}

Doctor WhoI haven’t talked about Doctor Who on my blog in quite awhile, and with Season 8 finally here, I think I need to get around to discussing it again. The reason I haven’t talked about it in awhile is because I didn’t enjoy Seasons 5 through 7 and that saddened me. I love Seasons 1-4 very much, and wanted to keep liking Doctor Who. As it turned out, my opinions on the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who is a very unpopular one–everyone seems to love 5-7 a lot.

It’s uncomfortable when my opinions form on the unpopular side; it makes it harder to be true to myself. I’ve struggled merely writing this post for about two months because of fear of hitting the publish button.  However, I’m going to stop feeling uncomfortable for being different and share my thoughts just as I need to. I’m not going to sugarcoat anything as there is one serious issue in particular that needs to be addressed and I hope everyone reads at least that part of this post.

tumblr_mi8217YrC51r5pjkqo3_500Before I begin, I want to address everyone who’s thinking I carried prejudices into these seasons because I didn’t want to like anything after David Tennat’s leave. This is not true. Although I was hesitant, I gave them an honest try and left it up the writers and actors to win me over to their side. That’s their job, after all. It simply didn’t happen that way.

I hated almost everything about Seasons 5-7 of Doctor Who. A lot of that stems from the fact that I couldn’t stand most of the characters that populated the show.

Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor was awful and almost ruined the character for me. Eleven’s silliness and rudeness was very distasteful; I could neither take him seriously and I couldn’t respect him. He wasn’t whimsical or lighthearted; he became a blundering, smart alec-y, catch phrase-spouting fool. The gravity of the character was gone and the attempts for gravity in the last season was a hit and miss. On top of that, we as the audience were told “The Doctor lies” which waters down the moral compass that is The Doctor. The Doctor was someone I could trust before Eleven. But suddenly, I’m supposed to believe he’s a liar? Why?!? Just so the writers can change some time traveling rules? Overall, Seasons 5-7 were incredibly hard to watch because of the main character’s drastic and distasteful personality change. I never warmed to Eleven and am very glad Peter Capaldi has taken over at last.

dr-who-s6-01I disliked River Song a lot. River  never came off as a “strong woman” to me. The actress attempted to make her come off strong-willed and smart but she was only ever over-dramatic and annoying. I couldn’t connect with her. She was also a know-it-all, which I absolutely hate in almost any character. Although that was her whole character’s thing–knowing the Doctor’s future–it was not pulled off well, at least not in a way that made me like her. I also didn’t care for her romance with Eleven as it felt very forced and not at all natural. Overall, I sighed very hard whenever she appeared in an episode and I will be glad when she stops appearing on the show.

fab59890a76b9426a8e8b80555ad61bcRory Williams was the only character I liked from the Matt Smith era, even though he had his own faults. He was a very sweet, adorable character and had a fantastic growth from a insecure boyfriend to a strong adventurer who could roll with the punches. His faithfulness to Amy–who I will talk about in a moment–was endearing, but only to a degree. Overall, Rory was the one bright spot in these three seasons and is definitely one of my favorite companions. The only thing I didn’t like was his relationship with Amy.

Amy Pond. Wow. What an abusive woman. The show attempted to show her as a “strong independent woman” but that was not at all what she was. A strong woman does not need to whip-lash people with her tongue and this was a huge problem in these seasons. Amy put Rory down all the time–in fact, the few times she seemed to care even a little bit about him was when his life was in greater danger then usual. This was very off putting. Her “witty” comments were not at all funny but merely rude, unthoughtful remarks. I do not consider this an aspect of a strong woman. And sadly, I didn’t see any character development in the character throughout the seasons at all! This was disappointing.

tumblr_mjpd9wcRK41qksmhwo1_500I did not appreciate how verbal and emotional abuse was shown as normal and “funny” in Amy and Rory’s relationship. Amy did not want to do the work of building proper trust in their relationship, and insisted that Rory just “trust” her when he had doubts, WHICH IS NOT AT ALL HEALTHY. People. Please understand that this is not healthy. I know this from first hand experience. I come from a family that has suffered from verbal and emotional abuse and it is wrong and needs to be talked about more and it is not funny or healthy. What does a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship look like? LOOK NO FURTHER THAN AMY AND RORY’S RELATIONSHIP AS THAT IS THE PERFECT EXAMPLE. I plead all of you, both men and women, please learn from my own suffering from this abuse and do not be Amy in any of your relationships. And either sex, men or women, if you’re in a relationship with someone who is treating you like Amy–GET OUT. Now! They do not truly love you, what you see on the screen is not going to play out so great in real life. 

This is a serious problem and it made many of 5-7’s episodes very hard to enjoy when they were saturated with abuse. Sadly, I’ve never seen anyone else even have a problem with Amy’s behavior and that simply reinforces the fact that very few people are aware of what verbal and emotional abuse is or understand that this type of behavior is very dangerous and harmful. It makes me sad that so many girls see Amy as a positive role model.

Clara-D-doctor-who-32962678-933-1280There is one last character I should cover quickly and that is the current companion to The Doctor, Clara. As of right now, I still do not really care for Clara. She’s okay at best, but usually she comes off as overly confident, in a way that I can not relate to, and the actress annoys me. It’s also annoying that now, each new companion The Doctor meets is suddenly, unbelievably important to the entire ticking of the universe to some degree or another. To quote Syndrome from The Incredibles, “When everyone is super, no one will be.” Come on, writers of Doctor Who. This is getting old. What happened to just having ordinary relate-able companions go on adventures? Those are characters I can personally relate to best! (This is why Rose will forever be my favorite companion.)

Overall, because of unlikable characters, bad writing that led to the show trying too hard to be funny, and some very obvious rule changing to time travel that made me very mad, I found that I did not enjoy the Matt Smith era of Doctor Who. The show seemed to be caught up in have “smart” fast dialogue and overly complicated story arcs rather than delivering solid, likable, healthy characters and strong simple stories.

To round off my thoughts on Seasons 5-7, I will highlight the only episodes I manged to enjoy from the three seasons. There are only eight of them, and I will keep my thoughts brief.

Doctor Who 1

Doctor Who 2I liked Flesh and Stone a lot for the Weeping Angels. They’re cool. I liked Amy’s Choice as the plot was actually fascinating and enjoyable. Day of the Moon with the Silence was great; they instill some great terror. :) And Rory was awesome in A Good Man Goes to War. Night Terrors was all around great; it had some fantastic horror elements and was a nice simple story. The God Complex reminded me of old horror films as well, as while I didn’t enjoy some of it, the first half was good. Hide, again, had the horror/scary element that I enjoy. Finally, The Crimson Horror I really enjoyed for the period setting and creepy element. And, yep, those are the few episodes I ended up enjoying to certain degrees.

Before wrapping this post up, I want to touch briefly on the fact that Doctor Who is back on the air! As most Doctor Who fans are aware, Doctor Who has finally returned to television this past Saturday with Season 8’s first episode, Deep Breath. I ended up enjoying it! Capaldi was great as The Doctor, although what his Doctor will be like is not completely clear as we’re still meeting him. So far I like this version; some gravity to the character seems to have returned and I hope that remains because that was sorely lacking from Eleven’s personality. I had some quibbles with a few things about the episode but nothing to warrant conversation as of now.

About time … Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who and Jenna Coleman as Clara.I look forward to the future season with hope! I’m really hoping the characters will be less annoying this time around, which should make watching the show more enjoyable. I really hope I can get back to loving DW again. I dislike disliking Doctor Who. :) Here’s to a brighter chapter in the future of this science-fiction show! Please don’t disappoint me like that again.


Laugh it up, Fuzzball.


It’s May 4th, Happy Star Wars Day! I don’t want to repeat myself a lot as I’ve now celebrated four Star Wars days, all on this blog. But to put it briefly once again, I have yet to fall out of love with the Original Trilogy and am quite positive that I never will. I love all the people I met because of Star Wars and all the movies and TV shows I discovered afterwards, too. My bathroom is all Star Wars themed, I use the force to open doors and turn on soap dispensers ;), and sci-fi permanently flows in my veins. The original trilogy still remains as the best movies my parents ever introduced to me.  May the 4th be with you today!


Link to Latest 100 Post

WordPress is giving me trouble today, it’s hiding my latest Favorite Movies post below my Captain America one. Gr. I’m going to make this easier by just linking to it here. And now it’s not even letting me insert the link. THIS IS MY LUCKY DAY. 



100 Favorite Movies|80-71



80. Inkheart | 2008 | PG

Family fantasy, nearly at it’s best! I love the delivery of this story. It’s a plot I wish I had come up with myself. It’s almsot hard to talk about this movie; it’s just one of those films that everyone should watch once and give the tale a chance to win their hearts. As a writer, it’s only a dream to meet your own fictional characters in the flesh, so that element of the story is pure delight.


79. Peter Pan | 1953 | G

It took me a little while to warm up to this movie. But non the less, I do like it now. Tinkerbell did annoy me for a long time but I’ve finally warmed up to her as well. Wendy and her siblings are extremely lovable, Peter Pan is the definition of ‘classic’, and Captain Hook is quite a character! The film’s wiggled it’s way into my heart within the past several months and now it’s one of the classic Disney movies I wish I could have grown up with.


78. Corpse Bride | 2005 | PG

The plot (fantasy romance) is very simple and nothing that special but the movie is one of my favorite animated features because of almost everything else about it. The musical numbers are both spirited and beautiful. The Victorian and after-death settings are some of my favorite. The stop-motion animation is gorgeous. Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are paired together once more, which I love, even if it’s just their voices. I also usually despise love triangles but I loved this one because of how it resolved. Overall a favorite animated film for the dark romantic within me!


77. Scream 3 | 2003 | R

It was better than Scream 2, at least in my opinion! I enjoyed the scares as much as I was scared of them; Ghost Face is a terrifying yet fantastic villain. A big score for me was that two characters, who really needed a new act from the ones they’d gone through in the first two movies, finally got some conclusion together. Yes, I really adore this couple but I’m skipping names for spoiler sake. Trust me on this one. Also this film wrapped up the other two movies nicely with a good conclusion (even though there is a Scream 4, which is higher on this list.)


76. She’s the Man | 2006 | PG-13

This movie is hysterical. Easily one of my top favorite comedies ever. Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes are great together in this movie. Pure high school type fun, this is one of those movies you throw in when you need a really good laugh and want to see a ridiculous plot actually work. At least, I get a really good laugh out of it.


75. Secretariat | 2010 | PG

Horse movies are some of my favorite and I love this movie to pieces. The characters are fun, the journey is great, the race scenes are powerful and exciting, and I appreciate the message of charging forward when faced with difficulties. Penny Chenery is a favorite female character; I love her attitude, enthusiasm and heart. I love everyone else as well, especially the jockey Ron. And any and all scenes with a horse in them are completely loved and appreciated. :P


74. Spider-Man | 2002 | PG-13

Even though I saw The Amazing Spider-Man first, I still really loved this movie when I watched it about a week later. Toby Maguire was perfect for Peter Parker; I love Peter and his beginnings as Spider-Man. The Green Goblin was hard to take seriously, though, at least when he was in costume. However, the rest of the film is great. I sadly watched it too many times too close together, so I’m rather tired of it in a sense. But it should speak that I really did love the ride it gave me because of the rewatches. :P


 73. Batman Begins | 2005 | PG-13

I like this movie a lot more than most. Bruce Wayne’s journey to being Batman, emotionally and physically, really hit home for me. The film communicated the conquering of fear very well and I connected to story and journey enough to really care about Bruce. Alfred became one of my favorite characters almost instantly. I really like the atmosphere of Gotham city in this movie as well, a lot better than I do in the other two movies. I like Cillian Murphy in general, so I like Scarecrow, too. Overall, an enjoyable, good movie which I consider underrated.


 72. Return of the Jedi | 1983 | PG

I love this movie quite a bit, despite the Ewoks and the overall weirdness of Jabba’s palace. The characters are still great, most of them at the height of personal growth from all three films. I love the resolution the whole film gives the Original Trilogy. I love the soundtrack to this film–even though I don’t like the Ewoks, their theme is one of my very favorites from the entire saga. Han is just as classic and if not more heroic than ever; Harrison Ford is always a delight. The ending battle between Luke and Vader is also one of my ultimate favorites, especially with the twist-like ending to it. But seriously, it’s Star Wars, I shouldn’t need to go on too much here. :P


71. It’s a Wonderful Life | 1946 | PG

This is probably one of the most popular Christmas movies ever and for good reason! I love seeing the life story of George Bailey and his little town; it’s almost like going home each Christmas because it often feels so heartwarming yet realistic. Since seeing this movie as a younger girl, I’ve often wondered what people’s live around me would be like if I had never been born; so, the film not only creates and delivers a triumphant film but gives us things to think about in our own lives. This is one of the best things a movie can give us. :)