These Are My Heroines.


Here it is, at last. This post has been coming for a long time–I mean that literally; I wrote pieces of this seven months ago in February– I’ve just not had the guts to finally finish writing it until now. And before I can talk about certain characters, I need to get some things off my heart and on the table. It has taken a lot of rewriting to get this to the way I wanted, so I hope it’s all clear.

While I understand the importance of knowing Biblical gender roles in real life, I do love a good female superhero or agent in films or tv shows any day–I’ve not kept that a secret either; most of you know that about me already. Having lacked a lot of decent female roles models in my own life, I’ve loved finding heroines I can look up to, ones who’ve been able to give me help by setting examples that I can observe and learn from. Women like Princess Leia and the Black Widow are important to me for such reasons.


However, I have felt judged for liking strong female characters by fellow Christian teens and kids, starting back when I was sixteen. I have had friends, personal friends whom I’ve known for years, frown and question my sister and I when they learned we liked characters like Princess Leia and Natasha aka Black Widow, often giving their own unthoughtful opinion whether we asked to hear it or not. I’ve heard things said along the lines of ‘Leia’s a feminist because she wasn’t submissive to Han in the first movie and she’s engaged in the political world and she’s sassy’. And in regards to Natasha, ‘no woman could ever fight a man and win, she’s not realistic at all; she’s a warrior woman, she needs to learn her place at home’.

Statements like these scared me into silence because I didn’t want to get into debates that I didn’t want to participate in. Even if we don’t see certain friends anymore, it’s hard to ignore that overall opinion because a lot of Christian kids feel the same way and talk about it in their own web circles. And that’s fine, because that is their business. They can and should be able to like and dislike who they please.

However, what I’m tired of is feeling bad or “less Christian” for liking the characters they categorize as ‘umbilical’ ‘unrealistic’ and ‘not good’.


I will say right here and now: there is no perfect character, in books or in movies or TV shows. Everyone, including Leia and Natasha, have downfalls. The root of the real problem that I’ve faced boils down to this; fellow Christians are exercising their right to speak but neglecting the need to be gracious of other’s opinions and convictions. You should be able to believe, like and dislike what you will but it needs to be balanced with grace. But I can’t wait for everyone to understand that before I can feel ‘safe’ to share what I personally like.

So. This post is me letting go of hurt feelings from the past and standing up for what I like, because I can. I can no longer let other people’s opinions dictate what I say or feel out of fear of being judged. I’ve learned that how other people feel is their business and I shouldn’t have let it hurt me the way it did, even though it wasn’t right that they couldn’t have been more respectful of how I felt. However, other people will also have to learn that I dang well like Black Widow and the fact that I thought she complimented The Avengers beautifully. I don’t want to be scared of admitting that or anything else anymore.


There are reasons why I admire and look up to these strong women in particular, even for all the crap I’ve gotten for liking them. This is not a list of me trying to clear these fictional women of accusations my friends have given them. It is instead the reasons why they are still my heroines after all these years. I’m going to start my recovery by not being ashamed of them anymore.

Let me introduce you to the four women who always stand out to me to the most time and time again, who’ve showed examples of courage, and that’s it’s okay to cry when you need to and that you can still get up to fight back at things that are trying to hurt you.

Princess Liea from the Star Wars franchise.


Oh, the pretty Princess Leia, she was my first introduction to cinema’s tough women! She had strength to withstand torture to protect her people, she could hold her own ground and think on her feet in the middle of life and death situations, she knew when to not throw her trust immediately on two men she didn’t know. She’s a capable leader in a time of need; she could help her father and then take his place in command when she had to. She can hold her own verbally. She can hold her own with a weapons. She wasn’t rendered into a puddle of uselessness when she was separated from her man and instead helped rescue her friends first and then him later on. I could go on and on about Princess Leia. But overall, she’s absolutely amazing. She deserves the iconic role in history that she has and I think more girls could stand to look up to her.


Natasha Romanoff from Iron Man 2 and The Avengers.


Oh, Natasha Romanoff; how I’ve been saddened seeing so many people say, “The Avengers would have been perfect if she hadn’t been there.” I wish more people could appreciate the good qualities in her, like, her intense loyalty to people who’ve helped her in the past, her clear head on and off the job, her ability to keep most of her emotions separate from her job, too. Her willingness to go beyond her skill set as a spy to be a soldier when the world most desperately needed her to be. Her fighting skills that can get her out of harms way even when it appears she’s in over her head. Her strong will that helps her be able to get up and move on after traumatic experiences even though it shook her up a bit–something I wish I was better at. These are things that made me really love the Black Widow and I can’t wait to see her in Captain America’s sequel!


Sarah Conner from The Terminator and Terminator Two: Judgement Day.


I really really like Sarah Conner and the development her character took between those two movies. She wasn’t always a tough gal, which is what makes her character so good. What I like about Sarah is that she thinks and prepares for the future. She faced the truth instead of running from it. When she became unhappy with what she thought was her future, she decided to do something about it. Even though she was mentally exhausted and hurting, she pushed through obstacles to achieve her goals. She learned to work systems to her advantage. She was self-sacrificing and good mother. In many ways, I really identify with her because I’ve gone through emotionally traumatic experiences myself (I have never had my life threatened by an actual Terminator but I think most emotional trauma is a lot like that anyway.) I’ve had to make a choice too, if I was going be fearful of what my future might hold or if I’m going to instead learn to grab it by the neck and say, “You’re not crushing me, not today.”  And Sarah really set an example of a women able to do just that.


Myka Bering from Warehouse 13.

Warehouse 13

Where to start? Myka is a great character in a fun show but she showed an example of being hurt but dealing with it and letting go. She’s also incredibly smart, can stand on her own but also accept help from her partner when she needs help. She steps out of her comfort zone when she has too, she learned to roll with the punches when things don’t go her way. She can both think of others but also of herself in what she personally needs, which is a great balance. She sets high standards for herself which sometimes isn’t always great but is better then setting no standard at all. Myka is that the feminine “tom boy”, she knows and likes that she’s a women but she doesn’t hide that fact that she grew up different from other girls. She’s different which in so many ways makes her so relate-able.


Yes, I’m focusing on only four women. There are lots of heroines out there, like Catwoman from The Dark Knight Rises or Kate Becket from Castle, and they are strong women too. But Catwoman felt under-developed, and she and her high heels irked me through most of the movie, which made me sad because I wanted to like her.  And Kate Becket is a good character but she’s also not a personal role model to me either because she hasn’t been able to let go of things in her past and move on to become a more healthier person.

However, I also understand that heroines and their stories are very different; if all heroes or heroines where healthy mentally, physically or emotionally, you’d loose a lot of what makes their story so good. And it gets even better if we get to see them work through their problems. So even if they aren’t my personal heroines, I should still be able enjoy what they give to their movie or TV show, even if I wouldn’t view their choices in life as something I would want to follow. :)


In summary, I think it’s important to be a strong woman; emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. You never know when life is going to throw a lightening bolt into your face. But besides that, it’s important to have good role models of strong women in your life to watch, whether they are real or fictional. Seeing good examples of strength is important.

Princess Leia showed me that it’s okay to independent from guys until you know the ones around you are trustworthy. Black Widow showed me that if you have a clear head and a strong will, you can do almost anything, even save the world from monsters. Sarah Conner showed me that it’s possible to get back up after traumatic experiences and be more strong then when you were first knocked over. Myka Bering showed me that it’s okay if you’re different from others and that you can work through your past to let go of things that have hurt so you can move on.

These are my heroines. Maybe one day, I will be able to be as heroic as they are.


May the 4th Be With You

tumblr_m37fbdmuxi1qcjq6vo1_500It is Star Wars Day already; this is the third Star Wars Day I’ve celebrated on my blog!

I haven’t talked about Star Wars in a while but today would be a good day to tip my hat to the saga once again, as being that first big fandom that grabbed my heart and admiration by the first movie. Star Wars is what helped connect me to many of my long time internet friends and it was there for me during family difficulties and a transition of churches and friends. It helped bring me and Kayla together to bond over something special and fun and put me on the road of loving sci-fi and fantasy.


What I love about Star Wars:

“Do or do not, there is no try.”

Darth Vader.

The Millennium Falcon.

“I love you.” “I know.”


“Who’s scruffy looking?”

Imperial March


Princess Leia

“Would it help if I got out and pushed?” “It might!”

Jedi Knights


“Either shut him up or shut him down!”

Han Solo.

Jedi tricks.



I’m not sure what we’ll be doing to celebrate other then maybe listen to the soundtracks and walk around wearing our helmets.  Maybe I’ll dress up as Vader for a little while and hopefully we’ll watch one of the movies, but nothing is concrete. Any of you have plans to enjoy some Star Wars today?

Anyway; may the Force be with you! Fly your X-wings safe and don’t stick anyone with your lightsabers today.

….I have a house to go decorate.


The Star Wars Test

It’s about time I did something Star Wars!

[] You own more Star Wars books than textbooks.

[X] You own at least one Star Wars shirt (Mawhahaha, I’m stocking up on shirts like there’s no tomorrow. I have at least six SW shirts)

[X] You have “used” a Jedi Mind Trick
[X] You can name all 7 movies in order without hesitating (seven? SEVEN? Come on. Seriously.)
[X] You have pretended to use the Force on moving objects (who hasn’t done this?)
[] You own at least one lightsaber (I actually don’t personally own one, but our house is full of them.)
[X] You watch the Clone Wars (I do watch the Clone Wars–very recently, anyway.)
[X] Your favorite video games are those with Star Wars in the title (I don’t play video games often, but my favorite is a lego Star Wars one.)
[] You’ve had at least one Star Wars-themed birthday party. (NO! I haven’t yet!)
[X] You can breathe like Darth Vader
Current Total: 7/10
[X] You hum the Star Wars theme song in the shower
[] You’ve seen the films so many times that the cases are worn down (since I’ve only gotten into it since last year, no.)
[X] You surf the Internet looking for funny Star Wars videos and pictures
[X] You listen to any of the Star Wars soundtracks in your free time
[X] You desperately wish that the Star Wars galaxy actually existed
[X] You freak out whenever there’s a sale on Star Wars merchandise
[X] Your favorite LEGO sets are the Star Wars ones
[X] You would totally dress up in full Darth Vader rig just for the fun of it (Excuse me, I HAVE done this, thank you very much.)
[] You want to join the 501st Legion (My ignorance shows… what the 501st Legion?)
[X] Wookieepedia is your friend (I’ve not been on there much, but it has helped me several times, so, yeah.)
Current Total: 8/10
[X] Your avatar on at least one social site is Star Wars-themed (Yes! Actually, on two!)
[X] The wallpaper on your desktop has something to do with Star Wars
[X] You tie a lot of conversations back to something that happened in Star Wars
[] You write Star Wars fan fiction just for the fun of it
[] You have gone to a Star Wars Weekend and/or a Star Wars Celebration (I WANT TO SO BADLY!)
[X] Most of the stuff on your Christmas list pertains to Star Wars
[X] Your hero is a Star Wars character (Luke Skywalker is number three on my ultimate fictional heroes list!)
[] If you could spend the day with anybody, it would be George Lucas
[] You know the difference between astromech and protocol droids
[X] You think of time in years in relation to the 1977 theatrical release of A New Hope (yes! I actually do do that!)
Current Total: 6/10
[] You can think of ten good reasons why you should have your own Death Star
[] You can’t spell “rectify” but you can spell “Kashyyyk”
[X] You know more Star Wars planets than earth countries
[X] You argue with your friends and/or siblings over who would win: Boba Fett or Darth Vader
[] You are completely open to all Star Wars characters coming back to life – even Darth Maul (NOOOO)
[X] You dress up as Star Wars characters for Halloween (While we don’t celebrate Halloween, we did wear masks inside the house!)
[] You dress your pet up as a Star Wars character for Halloween
[X] You sometimes say “May the Force Be With You” instead of “good-bye”
[] You have seen the movies so many times that you can say the characters’ lines
[X] You debate with your friends and/or siblings about Star Wars characters
Current Total: 5/10
[X] You would put a Star Wars bumper sticker on your car
[X] You’ve been belittled or even bullied because of how much you love Star Wars
[X] The best gift you could ever get would be a set of storm trooper armor that had been worn in the movies
[X] The only books you really check out at the library are Star Wars ones (For a long time, that was all I checked out).
[] You would laugh out loud if somebody was talking about how the Death Star blew up Naboo
[X] You know which Skywalker twin is older
[X] You know what “lekku” are
[] Your favorite authors write Star Wars books
[X] Star Wars is still your favorite movie even after seeing it 10 times (I haven’t actually seen the movies this many times.)
[X] You were one of the only people who noticed that puppet Yoda was made CG in the 3D version of TPM (and was a little mad about it)

Current Total: 8/10
[X] You study Star Wars books and websites in your free time (not everyday, but yeah.)
[] Your YouTube or e-mail account name has something Star Wars-y in it
[X] You get an adrenalin rush and/or a tingly sensation up your spine whenever you hear the Star Wars theme song or see The Crawl
[] You know what “The Crawl” is, and you refer to it as such
[X] You have a hard time imagining life without Star Wars
[X] You feel sorry for people who have never heard of and/or never watched Star Wars
[] You can name and identify fifty or more different clone troopers
[X] You get kinda ticked when “uneducated” people mix up clone troopers and storm trooper
[] You can speak and/or understand Mando’a and/or Huttese
[X] If someone says the word “star” the first thing that comes to mind is an epic battle between a Jedi Master and a Sith Lord
Current Total: 6/10
[X] You would likely have a heart attack if somebody said, “Who’s George Lucas?”
[X] You think John Williams is the best composer. Ever. Period. Exclamation point.
[] You have made at least one Star Wars-inspired video (I don’t make videos!)
[X] You want everyone to ditch the webcams and invent holographic-enabled comlinks already!
[] You know what “THX-1138” means and you look for it in all of the Star Wars films
[X] You know exactly what alien species you would be and what kind of job you would have if you lived in the Star Wars galaxy
[X] Your favorite phrase is, “A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away….”
[X] The only comic books you read are Star Wars
[X] You can’t listen to Liam Neeson’s voice without thinking, “Qui-Gon Jinn!”
[X] You know more about the actors who were in Star Wars than you do about any others (Sorta… this would be tied with the Avengers Cast)
Current Total: 8/10
It Has Been Assumed That You…
[] Wait outside of the movie theater for two days to see the latest Star Wars film
[X] Exercise by staging lightsaber battles with your friends and/or siblings
[] Know all of the movies by heart
[] Don’t have a life beyond Star Wars
[X] Are mortal enemies with Trekkies/Trekkers (I rather am, because every Trekkie I’ve met has spewed some dislike for Star Wars…. no offense, Trekkies)
[X] Can’t go a single day without thinking about Star Wars (well, I can’t help that, because we have SW stuff all over our house.)
[] Have all of the answers to Star Wars-related questions
[X] Are obsessed with Star Wars
[X] Would buy anything with the words “Star Wars” on it
[] Only play Star Wars music (Okay, that’s going a little far…)
[X] Only play Star Wars video games
[] Only read Star Wars books and/or blogs
[] Would only marry someone who was just as crazy about Star Wars as you are
[] Don’t discuss current world issues, only current Star Wars issues
[] Only watch Star Wars
[] Wouldn’t ever speak if Star Wars had never existed
Current Total: 7/16
You Have Been Asked At Least Five Times…
[] What’s the difference is between Jedi and Sith
[X] Why you like Star Wars so much
[] What’s wrong with Star Trek?
[X] Why you talk so much about Star Wars
[] Why you still like Star Wars, since it’s a “kid’s” show
[X] What’s so great about Star Wars?
[X] If you went to see The Phantom Menace when it came out in 3D
[X] If you’re going to see the other Star Wars films in 3D
[] Which is worse: Ewoks or Gungans?
[] Why you fire up when someone disses Star Wars
[X] Why George Lucas made the movies in the wrong order
[] Why you get all excited whenever you hear the words Star Wars and Special Edition in the same sentence
[X] If you named your new pet something Star Wars-y (YES! I HAVE DONE THIS!)
[] If your family gets fed up with your love of Star Wars (I think my Dad gets tired of it…)
[] If you play SWTOR or KOTOR
[X] Who shot first: Greedo or Han?
[] If you can speak Huttese
Final Total: 8/17
0-5….Do you even know what Star Wars is????
6-25….You’re an average casual fan, but not a nerd.
26-50….You’re pretty knowledgeable, and therefore a Star Wars nerd. You probably also appreciate Wookie Cookies.
51-75….You’re a Star Wars nut and not afraid to let people know it
76-95….You’re a Star Wars geek, and you want the whole world to know it. Don’t tone it down!
96-102….You are a total, die-hard, super, ultra, unsurpassable, mega-humungous Star Wars geek!
103….It don’t get no bigger than you. You, my friend, are the ULTIMATE Star Wars die-hard! Wear your Yoda ears proudly ‘cause you are the ULTIMATE!
I got the total of 63! A Star Wars Nut.
How did I know this was what I was going to get? I have been called a nut all my life; how fitting to be an official Star Wars nut. :D

In Which I Answer Kayla’s Questions

Kayla asked me some questions at her blog on THIS post and apparently quite a few people were waiting to see what my responses were, so I’m publishing them now before I forget. :D

1. Would you marry Steve Rogers if you had the chance to? Supposing he was a real person, of course.

Well, it would depend. He has most of the qualities I already want to see in my future husband, but I would still need to ask a few other questions, like if he was a born again believer…. Anyway, concerning the story, I really hope that he stays single; I think Peggy was his only love and I really hope that Sharon Carter character DOES NOT come into future movies. He just needs to stay single. Because Jedi-Chick and I will die if he doesn’t.

2. Would you rather meet Jane Foster or Britt Nicole in real life?

Kayla, do you realize how weird that reads? Jane Foster, a fictional woman of science, or Britt Nicole, a contemporary Christian artist…. Honestly, I haven’t thought of meeting eiether. I suppose I’d rather meet Britt Nicole.

3. What is your favorite quote from Jane Foster?

“I SWEAR I’m not doing this on purpose.” XD I think that’s what she said. Anyway, that was a funny part of the movie.

4. Are you annoyed I am asking you about Jane Foster?

I am really more confused… It’s not like I like Jane Foster or talk about her at all, so I’m kind of wondering why she’s the first thing that comes to your mind to ask me about….

5. Who do you like better, Luke or Leia? Why?

I like Luke better, because he’s obviously the main character of the Originals and the films showed more of his soul throughout the trilogy than Leia’s, so I feel more familiar with him than her.

6. Would you rather take math lessons with Thor or Black Widow? Assuming neither one has never taught math before.

I do not want to take math lessons at all, but I suppose I would rather do it with Black Widow. Thor’s magnificent power and presence would probably be a little distracting… (I would spend the time asking him about Loki, anyway.)

7. If you had the chance to give Black Widow a more modest jumpsuit or to forever erase the infamous bikini from ROTJ, which would you do? (Totally a sissy question)

The bikini. BY FAR, The bikini. As Carrie Fischer has said, that bikini came from hell and I want it to go back there forever….

8. What is your favorite thing about your sister, Kayla? (I hope this question doesn’t seem witchy of me.)

What does witchy mean? And…. I don’t know. I just like you as you. :P

9. Would you rather spend all day with Princess Leia or Black Widow? Assuming their characters came into your world for a day.

Well, one would have to first think about what you were going to do with them. If Leia–a government official–came to town, what would we do?? Hold press conferences about how Obi-Wan Kenobi is the only hope for this years presidential elections? Now, if I met Black Widow I could maybe meet Hawkeye through her…. So, that would be meeting TWO famous people instead of one…. I don’t know. I don’t care, I guess. It’s not like it’s going to happen, right? I guess I’d meet both; we’ll campaign for Obi-Wan Kenobi and Black Widow can take out all the rowdy people who get too excited.  And Hawkeye could also be there; he could report to Shield how The Avengers should team up with the Rebellion. How’s that?

10. If you saw Darth Vader standing on the sidewalk, would you go out to see him, or would you hide in the house and watch from the window?

What stupid person in their right mind would see the real Darth Vader–SITH LORD AND MURDERER– and run out to go see him? “Hi, Lord Vader, I’m such a huge fan of yours. Can I call you Anni?! Oh……. what are you doing with that lightsaber?” Uh, yeah, I would totally stay in the house and contact Shield somehow. “I think Loki has made contact with the Sith!”

11. Blasters or M9′s?

Blasters. They’re WAAAAY cooler. You can actually see where the ‘bullets’ go. :P


Star Wars Day

This the second time National Star Wars Day has rolled around here on my blog! (if interested, see the post I did last May 4th in 2011)

Prepare to be bombards screenshots, artwork, and videos (some I have posted in the past, but if you haven’t seen them yet, take the time today!).

I love this video. So much.

Everyone’s seen the Volks Wagon commerical with little Darth Vader. So, check this out!

I will never get tired of listening to this. Never.

Grocery Store Wars = Super Hilarious Parody!

ROFL Can I have that Death Star lego set??

Anyway, MTFBWY today!



Pretty Picture Tuesday: Star Wars

I thought today I’d theme my pictures to be all Star Wars! I haven’t done anything SW themed in a while, so this is quite overdue. :D

Wow, aren’t there some incredible artists out there?!


Interview With Kayla

Since Kayla has interviewed me twice on her blog HERE and HERE, I thought I would return to the favor by interviewing her. This is a special kind of a interview which we do in person and we type out everything we’re saying, so it reads like a real conversation. :D It was a lot of fun to do, even though it was hard to keep up with everything she was saying.  I had to insert a lot of *ramble* moments. We are discussing her heroines.

J: Hello Kayla.

K: Hi.

J: I would like ask, who is your favorite heroine?

Kayla: Like, all the time, like in real life, or in just movies?

J: Just movies.

K: Okay… um, Princess Leia from Star Wars, of course.

J: What is one of your favorite scenes with her?

K: Whooooo *giggles* …………. *Claps* the speeder bike chase.

J: Why?

K: Oh, um….. because….it’s just so epic, it’s like going really fast and just, like, *giggles* I don’t know how to explain it, it’s like…. She just jumped on and *speeder noises* And than with like, okay, she wasn’t wearing a cape, but with her outfit blowing in the wind and Luke sitting there and *more speeder noises* Go watch it, for heaven sake!

J: I will insert that scene in our interview.

K: Yes, yes, yes,….. *bounces about* Oh, I can’t wait.

J: What is your opinion of Padme, since I know you like her?

K: She’s very intelligent, very………………..very convicted, like she doesn’t, um, she doesn’t change her mind under pressure, you know, being a senator, she has her principles down…. *rambling for about three minutes* Okay, I like Padme because she’s cool, no, because she’s quick, pretty, convicted, and loyal…. I don’t know. She’s just… I just like her.

J: What is one of your favorite scenes with her?

K: When Anakin was like “Whatta about Padme”—you know, the arena scene and she was climbing up the big column thing… *rambles more* She just seems on top of things. *giggles*

J: Okay, I know you like Black Widow, what is your favorite scene with her?

K: Oh, um, obviously her fight scene from Iron Man 2; technically speaking, I like the scene from the Avengers trailer where….. where she, like, does the spin around thing on that bar and than kicks the guy. Just the way they did it  and it was so fast. And I really love it when she pepper sprays the guy. *laughs*

*inserted: I REALLY like Black Widow’s fight scene as well. She’s a very well trained super assasian and she’s going to rock in the Avengers!*

J: Okay, one last question: do you have a heroine like from Charade or something like that?

K: Yeah, I do… let me think….. uuuuuhhhhh………………………. This is hard, ’cause I can’t really remember. ‘Cause I kinda like the lady from Rooster Cogburn–

J: Miss Goodnight?

K: Yeah, but, uh, she’s old fashioned. But I kinda like the lady from “Father Goose”. No wait! I GOT IT! No wait, it’s sorta of a new movie, but anyway it’s Anne Shirley. I like the grownup Anne from Anne of Avonlea. And you have to ask me why so I can explain.

J: Why?

K: Because…. Because she’s fun and imaginative, but she’s still mature but she’s still like, like she’s really nice and I kinda like characters that are teachers because they’re just, like, neat and cool but she’s not like a heroine, she’s just a favorite character.

J: Okay, thank you so—get away from the chat box!—for doing this interview! Did enjoy yourself?

K: Um, I don’t like being the center of attention but it was fun but also hard because I was trying to think of the right thing to say about Padme and I was blowing it and I couldn’t really  *starts rambling*  . . . . . . . But yeah, I enjoyed myself. Thank you. *Head Bob*

J: *types Head Bob*

K: I did not! I did not! I did not do a head bob! I did not! I did not! I did not! *starts hitting me * I did not do a head bob. *Walks off laughing*