Miracle on Our Street


I remember waking up that morning and wondering what was going on simply from the top of my bunk bed; it’s funny that I could tell something was different since I’m not the sharpest observer in the world, especially when I was twelve. But usually my dad would come in our room to turn the fan down during the winter (because my sister and I liked to keep the fan going) and it was still going full speed.

Investigating on my part, I got the information that our baby brother was on the way with midwives already in the master bedroom with my mom. So, moving ourselves to the living room, Kayla and I stuck in the old Miracle on 34th Street to cover up the uncomfortable sounds we heard coming from upstairs. We didn’t even get half way through before we got called up to meet the baby.

I remember the first thought I had when I first saw Nathan was, “Oh my gosh, he’s purple.”

And that’s what I remember from the morning my brother was born.

Seven years later, I’ve gotten to know Nathan a lot better; he’s not purple anymore and has become a priceless member of our family. Nathan is very smart; he has strong verbal skills and a strong will- he could be a fantastic lawyer when he’s older. Nathan is an extrovert and is thoughtful and polite (most of the time :P) He likes The Lion King, Cars, Charlie Brown and Winnie the Pooh. He enjoys legos and puts together complicated creations above his age level. He likes Adventures in Odyssey and hide and seek and eating. ;) He’s taught me the importance of patience and forgiveness by just being himself. He himself is a very forgiving person.

I love him very much and I can’t wait to see how much he grows during the next year. Happy Seventh Birthday, Nathan. XOXO


Childhood Must-Sees

There are several animated movies I’ve seen and grown up with that I would consider ‘Childhood Must-Sees’– or at least my kids will certainly grow up watching them. :) I don’t have kids right now, so I instead make sure my six (almost seven) year old brother is properly introduced. I have lots of films but these are my top eight (in no particular order.)


The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. I’m so glad I grew up with this film. It’s pretty much the most innocent film you could ever watch. I think this is the first movie I remember seeing. It’s cute and adorable yet rather clever. I still like watching this movie and I have so many good feelings and memories tied up in it. There’s no way in heck my kids are growing up without Winnie The Pooh and his friends.


Winnie the Pooh. This movie only came out a few years ago but it is just as pure and beautiful as The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh. I actually bought this movie for my brother for one of his birthdays and we watch it together from time to time. I’m not sure if it’s more for him or for me but it’s great fun.


The Toy Story Trilogy. (I am including all three together.) I would consider these staple to a child’s film diet. Ya think? I didn’t get to see any of these until after my seventeenth birthday and I consider that a real shame. I’m making sure my little brother grows up with these stories and my kids will grow up with them too.


The Lion King. CLASSSIC. I have memories seeing this movie when I was really little but I didn’t really “grow up” with it.  But it left a strong impression on me; a good one. I recently rewatched it and was left with chills, smiles and tears all at the same time. It’s a fantastic film. At first my brother was too scared to finish it but he sat through it with me and now really likes it. So, this is another must-watch.


101 Dalmatians. I didn’t really get to “grow up” with this film either but it was one of my favorites and still is. I love the music and the animals and Roger and Anita and Cruella was and is hysterical–although more sensitive kids might get scared of her. So, depending on my kids’ temperaments, I definitely want to them grow up with this movie.


Monsters Inc. I wish I had seen this growing up, at least when I was around eight years old or something. It’s a fun movie, very heart touching yet hilarious and clever. I’m a huge fan now, I sleep with my stuffed animal Sully and I have a poster of the two on my wall. It’s a personal favorite of mine now, so of course the ids will get to see it!


How To Train Your Dragon. Everybody needs to see this movie anyway. But I really like this story so I was sure to introduce it to Nathan and he likes. Anyway, I don’t know one person who doesn’t like this movie, including kids. I really don’t even have to explain why this movie is on this list. ;)


A Bugs Life. I didn’t see this till I was eighteen but I still liked it. It’s a great kids movie and I’m disappointed that it’s so underrated! It’s brilliant and so clever, just like the rest of Pixar’s movies. I think Flick and his story is a great model to present to kids. It sure makes insects a lot ‘nicer’. :)

Well, there’s my top eight childhood must-sees. So, what animated movies did you grew up with that you remember really liking? What movies do you wish you could have grown up seeing? What animated movies will you introduce to future children if you have any?


life is what you make it


Sometimes life sucks. And then sometimes it’s really awesome.  The saying “life is what you make it” is often very true but then in other ways I can’t control everything that happens to me. Really bad things happen, and they drag out for over a few years with months where things are just really emotional and stressful and then it slows down you’re able to relax for a moment.

2011 was full of angst, verbal abuse, loosing old friends, making new friends, tears, and Star Wars but pretty much disaster. 2012 the roller coaster slowed down a bit; full of reading, writing, finishing school, struggling to mend as a family, the Avengers and hopes. Now we are nearly through the first month of 2013 and I see the roller coaster speeding up with lots of big, scary drops ahead of me, with a lot more tears, a lot more emotional pain, a huge looming fear of loosing the new friends I’ve only just made and a lot more scarring that will be left on top of old wounds that still haven’t healed completely. It’s really scary.

But at the same time, I really want to try to remain the happy me. Life isn’t always what you make it but it will always be miserable if you let it squash you. Today I took another step in keeping me head above the water, in trying to set an example of strength and cheerfulness to my siblings by saying that, yes, life is hard now but we can still have fun, we have to move on and not sit in a tub of tears unable to smile.

Today, I learned how to moonwalk. Yes, that funny walk that looks like your walking normal but you’re going backwards–this is the tutorial I watched to learn if you are interested, it’s actually very easy to understand. Why is learning to moonwalk important to me? Because it’s something new, something fun, something that you only see the ‘cool people’ able to do. It’s a distraction and it makes me smile. Because in some small ways, life is what you make it.

It’s only something small but it helps. What are the small things you do to make your day better?


P.S. thank you so much for your prayers and many comments on my last post, everyone, they were very encouraging to both me and Kayla and also my Mom! We are no where out of the darkness yet so please keep up the prayers! They are so appreciated, it makes me feel better to know my friends across the country are there for me!

…because I felt like saying thank you…

Thank you Kayla for letting me put your hair up—and you actually liked it! See, Big Sisters do know what their doing sometimes.

Thank you all you bloggers whom I’ve noticed have actually put their auto-playlists off auto. I rarely hit a blog now where the music scares me to mars.

Thank you Princess for purring for me every time I look at you, you’re such a good kitty.

Thank you Avengers for being the coolest movie in the universe.

Thank you party-planner lady for being really sweet at the rental place.

Thank you Dylan for always talking to me and actually being my friend. And for reading books with me. I can’t wait to start The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with you.

Thank you DVD company for not making the “Murder, She Wrote” DVD’s double sided anymore.

Thank you all my writing friends who have put me on their NaNo buddy lists this year! I have double the amount of friends I did last year. I will have to work hard between writing my story and NaNoMailing you all!

Thank you hair for cooperating with me the past week. Do not be fussy on my party day.

Thank you Mrs T for those doughnuts. :)

Thank you all my blog friends who comment and make me smile and feel special.

Thank you Fry’s Marketplace for having the perfect lipstick.

Thank you God for all your blessings, big and small.


Yep, that’s me and that’s my voice

If you’ve ever wanted to hear my voice…. or just see me in a video, now is your chance.

My sister has been working on a video that we made a month or so ago and she’s finally posted it in two parts on You Tube for a limited time for her friends to see. If you’ve not seen them yet, you’ll want to go watch them now by clicking the links below.

We were trying to make an interview, but it’s really not an interview. It’s… Kayla asking random questions (or saying she can’t think of any good questions) and me sitting in front of the camera looking like a derp and trying to answer all the odd questions that she does ask.

Part One: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGauYGTryyo

Part Two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5o96LZFtXtE

If you guys watch it, leave a comment and let me know! :D

Oh, there are a few shout outs to a few of the followers that popped into my head at the moment. (Savanna and Fallon, I know you’re mentioned more than once in both parts!)

I now am going into hiding. *grin*