My Blue, Blue Hair

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Some of you might remember that in the first week of 2015, I brought home a box of dark, vibrant blue hair dye and made my curls blue! And no, I never considered just dyeing ends or sections: Dye is such a drastic change, I decided to go all in if was doing it at all. Plus it seemed easier. XD

Even though rinsing the dye out was a bit traumatic (I did it the worst possible way by standing in the shower, turning the entire tub and shower walls blue) the result was incredible. Gone were my dirty brown-blonde curls and in their place were dark deep blue curls. Since I skipped bleaching my hair, it didn’t look a harsh neon but kept a rather natural look–if that is possible with blue. XD And my hair has been blue all year!

here it is, early in January

I’ve loved having blue hair. It made me–the artistic, free-spirited, take a chance, me–really happy! Plus I got compliments in stores and while jumping on the city bus and in Costco–people were constantly saying, “I don’t generally care for hair dye, but yours looks really good!” I felt so awesome. XD

In many ways, hair is a large part of a woman’s identity. We often cut it after something life-changing or traumatic happens; we do our best to take care of it; and we like to represent ourselves by how it looks (unless we have no clue as to how make it do anything, which can be one of most mortifying feelings ever. I know from experience.)

I chopped it short two years ago after years of keeping it long. It was therapeutic to me emotionally in so many ways. I’d hated my curls most of my teen years because they were nearly impossible to take care of at that length. I always keep my hair short now, like a bob, and I love it. It makes me feel so cute and confident!

Well, my hair still grows, so I’ve had to trim the ends to keep it short, so my hair has slowly been transitioning back to brown because of it. It is October and just the ends have blue. I still get compliments though, nearly more so than earlier in the year! The brown and blue mixture is easy to pull off since my head is already a messy crop of wavy curls, so I’m lucky.

my anime profile has blue hair too!
my anime profile has blue hair too!

While I like seeing my brown hair back, I also miss the blue; the unnatural, the uniqueness, the unconventional, the pop. I never thought I would love my hair so much when it was blue.

I’d often thought beforehand, “oh, I couldn’t dye my hair, that’s what punks do, people I know will think I’m out of control.” But I think actually dyeing my hair did away with the worry. My neighbors were surprised by the hair change, but I was still the neighbor girl who waters your plants when you go out-of-town and walk your dogs.

Really that’s such a funny stereotype about hair dye–that it means someone has gone out of control. Often times it just means you’re wearing more of you on your sleeve as an artistic or spontaneous person! I’ve found having blue hair has almost made me more accessible as a person because mere strangers now want to say they like it and it can act like an ice breaker, which is kinda cool!


So, this has been the year of blue hair and I don’t regret it one bit. My hair will probably be completely brown again by Christmas, and I’ll have to decide if I want to dye it again…and what color. Because purple sounds really cool too. XD


Currently: I Remember, I Used To Do These

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Haven’t done one of these in a loooong time, so I’m overdue for some fun! <3

Currently listening: to the Beetlejuice soundtrack. Brings back good memories and the film is due a rewatch, especially since it’s October.

Currently sitting: at my desk, which needs to be cleaned. XD

Currently liking: my brand new Bible. I’ve not read my old one for a very long time because its saturated with a lot of bad vibes, bad memories, and scribblings of bad teachings. I just bought The Message version last week with the modern rewriting, which is a big enough change that I can rediscover the meaning in the verses without feeling like throwing up.

Currently drinking: so much water. My desk is covered in cups of water. XD

Currently reading: A manga (Japanese comic book) called Gangsta. As the show didn’t get an ending, I’m forced to run crying to the source material to see what happens to my favorite characters. Don’t you just hate that? X( Thank God it’s been translated into English!

Currently writing: the finale to my summer fling, which wasn’t suppose to happen. Those poor characters. XD

Currently watching: Season 7 of Castle! Loving it!

Currently obsessed with: with Korn’s version of Word Up. I would be listening to it right now, but I felt like listening to Beetlejuice for some reason… But anywho, I’m obsessed. XD


Currently excited: that I found Gangsta.’s soundtrack last night on YouTube. Been needing it since July! The track linked is one of my very favorites.

Currently failing: at starting the book I’m suppose to read for college. I got to start cracking on it.

Currently scaring myself with: thinking about driving. Driving scares me. There are so many stupid people on the road.

Currently wishing: for cooler weather. Just…I need a cold winter this year guys. I got a weak one last year and I didn’t get to wear my hoodies as much. Az temperatures are bothersome.

Currently praying: that I find the right paths in my college class to know what careers I might like and what I need to do to do one. This would be so awesome!

So, what’s your “currently”?


My SUMMER Online Highlights

Good lord, its October. I better get to writing this before I can’t remember what I did online during the summer. This year has gone by too fast. XD Let’s see what I did the last couple months. :)



Still loving my WeHeartIt boards guys, big surprise there. XD I finally created a black and white collection to contrast my against pink and purple ones.fd8edeed2566d3bd5fa443b35dc9ea4c

And my current favorite of all my collections is these super cute images that play on words and ideas. Some are super sweet, and others are rather morbid…but those are some of the most creative. XD


Here’s my summer after my birthday via Twitter. I’m so glad I started using Twitter again, it retained a few little memories I’m already forgetting. XD


100 levels
“100 Levels of Immersed” a book board

Pinterest! I’m using it a bit more often nowadays, though still not as much as We Heart It, lol. But this summer I created a story board for “100 Levels”–for images of RPG gaming elements and possible avatar ideas.

“Lock Screens” because anime characters trapped in my iPod are a must

And I’m always pinning things to “Words”. Sometimes I find some incredibly uplifting or unique perspectives on life in Pinterest’s words and quotes, which is really awesome. Whenever I need a verbal pick-me-up or all-hopes-not-lost, I go to my “Words” board. <3


My favorite Youtubers Blimey Cow started a gaming channel called Jordan Vs Josh (because brotherly competition is awesome) and their Bad Golf 2 video has got to be one of the most hysterical gaming moments I’ve ever seen; I was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t breathe and I’ve rewatched it maybe six times. Just, that build up of a casual gaming round getting incredibly competitive is awesome! XD

I rediscovered my playlist this past month and my brain exploded: “Oh yeah! OH YEAH. OHMIGOSH MY CHILDHOOD.” I <3 Donald Duck. Sometimes I play this in the background on shuffle when I’m just web browsing, just to hear the music and voices; takes me back to my living room in 1997 when I was like three. Happy feelings. XD (If you’re really bored, you can click here and see that last year I attempted to rank my favorites when I was also really bored. XD )


Like I said, I didn’t stop blogging completely this summer: I actually managed to write A LOT for Jamie Talks Anime…because I have a lot of things to say about anime. <3 Here’s a few highlights from my summer months:


What I Watched

Summer Anime Season kept me preoccupied this summer, but I also saw this summer:

  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (my first MI film–very awesome)
  • Riki and the Flash (really liked it; Meryl Streep killed it again!)
  • The Sixth Sense (SO CREEPY. LOOOVED IT.)
  • The Nightmare on Elmstreet (ALSO SO CREEPY. AND CHEESY.)
  • Redline (just wow.)
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service (another great spy movie!)
  • Pixels (sister and I went together and laughed our butts off.)

That’s pretty much my online summer. XD I hope you guys had fun catching up with me! What did you do online this summer?


6 Children Series That Gave Me Who-Dun-It Fever

Mysteries have always been important to me; some of you will already know that I’m a huge mystery/Sherlock Holmes fan! Since my parents didn’t allow fantasy books, like Narnia, into the house at all when I grew up (anything supernatural or ghostly in entertainment was just not acceptable) the majority of my reading as a child was mysteries.

I fell in LOVE with the genre before I was ten years old and before I discovered Sherlock Holmes (who is my favorite fictional character of all time.)

large (12)

While I’ve never read the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, there were several children series that I read from early readers into my early teens that made the genre my favorite, and a staple in my present entertainment. I have a great love for mystery TV shows like Hercule Poirot,  Jessica Fletcher, Miss Marple, Charlie Chan, and Peter Whimsy, to the many stories and theatrical versions of Sherlock Holmes, to my current favorite movies Clue and Murder by Death (GO WATCH THOSE NOW)…

…and I can pin the blame on these influential children’s series!

6. Cam Jansen by David A. Adler


I started off with Cam very early, thanks to the The Young Cam Jansen series for beginning readers, so Cam was one of my first detectives. I especially liked the longer stories when I was older, like eight or nine, because the mysteries were more detailed. With her photographic memory and her best friend Eric always by her side, I got to watch Cam catch shoplifters and diamond thieves from my living room couch. I vividly remember one particular story when she and Eric went in search of a museum’s stolen dinosaur bone; there was a thrilling chase scene and everything!

5. Three Cousins Detective Club by Elspeth Campbell Murphy.

three cousins detective club

Ah, yes. I had a fondness for these because I was close to my own cousins, so it was fun to read about other cousins solving mysteries. My parents bought the complete set because they were Christian-based, though thankfully not unbearably drenched in it (a true rarity!). What I remember best about these is that each story had a zany sense of humor, and how each book switched between the three cousins’ perspective. The set was very large, so it was hard to get bored with them; I often read these aloud to my younger sister. <3

4. Nate The Great by Majorie Weinman Sharmat.

Nate the Great

Nate was possibly my very first detective; I know I was reading them when I was about five or six. Narrated by pancake-“addicted” Nate himself (who’s look is inspired off Sherlock Holmes), who had an enjoyably sarcastic voice, the stories were told with quirky drawings accompanied by even quirkier characters: I shall never forget strange Rosamond and her cats, Oliver who followed people, and the sweet neighbor girl Annie with her huge scary dog, Fang. The mysteries were very simple but told in a straightforward and memorable way. I recently bought most of the series to share with my younger brother and I intend to read these to my future children as they learn to read. Oh how I love my memories of Nate the Great!

3. American Girl’s History Mystery Series.


I read these between the ages of twelve and fifteen and they were wonderful. Growing up in a overprotected homeschool family, I had a very small social circle. So I was fascinated by each new girl and how they saw life in their time period: Some were rebellious, others were timid, others curious, and others calmly brave. These stories also inspired my imagination as I started writing books, which makes them extra special to me. Plus, they were just really well written mysteries with excellent plots and suspense. (I listened to my audio book of The Night Flyers forever until we lost the last cassette. XD )

2. The Boxcar Children created by Gertrude Chandler Warner.

Boxcar Children

Five years ago I could have easily claimed that I’d read every single Boxcar Children book–at the time being approximately 110 books–many times! I loved the Alden children because they were polite, nice kids always solving a new mystery with their plucky make-do spirit. When I was between the ages of eight and fourteen, they were almost like an extra set of siblings and I got to travel with them into radio stations, medieval reenactments, mansions, and trains. And… even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to, I smuggled the few ghostly ones home from the library anyway, because I knew they always turned out to be not so ghostly after all. Yes, I was that type of kid. XD I would love to own the full set one day…

1. The Encyclopedia Brown Series by Donald J. Sobol.


The Encyclopedia Brown series is very easily number one here because of the impact it had on my life. Not only did I love the fun variety of quirky mysteries (seriously, these were fun!) but the colorful characters inspired an onslaught of fanfiction novels that set me down the path of novel-writing at the age of 12. I am only as good of a writer now because of these characters and my own six very long books featuring Sobol’s characters (with my many original ones.) Encyclopedia Brown not only fueled my love for mysteries but also fueled my passion for writing which truly changed my life. I would be such an incredibly different person without these stories. <3

How I love a good mystery story! I think I’m gonna rewatch Clue tonight…again. XD

How about you? Did you read any of these growing up? Do you enjoy a good mystery?


My Forged Summer Bucket List


Due partly to my break from blogging and due to already having a 2015 Bucket List (that I’ve been recently neglecting), I skipped doing a Summer Bucket List this year. I’ve done one for the past two years, but I broke the tradition.

However, I thought it would be fun to make a list of things I did do this summer and pretend they were on a bucket list in the first place. XD

Go swimming once.
Watch more classic horror.
Acquire plastic mini drawer tower for my desk.
See “Mad Max: Fury Road” in theaters.
Buy a clip-on lamp for my bed for nighttime reading.
Thrift shop books.
Find a decent hat to wear in the morning for walking the dogs.
Learn how to grown-up budget.
Consistently blog on Jamie Talks Anime to build a readership.
Watch some 80s movies I’ve not seen.
Feel depressed about math and life.
Skype with friends.
Attend comic-con and wreck my feet from wrong shoe choice.
Purchase my first anime posters.
Start Daredevil.
Fuss over friends’ birthdays on Facebook.
Watch so much anime that I start to accidentally pronounce English words like Japanese words. (yes this happened and there are witnesses.) 
Stop neglecting Pinterest and Twitter.
Write a story that might seem weird, just for me.
Sway around in a rainstorm while crowing “Singin’ in the Rain”.

Omg you guys! I did everything on my bucket list this year! And it was so easy! How have I not done this before?! ;)

How about you? Did you do a summer bucket list? Did you get everything marked off like me? :P