Currently: On the Verge of Summer Vacation


Currently listening: If There’s Time by Odesza. Slightly obsessed with this song because it starts so chill… and then suddenly it just grows into more.❤

Currently sitting: on my computer chair at my desk, with an open suitcase behind me on my bed and lists of things to do in front of me on the desk.😄

Currently liking: that I’m about to go on the first real vacation, tomorrow, since maybe early 2013???? I don’t know, but it’s long overdue, and I’ve really wanted one after the parents divorcing/lots of stress stuff LOL. But the best part is that I get to go spend this one meeting and staying with my best friend! THE HYPE IS REAL. So yeah. Really liking that!

Currently drinking: I’m at the tail end of a cold, so, water. So much water. Gallons of water. An ocean’s worth. ok that’s exaggerating; but yeah, water.😄


Currently reading: I’m still reading A Gathering of Shadows. Been reading it on and off while waiting for my bus rides to and from school. Loving it though, and about to really chomp into it tomorrow during the long plane ride!


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Currently writing: I’m actually about to start a new story! A mystery adventure novella set on an island, following a down-on-her-luck writer and a documentary team secretly investigating… something. I don’t know what. I will find out with my characters though. But horses on the beach and camera crews and lonely highways in forgotten forests and crime families and espionage should all be included.XD

Currently watching: Breaking Bad still; at the beginning of season four. NO SPOILERS PLEASE.😄 Am slowly making my way through this classic. I was madly watching it for the first two seasons; but then season three went an odd direction so I slowed down (and then there was an episode that triggered me and I couldn’t watch it for like a month.) But it’s still a great show and I’m trying to savor it so it’s not over too fast.

Currently obsessed with: Odesza, actually! I discovered them from a long youtube mix and I just fell in love with the electronica vibe. JUST, THANK YOU GOD FOR SO MUCH DIVERSE AMAZING MUSIC TO LISTEN TO. #Music:ForeverMySoulMate


Currently tired: of coughing.😄 it’s clinging to the back of my throat with an annoying tickle and then every time I go to giggle, I cough instead. >__> Like, could you not, I’m trying to feel joy.😉


Currently failing: actually, can I please take a moment to say that this semester I DID NOT FAIL BUT ACTUALLY GOT AN “A” IN MATH!?!?!?!?! LIKE WHOOP WHOOP FOR ME.


Currently scaring myself with: flying… ok, I am a teeny bit nervous about getting through airport security and stepping on a plane, but I think that’s pretty normal. Last time I flew, I actually quite enjoyed the adrenaline rush it carried, so I’m looking forward to that again! Flying, when you don’t think of crashing, is really the best fun. XD

Currently stuck in my head: I actually had a Kpop song stuck in my head earlier but I don’t remember the name at the moment. Oh well.

Currently wishing: to have the best next week and half ever in Georgia!❤

Currently praying: that I have two safe flights leaving and coming home and that my vacation will be smooth for everyone involved.❤ I’m so so hyped, you guys! Pray for me tomorrow morning, I’ll be in the air!


I love you all!


Soundtrack of my Childhood P2

Today I’m again looking at music from my childhood, this time focusing on soundtracks from computer games. I wrote a Part 1 awhile ago, which focused on music from movies and children’s tv, if you missed it. I might follow this post up eventually with songs from musicals and classical music too.😄

So, what computer game soundtracks did you think we might share?😉

Lego Games

Lego Island. Lego Island WAS AMAZING and anybody who’s played it can testify to that LOL. The soundtrack is embedded in my memory because I played it so much. I also spent extra time trying to catch The Brickster just to enjoy the music that played over. XD *has an intense nosebleed from the unleasehd due to watching the opening*

Rock Raiders. I actually might have spent more time with Rock Raiders because you had to COMPLETE THOSE MISSIONS. CURSE THOSE ROCK MONSTERS AND SLUGS.😄 The music really stood out to me too. I would sit on the menu screens just to enjoy it. (Funny fact: I have written book scenes within the last year to the menu music of Rock Raiders for the AMAZING CREEPY CAVE AMBIANCE.)

Lego Chess. I learned chess because of this game and I loved the music and movies. I WANT AN OLD COMPUTER JUST TO REVISIT THESE VISUALS. WHY WERE THESE GAMES NEVER UPDATED. THE TRAGEDY. ALL I HAVE LEFT IS THE MUSIC.😦

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain

The Lost Mind of Dr. Brain. I actually can’t find the music alone, so just click through this video and hear the music of the game that made me smarter.😄 I played this game a lot as a young child, so I have strong ties to the quirky musical cues. It was the one game I actually completed entirely. Not even my parents had been able to finish it as far as I know. So it made me feel smart.😄 Will be forever ticked off that it’s too old to play on any modern computers.

Pro-Pinball Games

Pro-pinball Timeshock. I really liked this game and its music. Track Six actually got my twelve-year-old writer’s brain churning a few times: I remember triggering the music within game and then just sitting there to process the music to the story in my head. You guys, I’m realizing I did that A LOT as a kid.😄

Big Race USA. Ahhhhh memories…. just, great memories! There’s actually not much to say to this game except that I REALLY reminds me of playing at the huge wooden computer desk in the front living room switching seats with my sister while we took turns playing. And I thought the Speedbump theme was awesome.😄

Happily, these games manage to run on Windows 10! So I still revisit them sometimes!❤

War Games

People’s General. Ok, this maybe tops the cake. Because I never actually learned how to play this game. Literally, I ONLY EVER POPPED IT INTO THE COMPUTER TO LISTEN TO THE FREAKING MUSIC BECAUSE IT WAS EPIC AND AWESOME AND I LOVED IT. I still love it actually. It’s got some pretty epic war themes which kept my young writer’s mind very happy.

Army Men II. Ok, I actually did play this game growing up, maybe as young as nine? I can still remember army men melting on the stove, killing cockroaches, trying to run my guys across a garden, and learning the word bazooka. I liked this game very much, although I never beat the final bedroom level. But I’ll never forget the “You Loose” montage videos, or all the very classy classical music that played in the background.😄 *thinks William Tell while racing across a kitchen counter top looking for mysterious blue portal.*

Arcade Games


Well, do we share any computer game soundtracks? Anybody else play other games like Oregon Trail games? Motocross Madness? SOME OF YOU MUST HAVE PLAYED THE LEGO GAMES. What do we have in common?!❤


Currently: (while watching a ocean adventure)

Happy Easter, everybody, btw.:)

Currently listening: to the film “Ponyo” run in the background with the family watching. Oh, and pirate music all last week.😄 I’m building myself a pirate instrumental YouTube playlist! I’ll be fully prepared the day I start a pirate novel.😄

Currently sitting: in the living room at a card table. Just chillin’, stuffed from Easter lunch.😄

Currently liking: THE COOL WEATHER. It’s lasted all week but it will probably become unbearably hot soon. But that sounds about right; a week of spring in AZ.😄

Currently drinking: homemade lemonade with crushed fresh strawberries and blueberries! I HAVE BEEN DRINKING LEMONADE WRONG MY WHOLE LIFE.😄


Currently reading: my Arizona Driver License Manual. Gotta do this sometime.

Currently writing: *cricket noises*

Currently watching: BREAKING BAD. I’m at the beginning of season 2. It’s some good TV, you guys. Jesse is my fave, he’s an adorable punk who shouldn’t be allowed to be so lovable.❤❤ I’m also watching a lot of Cutthroat Kitchen with the family lately, too. But all my winter anime shows are ENDING. The spring selection looks great though, so I can’t wait for them to begin. Especially the newest season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: I caught up with the last three seasons in about two months flat to watch it simulcast.😄

Currently obsessed with: anime soundtracks; OSTs from the previous Fall season like ONE PUNCH MAN, which is full of rad guitar riffs and hype, and Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon which I’VE BEEN WAITING DESPERATELY FOR, ARE OUT. So, yep, totally obsessed with the new wave of anime soundtracks out on Youtube!

Currently excited: about my school semester being close to over. Need I say more.😄

Currently failing: ^^ did you hear the crickets up there. That’s where I’m failing. @_@ = face of exasperation with myself.

Currently tired: of getting bruised up. I was in a minor car collision on my bike a few weeks ago, which left my knees decently bruised up and just now starting to more normal again. So that sucked. Then I managed to badly bruise the outside of my left thigh this past week too. How I did that remains a mystery.


Currently scaring myself with: crossing big intersections on my bike again. I’m mean, I’m not too terrified, I’ve done it a few times since the accident already, but that was scary as f***, you guys.😯 I had the light and everything when the car suddenly creeped forward, knocking me off-balance to the street. I for real thought it was going to keep creeping right over me and my bike for the four seconds that it lasted. It shook me up bad but I got myself home and everything afterwards without freaking out in public. Thankfully my injuries were minor, being only my bruised knees, and the bike’s damage was an easily fixed gear problem. But still: WAKE UP, DRIVERS. PEOPLE USE THE CROSSWALKS YOU KNOW.

Currently stuck in my head: the chorus from Sia’s song Broken Glass.😀

Currently wishing: that the library would hurry up in finding A Gathering Of Shadows for me so I can start reading it ASAP! I’VE BEEN WAITING.

Currently praying: that my upcoming math test goes smoothly and I remember everything I’ve studied. *fingers crossed*

And Happy Easter everybody! How was your holiday? What are you currently up to?


Touring My Whiteboard

As a teenager I always wanted my own large whiteboard for my bedroom wall. To scrawl story ideas and things I needed to remember quickly in place that was hard to miss. And just under two years ago, I finally bought one, with enough space to write lots of keywords for memory and extra space left to spare…well, you know. If I didn’t write words so gosh darn big.😄 It’s honestly been a great addition to my life, and I thought I’d do a little tour of my whiteboard just for fun!

This is a legit look at my whiteboard you guys; I didn’t clean it up for you, or rearrange a bunch of stuff, or even try to make this look symmetrical. I’m honestly a big slob by nature and I really only care when I can’t find something.😄 (but ask my mom, I’ve improved greatly since 2001.😉 )

IMG_4870 (1024x765)Oh, here it is. XD

Now, for a simple size comparison, here it is above my little desk and surrounded by my words of inspiration. xD

IMG_4871 (1024x765)It's a messy work station, but it's my messy work station. <3

Firstly, I have several colored pens that I use. I think some people assign meanings to colors, but honestly if my board is simply lacking color, I just grab one to write my current thought. I bought a magnetic little mesh container that I keep my cleaner, fine-tipped pens, and all my story-inspiration dice in. Extra magnets not in use are pushed to side near the pens as well.

The main use, of course, for my whiteboard is to write stuff on. If you can’t tell, I have some super random stuff scribbled out. Right now, I have a note to remind me to practice Amazing Grace on the piano, and “battery” circled to remind myself I DESPERATELY need to buy a new laptop battery. I also wrote out a reminder to scrub the bathroom floors and the shower when my knees feel better. I didn’t get a good picture of it, but I also have a list of blog post ideas formed in blue too.😄

1 My white board also holds things I get from friends. My dear friend Robyn in Canada sent me this cute Halloween print she created last October and I still have it up above my laptop.❤
2. My best friend’s mom made me the cutest stationary for my birthday last year and I’ve used many of them! But I keep one up here because A) it’s so adorable, colors pop, and I just really like looking at it, and B) so I don’t accidentally mail them all away. xD I want to keep at least one!
3. And then from last semester I still have my note card of words my fellow students had said were things they thought of when they think of me. My professor told us all to put our cards where we’d see them and be reminded of our strengths and affirmative words that people tell us.  So of course, mine goes on my whiteboard. I still feel really happy when I remember them all telling me they could see I was very upbeat and smart and passionate and out of the box.❤

Next up to highlight are my many magnets! I have a ton of Kuroko’s Basketball magnets that I fawn over.😄 I have a wonderful Doctor Who magnet from my dear girl friend Ashley, and then I’ve bought my Hogwarts, Totoro, and Cruella De Ville magnets at comic-cons! Sometimes these guys keep stickers and trading cards in place, but I don’t have any of those up right now.

These aren’t on my actual whiteboard, but they are a part of my workstation. I especially likethe two on dreaming, “Don’t Wait for Sleep to Start Dreaming” followed by “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do.”❤

And that’s all the pictures I snapped with my iPod Touch.😄 I love my whiteboard, and I highly recommend getting one if you’re a writer or if you’re like me with a beautiful scatter brain.❤ Do you have a whiteboard? What do you use it for?



Currently: (it’s a leap day!)


Currently listening: “Remember The Time” by the king of pop.

Currently sitting: NOT in a magical swing-set at the top of a pirate ship or a throne of ice cream cones and fudge, so that sucks.😛😉 No, I’m in my room at the moment.😄

Currently liking: that MAD MAX: FURY ROAD WON SIX OSCARS LAST NIGHT. YEEEAAAAS, IT TOTALLY DESERVED ALL THE WINS. *climbs on roof and sprays fire from electric guitar.* ;)

Currently drinking: nothing, but what I SHOULD be drinking is water because I didn’t drink enough yesterday.

Currently reading: shame on me, nothing at the moment. I have two books and a manga from the library sitting beside my bed. But I’ve started none of them.

Currently writing: blog posts (specifically a post about The Force Awakens.) I fell out of the habit of blogging and I’m trying to begin more drafts now. I’m revisiting some old novel drafts as well but I haven’t actually written more for them.

Currently watching: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. After putting it on hold for basically a year, I’m going to finish that show soon! I’m also following the Winter seasonal anime shows too, like ErasedShouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu, KonoSuba, Grimgar of Fantasy and AshMyriad Colors Phantom World, Gate, and Osomatsu-san. And all the shorts.😄

"Grimgar: Fantasy and Ash"
“Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash”

Currently obsessed with: music…but more specifically, learning about Michael Jackson.  ‘Cause I knew crap about his music. XD After accidentally becoming obsessed with Smooth Criminal last week, I started exploring for more. In turn that led me to reading Wikipedia and watching interviews and his super bowl performance.
I do this every so often: I enjoy learning about parts of pop culture I was completely ignorant about before. It’s fun, especially for musicians who create music I actually like.😀

Currently tired: from painting the downstairs guest bathroom. While I always like painting, I forget how heavy the paint rollers get after a while. XD  But the bathroom is now a sunshine-y yellow instead of the previous deep blackish-blue!❤

Currently excited: that I bought my plane ticket for my trip to Georgia this summer! That was actually last week, but I’m still excited! Although the reality of the visit has honestly not quite sunk in yet for me or my best friend.😄

Currently failing: well, actually, I feel pretty good about myself today. I’m not majorly sucking at anything for now.😄 I’m still doing good biking to school, I’m keeping on top of my laundry piles and my room, and getting math homework done on time. So yay for me!


Currently scaring myself with: the idea of using the bus to get myself down to the big mall.😄 I still haven’t gone on any big trips that’s off my normal school bus route yet. The idea is scary, but I totally need to visit the mall for errands and to try to see Deadpool if I can. Maybe I’ll do that this month.😄

Currently wishing: that I could rearrange my room. But alas, I don’t want to spare the extra time or energy. So for now I’m just wishing. LOL😄

Currently praying: for my sister to continue to do be excellent in the military. So proud of her!❤

So, what’s up with you?! And today’s a leap day, isn’t that awesome!❤ I want to watch the Modern Family leap day episode today.😄