For My Fellow Writers

Today I have for you guys a video game soundtrack which I discovered accidentally a couple days ago. The thumbnail made me click it, the magical wispy blue, the adorable fantasy creatures, and the overall atmosphere just grabbed me. The music itself did not disappoint. Take a listen!

This first track blew my mind. The soft piano, the orchestral richness, the angelic voice, the mysteriousness. I was immediately stolen away!

This track captures the darker side of the soundtrack, surging from softness to urgency half way through.

And I just really like this track. It’s sounds like raindrops and spring showers. It’s gentle and soothing and mysterious.


What video game soundtracks are your absolute favorites?




For My Fellow Writers /// 05

It’s time for another addition to this series! I just found this specific link the other day and it kinda blew my mind as a writer! I’m determined to starting using it in my writing sessions starting today.

The link I have for you my fellow writers today is:

Using Brackets to Write FasterScreenshot (120)

I highly recommend you all read the short, original article above for full examples of what this means. But basically: instead of bogging down your writing pace by trying to come up with everything all at once, you use brackets with reminders in the places you get stuck at, to keep up your writing pace. When you’ve finished, you can then look back over your writing for the brackets and beef up your sentences as needed!

See article of an before-and-after examples of what this might look like.

I find this incredibly ingenious. I’ve lost track of the times my writing has slowed because I got stuck trying to find the exact wording for a minor detail. This trick will allow me to simply get the flow of the story out without those awful brain freeze moments!

Have you used this trick in writing before?


For My Fellow Writers /// 03

My mind has been very preoccupied the past couple weeks, but thankfully I have this series to remind me to come back and post something. XD So far I’m glad I decided to pass on NaNo this year, since the first week is always important when it comes to starting a consistent habit of writing everyday. However I’ve been much too distracted by family to have much mental energy left. So…I’m glad I avoided all the unnecessary guilt, lol. XD

Screenshot (1726)

My link for you all today is for ambiance atmospheres from a website called Tabletop Audio. The site was made for tabletop players, but I use this to disappear into my book’s world! I’ve used many of these for my most current book, using the sounds I hear to trigger smells, sounds, and possible sights to describe. It also just helps me get lost in the world and write more. The ambiences are about ten minutes long, so it sounds pretty natural without a bunch of ten second loops.

While most of the ambiences are fantasy/sci-fi related, there are several historical tracks as well, and you can make others work for real life situations too. So hopefully there is something for everyone. 🙂


I hope everyone who’s doing NaNo has had a good first week! What are your word counts so far? Is everything going as planned so far, or are some of your characters already taking you down unexpected plot twist trails? XD Mine are like that; they always smack me upside the head with big bricks of writers block and say “you idiot, why don’t you know that we don’t want to do that. We’re not going to let you write anything till you follow us down the rabbit hole.” It’s a blessing…and a curse. XD


For My Fellow Writers /// 02


NaNoWriMo begins in just a couple days guys. Yikes. At this point I’m pretty positive that I won’t be able to join this year *cries into college notebook* BUT that’s not going to stop me from writing on my own schedule. XD Today’s link is specifically geared towards NaNoWriMo participates, but all writers should check this out!

I was browsing (don’t ask for the story, it’s too long) when I stumbled over this post featuring amazing links for resources and blog posts by a fellow writer; it was just too rich not to share with you all! The post is called “2015 NaNoWriMo Masterpost Link Up | With A Free Printable!” and can be found on the blog Raychel Rose. 🙂 I just started following her blog!

Screenshot (1642)

While there are too many resources here to read all together in a day, I would highly suggest scrolling over the list and opening whatever might jump out at you. There’s so much good stuff, hopefully you all can find something to give you that boost right before the big first day of NaNo is here! ❤

One I really liked was “My Online Tools for NaNoWriMo”. My kind of post! 😀

If you find a great post in your browsing, be awesome and share it with me! ❤ XD


For My Fellow Writers /// 01


It begins! Welcome to the first post of my new blog series “For My Fellow Writers”, in which I share something that’s helped me in some funny way, in hopes it might help you out too! I hope you all enjoy! ❤

NaNoWriMo is coming up really soon, so I decided to share one of my favorite world building/inspiration resources on our very first entry for “FMFW” in honor of everyone building their worlds right now! I don’t remember where I found this site, I just know that I forget about it too often for loving it as much as I do. (A casual disclaimer, I’m not a big enough blogger for this to be sponsored, so I’m only recommending this because I LOVE IT. XD )

It has a funny simple name of “donjon” and it’s a straightforward generator; I believe it was made for tabletop role-playing games but it is the fantasy/sci-fi writers dream generator for world building and world/story inspiration! Go here for a moment and play around on this page to get a quick taste; be sure to click the drop down tab!

Screenshot (1117)
the main page

To list just a few of its amazing, detailed generators, it can create globes and maps of variations and fantasy calendars, along with different types of star systems, adventures, magical items, dungeon levels, and monsters. It generates tons of names and titles for humans, aliens, monsters, inns, spaceships, and planets, too.

These generators are all surprisingly detailed, so you can be about as specific as you want for most things, which is fantastic! I always get super pumped whenever I pop over there to fool around for awhile. I’ve used it to generate random writing prompts; I also use it to shake things up in my head. It’s lots of fun!

Screenshot (1118)

Hopefully some of you who might be writing fantasy or sci-fi this year might find something useful to your world building or writing! Be sure to let me know which generator you find that you didn’t know you needed! XD

(Of course, download things at your own risk, but I don’t remember having trouble with this the last time I used it. You can always take screencaps of the information as well to save as images.)

While I’m still undecided on my participation of NaNoWriMo 2015, I’m all gung-ho on cheering on the rest of you! So don’t be shy to come vent your frustrations or ask for a “you can do it” from me; I’ll have something positive and supportive to say to anyone who needs it whether you are participating or not!


Also I thought it’d be fun to do another poll! The results of the last one were very helpful! Like last time, this is a multiple choice, so check whichever might fit you, and if you want to be more specific in the comments, feel free! If there’s a general time when the majority of you get your writing done, I might figure out a good time to publish these posts to benefit you all. That is, after all, the point of this series. XD

For me, I get more written on weekday nights for some reason. 🙂 Have a great day, my fellow writers! ❤