Just going to make this official, as you might have already noticed that it’s been pretty quiet here. Well, while I’m not putting this blog on full hiatus, I am putting on the back burner for a little while. For two reasons.

One being that I get more motivation as soon as the something goes on hold. It’s ridiculous and terrible, but hopefully after another two weeks break I might be able to jump back into writing here as good as new. I have several blog post ideas thought up and set…I just need the boost to write them. You might say, “don’t wait, just write.”

Except that I’m doing that, only with something with more priority, which is the second reason. For the past two weeks I’ve tried to write something for my sci-fi novel everyday. Some days I only get out 400 words. Others I get out over 1400. It is slow, but I want my writing “drive” to go into that book for now. If I find words for my blog post ideas over here, then I’ll come jot them down. But otherwise, I want to get this book written!

So, we’ll see how this goes. I might get  inspired for that Mad Max: Fury Road review by tomorrow. Who knows. But if that doesn’t happen, I at least want to put this out there so you know why the posts are so scant. 🙂

I hope you all are doing great. You’ll find me on more active places like Facebook or my social media sites. Or my anime blog, because I’m not short for words over there. See you later!



Four Years Old


Today is my fourth anniversary here on Through Two Blue Eyes.

In celebration, I’ve revamped my About and Fandom pages today!

What is there left for me to say on this date? Writing on “Through Two Blue Eyes” has been a great experience for me. I’ve met some wonderful people, I’ve learned to be myself, I’ve kept my love for writing alive and in practice, I’ve self-discovered, I’ve thought out loud, journaled, fangirled, been depressed, nostalgic, and hopeful–all in one special place. 🙂

Happy Birthday, blog! ❤ Here’s to another year of us together!


Announcing! “Jamie Talks Anime”


The short version: the topic of anime on this blog is moving to a brand new blog written by yours truly!  Those of you who dislike anime can breathe a sigh of relief. To those of you who are going, “aw?”–it’s okay, you can follow that blog too, if you so wish. 😉 This is a big moment for me as blogger and I’m incredibly hyped!

The longer version: I’m really, really loving my journey into anime; I’m watching so many shows and I want to talk about all of them!…except that this isn’t the right place to do it. This isn’t an anime blog. You’re not following me for my thoughts on every single anime I watch. I want “Through Two Blue Eyes” to be where I can talk about anything and everything–but within limit. No one topic should take over this blog. So.

I’ve created “Jamie Talk Anime”, where all my anime love shall be contained ! I hope to post on it at least once a week as things start. Ultimately, it’s where I can freely discuss, review, and fangirl to my heart’s content–without having to change “Through Two Blue Eyes” in terms of content. It’s literally a win-win situation, and I love those types, don’t you?!

Click for link!

Whether you follow me over there or not, I’d still love it if you hopped over to cruise through the different pages and admire my theme! It took me several days before I could settle on the right one and get it completely designed the way I like it, so I’m proud of the result! (Any feedback or critiques would be awesome too!)

Click here to go visit now!

How do I feel about all this?–glad you asked. 😉 This feels really great. Outside of this blog, it’s been awhile since I’ve come across something so enjoyable that I thought, “Yeah, I could create an entire second blog for that and it could run for a while!” Not even reading has made me want to start a book blog. So, I’m pretty excited to take on the “running two blogs” challenge and see where they each go (Random: this blog’s fourth anniversary is coming up in a few weeks!) Hopefully, one day I can build a following over there like I’ve done here, and ultimately, have heaps of fun!

~Jamie, who now talks about anime

My Latest Guest Post!


If you remember, I briefly talked about a couple of my recent favorite anime in a post here. In that post I declared the rom-com Princess Jellyfish to be my current top favorite. Today, I got to share a few reasons why, in a review over on James’s blog J and J Productions, which is fitting since he got me into anime in the first place. This review will only be available over there, so I highly recommend you jump through the links and check it out for me!

Click here or the picture above to read!


Giveaway Winner Announced!


My giveaway closed this morning and the winner selected is Anna Baggins for the blog post comment that she left! Congratulations, Anna, I’ve announced this all over the interwebs already, but I’ll say it again! Congratulations!

Thank you to all who entered my giveaway within the last two weeks, it was awesome to see the different names appear! I feel so blessed to have been able to launch my first giveaway with the help of the prize money I made this summer! Without it and your support here at my blog, I wouldn’t have been able to do this! Hopefully someday in the future I can do another one! Maybe when I hit a certain follower count or something similar!

Thank you again to everyone who entered! Congrats Anna, hope to hear from you soon! (I’ve sent an email your way. 😉 )