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Catching my breath from this busy week! Looking forward to posting my Studio Ghibli post tomorrow though, like I promised. (Also experimenting with post formats…) So, till then!


Shameless Self-Promotion (Need Your Help)

free_texture_friday_541-1024x682_FotorrI don’t do a lot of self-promotion, so stick with me here, okay? Thank you in advance for simply reading.

Because I love the world of writing and don’t have a steady source of income, I’ve entered a couple of writing contests on Booktrack; the amazing platform where reading and audio come together. It can easily be a disaster, but with my work I try to keep the sound effects realistic and the music appropriate as I never want the audio track to distract or detract from the main point: the story. That’s what I’ve attempted to do in this latest contest hosted on Booktrack.

I don’t know that much about author Hugh Howey, but I know just from his first chapter in Half Way Home he’s a fantastic writer! Half Way Home’s opening “Abort” is very intriguing and very sci-fi! I was thrilled to hear about his contest where anyone can take one of the chapters from Half Way Home and add an audio track to be in to win up to $5,000 dollars! That’s a lot and that’s what I’d like to win. I’d even be happy being a finalists, as they win $1,000 dollars! Even though I do what I do because I love it, I have to admit I’d really love to be a winner here as the stakes are so high and the money could really help me out. And here’s where I need your help.


behind-the-scenes view of my work

I’ve done my part; I’ve listened to the extensive library of music, edited footsteps and breaking glass and the atmosphere and played with volume levels. I’ve finished my official cover for the chapter, too (up there, see, see! Isn’t it pretty?!) Now, what would really help me is:

A) Some feedback– are there too many sound effects, what did you find overly distracting from the story, the music doesn’t work in this part, ect–just any feedback at all. I have till the end of July to finish tinkering with my entry before the contest ends and the judges begin doing their thing. Any and all critiques would be appreciated before then so I know if I need to do any little (or large!) fix ups to my story.

B) Views. To be become a finalist, the contest states that the three entries with the most amount of views will become finalists. Two more will be picked by Booktrack to make a total of five. My chances of becoming a finalist go way up the more times my story is viewed by clicking the “read” button. If you all could do that even once that would be helpful.

Here is the link to my story below; it works best on web browsers Google Chrome and Opera (both of which I use for free and really like.) You can also simply go to Booktrack and type my username Jamie221b into their search bar. My three stories will come up, this one included!

My Version of Abort:!/bookshelf?booktrackId=99220c80cdcd4cdb8df77b29c57a5545


The Contest:!/landing/hugh-howey

And as a little bit more of an incentive for you: if I’m one of the finalists or the winner of the contest, I will be able to afford my DVD giveaway I’ve been planning on hosting here! The items I have sitting here are Seasons 5-7 of Doctor Who (seems to be everybody’s favorite!) and the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films, which everyone should see once! I’d love to be able to throw this giveaway, so the money would definitely make it a sure possibility!

While I would be very grateful if you could help me out with A) and B), I’m also not meaning to hold a gun to anyone’s head like “HELP ME NOW OR YOU’RE NOT A NICE PERSON.” You’re going to do what you’re going to do, so I’ll only be asking this once. :) If you have any questions, please ask. Again, thank you for at least reading this and have great rest of your day!



large (66) Three things, short and sweet.

1. My blog hit an official 200 followers last week. Just, I don’t know what to say except that I’m floored. To me it’s such a big number so I’m very thrilled!!

2. In celebration, I’ve created a brand new blog button. I’ve been unhappy with my button for quite a while, so I created a brand new one yesterday. I went for simple and light but strong lettering so hopefully I was able to pull it off. ;) If any of you have time at some point to swap them out if you have my old one, I would be grateful. :) It is on the sidebar and here below for presentation elements simple click and save. Yx6RAJZ 3. I’m a Booktrack Star! I’ve submitted a couple stories on the fantastic Booktrack (books with soundtracks, people, it’s amazing) and a few months ago, I was selected, along with eighteen other authors, to be a Booktrack Star. I got an email saying “your work on Booktrack stands out as some of the best on the platform.” Yes, I was extremely amazed when I read that in off my iPod. I’m still very excited about this. You can check out my page through the link with my picture, bio and both my short stories (the stories are best read on Google Chrome.)

So. I feel very blessed and am very excited about all this; it was also time to document the first and last thing before too much time had gone by. :) :) :) :)

Now if you excuse me, I have a guest post to begin. :D


Iron Man 3 For Free!


So, James and I have been Internet friends for roughly two years now; we’ve recorded a podcast together and I’ve guest posted for him quite a few times, among many other things. So, of course I am here to let you all in on something special that’s going on over at his blog J&J Productions:

He recently reached 1,000 posts and for celebration he is giving away a free digital copy of the phenomenal film, Iron Man 3. If you’ve not seen this movie yet, it was amazing. There was no better way to pick up after a story like The Avengers; I loved seeing how serious Tony became about his relationship with Pepper and the maturity he had gained since we’d seen some behavior of his from Iron Man 2. And it was just a fun ride all the way from beginning to end! AND IT’S BEING GIVEN AWAY FOR FREE, GUYS, IT COSTS YOU NOTHING TO HAVE A CHANCE AT WINNING THIS MOVIE ALL TO YOURSELVES. 

So, I strongly suggest y’all jump through one of these links to go check out the many different ways you can enter. He’s using a Rafflecopter widget to take your entries and it was very easy to use and understand. So what’s holding you back? Go see how easy it is to enter to win this incredible addition to the Iron Man series. I’ll be so happy to have one of my best friend’s first giveaway be a roaring success. :)


Three Years Steady

large (66)I didn’t realize until a few days ago that I was coming up on my third Blogoversary! And here it is, today! Since beginning this site, my blog has been viewed 130,333 times, I’ve posted 714 posts, have gained 164 followers, been liked over 500 times and the comment total is over 5,000! Wow! Thanks a million, guys!

I have had the best time writing on this place and I’ve met so many wonderful people through it! Although my blog has gone from a fan’s site to more personal and mature notes, many of you have stuck with me! I’m glad I’ve felt the freedom to let my blog content change as I change and mature. I want to really thank every one of you who voluntarily followed my blog. I’m so pleased that none of you are the product of giveaways or such, which I think is fine for some people, but I like knowing my followers decided to follow my blog for what they read and saw, not for something they wanted to get–you know what I mean. That makes me very happy.


However, I am thinking about hosting a giveaway when I hit a certain amount of followers in the future! That will probably be a long ways off, but I am considering it as just a thank you/celebration tool. :) On that note: As we go into the new year, I’ll be revamping several of my pages, probably my sidebar, and will give my About page a rewrite (kind of like I plan to completely rearrange my room; look out, Instagram followers! ;) ) I love the theme I’m using right now, so it is unlikely that that will change. I also asked you all a while back about what you would think if I changed the name of my blog, and you helped me decide on keeping my original title, Through Two Blue Eyes. I did, however, change the tagline, which I think was a good decision.

My blog has been a fantastic place for me to share things I like, share things I’ve learned, document my growth towards maturity and the evolution of my writing style and voice. I’ve fangirled, I’ve shared deep thoughts, I’ve learned to open up about my struggles, I’ve talked out my troubles in a therapeutic fashion, I’ve rambled and fangirled some more. I’m pleased to say I’ve always been able to be the real me on my blog, even when I didn’t feel like I could be the real me in real life. While I’ve been afraid of sharing different opinions in the past, I’ve learned through my blog to get over fear in small steps. And you, my blog followers and dear friends have become such a reliable source of love and support, especially when I need you the most.


Starting and keeping up my blog is probably one of the best things I’ve ever done and I don’t regret it! So, happy Blogoversary to me!

Also, on a small side note, today marks the day that I saw Star Wars: A New Hope for the first time and my precious fandom days really began. Although Star Wars is no longer my ultimate, big fandom like it was, it is still extremely dear to my heart because it was the gate way for the rest of my fandom loves, so I feel quite indebted to it. :) I’m a Star Wars lover forever.


It’s New Years Eve; everyone is posting their resolutions and plans for the new year. Here I am being sentimental, which I think is perfectly acceptable right now. I’ll have to share my plans for 2014 later. I hope you all have a great evening tonight–and I’ll see you next year!

That. was incredibly. cheesy. ….


Why I Won’t Be Doing NaNoWriMo


I made the decision last night to not participate in Nation Novel Writing Month–or NaNoWriMo as it’s best known as. I’ve completed the challenge twice in a row and I was hoping to attempting the yearly challenge again this year but a lot of circumstances have recently cropped up and I’ve realized it’s not meant to be this year. For several reasons.

Firstly, I’ve just not been able to come up with any inspiration or oomph for a new novel. I have a plot idea but it’s stayed just that-an idea. I’ve not been able to make it come alive or get myself excited about it. It’s not working for me and I have literally nothing else new or fresh to use instead.


Secondly, I’m getting my wisdom teeth–all four!– out next week: in the first week of November, which is usually the week that I do a lot of writing and get way ahead of my word goal in case problems later in the month. I’ll instead be recovering from surgery during that time! (And those teeth need to get taken out soon too. The dentist says my two bottom teeth have been growing sideways into my middle molars for quite some time and those molars are basically getting crushed–it’s complicated but I saw the x-rays and it’s crazy as heck. It is a wonder that I have experienced no pain!) (Prayers would be appreciated that it all goes well next week, too, by the way.)

Thirdly, my mom’s schedule just got crazy busy–which is a great thing–and I’m number one sitter around here for my brother. I can’t really watch, play, and help him with school crafts and things when I’m trying to loose myself into a different world so I can write! Those two things mixed together would be impossible, especially combining with the facts I stated above where I have no inspiration in the first place.


I realized last night that I just shouldn’t attempt NaNo this year. And although I was sad at the idea, I did feel some pressure rise of my shoulders and suddenly other things were more available to me.

While I won’t be writing, I want to keep up with everyone’s progress (for those who are doing it!) and if anyone needs cheering on, you can email me or message me on NaNo and I’ll be still there to cheer you guys on! (I’m sure I’ll message some of you guys on my own too because I love being a cheerleader.)

I’d also like to try to keep up with my blog and I’ll have an easier time doing that if my writing energy isn’t being pulled in different directions. And besides, I’ve done other things with my fictional writing already; I’ve entered two contests the past month and won 100 dollars from the one, which to me completely makes up for missing NaNo this year. So there you have it.

Who’s still doing it this year? If I don’t follow you already I would love to! :)




A New Name (?)


I’ve been thinking about maybe changing my blog name–I’d keep the address the same because this blog will always be about how I personally see things from my perspective. But this December will mark my third year running this little place. I know a lot of people routinely change their blog names around but my blog title has remained the same for quite some time. While I don’t know what I would change the title too right now, I’ve been kicking around the idea for fun. It would maybe be something catchy or eye-grabbing or just unusual maybe.

What do any of you think on any of this? Does it bother you when bloggers change their blog names, have you done it with your own blog and would you have any thoughts on a new name for my blog? Since you are readers and therefore have a different viewpoint then I do, what would you come up to both call it and/or describe it in a tag line? I’d appreciate any feedback!