New Blog Post Series! Intro

I love writing stories but it can be hard work; I like to switch things up and try new things to keep the mundane away. I wish I could find more blogs by writers who share the silly little tools and thoughts that randomly help them write. So, I’ve decided to be that blogger myself instead. Today I’m introducing a new blog post series:


While I’m unsure if this will be a weekly or bi-weekly thing, the point is that every once and while I’d like to share a resource, a YouTube playlist, a blog post, a quirk, or just something that I’ve found helpful with my own writing, in the hopes that it might help along someone else’s creative journey to.

I’ll mostly be focused aiding writers of fiction, but bloggers and anyone who enjoys creativity of some kind shall hopefully find good things here too! :D If just one person finds this blog series helpful, I will consider it a grand success! (And I’ll be able to always go back to find them again here.)

Well, just so for some fun (and because I’m curious) I thought I’d try a poll today! What Helps You Write? (If I didn’t include something that does help you, please let me know SO I KNOW YOUR SECRETS. XD )

Hope you all are having a nice Friday!


My SUMMER Online Highlights

Good lord, its October. I better get to writing this before I can’t remember what I did online during the summer. This year has gone by too fast. XD Let’s see what I did the last couple months. :)



Still loving my WeHeartIt boards guys, big surprise there. XD I finally created a black and white collection to contrast my against pink and purple ones.fd8edeed2566d3bd5fa443b35dc9ea4c

And my current favorite of all my collections is these super cute images that play on words and ideas. Some are super sweet, and others are rather morbid…but those are some of the most creative. XD


Here’s my summer after my birthday via Twitter. I’m so glad I started using Twitter again, it retained a few little memories I’m already forgetting. XD


100 levels
“100 Levels of Immersed” a book board

Pinterest! I’m using it a bit more often nowadays, though still not as much as We Heart It, lol. But this summer I created a story board for “100 Levels”–for images of RPG gaming elements and possible avatar ideas.

“Lock Screens” because anime characters trapped in my iPod are a must

And I’m always pinning things to “Words”. Sometimes I find some incredibly uplifting or unique perspectives on life in Pinterest’s words and quotes, which is really awesome. Whenever I need a verbal pick-me-up or all-hopes-not-lost, I go to my “Words” board. <3


My favorite Youtubers Blimey Cow started a gaming channel called Jordan Vs Josh (because brotherly competition is awesome) and their Bad Golf 2 video has got to be one of the most hysterical gaming moments I’ve ever seen; I was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t breathe and I’ve rewatched it maybe six times. Just, that build up of a casual gaming round getting incredibly competitive is awesome! XD

I rediscovered my playlist this past month and my brain exploded: “Oh yeah! OH YEAH. OHMIGOSH MY CHILDHOOD.” I <3 Donald Duck. Sometimes I play this in the background on shuffle when I’m just web browsing, just to hear the music and voices; takes me back to my living room in 1997 when I was like three. Happy feelings. XD (If you’re really bored, you can click here and see that last year I attempted to rank my favorites when I was also really bored. XD )


Like I said, I didn’t stop blogging completely this summer: I actually managed to write A LOT for Jamie Talks Anime…because I have a lot of things to say about anime. <3 Here’s a few highlights from my summer months:


What I Watched

Summer Anime Season kept me preoccupied this summer, but I also saw this summer:

  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (my first MI film–very awesome)
  • Riki and the Flash (really liked it; Meryl Streep killed it again!)
  • The Sixth Sense (SO CREEPY. LOOOVED IT.)
  • The Nightmare on Elmstreet (ALSO SO CREEPY. AND CHEESY.)
  • Redline (just wow.)
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service (another great spy movie!)
  • Pixels (sister and I went together and laughed our butts off.)

That’s pretty much my online summer. XD I hope you guys had fun catching up with me! What did you do online this summer?


6 Children Series That Gave Me Who-Dun-It Fever

Mysteries have always been important to me; some of you will already know that I’m a huge mystery/Sherlock Holmes fan! Since my parents didn’t allow fantasy books, like Narnia, into the house at all when I grew up (anything supernatural or ghostly in entertainment was just not acceptable) the majority of my reading as a child was mysteries.

I fell in LOVE with the genre before I was ten years old and before I discovered Sherlock Holmes (who is my favorite fictional character of all time.)

large (12)

While I’ve never read the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, there were several children series that I read from early readers into my early teens that made the genre my favorite, and a staple in my present entertainment. I have a great love for mystery TV shows like Hercule Poirot,  Jessica Fletcher, Miss Marple, Charlie Chan, and Peter Whimsy, to the many stories and theatrical versions of Sherlock Holmes, to my current favorite movies Clue and Murder by Death (GO WATCH THOSE NOW)…

…and I can pin the blame on these influential children’s series!

6. Cam Jansen by David A. Adler


I started off with Cam very early, thanks to the The Young Cam Jansen series for beginning readers, so Cam was one of my first detectives. I especially liked the longer stories when I was older, like eight or nine, because the mysteries were more detailed. With her photographic memory and her best friend Eric always by her side, I got to watch Cam catch shoplifters and diamond thieves from my living room couch. I vividly remember one particular story when she and Eric went in search of a museum’s stolen dinosaur bone; there was a thrilling chase scene and everything!

5. Three Cousins Detective Club by Elspeth Campbell Murphy.

three cousins detective club

Ah, yes. I had a fondness for these because I was close to my own cousins, so it was fun to read about other cousins solving mysteries. My parents bought the complete set because they were Christian-based, though thankfully not unbearably drenched in it (a true rarity!). What I remember best about these is that each story had a zany sense of humor, and how each book switched between the three cousins’ perspective. The set was very large, so it was hard to get bored with them; I often read these aloud to my younger sister. <3

4. Nate The Great by Majorie Weinman Sharmat.

Nate the Great

Nate was possibly my very first detective; I know I was reading them when I was about five or six. Narrated by pancake-“addicted” Nate himself (who’s look is inspired off Sherlock Holmes), who had an enjoyably sarcastic voice, the stories were told with quirky drawings accompanied by even quirkier characters: I shall never forget strange Rosamond and her cats, Oliver who followed people, and the sweet neighbor girl Annie with her huge scary dog, Fang. The mysteries were very simple but told in a straightforward and memorable way. I recently bought most of the series to share with my younger brother and I intend to read these to my future children as they learn to read. Oh how I love my memories of Nate the Great!

3. American Girl’s History Mystery Series.


I read these between the ages of twelve and fifteen and they were wonderful. Growing up in a overprotected homeschool family, I had a very small social circle. So I was fascinated by each new girl and how they saw life in their time period: Some were rebellious, others were timid, others curious, and others calmly brave. These stories also inspired my imagination as I started writing books, which makes them extra special to me. Plus, they were just really well written mysteries with excellent plots and suspense. (I listened to my audio book of The Night Flyers forever until we lost the last cassette. XD )

2. The Boxcar Children created by Gertrude Chandler Warner.

Boxcar Children

Five years ago I could have easily claimed that I’d read every single Boxcar Children book–at the time being approximately 110 books–many times! I loved the Alden children because they were polite, nice kids always solving a new mystery with their plucky make-do spirit. When I was between the ages of eight and fourteen, they were almost like an extra set of siblings and I got to travel with them into radio stations, medieval reenactments, mansions, and trains. And… even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to, I smuggled the few ghostly ones home from the library anyway, because I knew they always turned out to be not so ghostly after all. Yes, I was that type of kid. XD I would love to own the full set one day…

1. The Encyclopedia Brown Series by Donald J. Sobol.


The Encyclopedia Brown series is very easily number one here because of the impact it had on my life. Not only did I love the fun variety of quirky mysteries (seriously, these were fun!) but the colorful characters inspired an onslaught of fanfiction novels that set me down the path of novel-writing at the age of 12. I am only as good of a writer now because of these characters and my own six very long books featuring Sobol’s characters (with my many original ones.) Encyclopedia Brown not only fueled my love for mysteries but also fueled my passion for writing which truly changed my life. I would be such an incredibly different person without these stories. <3

How I love a good mystery story! I think I’m gonna rewatch Clue tonight…again. XD

How about you? Did you read any of these growing up? Do you enjoy a good mystery?


A Throwback to “ROFL”

I used to do “ROFL” posts, like two years ago; some of you might actually remember them! I’d share a ton of hysterical pictures I’d find on Tumblr and it was a blast. I liked sharing silly things and they were easy to do. I decided it would be fun to revisit the old post series for the feels today. XD

Today I’m sharing “The Adventures of George Washington” (from Pinterest, not Tumblr), because its hysterical and kills me every time. Whoever started this is a genius and I love America. <3 Hope you get a giggle out of these. XD

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…and here’s my personal favorite below. It’s simple but it’s elegant. XD



Social Media and The “Freedom” of Expression

large (13)

For those who might follow me on Twitter, you will have gone through some self-realization with me on the day after my birthday. Taking a break from personal blogging resulted in several things, and this was one of them. Keeping my thoughts to myself for a while somehow made it possible for me to–well, more than just identify a problem, but I had a clear-enough head to do something about it. I have my original train of thought from Twitter below for you to read:

It’s a constant struggle, it seems, to continually express myself openly. It is something I struggle with a lot. Social media lets eyes into your mind when they otherwise wouldn’t be. Let’s be honest: The people on social media who make each site what it is can create expectations that are intimidating, and can make it hard to share yourself honestly. Don’t get me wrong, I love social media because they can create platforms to do so many different things…but there’s a negative side them all, too.

Facebook is fully of well-meaning parents, peers, and elders who can be quick to speak their minds without being sensitive. Twitter puts up expectations that one must be funny and sarcastic all the time. Tumblr will literally get offended by anything you might say, no matter what its about. Instagram sells the misconception of “they must have perfect lives, look at their perfect pictures, my life sucks compared to them.” There’s just no filter for “I just feel like a mess right now.”


And blogging can have heated articles full of unresearched opinions, while the opposite side of the spectrum is full of writers who are too scared to share certain fandoms or thoughts; simply for the response they might get from readers and family–“What are you doing? You watch that? You need to write a disclaimer before every tv show you watch to make sure no one stumbles.” It makes it really hard to share some things about yourself.

It’s for reasons like this that one doesn’t just casually state, along-side their other fandoms, “I love Game of Thrones.” No seriously, that’s me actually admitting that I love Game of Thrones for the first time on this blog. 99% of you didn’t know that about me because its something I’ve kept private for the reasons I just listed in the paragraph above.

Vulnerability IS SCARY. But I meant what I said in that last tweet about being me everywhere un-apologetically. That’s why I’m sitting here writing this.


Of course, what you share on social media is ultimately up to you. Privacy is always a very good thing to keep in mind; I generally share more than most because I know that speaking plainly about topics resting on my heart not only helps me but others too. And I like to feel connected to people who feel the same vulnerability. I actually wish there was more of this on the Internet but I understand why most people are private.

But its silly when things like fandom Pinterest boards and silly little thoughts for Twitter become filtered for no reason. And it took me two months of blogging “radio” silence to realize that’s what I’ve been doing to myself.


Being myself has and probably always will be a battle for me as I learn to let go of expectations. Besides, I’ve had people freak out over my likes and dislikes for years–In 2011 my sister and I were verbally attacked for an extended period of time by church peers because we were watching Star Wars without dissecting it to pieces. STAR. WARS. So, I’m learning to wear tough skin when it comes to the fandom things. XD

To cut this short: this whole social media thing was a fantastic “ah-ha” moment that I had almost two months ago and I’ve been looking forward to sharing it with you guys! I felt like in a day I grew up a little bit more. I live for these types of moments in my life, these types of revelations of my hesitation.

I feel kinda dumb after having them; like, “wow, I shouldn’t let this bother me. I can make however many stupid Pinterest boards I want. Why do I do this to myself.” This might honestly sound like a pretty silly, trivial issue to some of you, to struggle with social media, which is ok. But I know a lot of other people might struggle with this too, and I want those people to know they’re not alone.

I love social media. It’s an awesome thing.  But it’s especially awesome when I can feel free to use it for me. Thanks again for listening, guys. <3