The Day Before The Birthday

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Tomorrow, on Friday, the 24th, I’m turning 21! This is probably the biggest birthday date of my life yet and will be until probably my 40th, because that’s when one might have a mid-life crisis. XD I don’t have much planned for tomorrow–I plan to see Ant-Man, open cards and gifts in the evening when my brother is home, watch my favorite anime finale, and eat my favorite dessert.

I didn’t make many big plans: Usually the family would plan out our birthday’s into the whole day. This is probably my most unplanned birthday ever. I kind of did that on purpose though–I wanted the day to just happen so I could treasure the little moments that will crop up throughout the day.

Today will be the last day where I’m 20. Today is Thursday, and at this point in my life, Thursday is my lazy “Saturday” day; I don’t really like to do things today because it’s my day to unwind, think, enjoy some media, You-Tube, music, Skype messaging, room straightening, ect, ect, ect, ect. It’s just my quiet day. I should probably do something major for my last day as a not-official-adult–but I already dyed my hair for new year’s and I’m not ready for a tattoo or a big road trip yet. XD So I’m here writing this instead.

I’m glad I blog: I had fun reading my thoughts of last year’s birthday. I have not changed much: I still have all the same celebrity crushes, favorite movies, pet peeves… A goal I had for this year was to try more anime and that was a tremendous success! (High fives younger self for being more diverse and open-minded.) I forgot I’ve gotten a zombie film for my last few birthdays…if I don’t get something zombie this year I will buy it for myself–or rewatch Shaun of the Dead.

I’m keeping this short. I’m looking forward to tomorrow; I hope Ant-Man is good, and I’m excited to have my little brother home. <3 I hope 21 has a good start. Talk to you guys later!


Last Ten Books That Came Into My Possession

It has been very nice having this blog on hiatus to blog only when I want to…which hasn’t happened until today. XD

This morning, while checking blog posts updates as I scrambled out of bed, I saw this week’s Top Ten Tuesday’s topic was on the latest books you’ve just acquired. I couldn’t help but get excited!

The past month I’ve been getting back into books, or at least trying too (it’s a slow process.) I’ve been specifically immersing myself in the online book community as a spectator. I’ve discovered Booktube (the YouTube book vlogger world) and have been familiarizing myself with contemporary, modern books that are dearly loved by the community. Partly because I think reading more will help my writing, but partly because I kind of miss reading. :)

I’ve been specifically going through these posts here to discover unique reads. I’m not very interested in run-of-the-mill YA or single genre novels. I really want memorable stories, or books with magic, or books in unique settings or with unique elements–I credit this crave to my current anime diet. XD

Lately I’ve bought thrift store copies of different books the past couple weeks (most of them just by gut feeling, not by acquired knowledge of them) and my book shelves have overflowed to my under bed! My Instragam followers have probably gotten tired of my different book haul pics. XD

Top Ten Tuesday’s a blog link up hosted by the writers at The Broke and Bookish, and their Top Ten Tuesdays are incredibly popular in the blogging world of books. I’ve never done one before, so this will be exciting to join in, especially since books have become more relevant in my life the past month or so! I’ve bought more books the past month than I have the past five years! (Book titles link to their Goodreads pages.)


The Graveyard Book: Firstly, the cover is gorgeous, even more so in person! (hugs physical copy of book.) The premise of this book really captured my attention and I desperately want to read it–I actually ordered this a thrift copy for myself in a “” excursion a few weeks ago, and it just arrived yesterday!

Swamplandia!: This has been on my to-read list for a while, so I’m happy to finally own it! I saw it on several “most unique reads” list, which has my hopes up in the clouds. I love how old-fashioned the cover art looks. The copy I ordered is a little beat up, but that merely means it was well-loved! XD

The Teleportation Accident: Time Travel. 1920s-ish… maybe? This was also on a lot of “unique reads” lists. I got a ex-library copy cheap in superb–I mean superb!–condition, so I’m happy!

The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making: The title alone is enough to guarantee a read from me–it sounds so different! I’m glad its small, though, so I can find a place for it on my bookshelf.

Life After Life: I’ve sampled Kate Atkinson’s writing before and really enjoyed it. I stumbled over this book at a thrift store in beautiful condition. For once, I was so happy the author’s name was the larger print on the spine than the book title (generally that is a peeve of mine) because it caught my eye.

Counting by 7s: I randomly found this at a thrift store (I had a Goodwill gift card about to expire, so I was grabbing any book that piqued my interest by the spine to use it up.) This spine had a fish on it, and when I pulled it off to see the cover, I fell in love immediately. I brought it home when I discovered it was about eccentrics. XD


Nightmares!: I saw this online many times, loved the purple cover and the mansion, but thought “I’ll probably only ever read the library’s.” But then I spotted the hardback spine at Goodwill and nearly fainted over my shopping cart. The cover is gorgeous in person, the page’s edges are uneven and wrinkly like an old-fashioned book, and the illustrations are awesome. I don’t care that this is a children’s book, I’m happy to own it!

The Casual Vacancy: This was another book I first saw online–I’d never realized J.K. Rowling wrote other books besides Harry Potter. XD I found this hardback right next to Life After Life and brought them home together. It’s written specifically for adults, so I’m very curious to see what it’s about. I love the yellow cover!

The Shogun’s Daughter: I didn’t know anything about this book when I bought it. That it was a historical novel set in Japan was enough to interest me; I also thought the cover was beautiful, and I just felt good vibes: I couldn’t leave it behind. It was only after I got home that I realized it was a mystery (HUZZAH!) and it was highly praised on Goodreads. I always follow my gut now while shopping books because of that….

The Blind Assassin: I bought this the same way I did The Shogun’s Daughter. The spine caught my eye at the store, the cover looked appealing when I pulled it off, I felt good vibes, I brought it home, and Goodreads said it was good. It’s quite a large hardback, though, so it’s one of those “can you squeeze me in?” books. :D


this book is literal magic

This is only half of the books that only recently came into my possession: The Night Circus just arrived a few minutes ago in the mail. I just wanted a copy so badly. Because it was awesome.

I picked up a hardback copy of The Goblet of Fire and wedged it in with my big books like Sherlock Holmes, a HG Wells collection, and Dracula. JK and her dinosaur-sized books!

I picked up fourteen different random hardback/paperback books on the 4th because of gift card and more good vibes (which all proved right,) and I’m had to put several of those under my bed. XD And I have more books  coming in the mail!


Well, I wonder what I will feel motivated to blog about next. Are you reading anything unique this summer?




Just going to make this official, as you might have already noticed that it’s been pretty quiet here. Well, while I’m not putting this blog on full hiatus, I am putting on the back burner for a little while. For two reasons.

One being that I get more motivation as soon as the something goes on hold. It’s ridiculous and terrible, but hopefully after another two weeks break I might be able to jump back into writing here as good as new. I have several blog post ideas thought up and set…I just need the boost to write them. You might say, “don’t wait, just write.”

Except that I’m doing that, only with something with more priority, which is the second reason. For the past two weeks I’ve tried to write something for my sci-fi novel everyday. Some days I only get out 400 words. Others I get out over 1400. It is slow, but I want my writing “drive” to go into that book for now. If I find words for my blog post ideas over here, then I’ll come jot them down. But otherwise, I want to get this book written!

So, we’ll see how this goes. I might get  inspired for that Mad Max: Fury Road review by tomorrow. Who knows. But if that doesn’t happen, I at least want to put this out there so you know why the posts are so scant. :)

I hope you all are doing great. You’ll find me on more active places like Facebook or my social media sites. Or my anime blog, because I’m not short for words over there. See you later!


How Do You Find Inspiration?


It rained and thundered a lot yesterday, and apparently that is the first time that it has ever rained on June 5th here in Arizona since records started getting documented. It’s a month early for the monsoon, and we haven’t had a good thunderstorm since I can’t remember when, so that was pretty exciting. I sat on the porch and held the cats and listened to the neighbor children scream in the yard behind ours. Very relaxing stuff. ;)

I felt uninspired for this blog the past week, so I decided to take that problem and make it a blog post topic. I don’t generally lack inspiration, at least not completely. I’m coming up on an anniversary next week on my anime blog and so I have big blog post plans there. I started writing a short story for myself which has been fun.

I just feel zapped for this blog. My home blog. My baby. Why?!

SO. This post requires reader participation because I want to ask:

What do you do when you run out of inspiration. For anything. What do you really do that helps?

If I can mull over a few of your solutions, I might find one for my own!

I’m going to go back to the window and wait for the rain to come back again. It always leaves whenever I talk about it on social media. >:(


My Online Highlights || Round 4

Favorite Blog Posts:

I Read:

I Reviewed:


Here on Through Two Blue Eyes I wrote my 800th blog post this month! Wooh!


What I’ve Been Watching:

  • Finished the Eleventh and Final season of Frasier (Then began a prompt rewatch. XD )
  • Kuroko’s Basketball S2 (I don’t know what I was waiting for, this show is awesome!)
  • Age of Ultron. (I forgot to blog a review for it. Anywho, it was also awesome.)
  • Free! (I want to join a swim club now.)
  • Nature shows on Netflix.



9eafae04f5b97bf22f72184a82b41c54I’ve put some love into my Pink and Purple collections on WeHeartIt recently. I love these colors, especially purple, that’s my favorite. I’m wondering if I should make a black and white collection next…


Email in Real Life: I laughed SO HARD because this is SO TRUE. SO TRUE. THIS IS MY LIFE. Just watch the video.

Why I Like Twitter Better than Facebook: Blimey Cow, I’m sorry I fell behind in watching Messy Mondays. This video makes me feel better about my Twitter/Facebook relationship….

Writing Updates

In my last Ongoing post I told y’all I hoped I could bring a new word count to you for “100 Levels”…except that I discovered mid-May that “100 Levels” main character, the POV, the voice of the story…was completely wrong. Not just her voice but who she is and her motivation–EVERYTHING. WRONG. I sat for a week or so torn between two ideas–do I start all over? which terrified me. Or do I attempt editing what I’ve already written? which would kill me because it would kill me because that’s editing waaay to early in the game.

After talking it through with my writing buddy Rebekah (THANK YOU!) I made the decision to scrap and start over. I’ll use what I’ve written as some source material, but the entire voice needs to change! THIS IS HUGE. One, I lose a lot of work. But two, my story is going to be a lot better off in the end! Color me frustrated and excited!

large (1)

May was a busy month for me, online and off! I repainted a large room in my home, mostly by myself. My least favorite part was the taping and covering the carpet… that part is horrid. Comic-con finally arrived and I went and I bought things (post for that coming!!!) I went and saw Age of Ultron and that was amazing. Obviously, I had to make a large decision on my current work in progress novel. I began beta reading another novel. I recorded a lot of anime podcasts with James. I managed to blog semi-consistently. The list goes on and on!

I’m hoping June will be a bit more relaxed before my big birthday month–do some writing, do some surviving of the AZ heat…we’ll see what happens! :D


Moi’s Current Time Wasters


Even though I’m often busy doing different things, I still find the time to waste time on fun, dumb, or unnecessary things, like these awesome and not-so-awesome distractions.

Watching nature series on Netflix: I love animals so much, so these are almost like comfort shows. I’m in the middle of two shows on Netflix now, Planet Earth and Life. Baby polar bears, fish, and zebras for the win!

Hearting images on WeHeartIt: I’m on WeHearIt more than Pinterest these days, but that’s really not a shock. I was never truly addicted to Pinterest. XD I truly adore WeHeartIt though, its such a simple and easy way to fill a part of my day with beauty.

Worrying about Facebook: I’m not quite sure what it is about Facebook, but I’m ten times more nervous about what people think of my thoughts and blog post links on there than when I post stuff on any other site. Maybe because EVERYONE is on Facebook or because I’m just too self-conscious about what people think about me, when I shouldn’t… idk guys. But that’s a huge and terrible time waster that I should definitely cut out of my day.

Creating tunes on Incredibox: A capella awesome. :D

Relistening to music on my back: Sometimes I can’t even multitask when I’m listening to certain music. I end up laying down somewhere to soak it in, even if I’ve heard those particular songs a million times already. To me that’s being a bit too generous with my time–can’t I do this while I write or something?–but sometimes I also think it’s just good therapy. XD


This Was The Lie (answer to tag)

I got a kick out of reading everyone’s guesses for my “Which One is the Lie” post from yesterday! But you are all anxious to know the answer. XD  I put some thought into my choice of facts–I picked truths that didn’t sound quite right and made up a lie that could be believable with knowledge of other evidence.

Here’s a reminder of the choices:

A. I have seen all the Twilight movies and own several pieces of merchandise.

B. Last summer I developed a phobia for scorpions.

C. The Two Towers if my most favorite LotR’s film.

And the false fact is!…….. *cough* drumroll please *cough*…..

large (7)

Fact B: Last summer I developed a phobia for scorpions.

Yep. False. While indeed, last summer I was stung in my sleep by a scorpion, I did not develop a phobia for them. I purposefully hunt for them in my backyard every few nights with a black light and I do not have conniptions or issues with looking at them or getting very close to them. Phobia free, I’m happy to say!

Fact C is true fact: The Two Towers is my most favorite of the Lord of the Rings movies… because it was basically the most flawless film out of the trilogy. I have so much love for that movie, too. <3 And yep, this fact is public knowledge, as written here in my Lord of the Rings post. :D

So…that means that Fact A is also true.


I found it amusing and awesome that Fact A was the most guessed answer as being false! Y’all are awesome. I know a couple of you are thinking at this moment, “THAT FACT IS TRUE? ARE YOU A TWILIGHT FAN? YOU HAVE MERCHANDISE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

I can’t say that I’m a Twilight fan. But I have seen all the movies and I DO have two pieces of Twilight-themed merch! Which basically means I don’t hate it because of reasons.

So here’s the scoop on why I don’t hate the Twilight Series.

Signed poster, Welcome to Forks, and Bella's truck.

Signed poster, Forks sign, and Bella’s truck.

Two years ago I had the pleasure of flying by myself to Washington State to visit family! Not only did my Aunt Rachel share her Twilight movies with me while I was there, but she and my grandma agreed to drive me to visit the real Forks town, where Twilight takes place. (These are photos I took on location!)

It was an entire day trip but very awesome. I got to see the buildings, forests, things from the movie Native America reservations, and La Push beach that the stories took place on. It was and incredible day of sight-seeing!

A huge sign right before reservation line XD and La Push beach.

A huge sign right before reservation line XD and La Push beach.

In Forks, I bought two pieces of Twilight merchandise: a white t-shirt with heart outlines (made from blood of course) with the Forks town name–it is my favorite pajama shirt!–and a baseball with the letter C printed on it, for Cullen. Because the Cullens play super baseball. XD I keep it on my shelf next to my Walking Dead and Disney merchandise so I always remember that I got see the edge of America with my family…and be where vampires and werewolves supposedly roam. It was a wonderful vacation.

As to the movies…the first is the worst. There’s some horribly written dialogue in that movie. Gag me with a spoon. But I rather enjoyed the last film as it had a surprising end twist that just about knocked me from my chair…and most people will miss it because they’ll never watch Twilight. Plus…Anna Kendrick! I can’t say I would recommend Twilight to anyone (*cough* GO WATCH HARRY POTTER INSTEAD *cough*), as the romance/relationship is pretty dysfunctional and immature but I’m glad that I got to watch the movies to connect with my more distant family.


And I guess I can say I’ve stood where a vampire supposedly stood, which is cool. I can’t say that for most other movies I’ve seen. And vampires are awesome…though it’s a general rule that I prefer them as menacing, not sparkling. XD #KindaTeamEdwardButNotReally #IGuessImMoreTeamVampire #TeamVampire