six years of blogging (and how it changed my life)

So I completely forgot that on New Year’s Eve it was my blog’s sixth anniversary!

I have been purposefully absent from blogging this past year; and it was kind of weird. I’ve grown used to blogging about my personal life, about the things I learn as I struggle and grow. However, outside of some purposefully vague blog posts, I’ve been quiet about my life most of this year. I was concentrating on something very important to me and waiting for when I was secure enough to share it.

Well, tonight’s the night and I’m so happy that I waited! Some of you who keep up with me on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook already know what I’m talking about. 😉 But I’m ready to talk about it here. I haven’t planned or outlined any of this post, so hopefully me just explaining what I want to explain all makes sense. XD


I’ve been building my first romantic relationship, with my best friend James, who lives in Georgia, for the past year.

Yeah; probably not shocking many of you who can read between the lines. XD But hey, this feels very official. XD Some of you who’ve been here awhile know James from his blog; several of you readers kinda grew up with us all together, watching Marvel movies, discussing Star Wars and growing up into college kids–you know who you are. 😉 ❤

Well, James and I met through our blogs back in 2011 and have been friends ever since. About a year ago, after several years of consistently skyping and being the best of friends, our true feelings between us surfaced. I’d had feelings for about six months or so, dropping hints which I thought he was not reading at all. Meanwhile, he’d been holding a crush for about three years (which he hid so well, because I had no idea!) and was absolutely terrified of somehow losing our friendship. So it was quite a big deal when “us” happened; when we began to talk it all out, along with how we could meet.

Our top priority in all of it was protecting our friendship: neither of us wanted to lose what we already had in our friendship. I mean, we loved talking every week about anime, about life, about anything really. Our friendship was too valuable to risk, so we entered the romantic waters very thoughtfully. It was not a walk in the park, people. We both experienced a lot of anxiety and fear during those early months. I was unsure how we could make us work at first, being so far apart and having not met in person, but I knew I wanted to try. I wanted to go slowly and make time for us figure it out, to adapt, to fully comprehend we really did “like like” each other, and spend enough time talking about everything we needed to. And we helped each other through the anxiety, the fear, the trust building!

We talked so much before we first met in May; with all the talking was the trust-building, honesty-building; being respectful, trying to be ourselves, learning more about ourselves as we learned more about what “we” were and could be. We messaged and skyped so much before we met, constantly talking out those fears. It was terrifying and absolutely amazing at the same time. We loved it. It was exciting, it was completely brand new! The butterflies were insane!

Our first hug at the airport; he barely saw me coming, I was running so fast to reach his arms.

We had a lot of fears before we met, resolving some while I was there, and dealing with others after I went back home. (You can read about our first visit here, if you missed it; it’s tastefully written to exclude we were romantically involved at the time.)

I asked him not to ask me to be his girlfriend during that first visit because I wanted to return home without any ties to see how I felt. I wanted to make sure I loved him, not the idea of him. I wanted to be “just us” for awhile, if that makes sense: just James and Jamie, without any labels like boyfriend and girlfriend.

He very patiently let me take my time. I knew a couple months after coming home that I wanted to officially be together, to try to see if we could make it in the long run. I knew the distance didn’t matter, the distance didn’t effect how I felt. So we privately called each other boyfriend and girlfriend from then on and continued being just us, talking about us, before I returned to him just a few weeks ago.

From our first official photo session as boyfriend and girlfriend.

He officially asked me to be his girlfriend when I returned, and we made it public on social media to enjoy being a couple without feeling like we had to hide it. (I wanted to take as many cute couple selfies while we were together, after all LOL.) We were both happy and felt safe in own feelings and in each other. We had worked so hard for a year to build us, so it was exciting and still is exciting, to share the fruit of all that work.

We will tell you we’ve already been together more than a year, though: 365 days of very, very hard and dedicated communication being “us”, discussing boundaries, discussing fears, building trust, sharing secrets, discussing fun things like anime as we always had, and figuring out what love was. We’re still doing all that now, really. We’re still learning what love is and becoming closer, stronger.

That’s why for a year I chose to keep us private, so we could grow and become stable without anyone’s input but our immediate circles. I’m so so happy that I chose to be slow and private, even though it meant neglecting my blog for a year. XD

I feel secure and free to talk about it now! Now that such a huge part of my life has received a solid foundation that I’m confident in, I feel like I can come back here (and my other blogs) and talk openly again about life: what I’m learning, what I’m feeling, what I’m doing again. I can refer to James as “boyfriend” on here now; I can be happy knowing that I truly love him very much, without any doubts. That I’m proud to have him as my special someone (and wow, he wins best boyfriend award in the world. How did crazy ol’ me get someone so patient, so empowering, so kind, so affectionate, so gentle, and so supportive? I’m incredibly blessed, you guys!)

So, I’m very excited to come back here, back home to this blog. Back to the place that made us possible.


Because without starting this blog six years ago, I wouldn’t have met James.

Without this place for us to have gotten to know each other, none of what I just documented would have happened! Like woah…mind blown.

Without writing here, without sharing my fandom joys, my little silly thoughts, my painful life experiences, my personality expressing itself in its whacky funny way, James wouldn’t have wanted to get to know me better! XD We wouldn’t have shared watching the new Marvel movies together; we wouldn’t have commented on each other’s blogs as teenagers for years; he wouldn’t have started his old podcast in 2013 as a way to start skyping with me; we wouldn’t have become the unlikely opposites who get so much out our differences, yet discover so much common ground; we wouldn’t have had each other’s backs during some of the darkest most painful times in both our lives.

Without this blog, I would not have discovered anime, flown across the country twice in a year, discovered myself as I have, experienced the most romantic first kiss one spring morning deep in the south with my hero, best friend, and first love, in the most affectionate, steady, funny, thoughtful, Godly young man ever who shed blood, sweat, utter loyalty and devotion, and a crap ton of being the funniest thing ever, to win my heart. ❤


I’ve always loved words, telling stories, sharing my struggles and journies in writing. I’ve always believed that words are more powerful than the sword. I’ve believed words were one of the most powerful things in the world. And I’ll always believe that. Because the words in this stupid little blog did so much; it made so much possible. FOR GOODNESS SAKE, someone FELL IN LOVE with my personality, my words, my heart, because of this blog! And right now, despite all the crap that can still hit the fan in my life, I consider myself the most blessed woman in the world.

Your words matter. So when you write, be open, be kind, be true to yourself every single time you share them. You never know what might happen because of it. ❤



33 thoughts on “six years of blogging (and how it changed my life)

  1. Oh, Jamie, I’m so happy for you. This actually left me a little choked up, because it gave me hope that there *are* still good guys out there who truly want what’s best for their girl. That’s an incredible treasure. I wish you and James all the best and pray that God blesses your relationship beyond anything you could ask or think. (Even your names are adorable together: James and Jamie, Jamie and James 😉 )

    1. AWWWWWW that’s too precious Maribeth!!! Yes, there really are some good guys out there!! ❤ And I make sure I tell James often how much I appreciate his thoughtfulness and self-sacrifice. Thank you so much for the well-wishes and prayers, I covet those latter ones especially!! ❤ and AW LOL, yes we love our names together. XD (but IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CREATE A SHIP NAME WITH THEM. JUST TRY. XD)

  2. It definitely wasn’t easy; that’s for sure. But it is also definitely worth every second of patience and effort.


    1. No one will ever know just how hard it was, will they, Babe. But oh yes, definitely worth every bit of hard work! I wouldn’t trade it for the world! ❤


  3. Aw, yay you’re back!! And your reason for not blogging is like the best EVER! Congratulations, I’m so happy for you! Having a guy who supports and cares about you is such a blessing. Prayers for God’s continuing blessings on your relationship ❤ This is so exciting!! 😀

    Also, for a ship name — how 'bout Jamesie 😉


    1. AWWw thanks for waiting for my return!! I’ve missed you, Emily!! And AWW thank you so much and you are SO RIGHT. One of the biggest blessings ever! Thank you for your prayers, and for sharing my excitement!!! ❤
      and Ha! You guys are clever!! I like that one XD


  4. Congratulations to both of you and thank you for sharing your story! My husband and I met playing an online MMORPG FFXI and 31 Dec 2016 marked our 12th anniversary! I think it’s beautiful you met James the way you did and I wish you both all the best!

    1. AWWW YOU GUYS SOUND SUPER CUTE, THAT’S SO AWESOME HOW YOU GUYS MET TOO!!! Congratulations on 12 years, that’s so exciting!!! Thank you for the support and encouragement; I get a lot of questions from coworkers about how we met, so it’s nice to hear support! ^_^ Thank you so much! ❤


    I love it because Ive followed James and your blog for so long and now you two are dating and Im so so happy! I love that you were so wise in your relationship and were patient. that must have been so hard and I cant tell you how much I admire you for that.
    you guys have a beautiful love story. it makes my heart hope.
    I pray that you two would continue to grow and love each other and build each other up and that you guys would bring each other closer to Christ.

    I love you two ❤

  6. I’m super excited for you! I’m glad you took your time and handled everything very carefully. Hearts are precious things, and deserve care like that. James is a sweet guy, and you two look adorable together! Thank you for sharing, and continuing to post your thoughts. I’m happy to see you back on the blog!


  7. I’m so super happy for you and James. And excited. 🙂 ❤

    And I love that Star Wars credits are rolling in the background of that picture.

    And btw I just wanted to say I admire how graceful & honest you are in all your writings & co. You're my goal.

    Happy 2017 Jamie! ❤

    1. AWWW thank you for your happiness and excitement that’s too sweet!! ❤
      And YESSSSS that is on purpose; we have a selfie of us with A New Hope credits, and that is a selfie with Empire Strike's Back credits. Next time we're going to watch Return of the Jedi and take another picture. ^_^ Props that you noticed!!! ❤
      AWWWW. SW. Thank you for saying that!!! Wow that was so nice of you, thank you!! ❤

      Happy 2017 to you too girl! ❤ ❤

  8. I knew it, I knew it, I KNEW IT. HAHAHA. You guys are precious. And Jamie & James??? GAH, I CANNOT HANDLE THE CUTE. ❤

    So so excited for you guys. What a beautiful story!!!

  9. Aww, this is great Jamie, I’m so happy for you guys! I thought back when you wrote about visiting him that y’all looked like you made a great couple! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for sharing your story!!

    1. AWWWW thank you so much Sarah!!! and AWW that’s so cute and sweet! XD I think we look like a great couple too. 😉 And aww thank you for reading it!! ❤

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