I’m Thankful For…

Love this thankful printable with the quote, "There is always something to be thankful for." Such a great Thanksgiving reminder. livelaughrowe.com:

For my job at Dairy Queen; for hard work I can get paid.

For the employees there who’ve treated me like family, praised my work ethic, made me laugh when I’m too tired, and simply made the job easier. Good coworkers are worth more than gold. ❤

For the customers who recognize me, give me good vibes, and say sweet things.

For managing to loose almost twenty-five pounds with simple diet and lifestyle changes; it feels amazing to find jeans that decently fit!!

For James; for his patience and kindness, that we can be there for each other, and for all the ways he’s helped me become a better person this year.

For music, the old and the new; it keeps me alive, happy, and always dancing.

For anime; for the beautiful stories, the characters I grow to love as my own, and the adventures they take me on.

For pure laughter.

For earning my driver’s permit and so far safely learning how to drive.

For my amazing trip to Georgia in May and all the beautiful memories I made…and that I get to go back very very soon!

For all the moments when I felt strong enough to communicate clearly.

For God’s continued protection over my sister during her military exploits.

For God’s protection over my own life using the bus and biking to school in the spring–between almost being run over by a car and meeting some strange people, ultimately I was kept very safe and I’m thankful for that.

For my Mom and our wonderful friendship and mutual support. ❤

For all the personal growth I’ve experienced within the last year.



5 thoughts on “I’m Thankful For…

  1. Congrats on your awesome weight loss!! That’s a major achievement with long-term physical rewards! Seriously, though, this whole list of blessings is so good. I’m especially thankful for God’s protection over you, especially after that scary incident with the car. Hope you have a great time in Georgia here pretty soon 😀

    1. AWWwww thank you!! It blew my mind to drop into a size 14 shorts!! ❤ but aww I'm so thankful for so much this year. Especially that car incident; I was so blessed to walk away with only those bruises. and thank you, me too! I'm so excited, I need to start packing Lol!

  2. Lots of great things to be thankful for. ^ ^ I’m definitely thankful for my trips this year. I love traveling.


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