Awkward But Awesome

Hahahaha, yes!:

Awkward: when your boss gets annoyed that I can’t hear her over loud machines, or read her mind.

But Awesome: when she still trusts me with money and calls me to cover others because she knows I’m dependable.

Awkward: starting a third blog when I can barely keep up with the first two.

But Awesome: starting a third blog completely for music and being TOTALLY HAPPY WITH IT.

Awkward: buying wall art at a thrift store, needing nails to hang them up, and then procrastinating on it for an actual year. @_@

But Awesome: finally hanging them up, making my room look rad.


Awkward: rearranging my room’s furniture right before dropping dead from a cold in a huge new mess.

But Awesome: getting all better and having a brand new-looking room; because we have better wifi now so I can move the TV and dresser out of its one corner. XD

Awkward: finding out I have to work a double shift on Saturday.

But Awesome: well…it will be….once I see my next paycheck. XD

Awkward: trying to learn things as quickly as possible in my new job at Dairy Queen.

But Awesome: having wonderful new coworkers who help me, give me rides, and treat me like family. ❤

Awkward: rewatching Modern Family for the ump-teenth time.

But Awesome: it’s Modern Family. You can’t overwatch this one. 😉



6 thoughts on “Awkward But Awesome

  1. Three blogs?! I tried two and couldn’t keep up. This one I use now was going to be just sharing my drawings and art related…few words but times change! I’ll have to check out the music blog – music is the life!

  2. I love this post. so cute 🙂
    Im also for sure checking out your music blog because I love music and have been getting into a lot more artists lately.
    I hope you’re loving working at Dairy Queen!

    1. Aw thank you!! ❤ And I hope you find lots of new music there!!! I post all my favorites XD ❤
      and yes I love it! Sometimes it's stressful but I do enjoy it!! ❤

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