Memories From Georgia

If you’ve already read my post about how I met my best friend online and have been waiting to read more about my visit, well here it is! ❤ I wrote out some different memories today. Literally just being together in person, eating meals and looking at the stars and riding in the car–just normal things–felt so special because we were finally off each other’s computer screens. ❤


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There were so many trees; no, you don’t understand, it’s a big deal to me. I’ve lived in Phoenix my entire life; I’m used to being surrounded by buildings, buildings, buildings. Most of the trees I see are palm trees and mesquite trees, which are blah…the rest is dirt and dust and crumbly hills. Yet the edge of Atlanta, that I saw, was filled with TREES. It blew my mind and I wasn’t even in the country yet. They almost made me feel claustrophobic. So much of the sky was blocked by them. It was crazy and beautiful and SO GREEN.

I had a wonderful room to myself at James’ grandparents home next door. In the mornings James and I would eat cereal or yogurt or fruit, often outside on a swing beneath a big tree. I love that swing a lot. The cat would play with the flowers and chase things and we’d glide back and forth for hours talking. Sometimes a wasp flew too close and I’d fuss. One time we played anime opening songs off my iPod and made the other try to guess which show it was from. We stared at people driving by wondering if they were staring back. I loved those mornings on the swing. ❤


It was fun just being outside together. I felt ridiculously spontaneous one evening and ran in the huge sprinklers in the front yard. James laughed at me when I forgot the water was rotating and caught me off guard. He showed me their gardens and I got to pick a few strawberries even. Near the end of my visit, we went swimming in the backyard. We swam in circles to make a whirlpool, played Marco Polo, and attempted to sing the different Star Wars melodies together. We ate peach ice cream in cups and floated round and round.

Then, I had the grandest time when Rebecca picked me up in her bug and drove me all over the place; bookstores, Starbucks, O’Charlies. She told me the funniest stories of her and James growing up together; we sat on the floor in the humor section and combed through books giggling till we were sore; we talked about anime and college and hopes for the future. Later that night James and I met her at the movies together and goofed around in our seats till the film started. I was so happy; I got to sit between two of my greatest friends for the first time and it felt so good.

Courthouse with James for scale. XD

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James and I wandered the town square and I took pictures of war monuments. We misread a crossing sign and laughed when we realized we were utter idiots. XD I pulled him by the hand through an antique furniture store and called literally everything “so cute”; every guy should be tortured like that at least once. 😉 XD After I aggressively sniffed soap samples he bought me the yummiest smelling of them all. We ate scrambled hamburgers in a little diner and I was happily stunned to find scripture on the napkin holders and Christian music playing over the radio. He had to remind me I was now in the Bible Belt. That was nice.

His mom, Miss Rita, was a wonderful host, between spoiling me with amazing food and making me the cutest scrapbook to bring home. I got to see her own scrapbooks that she’d made, full of the cutest pictures. She was the best tour guide through her town and I saw all the sights. She showed me how she made yogurt, biscuits, french fries, and the yummiest homemade ice cream, too! Her Apple Cider Vinegar Chicken was to die for. She made me feel at home, right from the moment I met her at the airport. I miss her and the rest of James’ family as much as I miss James himself. ❤

The Hungry Games: Mocking Jay 1 film site in town.
The Hungry Games: Mocking Jay 1 film site in town. The sun was very bright. XD

He and I watched a lot of movies together during my visit; I never knew movie watching could be that fun. We watched a lot of anime too. We blogged together, chugged down water from the forest of water bottles that collected on the table, and I tried beating him at left-arm wrestling and lost. I played movie and tv themes on his grandparents piano while he guessed them. We talked and laughed and teased and talked some more. Before bed, we prayed together too. It was nice being together like that. For the record, his shoulder is a very nice place to cuddle your head on when you’re watching anime on the couch. 😀 ❤

Before Civil War began. Best Marvel movie ever, btw. 😉 #latergram

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It was a full moon that week, but I insisted we still try to see the stars because I knew I’d see more out there than in the city. I was right, too. We found the big dipper and Orion and what I thought was Mars. We’d have some of the best conversations in the evenings, so it was hard to stop for him to go home each time.

And the night before I left I let myself cry. I didn’t want to lose it later at the airport, so I let myself cry into his shirt instead before our final goodnight. He hugged me so tight and sweetly, and reassured me we’d visit each other again soon. He gives the best hugs, you guys! And I only teared up a little bit the next day when I said “I’ll see you later.”

still one of my favorite pictures of us.

I really can’t wait to go back to make more wonderful memories! ❤



11 thoughts on “Memories From Georgia

  1. I blesses my heart to see so much joy and happiness in your beautiful smile. I am so happy for you to be able to move forward and enjoy your life, as it should be. I believe wonderful things are ahead for you !! Love to you always, sweet girl !

    1. Awwwwww, thank you that means so much to me Mary! I’m definitely very happy and excited for the future, more so now than I have the past few years and it feels wonderful. Thank you for being happy with me, I love you always too!! ❤

  2. That sounds like an absolutely fabulous visit! So glad you guys all had such a good time!

    And yeah, I’m from California, and I get quite claustrophobic anytime I go back east and there are trees everywhere and I can’t see for miles. But it is soooooooooo delightfully green back there!!!!

    1. AWW thank you, it really was!

      and omg I’m so happy to know I’m not the only city kid who’s felt claustrophobic from the trees! To be honest I really think the city feels less crowded ROFL! But the city certainly couldn’t compare to that BEAUTIFUL GREEN. ❤

    2. Hahahaha! Once again, DKoren beat me to the comments (because I’m always like two weeks behind on my blog reading — whyyyyyy?). I was going to post that every time she comes to visit me, she freaks out about all the trees and greenness, and how even the buildings are shaped differently on the east coast than on the west. (And then there was the time she visited us in the midwest and we had to explain water towers to her.)

      And when I visit her, I feel all exposed and vulnerable by there being No Cover Anywhere to hide from Bad Guys — not that Bad Guys have ever really been a problem in my life, but still, one should be able to find a place to hide whenever necessary. Deserts are not helpful in that regard.

      But annnnyway, I love that you and James had such a perfect visit. The shot of you two in the swimming pool is priceless! Like the quintessential summer photo.

  3. awwwwww<3 Im so happy you had such a wonderful time. that sounds like the best thing ever.
    I cant wait to meet my best friend. I'm so excited. this post got me all excited all over again.

    but seriously. you and James are awesome. I've followed both your blogs since forever and its so great you got to meet 🙂

    1. AWWWWWw thank you Faith! It was the best thing ever, I can’t wait to go back!!
      And OMG I’M JUST SO EXCITE FOR YOU, I KNOW YOU’LL HAVE THE BEST TIME!!! Can’t wait to see pictures and everything!!!!!!

      but AWWWWWWWWWW that’s so cool and amazing!! Thank you for sharing in the happiness, it makes me happy when people have actually seen our blog history! ❤ Love you Faith!! ❤

  4. I’m so glad you had a lovely trip and enjoyed Atlanta so much! Yes, it’s very green here haha. Times spent with long distant friends are wonderful, but the parting is always hard. But I’m glad you have these wonderful memories!

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