2016 Bucket List Check-In

On January 1st I don’t make resolutions; resolving to change a behavior is fine but usually, that’s ineffective to me personally. However: I do make a bucket list: I figure that listing actions for myself might give me better luck in improving throughout the new year. But I don’t follow it strictly, as life tends to change and I want my goals to be able to adapt or change with it. “They’re more guidelines than rules” sorta thing here. XD

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It’s nearly my 22nd birthday, and half the year is over. As I become contemplative over another kind of year gone, this would be a great time to revisit the  year’s list and see how I’ve done so far!

Investigate more video game and anime soundtracks for writing. Have done this, want to keep doing this! Favorite anime track (below) and favorite game track discovered so far.

Officially meet my best friend in person. Did it. Best ten days of the year (maybe my whole life) as of yet. Just ugh, the feels and fun we had. I miss you so much, James! (Am writing another post on this BECAUSE SO MUCH HAPPINESS!)

Learn the rules of the road. DID IT. I didn’t want to write “get drivers permit” for fear of jinxing myself (send me help) but it worked. I’ve also gotten about 25 minutes of practice in already. Please pray I learn smoothly and easily and that the right vehicle is provided just when I need it.

Take better care of myself emotionally and physically. Am learning to do this and will continue to learn and practice. Surrounding myself with supportive people has helped; there’s nothing quite like seeing yourself from someone else’s perspective and realizing you’re worth so much. ❤

anime, anime girl, and manga image

Finish reading and underlining my Creative Writing books. Haven’t attempted this yet. I have set books out in the open where I can see them, though. Just need to actually pick them up and read them. XD

Spend money consciously. Doing better at this, need to get even better quickly, especially as I begin job hunting.

Find unique ways to express my personal creative spirit and needs. I’m going to leave this open, as I want to do this much more. So far, I’ve invested into some excellent temporary tattoo sets; I absolutely love artistic temporary body art, especially on my feet. And I’m getting back into crocheting by learning new stitches. But I want to express myself even more!!! I’m hoping to Booktrack more this year, and would love to just find brand new ways to be me.


Continue enjoying anime and anime blogging. I’m only just returning to aniblogging lately after a two-month break, so I’m leaving this open too. I’m hoping the new Summer Season will be more memorable than the last two seasons; so far its a promising one!

Make a YouTube playlist of empowering/humanizing songs to memorize. This is half done. I’ve made one, I just need to listen to it more often.

Play the piano more consistently again. Need to do this more too. I’ve recently found more music that I want to learn, however, so I’m hoping that will help. Specifically Summer (below) and Fire by Brian Crain (so I can expand my memorized collection of his songs: I can play Rain, Wind, and Song of Sienna by heart with my eyes closed.)

Continue maintaining online relationships and build new ones at college. This one I’m managing (I made one nice friend last semester!) but it is changing slightly since I’m taking a year off from college to start job hunting. But hopefully, I will be able to build some nice relationships where ever I work!

Write only for me. I actually feel like I’m doing pretty good on this one! This has interpreted as also being “write only when I wish” as well, and I’ve done that as well; I only blog when I feel like saying something and I’m continuing to work at saying what I truly think and feel.

Re-blog my updated 100 Favorite Movies series. Haven’t done this yet, mainly because I’M STILL TRYING TO RANK THEM ALL. So hard! But I’ll do it eventually!

And I'm passing it down to the next generation!:

Clean out my room of useless junk during my next furniture arrangement ritual. Haven’t rearranged my room this year yet, but I’ll remember to do this the next time I do.

Decide on a college major. This I’ve done, kinda. I know I’ll probably be getting an Associates of Arts Degree in Communication, whenever that happens. But that’s about all right now. XD I’ll work on that.


Listen more when others speak, but speak up more for the authentic me.

This one I’m going to leave open too because it’s something one should never stop doing. I do believe I’ve gotten better at this the past year and that makes me happy. ❤

2016, new year, and quote image

How’s your year fairing? Accomplishing anything you thought you would? Any goals change when you thought they wouldn’t? Did you do something that turned out to be easier/or harder than you anticipated?



13 thoughts on “2016 Bucket List Check-In

  1. Congratulations on doing most of your bucket list!!! I recently got really into temporary tattoos, it’s just a really fun way of putting art on your body, but you can keep changing it around 🙂

    I went to this talk by a guy called Dr. Jason Fox, and he was saying that with each new year, instead of having a new years resolution, choose a word to live your life by for the rest of the year. Which I thought was really interesting 🙂

    1. Aw thank you! and YES. That’s the same reason I love temporary tattoos too. So beautiful but when you get bored you can change it!

      I’ve heard and done the Choose A Word twice now actually! The way I do it is fun; I have two words for this year which I drew randomly and they’ve really applied. “Acceptance: Embrace what life offers you with a positive attitude” and “Transformation: Decide how you want to positively change yourself.” Its a little different but they make good reminders when I’m struggling. 🙂

  2. I’m so excited for you about all these wonderful developments, Jamie! It sounds like 2016 has been a great and exciting year for you 🙂

    I keep telling myself to get back to piano, too, but with my crazy schedule these days I have two choices: I can either work on piano, or spend time teaching myself German. I don’t have time in the afternoons to do both, so I’m focusing on the German. And hey, I’m working on a 100 Favorite Movies list with my new IMDB account, too! Ranking is definitely the hardest part 😛

    1. Awwwww!!!! Thank you Maribeth!
      and wow learning German sounds so impressive! Are you learning it for a book or for the language or what?! Good luck! ❤
      And yeah, ranking is so hard. I still have just over 100 movies and I'm struggling to narrow it down. @_@ LOL

      1. Actually, it looks like I’ll be going to Germany next May, so I’ve got 10 months to get a good grasp of the language! Thankfully I’ve been using my Duolingo app sporadically anyway, so I’m not a complete ignoramus 🙂

        I’ve got a little over 100 movies too and as soon as I think, “Oh yeah that’s a pretty good list,” I keep remembering more than I just love! Ugh!!! First world problems 😉

      2. WOW! Oh my gosh, that’s THE BEST reason to learn a language, how exciting!!! I’m so jealous of you world travels. XD And omg Duolingo has an app?! I need to download it so I can get back on track with my Spanish studies. 😀
        YES. My problem too LOL. XD

  3. Nice Jamie — you got a lot done! Good luck with few you have left!

    Do you rank you favorite movies using Flickchart? I think I started using it because you mentioned it before… It’s so fun, but pretty much impossible to get everything in a satisfying order! 😛

    1. Aw thank you!!
      And yes I started off with Flickchart! It was very helpful the first time around; loved it! Currently, I’m using my Letterboxd account to create a visual list with that list, so I can freely move them as I feel like it. 😀

  4. This is an excellent bucket list! Taking care of yourself and fostering creativity are so important! It seem like you’re doing pretty great with your list so far!

    My goal for this year was to draw every day with the goal of improving as an artist. I haven’t been able to draw every single day, but it’s been pretty close, and I added an art major to my degree I’m pursuing, so I feel like I have taken a great leap forward in becoming a better artist.

    1. Awww thanks so much!
      And wow, that’s a fantastic achievement! I’m so thrilled for you!!! And good luck with drawing for the rest of the year, I’m sure you’ll do awesome!

  5. Jamie! It’s so great to read about everything you’ve been up to, especially after my not getting on wordpress for so long! I’m glad you’ve got most of your goals crossed off!

    I’m actually learning to play the piano…….or rather I should be learning, but there just seems to be so many other things to do and not enough time in the day.

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