Where Blogging Brought Me

This was written last week, but its long overdue to be documented on my blog because it’s thanks to blogging that I got to find my very best friend and confident.

Right now, I’m blogging with my very best friend, at the same time! Some of you will recognize him as James from J and J Productions. We’re elbow to elbow at the moment on the couch, both typing up our posts and looking at each other’s screens. XD We’ve been blogging friends for years and even closer best friends for over two and half years, but this is the first time where we’ve actually gotten to simultaneously write blog posts together in the same room in real time, and it’s quite fun. XD

What I’ve decided to blog about is just about us and how we ended up here, because what else should I be writing about? 😉

Once upon a time, five years and seven months ago, 16-year-old me watched a movie called A New Hope and I fell in love with Star Wars. Earlier that same day, I’d literally started this blog. And after watching A New Hope, I wanted blog friends who liked Star Wars too. In that quest, I stumbled over a young blog like mine, run by a boy my age named James, and he loved movies enough to attempt reviewing them. I commented, then he commented back; we followed each other’s blogs. We both loved Star Wars. Tonight, we’re going to watch A New Hope together for the first time, and the last half a decade of our lives will come full circle for me.

Blogging and Star Wars brought us together, but Marvel made us real friends. About four years ago, I saw Captain America: The First Avenger in theaters–it was my first superhero movie–and James wrote to me saying, “hey, glad you liked it! There are more movies you should see before The Avengers comes out!” He wrote blog post after blog post, mostly for me, mentoring me in characters and films and our friendship really solidified. After the Avengers came out, we skyped every time a new Marvel film was released just to rave and hype about them.

Last week, we saw Captain America: Civil War together in 3D. THAT was surreal. That movie was like the climax of a very grand adventure that for the two of us had shared for years. We clutched hands in gasps and jumped in unison, and spazzed in hype at character introductions. I cried over a certain funeral scene and he squeezed my fingers to let me know he felt it too. We both shrieked with laughter. It was the first new Marvel movie that we did not have to message each other to say, “I’VE SEEN IT. TELL ME WHEN YOU DO SO WE CAN TALK SPOILERS.” We finally saw a Marvel movie right. XD

Marvel made us real friends, but anime made us pretty much inseparable in 2014. We skyped every week to discuss new anime episodes and that was the platform that helped us become the best of friends. Anime, which so rich in life and emotion and fantastic storytelling, gave us so many avenues to connect and discuss ethics and beliefs and our own lives. We built trust and solid communication skills as we spent time together goofing off and enjoying conversation. Over the last two years, we were especially able to be there for each other when life got rough on the other. And finally about seven months ago we decided enough was enough, and began to plan how we could meet in person.

This past week, after five years of blog comments, movie and anime rants, and 10,000 skype calls, I’ve flown to Georgia so I can see my very best friend in person instead off of a screen. After an early morning rise, a three hour flight and turbulence, we met in the Atlanta airport and it was incredibly surreal. We were both in Star Wars shirts and I almost knocked him over hugging him the moment I saw him. 😀

I think we felt like us by the time we were dragging my 49 pound suitcase to the car. I pushed it on its rollers up the ramp while insisting I was as strong as Thor and could handle it, through huffs and giggles. He scrambled behind me pointing me in the direction we needed to go and freaking out that I was going to trip and tumble over the suitcase. I got to the car and exclaimed, “It’s humid” and he grinned, rolled his eyes and said, “Yep!” It was hysterical. XD

The trip so far has been amazing and I’ve felt so at home. I was made welcome by his family immediately too. When we reached his home, his grandmother was standing there with open arms almost as soon as I was out of the car, and everyone is all smiles and making sure I’m comfortable. By day two, everyone said it felt I’d always been there. It feels amazing to fit in so well! ❤

I love being here with my best friend. We hug a lot; we can’t believe the other is real. I’ve never been so grateful to be with someone in the flesh. We spent the first days marveling how the other looked in 3D instead of 2D on a screen. XD And awesomely, we get along better than we’d hoped in person! He’s less smug XD and apparently, I’m more sweet in person. XD We’ve already watched a lot of anime in person, and of course seeing a Marvel movie together just put us on cloud nine.

I’d singing his praises, but this post is already incredibly long, so I’ll save that for another day. ❤

I can’t wait to spend the next few days with this guy. I’ll blog more when I come home, but for now I best enjoy where it’s brought me so far. 😉 ❤

my favorite picture of us, taken directly after the end of watching Star Wars: A New Hope.


I’m home now and I’m getting ready to publish this. I will write more about my visit another day, but for now, this is where blogging for the past five years has brought me. It blows my mind at the opportunities that God has allowed me to have. I’m incredibly thankful to be able to visit my best friend at all, all the way from Arizona to Georgia. And we just had to blog at least once together, because hey, so much can happen just from blogging. 😉



22 thoughts on “Where Blogging Brought Me

  1. LOVE this. I followed your journey through Instagram and was SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Bloggy friends are just the best. I have several that I hope to meet someday. 🙂

    1. AWWWWww thank you! And yay, yes, Instragram is the one social media app I kept up with so I wouldn’t loose memories and pictures. XD And yes, real blogging friends are the absolute best!!! I hope you can meet yours someday too, you’ll have a blast!! ❤

  2. OK, weird, it wouldn’t let me post my original comment but it seems to be working now. Anyway…………………

    We had so much fun! Can’t wait to do it again! Thanks for everything! So, IDK what I’m supposed to say now. I kinda lived everything you wrote about. lol


    1. Well that’s odd. At least this one is working. XD

      AND ROFL IKR. XD I’ll just talk to you later over Skype. XD ROFL we’re awesome. XD

  3. Love this! Sounds like you had a great time, and how cool that you got to see Civil War together! This is a great story. I met my best friend online as well, so I love reading other similar stories!!

    1. I’m catching up on blog posts, and I was just going to basically comment with the same thing she did 😀 (That happens a lot to us.) We met via our blogs, and I just get so happy and excited for other people who become blogging friends and then get to meet in real life 🙂 This is happening for another set of my blogging friends right now, and it just makes me feel like hugging the universe 🙂 So glad for you and James that this worked out so merrily for you!

      1. AWWWW THAT’S SO COOL YOU TWO ARE BESTIES!!! ❤ Getting to meet in person is really the best thing ever, too; and yes, James and I got along just as well in person as we did over Skype and blog posts! ^_^ It was so fun! ❤

      2. Yeah, DKoren and I have been friends for eleven years now, all thanks to blogs. A bit mind-boggling, that number is. We had to make do with talking on the phone before we met — Skype kind of didn’t exist.

  4. Your instagram updates killed me man. haha. you and James and internet friend goals. omg. I might be able to meet my internet best friend IRL this summer and I hope its as incredible as it was for you.

    Im so happy you had a great time!

    1. AAWWWWWWWWWWW GURL. ❤ I so so so hope you can meet your best friend this summer, I'm sure you guys will have just as much fun as James and I did!!!! INSTAGRAM IT IF IT HAPPENS. ^_^ Thank you Faith, love you!!! ❤

  5. Awwwww I am so happy for you jamie, Loved reading this my dear glad you got to meet your blogger friend. I got to meet my seven year penpal last year for the first time I only had two days with her sadly but it was the best ever and a real highlight for the rest of my life XD BLOGGER FRIENDS ALWAYS ROCK !!!!

  6. This is so much fun (and beautifully written btw). You two are awesome. I’m so glad you had such a fun time!! 😀

  7. That’s so awesome! Wow your friend lives roughly an hour from me. XD I remember when I met my online best friend for the first time. It’s a magical thing. I recently went to her house for the first time in February and it was so cool to do normal things with her in person like get ice cream, watching anime, and see a movie. ^ ^


    1. AWWWWWWWw that makes me so happy you’ve experienced it too! And YES. It’s the normal things that are just so awesome to do together! I totally get you! I loved just eating meals and swinging on the swing and watching anime (HURRAH FOR FRIENDS WHO LOVE ANIME!) and stuff like that. xD ❤

  8. What a great story!! It’s so heart-warming that you were able to build such a great friendship and then finally live out every set of internet friends’ dream and actually meet each other in person!

    1. Awwwwww thank you!!! You’re so sweet, and it was certainly a dream come true! Had the best time ever! I’m still meaning to blog more about, too. (the anime blog has got me occupied LOL!)

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