Currently: On the Verge of Summer Vacation


Currently listening: If There’s Time by Odesza. Slightly obsessed with this song because it starts so chill… and then suddenly it just grows into more. ❤

Currently sitting: on my computer chair at my desk, with an open suitcase behind me on my bed and lists of things to do in front of me on the desk. XD

Currently liking: that I’m about to go on the first real vacation, tomorrow, since maybe early 2013???? I don’t know, but it’s long overdue, and I’ve really wanted one after the parents divorcing/lots of stress stuff LOL. But the best part is that I get to go spend this one meeting and staying with my best friend! THE HYPE IS REAL. So yeah. Really liking that!

Currently drinking: I’m at the tail end of a cold, so, water. So much water. Gallons of water. An ocean’s worth. ok that’s exaggerating; but yeah, water. XD


Currently reading: I’m still reading A Gathering of Shadows. Been reading it on and off while waiting for my bus rides to and from school. Loving it though, and about to really chomp into it tomorrow during the long plane ride!

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Currently writing: I’m actually about to start a new story! A mystery adventure novella set on an island, following a down-on-her-luck writer and a documentary team secretly investigating… something. I don’t know what. I will find out with my characters though. But horses on the beach and camera crews and lonely highways in forgotten forests and crime families and espionage should all be included.XD

Currently watching: Breaking Bad still; at the beginning of season four. NO SPOILERS PLEASE. XD Am slowly making my way through this classic. I was madly watching it for the first two seasons; but then season three went an odd direction so I slowed down (and then there was an episode that triggered me and I couldn’t watch it for like a month.) But it’s still a great show and I’m trying to savor it so it’s not over too fast.

Currently obsessed with: Odesza, actually! I discovered them from a long youtube mix and I just fell in love with the electronica vibe. JUST, THANK YOU GOD FOR SO MUCH DIVERSE AMAZING MUSIC TO LISTEN TO. #Music:ForeverMySoulMate


Currently tired: of coughing. XD it’s clinging to the back of my throat with an annoying tickle and then every time I go to giggle, I cough instead. >__> Like, could you not, I’m trying to feel joy. 😉


Currently failing: actually, can I please take a moment to say that this semester I DID NOT FAIL BUT ACTUALLY GOT AN “A” IN MATH!?!?!?!?! LIKE WHOOP WHOOP FOR ME.


Currently scaring myself with: flying… ok, I am a teeny bit nervous about getting through airport security and stepping on a plane, but I think that’s pretty normal. Last time I flew, I actually quite enjoyed the adrenaline rush it carried, so I’m looking forward to that again! Flying, when you don’t think of crashing, is really the best fun. XD

Currently stuck in my head: I actually had a Kpop song stuck in my head earlier but I don’t remember the name at the moment. Oh well.

Currently wishing: to have the best next week and half ever in Georgia! ❤

Currently praying: that I have two safe flights leaving and coming home and that my vacation will be smooth for everyone involved. ❤ I’m so so hyped, you guys! Pray for me tomorrow morning, I’ll be in the air!


I love you all!



5 thoughts on “Currently: On the Verge of Summer Vacation

  1. Honestly Im SO EXCITED for you to meet James! I have secondhand excitement. lol. because thats SO cool! You’re going to have a blast. meeting internet friends is so surreal. I cant wait to hear all about it!

    also, congrats on the A in math!!!

    Praying for safe flights and a great time ❤

    1. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWw! That makes me happy and wow you’re so right! surreal is the perfect word for it. We can’t stop hugging ROFL. It’s been adrenaline crazy and fun and chill but a wonderful first day for sure! ❤

      Thank you for the prayers!!! I so appreciate it. My flight went well, thank God! Some turbulence at the very end although my anxiety went on hold because the two kind people on either side of me started frantically talking about others to me in turns to distract themselves. Which in turn distracted me with engaging in their conversation. But all's well that ends well! ^_^ Thank you for the prayers, Faith!! ❤

  2. Jamie and math WOOOOT WOOT WOOOOOOOOT!!! ❤ Go Jamie!

    Have the awesomest time ever with James! That sounds so fun. 😀

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