3 Ways to Make Facebook Enjoyable

So, I’ve been more active on my personal Facebook lately. In fact, this past year, I put a little time into making my Facebook dashboard a place I want to see, instead of the place I want to avoid. Because, you know, it’s my generation’s joke that Facebook is the last place you want to be. Noisy relatives, politics everywhere, just ugh…Facebook. It’s the social media site for “older people” now. XD

I still feel that way about Facebook on occasion, but during the last few months, I took some time getting used to how the site worked and allowing myself FREEDOM to make it mine. Want to know my tricks? Well here’s how I did it.


1. I did NOT accept all the friend requests I had.

And I still don’t. This is hard to do; depending on the person, you might feel strong obligations to press accept even though you grimace at the sight of their Facebook wall. (I wish Facebook was like Twitter in that you don’t have to MUTUALLY SEE EACH OTHER’S CRAP IF YOU DON’T WANT TOO.) However, I made the choice that, even if it felt kinda awkward to delete that lady who I knew from church’s request, it ultimately was completely my decision to not have her guilt-tripping political reposts spamming my feed.

I have given myself the freedom to set boundaries or say that quiet “no thank you” in regards to the friend requests and it was very empowering! In this way, I have managed to keep that horrid spam of, “JESUS WILL BE SAD IF YOU DON’T SHARE THIS POST, HIT THUMBS UP NOW,” crap to a minimum on my dash. Now I see less negativity and garbage, and I love it.

I know not everyone might feel like they can just turn down friend requests, but I do strongly recommend always thinking about what you want to allow into your space. Surround yourself with healthy people and remove unhealthy people, just like you would offline too. ❤


2. I followed pages that post engaging and unique content that interested me.

One of the things that makes me excited to visit Facebook is that I now follow pages of COOL STUFF. Stuff that’s creative or inspiring, quotes and art and funnies, stuff I WANT TO ACTUALLY LIKE AND SHARE ON MY OWN PAGE. I took two different afternoons, and spent lots of time investigating and following page suggestions till I’d found and followed all the ones I liked. It took time, but it was worth it.

To list just a couple of my very favorites, I follow The Best of Tumblr, Word PornPersonality Growth, Quotes n’ Nd NotesLike a Boss Girls, Brain Pickings, and Laughing Squid. I get a constant new cycle of relatable and shareable quotes, unique and creative creations, and the best funnies ever from these places everyday. I share things from them often.

These and many others, like Food Network, Ellen DeGeneres, The Tonight Show, and Stan Lee’s page, fill my dash with new fun stuff, spreading out the political/religious barrage of junk that always seeps through no matter what. It makes me want to keep scrolling!

This ultimately was a huge game changer to making Facebook more enjoyable and I’m so glad I took the time to find fresh new content to enjoy.


3. I’m not afraid to share what I enjoyed seeing.

I know it’s annoying, that you see everything everybody likes and shares, but guess what. Two can play that game. I got tired of being sensitive of how I interacted on Facebook, afraid so-and-so wouldn’t like that I “liked” that post.

One day I stopped giving a crap. Other people, other Christians, other ADULTS, aren’t afraid to share the stupidest, lowest quality, guilt-tripping crap day in and day out… so why I should be scared to share a quote that I related too? So, I adopted a new motto for just Facebook: INTERACT WITH WHAT YOU ENJOY. DO IT BECAUSE YOU WANT TO. AND HELP CIRCULATE SOME BRAIN CELLS.

LOL ok, is that going to far? Nah, I didn’t think so. XD


These are just three things I’ve done the last few months that have helped make my Facebook page a place that I want to interact on. I surprise myself by how often I check it now, and I enjoy sharing things and interacting with different friends on different posts about things I actually like. It’s become another place of self-expression, by being unafraid to share things I enjoy, which is empowering and encouraging to my growing identity as a young adult.

I like Facebook now. And that’s something I never thought would happen. 😉

How about you? Do you still loathe Facebook? Have you every tried one of these tricks to make it a cheerier place? 



11 thoughts on “3 Ways to Make Facebook Enjoyable

    1. Awwww! I can understand! But if you ever get Facebook again, it’s something you can practice with; Might be nice to start fresh too. ❤

      1. I’ve been giving it much thought lately and that’s probably why your blog post title caught my eye – it goes against the grain but makes a lot of sense! 🙂 Indeed, it’s OUR facebook page after all, right?! XD

  1. this is such a unique post 🙂

    I say “I hate facebook” about a hundred times a day….as I continue to scroll facebook. haha. the only reason I havent deactivated was because of the messenger app, my online ministry, and the fact that I share all my photos on there.
    My facebook seems to be so negative no matter who I follow. like everyone feels the need to inform everyone else of who got shot in my neighborhood today or whatever other freaky, unnecessary and TOTALLY triggering articles they find. and that sucks.

    but I really agreed with your first point, about not adding everyone. For me, I’ll add people, but I also dont hesitate to block their posts from my feed. there are quite a few people I’ve done that for. and it makes facebook a bit more bearable.

    My tip for facebook would be dont take it too seriously. I mean, just have fun. my sister does that and she posts the best things. haha. so take it from her.

    anyhow, Im glad you’re enjoying it! yay!

    1. aw, thank you!! It’s been boiling in a draft for a month and I finally decided to finish it. XD

      OH MY GOSH, you totally captured how awful Facebook can be. Ugh. But awwww I’m so glad you’re not afraid to block certain people, good for you! ❤

      And yes, great tip! Just relax and have fun with it. Maybe other people will start relaxing too. ❤

      Thank you for your thoughts, Faith, I always love hearing from you!!!! ^_^

  2. Very good points jamie, I myself hardly use facebook now accept to look at work annoncements and keep in contact with family as most of mine are in the UK. I did that whole process of following stuff I want to and have people my timeline that I want on there 🙂

  3. These are some neat ideas. I certainly don’t accept every friend request I get and I can always select an option if I don’t want to see someone’s feed for people I like to talk to but not see what they post. Facebook has always been a way for me to stay in touch for my long distance friends. That’s mostly what I use it for. I have friends from all over the US and Canada and because of calling fees and the sheer number of them it’s hard to keep up with them by any other means. This way I can still see what’s going on in their lives, share what’s going on in my life with them, and communicate with them over chat. So Facebook is my long distance communication system. XD


    1. That seems to be what a lot of people keep Facebook for, which is so awesome! I use it for communication too, though not all that frequently. But that’s so awesome you can keep in contact with so many people that way!! ❤

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