Currently: (while watching a ocean adventure)

Happy Easter, everybody, btw. 🙂

Currently listening: to the film “Ponyo” run in the background with the family watching. Oh, and pirate music all last week. XD I’m building myself a pirate instrumental YouTube playlist! I’ll be fully prepared the day I start a pirate novel. XD

Currently sitting: in the living room at a card table. Just chillin’, stuffed from Easter lunch. XD

Currently liking: THE COOL WEATHER. It’s lasted all week but it will probably become unbearably hot soon. But that sounds about right; a week of spring in AZ. XD

Currently drinking: homemade lemonade with crushed fresh strawberries and blueberries! I HAVE BEEN DRINKING LEMONADE WRONG MY WHOLE LIFE. XD


Currently reading: my Arizona Driver License Manual. Gotta do this sometime.

Currently writing: *cricket noises*

Currently watching: BREAKING BAD. I’m at the beginning of season 2. It’s some good TV, you guys. Jesse is my fave, he’s an adorable punk who shouldn’t be allowed to be so lovable. ❤ ❤ I’m also watching a lot of Cutthroat Kitchen with the family lately, too. But all my winter anime shows are ENDING. The spring selection looks great though, so I can’t wait for them to begin. Especially the newest season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures: I caught up with the last three seasons in about two months flat to watch it simulcast. XD

Currently obsessed with: anime soundtracks; OSTs from the previous Fall season like ONE PUNCH MAN, which is full of rad guitar riffs and hype, and Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon which I’VE BEEN WAITING DESPERATELY FOR, ARE OUT. So, yep, totally obsessed with the new wave of anime soundtracks out on Youtube!

Currently excited: about my school semester being close to over. Need I say more. XD

Currently failing: ^^ did you hear the crickets up there. That’s where I’m failing. @_@ = face of exasperation with myself.

Currently tired: of getting bruised up. I was in a minor car collision on my bike a few weeks ago, which left my knees decently bruised up and just now starting to more normal again. So that sucked. Then I managed to badly bruise the outside of my left thigh this past week too. How I did that remains a mystery.


Currently scaring myself with: crossing big intersections on my bike again. I’m mean, I’m not too terrified, I’ve done it a few times since the accident already, but that was scary as f***, you guys. 😯 I had the light and everything when the car suddenly creeped forward, knocking me off-balance to the street. I for real thought it was going to keep creeping right over me and my bike for the four seconds that it lasted. It shook me up bad but I got myself home and everything afterwards without freaking out in public. Thankfully my injuries were minor, being only my bruised knees, and the bike’s damage was an easily fixed gear problem. But still: WAKE UP, DRIVERS. PEOPLE USE THE CROSSWALKS YOU KNOW.

Currently stuck in my head: the chorus from Sia’s song Broken Glass. 😀

Currently wishing: that the library would hurry up in finding A Gathering Of Shadows for me so I can start reading it ASAP! I’VE BEEN WAITING.

Currently praying: that my upcoming math test goes smoothly and I remember everything I’ve studied. *fingers crossed*

And Happy Easter everybody! How was your holiday? What are you currently up to?


18 thoughts on “Currently: (while watching a ocean adventure)

  1. Ahhhh Jamie Im sorry to hear of your fall would be scary a bit though I can imagine. Hope your legs are okay now 🙂 Nice to see you on here, I love your post it’s a interesting idea makes me want to do one 🙂

    1. My legs are doing better, thank you so much Lita! ❤ And you can totally borrow the idea, I'm not the only blogger who does it! You can use my questions or make up some of your own that are more relevant to you, too, and have fun! ❤

  2. Currently Praying: That my class presentation for government goes smoothly on Tuesday and that I don’t get tongue tied. And that the test on Tuesday goes well and I remember the whole lot of information and pass!

      1. YAY! I’m so happy for you, the studying paid off! And you’re welcome!! I’m still waiting for my results, the suspense is killing me. Lol. XD

      2. I FINALLY GOT MY WORK BACK THIS PAST WEEK. Got a 93 percent, I WAS SO THRILLED!!!! I hope you did awesome on your paper, too. But I know what you mean about the teachers, mine is trying to get her act together but still… I’m paying for this!

  3. Aw I hope you heal up soon! Good luck with your drivers test! I know I was so nervous about mine. XD Blueberry and strawberry lemonade? Yum! My current obsession is basil lemonade. Sounds weird, but it’s so. Freaking. Good.

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