Touring My Whiteboard

As a teenager I always wanted my own large whiteboard for my bedroom wall. To scrawl story ideas and things I needed to remember quickly in place that was hard to miss. And just under two years ago, I finally bought one, with enough space to write lots of keywords for memory and extra space left to spare…well, you know. If I didn’t write words so gosh darn big. XD It’s honestly been a great addition to my life, and I thought I’d do a little tour of my whiteboard just for fun!

This is a legit look at my whiteboard you guys; I didn’t clean it up for you, or rearrange a bunch of stuff, or even try to make this look symmetrical. I’m honestly a big slob by nature and I really only care when I can’t find something. XD (but ask my mom, I’ve improved greatly since 2001. 😉 )

IMG_4870 (1024x765)Oh, here it is. XD

Now, for a simple size comparison, here it is above my little desk and surrounded by my words of inspiration. xD

IMG_4871 (1024x765)It's a messy work station, but it's my messy work station. <3

Firstly, I have several colored pens that I use. I think some people assign meanings to colors, but honestly if my board is simply lacking color, I just grab one to write my current thought. I bought a magnetic little mesh container that I keep my cleaner, fine-tipped pens, and all my story-inspiration dice in. Extra magnets not in use are pushed to side near the pens as well.

The main use, of course, for my whiteboard is to write stuff on. If you can’t tell, I have some super random stuff scribbled out. Right now, I have a note to remind me to practice Amazing Grace on the piano, and “battery” circled to remind myself I DESPERATELY need to buy a new laptop battery. I also wrote out a reminder to scrub the bathroom floors and the shower when my knees feel better. I didn’t get a good picture of it, but I also have a list of blog post ideas formed in blue too. XD

1 My white board also holds things I get from friends. My dear friend Robyn in Canada sent me this cute Halloween print she created last October and I still have it up above my laptop. ❤
2. My best friend’s mom made me the cutest stationary for my birthday last year and I’ve used many of them! But I keep one up here because A) it’s so adorable, colors pop, and I just really like looking at it, and B) so I don’t accidentally mail them all away. xD I want to keep at least one!
3. And then from last semester I still have my note card of words my fellow students had said were things they thought of when they think of me. My professor told us all to put our cards where we’d see them and be reminded of our strengths and affirmative words that people tell us.  So of course, mine goes on my whiteboard. I still feel really happy when I remember them all telling me they could see I was very upbeat and smart and passionate and out of the box. ❤

Next up to highlight are my many magnets! I have a ton of Kuroko’s Basketball magnets that I fawn over. XD I have a wonderful Doctor Who magnet from my dear girl friend Ashley, and then I’ve bought my Hogwarts, Totoro, and Cruella De Ville magnets at comic-cons! Sometimes these guys keep stickers and trading cards in place, but I don’t have any of those up right now.

These aren’t on my actual whiteboard, but they are a part of my workstation. I especially likethe two on dreaming, “Don’t Wait for Sleep to Start Dreaming” followed by “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do.” ❤

And that’s all the pictures I snapped with my iPod Touch. XD I love my whiteboard, and I highly recommend getting one if you’re a writer or if you’re like me with a beautiful scatter brain. ❤ Do you have a whiteboard? What do you use it for?




14 thoughts on “Touring My Whiteboard

  1. It’s doesn’t look messy, it looks used. Color is amazing, I buy colored pens for school. I hate using simple black ink, especially for underlining things. My favorite of your posters is the one that says Don’t wait for sleep to start dreaming. I dream 24/7.

    1. Awwwwwwwwwww that was really sweet of you to say, thank you! ❤ And yes, COLOR IS A MUST FOR LIFE. XD And schoolwork is way better in multicolored gel pens! ❤ Awwww yes that's one of my favorites too. Never stop dreaming, girl! Thank you for the wonderful comment! ❤

  2. Inspired by you, I got a whiteboard of my own last year and I absolutely love it. Half of it is for notes to myself about my writing projects, and the other half is for to-do lists, German vocabulary notes, and my reading list for this year. It’s an incredibly helpful thing to have in my writing nook!

    1. Omg!!! Inspired my me, that’s so awesome!!! I’m glad you got one, aren’t they handy-dandy?! I wish I used mine for writing things more often; I’m so glad it helps you!! ❤

  3. I had a whiteboard in collage but I hardly ever used it, I’m more of a “writing it all down in a day planner” type person, but if it’s to do with my own writing, I have files and files on my computer, all very organized and precise lol! 😀

  4. How cool! I love it right by your desk, so handy! And I love the pics and quotes you have around it too. Very nice and inspirational.

    Yes, I also have a big 4′ x 3′ white board on my hall wall, right by the front door. It gets all kind of things scribbled on it, and my nephew likes to draw on it whenever he’s over. If I get an idea in the middle of the night, I usually head to the board to write on it, cuz it’s big enough I can scribble something down without having to turn on a light or grab a flashlight.

    1. Awwwww thank you so much! ❤

      By the front door, that sounds really convenient! LOL that's awesome you actually get out of bed to write stuff. I should do that more, I forget a lot that I think about late at night under the covers. 😦

  5. I’ve wanted a giant whiteboard since before i could breathe. lol. okay so thats obviously an exaggeration. but STILL. Ive wanted one forever. I had a medium sized one once upon a time, before it broke, but I never hung it up. now I just have a mini one. but its gotten me through so much. I have the worst memory so I need it. haha. its a life saver.
    maybe someday soon I’ve buckle down and actually buy one. I feel like I need a mega white board…lol

    but yours is so cute! I love it!

    1. LOL I so relate with the worst memory! XD Awwwwwww I know what you mean by lifesaver! I’m so glad you have one!
      And aww! Thank you! ❤

  6. Ooooo cool! I love all of your magnets! I have a whiteboard too! I’ve had it for years, but i had it in a spot I didn’t use it much, so now I’ve moved it above my desk and it’s so handy! It’s not as big as yours though. One day I’ll get a bigger one. XD Mine has magnets that are cursey and gifts from people, postcards and pictures, and some magnets I got in Canada!

    1. That’s so awesome you’ve used a whiteboard too! Awww, glad you moved it to where you could reach it better! ❤ And yay! Magnets! They're the best for whiteboards! WOW magnets from Canada!! That's awesome!!! ❤

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