For My Fellow Writers /// 05

It’s time for another addition to this series! I just found this specific link the other day and it kinda blew my mind as a writer! I’m determined to starting using it in my writing sessions starting today.

The link I have for you my fellow writers today is:

Using Brackets to Write FasterScreenshot (120)

I highly recommend you all read the short, original article above for full examples of what this means. But basically: instead of bogging down your writing pace by trying to come up with everything all at once, you use brackets with reminders in the places you get stuck at, to keep up your writing pace. When you’ve finished, you can then look back over your writing for the brackets and beef up your sentences as needed!

See article of an before-and-after examples of what this might look like.

I find this incredibly ingenious. I’ve lost track of the times my writing has slowed because I got stuck trying to find the exact wording for a minor detail. This trick will allow me to simply get the flow of the story out without those awful brain freeze moments!

Have you used this trick in writing before?



11 thoughts on “For My Fellow Writers /// 05

  1. I have never used this trick…BUT I SHOULD. I’m really trying to take joy in my craft this year, which means I have to always be on the lookout for my (very) destructive perfectionism streak. This kind of thing would be perfect for allowing myself to relax and come back to those tricky parts later!

    1. That’s so wonderful! I’m so glad you think it will help with that, that makes me so happy! And “taking joy in my craft” is my ultimate goal for this year too! ❤ I'm going to try the trick while blog post writing too, I might actually be able to get back into blogging again with this trick. XD Thanks, Maribeth!!! ❤

  2. Hi Jamie! This is a great trick! I don’t typically spend a lot of time in the planning phase of creative works. I like to jump right in while the excitement and idea is fresh. There are many places where I could get caught up, usually when it comes to naming characters and places. I’ve always used an underline, ______, because it stands out more. I look forward to seeing more writing tips!

    1. I’m with you, I don’t plan a lot for creative works either, I’m a very by the seat of my pants type writer! XD And underline is a great idea too, thanks for sharing! 😀 Thank you for the great input!

  3. I actually do do that! I usually don’t fill them with anything because usually it’s easy enough to remember what I wanted to go there, because usually I get back to them really fast, because usually I only write movie reviews which are nowhere near novel-length… but yeah! 😛 Or sometimes I’ll just do an annoyingly long dash “———-” cause it’s easy to spot when looking back over everything. 😀 I should definitely use it more though!

    1. Oh, wow, that’s fantastic! and LOL! XD I would like to start using this in my blog posting too! And the dash is a great idea as well! I might think of using different types of symbols to mean different things. Really, I guess once you get used to using them, these could really save a lot of time and help with editing! Thank you for the wonderful comment, Sarah! ❤

      1. Typically I’ll use the dash for if I forget an actor or character’s name or something and don’t want to break my concentration to look up just then. I don’t use it for mind blanks on wording as much as I should. I usually try to think of it for a while first, and that sometimes doesn’t turn out so well! 😛 But YES, having a code of symbols would make everything so fast and easy! Awesome idea!

  4. I have not heard of this, but this is a neat idea! Thanks for sharing. ^ ^

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