Jamie’s 2016 Bucket List

So I’ve had a fairly interesting beginning to my new and shiny year, 2016, and for such reasons, I decided at the beginning of the month not to immediately throw together a bucket list for the year. Instead I’ve been riding January out as it’s progressed and compiled this as the ideas have come to me. I figured they’d be more genuine to what I actually want to do, and I believe they are!

While I came up with some unique things to do, my last item is something that just hit me today. So I’m really glad I waited to share this with you, because now you can read it too!
large (34)

Investigate more video game and anime soundtracks for writing.

Officially meet my best friend in person.

Learn the rules of the road.

Take better care of myself emotionally and physically.

large (33)

Finish reading and underlining my Creative Writing books.

Spend money consciously.

Find unique ways to express my personal creative spirit and needs.

Continue enjoying anime and anime blogging.

large (36)

Make a YouTube playlist of empowering/humanizing songs to memorize.

Play the piano more consistently again.

Continue maintaining online relationships and build new ones at college.

Write only for me.


Re-blog my updated 100 Favorite Movies series.

Clean out my room of useless junk during my next furniture arrangement ritual.

Decide on a college major.


Listen more when others speak, but speak up more for the authentic me.


How has your 2016 been treating you? Did you make resolutions or a bucket list for the year? What are some movies you want to see this year, or books or music? Making grand plans, or seemingly insignificant ones, or medium-fries-with-extra-ketchup-sized one?…does that even make sense. Ah, who cares. XD

I hope you’re having a good year already! ❤


14 thoughts on “Jamie’s 2016 Bucket List

    1. Why through this very blog, would you believe! We met almost five years ago, commented forever on each other’s blogs, gradually recorded podcasts and began video skyping about two years ago and now we hope to meet in person this year! I’m so thrilled and excited, it will be the highlight of my year! 😀 Thank you for asking!


    1. Yes, it’s something I want to do better this year, especially as I buy myself more necessities. XD and yay, I can’t wait to start writing it; I will probably aim for it to be a summer series! 😉 😀

  1. I tagged you on my blog! 🙂

    I’ve never done a bucket list before. I think it’s a great idea, to help you figure out and remind you want you want to do that year, and encourage you to do it (especially if you show it to other people!) …actually maybe I’m afraid of the accountability. I would be like, “if I put this on the list, then I HAVE to do it” and then it’d stress me out. Haha! I’d have to figure out how to not take it too seriously. Anyway — your list sounds great!

    1. Thank you for tagging me, that made my day!!! ❤

      Bucket lists are great; they sound more fun then "New Year Resolutions" quite honestly. XD And yes, the accountability is very scary. XD I did learn last year that it was ok to do not fulfill everything I'd aimed to achieve. Things change, goals change, and that's ok. There should be a happy middle there somewhere LOL. XD

  2. “Spend money consciously” — definitely something I need to do, too.

    I’m sooo looking forward to your new 100 Favorite Movies!! You’re Bucket List is wonderful, definitely good goals for the new year. I absolutely love the last one ❤ It's hard, but always worth it. Happy new year, girl!! 😀


    1. Yep, that’s one I’m being more forced into right now LOL. I need to a get job this year to get a better source of income. Until then, I want to be WAY more conscious on what I’m spending my money on. >.<

      Ooooooh yay, I'm glad you're looking forward to my new 100 Favorite Movies list! I can't wait to do it, it's changed quite a bit since two years ago when I last did it! XD And YES. I so desperately want to live that last one; I was able to be more honest about my preferences yesterday at the neighbors and that felt really good. XD Happy New Year to you too, Emily! ❤

  3. These are some great resolutions! I’ve made a resolution to be more healthy this year. I’m trying to drink more water and exercise more. I need to play the piano more consistently too. XD I talked more about these in my December Summary post.


    1. Being more healthy always seems like something everyone needs to be better at! Thank you for reminding me about the water; I need to be drinking more myself! And yesssss, piano skills have been terrible neglected lately. XD Thank you for commenting!

      1. You’re supposed to drink 72 oz. a day so that’s three camelbak’s worth for me, so that’s my goal!

        Same with mine. XD

      2. Oh wow, that’s a lotta water! XD I need to get on that, thank you! At one point, I had a habit of drinking water first thing in the morning because it kickstarts your digestive system and helps you wake up but somehow I stopped doing that! I’m determined to begin doing that again too! XD

      3. I should start doing that. I sometimes get water balloon belly (at least that’s what I call it) if I drink too much in the morning though. XD It’s like when you drink too much and you can feel the water swishing around.

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