Christmas Day on Christmas Eve


So, my traditional Christmas Morning happened today, on Christmas Eve. Since my mom got my little brother for the day from my dad, we did it a day early! So I technically get two Christmases! We opened presents and stockings, did our usual orange rolls for breakfast, and watched Christmas movies together. I wore my new red “I SHOT MY EYE OUT” A Christmas Story t-shirt. It was all very nice. Right now, Mom and I are rewatching Return of the Jedi together.

Tomorrow is real Christmas Day, but I might sleep in a little. I’ve opened all my presents already after all. XD Mom and I hope to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens at some point tomorrow, but it will be a very quiet Christmas Day, otherwise. As far as I can tell. XD

I got rainbow toe socks for Christmas and they’re glorious. Hysterically, both my mom and my dad got me the Harkins Theater 2016 cup; it really is true that children of divorced parents get everything twice! ROFL. XD My mom is super fun because she got me a lottery ticket and I actually won ten dollars. XD My little brother gave me gummy bears; he knows me so well. One of my favorite gifts was my new tablet which I got earlier in the month, from my best friend James; always wanted one of those! I still need to open my sister’s gifts though. She’s thankfully home from Basic Training; it’s nice having her home. <3!


I’ve kept myself from feeling guilty for not blogging at all the past few weeks, lol. I’ve needed the time for myself lately. But I have a lot of things I want to write about to share with you all and document, when I can find the words and the way. About passing my GED tests in September, about the biggest things I gained in my first community college class, about movies and music and friendship and adventure. I just need to find the words. XD But I hope to be back soon!

I hope you all are having a Merry Christmas! What’s your favorite Christmas Day tradition? I especially like the gift exchange around the tree each year! I bought my mom quite a few gifts this year and it was really really fun watching her open them! ❤



7 thoughts on “Christmas Day on Christmas Eve

  1. Happy Christmas!! I hope you enjoy the Star Wars movie! XD The internet seems to be going crazy over it but I haven’t seen the originals so I like…I have no clue. 😛
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

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