12 Things I’m Thankful For This Year…


I’m thankful, in no particular order, of course 😉 :

For music; for the songs that help me write, feel, and think, for the music that makes me feel understood, for it driving me towards both peace and insanity and adventure.

For wonderful comedies; for discovering the joy that is Frasier and watching the series straight through twice, for rewatching The Office when I feel down, and for Modern Family being so rewatchable!

For my brother Nathan; for his hugs and kisses and for his thoughtful remarks and nearly nine-year-old type teasing.

For achieving my GED after just over a year of studying; for it teaching me to work hard and for the school that gave me a social life and personal encouragement.

For my sister finding her life’s calling; for her courage and inner determination that inspires me.

For anime; for the companionship of characters, for the power of stories, for the beauty of animation, and for its general amazing magic.

For continued personal exploration; for growth and pain, for further learning my natural strengths and inner ticking, for learning I’m both weaker than I thought but stronger than I knew.

For my best friend, James; for our continued, growing friendship, for the year of many laughter fits over Skype calls, for our many anime adventures, and for all his thoughtful care for me.

For good Chinese comfort food; enough said. 😉

For my Mom; for all her love, for her trying so hard to help and understand me, for her example of fighting for one’s mental and emotional safety.

For the struggle that is a writer’s life; for the books that died this year, for the books that are simmering on the back burner, and for the books that unexpectedly took control when I happened to blink that one time. XD


For heart emojis; just for how cute and expressive they can be, and for the many meanings that can be behind them. ❤ ❤ ❤


A huge thank you to S at A Free Mind for tagging me to do the Twelve Days of Thanksgiving Tag! That was just the push I needed to write this post up! XD

I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving! This is probably the most nontraditional one for me EVER, as Mom and I decided we didn’t want turkey this year. XD I did make my cranberry orange bread though, and I hope to watch that one Frasier episode that happens on Thanksgiving. Because I’m still obsessed with Frasier, guys. XD

Talk to you all again soon! Enjoy your holiday! ❤



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