For My Fellow Writers /// 03

My mind has been very preoccupied the past couple weeks, but thankfully I have this series to remind me to come back and post something. XD So far I’m glad I decided to pass on NaNo this year, since the first week is always important when it comes to starting a consistent habit of writing everyday. However I’ve been much too distracted by family to have much mental energy left. So…I’m glad I avoided all the unnecessary guilt, lol. XD

Screenshot (1726)

My link for you all today is for ambiance atmospheres from a website called Tabletop Audio. The site was made for tabletop players, but I use this to disappear into my book’s world! I’ve used many of these for my most current book, using the sounds I hear to trigger smells, sounds, and possible sights to describe. It also just helps me get lost in the world and write more. The ambiences are about ten minutes long, so it sounds pretty natural without a bunch of ten second loops.

While most of the ambiences are fantasy/sci-fi related, there are several historical tracks as well, and you can make others work for real life situations too. So hopefully there is something for everyone. 🙂


I hope everyone who’s doing NaNo has had a good first week! What are your word counts so far? Is everything going as planned so far, or are some of your characters already taking you down unexpected plot twist trails? XD Mine are like that; they always smack me upside the head with big bricks of writers block and say “you idiot, why don’t you know that we don’t want to do that. We’re not going to let you write anything till you follow us down the rabbit hole.” It’s a blessing…and a curse. XD


6 thoughts on “For My Fellow Writers /// 03

  1. Ooh that looks so cool. Actually, I have a friend who would love to listen to the Steampunk Airship ambiance. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m bookmarking for further investigation after writing today! My NaNo has been a bit up and down, but the characters thankfully know where they’re going, because by this point I don’t! I only planned the beginning of the book. But they’re always smarter than I am anyway.

    1. I’m so glad you know a friend who might really like this, that makes me so happy!

      Ahhh, yes, I recognize what you’re talking about. It’s strange how much smarter our characters can be than us when it comes to their stories. XD

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