Top Ten Tuesdays || 10 Wishes to Ask The Book Genie


I couldn’t pass up The Broke and The Bookish’s Top Ten Tuesday link up today! I’m attempting to read more as 1) it helps me write, and 2) I miss reading and doing these types of things make me want to read more. XD

Ok, on to my ten reading wishes to the book genie! Which will you agree with? XD

1st Wish: The ability to read books while watching things.

I need time in the day to not only do life’s regular demands, and watch anime, but also read books! I could ask for more time in the day, but how awesome would it be to be able to watch and read things at the same time without losing the enjoyment of either? XD

anime girl reading

2nd Wish: The ability to look at any book and know if its worth my time.

I hate looking at popular books or books I’ve never seen before and wondering: “Will I actually like that? Is it as good as everyone says? Would I personally get anything out of it?” I need mini fireworks to go off around books that I would definitely love so I can skip all the crappy books and just read the ones I’ll like. XD

3rd Wish: A pass to enter book worlds as a character to join the story.

I don’t just want to just enter books, I want to experience them! I want to run with Harry, Hermoine, and Ron, and have them actually acknowledge my presence. I want to trot the London streets as Doctor Watson’s second chum, the two of us puzzling over Holmes’ methods and genius. I want to perform an important act in the black and white tents of The Night Circus; I want help Sam protect Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. I WANT TO BE IN ALL THE STORIES.


4th Wish: A manga/book cafe in my neighborhood with food and wifi for overnight stays.

Because a dependable place to go read books in peace in my own private corner would be fantastic. Japan has these already as manga cafes, why does America not have them?!?! THIS ISN’T A FAR-FETCHED WISH, AMERICA HURRY UP AND CREATE BOOK CAFES.

5th Wish: Unlimited book funds for anything related in the slightest to books.

This includes more than books, people. It includes book merch, book clothes, book movie adaptions and merch, ANYTHING THAT MIGHT TIE BACK TO BOOKS. I WANT A BOTTOMLESS PURSE TO BUY IT ALL. I like stuff, especially books and book stuff. XD

6th Wish: To own the library from Beauty and the Beast.

Because. Who. Wouldn’t. #faints


Wait, why isn’t this my first wish. This is extremely important to me. People need to stop messing with my favorite book character. He’s not in love with Irene Adler and he’s actually extremely polite to women. He gets adapted so poorly, it’s not fair! *grumble grumble grumble*

8th Wish: That George R.R. Martin would quickly finish his Game of Thrones series.

I don’t want the TV series to branch off from the books but I think they’ll have to at the rate he’s writing them.  I NEED THE BOOKS FINISHED PRONTO SO HIS CHARACTERS’ STORIES ARE TOLD PROPERLY ON SCREEN.

9th Wish: To meet authors of interest, both alive and dead (but the dead ones brought back to life.)

I really, really want to meet Agatha Christie, and JK Rowling, and Arthur Conan Doyle, and Robert Louis Stevenson, and Dr Seuss. I must pick their brains and then just stare at them as they go about their day. They would seem so ordinary…but in a fascinating way!


10th Wish: That authors would be empowered to write stronger books.

This is pretty straightforward. I want fewer cheap rip-offs of popular books and more genuine originality. I want fewer flat characters and cliches and more characters that are rich, dimensional, and fascinating. To do all this and more, I will spend my final wish on all my fellow writers and authors, wishing them strength and ingenuity to fill the world with better, stronger, more wonderful books.

What wishes would you make to the book genie?! Which of these can I get an amen?! 😉


12 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesdays || 10 Wishes to Ask The Book Genie

  1. I am all for a Manga cafe. That sounds like such a cool concept. I’d be there all day if there was one in my village. Belle’s library is the ultimate home library goal.

    1. Yep, me too! It sounds like such a neat place! And yes, Belle’s library rocks!! So gorgeous.

      Thank you for the awesome comment! ❤


  2. I am totally with you on number 2. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve come home from the library with a stack of books only to find that I don’t actually enjoy even half of them. What a lot of time we could save if we instantly knew which books were worth our while. And yes, no more bad Sherlock Holmes adaptations. His personality gets so exaggerated in many of the adaptations. Like, he’s eccentric, sure, but he wasn’t rude or super over the top egotistical. He was super smart and a bit weird, but actually an all round rather good guy. Most adaptations simply don’t capture him at all.

    1. Yep, number 2 is such a big struggle!!! I’ve brought home things from library like that too. Gr.

      YES. THANK YOU. Someone else understand Sherlock Holmes! Exactly, almost everyone overdoes his character or certain parts of his character. Drives me insane. Thank God we have BBC Sherlock, I find that an acceptable adaption. XD


  3. #3, definitely! oh, so much want that!! And # 8. But #2… I would not personally want this. As a writer, I’ve learned more from bad books than good books. Good books I tend to appreciate more as a reader and a fan, but bad books teach about writing itself, about what works and doesn’t, and how to avoid that in your own books. They also teach about marketing, cuz if there’s something good enough on the back cover to make you pick it up in the first place, but the book itself disappoints, that’s a lesson too. There are only a couple books I truly felt like I wasted my time on.

    1. Interesting opinion! Obviously we disagree since it is something I really wish I had. I agree we can learn all a lot about writing by reading bad books, but for reading for relaxation, I just don’t have the extra time to begin a book, get 50 pages in and realize its a dud. I just can’t do that lol I really only have time for ones I’ll really enjoy. >.< I'm glad you find benefit in reading books that turn out poor, though; at least your time is rarely considered wasted! That's awesome! *thumbs up* Thank you for the long comment! 😀


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