My Blue, Blue Hair

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Some of you might remember that in the first week of 2015, I brought home a box of dark, vibrant blue hair dye and made my curls blue! And no, I never considered just dyeing ends or sections: Dye is such a drastic change, I decided to go all in if was doing it at all. Plus it seemed easier. XD

Even though rinsing the dye out was a bit traumatic (I did it the worst possible way by standing in the shower, turning the entire tub and shower walls blue) the result was incredible. Gone were my dirty brown-blonde curls and in their place were dark deep blue curls. Since I skipped bleaching my hair, it didn’t look a harsh neon but kept a rather natural look–if that is possible with blue. XD And my hair has been blue all year!

here it is, early in January

I’ve loved having blue hair. It made me–the artistic, free-spirited, take a chance, me–really happy! Plus I got compliments in stores and while jumping on the city bus and in Costco–people were constantly saying, “I don’t generally care for hair dye, but yours looks really good!” I felt so awesome. XD

In many ways, hair is a large part of a woman’s identity. We often cut it after something life-changing or traumatic happens; we do our best to take care of it; and we like to represent ourselves by how it looks (unless we have no clue as to how make it do anything, which can be one of most mortifying feelings ever. I know from experience.)

I chopped it short two years ago after years of keeping it long. It was therapeutic to me emotionally in so many ways. I’d hated my curls most of my teen years because they were nearly impossible to take care of at that length. I always keep my hair short now, like a bob, and I love it. It makes me feel so cute and confident!

Well, my hair still grows, so I’ve had to trim the ends to keep it short, so my hair has slowly been transitioning back to brown because of it. It is October and just the ends have blue. I still get compliments though, nearly more so than earlier in the year! The brown and blue mixture is easy to pull off since my head is already a messy crop of wavy curls, so I’m lucky.

my anime profile has blue hair too!
my anime profile has blue hair too!

While I like seeing my brown hair back, I also miss the blue; the unnatural, the uniqueness, the unconventional, the pop. I never thought I would love my hair so much when it was blue.

I’d often thought beforehand, “oh, I couldn’t dye my hair, that’s what punks do, people I know will think I’m out of control.” But I think actually dyeing my hair did away with the worry. My neighbors were surprised by the hair change, but I was still the neighbor girl who waters your plants when you go out-of-town and walk your dogs.

Really that’s such a funny stereotype about hair dye–that it means someone has gone out of control. Often times it just means you’re wearing more of you on your sleeve as an artistic or spontaneous person! I’ve found having blue hair has almost made me more accessible as a person because mere strangers now want to say they like it and it can act like an ice breaker, which is kinda cool!


So, this has been the year of blue hair and I don’t regret it one bit. My hair will probably be completely brown again by Christmas, and I’ll have to decide if I want to dye it again…and what color. Because purple sounds really cool too. XD



15 thoughts on “My Blue, Blue Hair

  1. The blue looks awesome! Since my mom’s been a hair-dresser since before I was born, I’ve had LOTS of different cuts, styles, and colors over the years, there’s something so freeing in changing something so simple and yet to visible about ourselves. I think my favorite color was actually a deep, gorgeous purple that looked gemstone-red indoors, it just made me feel phenomenal! And now I want to dye my hair again…must avoid temptation as I’m growing it out lol! 😀

    1. Thank you very much! And that’s so cool your mom knows hair! That’s fantastic! *gasp* that color sounds AMAZING. I really would like to try purple sometime, its my favorite color! Isn’t it amazing how wonderful hair dye can feel?! 😀


  2. YES! I’ve been dying my hair crazy colors since I was 11. I’ve done blue, green, red/orange, purple, and pink. Although purple is my go to color. its home to me. and seriously, its therapy. When I look at pictures I can tell you what I was going through based on what my hair looked like. and when I had no hair I could tell you I was brave. Long blonde I was sad. Purple I was outgoing. etc. and maybe I should do a blog post on that some day.

    I have been CRAVING blue hair for months now. so after the show Im in is over, goodbye blonde! Im debating about bleaching it though. my hair has always taken very well to dyes.

    anyhow, your hair is so rad and Im glad you got to experience all that. no one seems to understand it when I say it. lol

    1. WOW! You’ve done so many colors, that’s amazing! You should DEFINITELY do a blog post about your hair and what its meant to you, I would love to read it! Working with your own hairy really is a form a therapy; it’s crazy how something so normal is also so intimate to us!

      YES! Do blue again, I really have loved the blue myself. If you dye, you’ll have to share pics on your blog so I can see! ❤ If you do bleach please tell me how it went, I'm terrified of bleach. *cries*

      Thank you so much AND YES I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING YOU'RE SAYING! Lol! I'm glad I got to experience too, I can't wait to dye again sometime! 😀


  3. Oh my gosh, I love it! I’ve been thinking about dyeing my hair, too, for all the reasons you said – it’s not an indication of someone being goth or punk or out of control, it’s artistic and cute and unique! I’ve been wanting to do streaks of pink or purple, but I’m a little nervous. I’m thinking about doing it soon, though, because I indulged in the artistic side of myself today and painted my nails a super-dark purple (like almost black) and I. LOVE. THEM. So maybe that side of me needs to come out. : D

    Anyway, I absolutely love it. You look fab. ❤

    1. Yes, it’s completely artistic and cute! I say go for it, girl! Ooooh streaks of pink or purple would be cool! I’m scared off from streaks myself because it seems like a lot of work, lol. XD YES if you have an artistic side YOU MUST INDULGE IT. FEEL ALIVE. BE SPONTANEOUS. BE WHO YOU WERE MADE TO BE! LET THE COLOR OUT! XD One tip from me: baking soda is your best friend with hair dye. Keep it nearby to help quickly clean up any spills. It saved my tub from going blue, lol.

      Thank you!! If you do your hair share pics! I want to seeeee!! 😀


      1. I’m seriously thinking about it. So YAY. AMENNNNNNNNNN!!!! Thanks for the tips! I’ll definitely share some! ; )

  4. “In many ways, hair is a large part of a woman’s identity. We often cut it after something life-changing or traumatic happens…” Mm-hmm, yesssss, been there and done that! And it’s a very exhilarating experience. But YOU are cute and beautiful no matter what you do to your hair, and don’t let anyone tell you any different 😀 😀 😀

    Also: I tagged you! I thought this one was pretty fun and that you might enjoy it.

    1. Aww thank you!! And yes you’re right, cutting your hair is a very exhilarating feeling!
      Oooh thank you it looks so cool! I will certainly have a fun time answering this one! 😀 ❤

  5. Wow! It came out in a really pretty color! I’ve never done a drastic dye like that before, but I’ve always wanted to do blue highlights. ^ ^ The only thing close I’ve done is a bleached rogue streak. The only problem is that is sometimes puts off world places. 😛 But I really like the uniqueness of different colored hair. Kudos for bravery!

      1. It’s not official. It’s just what I call it because it’s an X-men reference. XD

  6. The blue looks so cute on you! It really suits your personality!

    I’ve had blue hair on and off since my sophomore year of high school, and I love it! For a while it was just the ends, when I had long hair. Then I got a bob and had these two very small strips of blue on either side, inspired by Mako from Pacific Rim. Finally at the end of my senior year of high school I cut my hair short, which has been a lifelong dream of mine, and since then I’ve alternated between blue and blonde for the tip of the longer side of my hair. I have yet to dye the whole thing, but I think it would be fun!

    But yeah, it’s so therapeutic to change up your hair! It took me a while to find what I was happy with during high school, but once I graduated and got it all cut off I’ve just felt so much more at peace, both with my looks and my life. And oh my gosh yes, it makes the best ice breaker! Haha, yeah the stereotypes are kind of funny. I think I scare people at first, both through my blue hair and the fact that I actually do love punk music, but when they get to know me they quickly realize I’m just a soft cinnamon roll XD My parents say the blue makes me look artsy-er, which fits me even more being an artist I guess XD

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