Currently: I Remember, I Used To Do These

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Haven’t done one of these in a loooong time, so I’m overdue for some fun! ❤

Currently listening: to the Beetlejuice soundtrack. Brings back good memories and the film is due a rewatch, especially since it’s October.

Currently sitting: at my desk, which needs to be cleaned. XD

Currently liking: my brand new Bible. I’ve not read my old one for a very long time because its saturated with a lot of bad vibes, bad memories, and scribblings of bad teachings. I just bought The Message version last week with the modern rewriting, which is a big enough change that I can rediscover the meaning in the verses without feeling like throwing up.

Currently drinking: so much water. My desk is covered in cups of water. XD

Currently reading: A manga (Japanese comic book) called Gangsta. As the show didn’t get an ending, I’m forced to run crying to the source material to see what happens to my favorite characters. Don’t you just hate that? X( Thank God it’s been translated into English!

Currently writing: the finale to my summer fling, which wasn’t suppose to happen. Those poor characters. XD

Currently watching: Season 7 of Castle! Loving it!

Currently obsessed with: with Korn’s version of Word Up. I would be listening to it right now, but I felt like listening to Beetlejuice for some reason… But anywho, I’m obsessed. XD


Currently excited: that I found Gangsta.’s soundtrack last night on YouTube. Been needing it since July! The track linked is one of my very favorites.

Currently failing: at starting the book I’m suppose to read for college. I got to start cracking on it.

Currently scaring myself with: thinking about driving. Driving scares me. There are so many stupid people on the road.

Currently wishing: for cooler weather. Just…I need a cold winter this year guys. I got a weak one last year and I didn’t get to wear my hoodies as much. Az temperatures are bothersome.

Currently praying: that I find the right paths in my college class to know what careers I might like and what I need to do to do one. This would be so awesome!

So, what’s your “currently”?


17 thoughts on “Currently: I Remember, I Used To Do These

  1. Currently avoiding working by blogging while listening to Eminem to try to hype myself up for the day ahead of me which was supposed to have started almost 2 hours ago. But I much prefer doing this.

    And don’t be afraid of driving. It can be scary (other drivers are horrible) but you can’t allow that to deter you. Just be conscious of your whereabouts and you should be alright. Oh, and don’t tailgate or be a lane hopper. Those people suck.

    1. LOL I have been in that position many times. XD Procrastination with music is the best though, I get some interesting ideas doing that. 🙂
      Thank you for the encouragement about driving. And for the tips! When I do start driving I’ll be sure not to do those! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you’re busy!

    That’s not an anime/manga I’ve had a foray with. I’ll have to check it out. I’m currently trudging through SAO 2 because I trudged through the first season, re watching Fairy Tail, and trying to find the second season of K in english. 🙂

    Also working on publishing/writing projects for next year. It never ends!

    Best of luck with you’re courses. I’ll be praying you come to the career you want.

    It’s finally starting to cool down here. Finally…

    Best wishes!

    1. Gangsta’s pretty good, I love the characters best. A very diverse, fun cast! Plus the mature story is a refreshing change of pace. I’m not sure how long it will take for S2 of K to get dubbed; generally, if they are going to be dubbed new, they don’t seem to come out till after six episodes of sub have been released. I guess we’ll have to see lol. I’ve not much SAO but people seem to love it or hate it. XD Good luck lol.

      Thank you for the prayers!!! *hugs*


      1. Eh, I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t mind subs at all, so long as I get to watch it! A lot of shows are better in Japanese, anyway (Princess Tutu is one of my favorite examples).

        No problem! I know what it’s like to worry and wonder about where your life is going. Don’t fret, it’s all under control. God has an awesome plan, just be bold enough to follow it. 🙂


      2. XD That’s awesome you don’t mind subs! I’m always relieved to hear people say that. I’ve gotten used to subs and I love hearing the Japanese language! ❤

        Thank you so much!!! ❤


  3. Dude its freezing where I am. haha. I wish we could share the weather with you!

    Im so happy you got a new bible! sounds amazing! I need to get one of those. my old one is for a small child…haha. but I have an emotional connection to it so….I cant give it up. lol.
    But Im so glad you were able to get a new one to make new memories with. I pray that your relationship with God would be super strengthened in this time in your life!

    1. LOL omg I wish you could share too! We need it! AT this point I’m going to have no fall, it will just be straight from summer to winter. XD

      Aww, yeah I get that. XD Thank you for the prayers; I’ve been struggling more recently over theology and its not helped that my Bible has felt revolting. I love my new bible though, it has a zebra print cover and it smells so good and reads well! So I’m happy about that. 🙂 Please keep me in your prayers for sure! ❤


  4. I feel you with the heat! It just started getting cold here in GA in the past week. It’s so nice. It’s like fall finally snapped to attention. And yessssss Castle! I’m currently catching up on fall shows coming out! I’m currently on the Flash. ^ ^ I’m glad you’re liking your Bible. I can understand how old teachings can give one a pit in one’s stomach. 😦

    1. That’s wonderful, hopefully some of that cool weather will drift this way lol. XD Yes, my new Bible is nice, I was just reading it this morning.<3 😀


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