New Blog Post Series! Intro

I love writing stories but it can be hard work; I like to switch things up and try new things to keep the mundane away. I wish I could find more blogs by writers who share the silly little tools and thoughts that randomly help them write. So, I’ve decided to be that blogger myself instead. Today I’m introducing a new blog post series:


While I’m unsure if this will be a weekly or bi-weekly thing, the point is that every once and while I’d like to share a resource, a YouTube playlist, a blog post, a quirk, or just something that I’ve found helpful with my own writing, in the hopes that it might help along someone else’s creative journey to.

I’ll mostly be focused aiding writers of fiction, but bloggers and anyone who enjoys creativity of some kind shall hopefully find good things here too! 😀 If just one person finds this blog series helpful, I will consider it a grand success! (And I’ll be able to always go back to find them again here.)

Well, just so for some fun (and because I’m curious) I thought I’d try a poll today! What Helps You Write? (If I didn’t include something that does help you, please let me know SO I KNOW YOUR SECRETS. XD )

Hope you all are having a nice Friday!


20 thoughts on “New Blog Post Series! Intro

      1. Same here. If I actually start singing along all bets are off, no writing will get done until I’ve finished my “impromptu concert” lol! 😀

  1. Oooh, I’m definitely looking forward to this blog series! My own writing is pretty shoddy if I’m not blocking out whatever’s going on in the rest of the house with my movie soundtracks. I’m hoping to get the soundtracks to “You’ve Got Mail” and “Forrest Gump” for Christmas to add to my collection 🙂

    1. Oh yay, I’m so glad! Ah, that’s interesting; I definitely write better at night when I know people are in their rooms and aren’t going to barge in on me when I’m in the groove lol. I haven’t heard either of those soundtracks–looking up on YouTube now! 😀


  2. Where’s the check for “all of the above”?! XD Honestly, it varies for me. Depends on the day, mood I’m in, what I’ve read/watched recently, how much internal motivation I have… yeah.

  3. Nothing helps me write so much as tea. The Japanese have a proverb: “The man with no tea in him cannot perceive truth and beauty.” And, at least with my writing, this proves often true. 🙂

    1. Wow, interesting! I’m not a tea or a coffee person so I’ve never tried either to help my writing. Tea is so good for you though, that saying is understandable. XD

  4. LOVE this idea! I cant wait to read what you have to say and share. especially since NaNo is coming up and Im so not ready but I still sorta wanna do it? even though the play Im in is in November…I still want to attempt it.

    1. Oh I’m so glad! YES I THOUGHT NOW WOULD BE PERFECT CAUSE YEAH. NANO. I still don’t know if I can commit to NaNo this year. Like you, I have stuff happening in November too. I’d hate to miss another without NaNoWriMo. Let me know what you end up doing!!! XD


  5. Yessss bless you for this, Jamie! I wanted to try and do a writerly link up, but failed miserably (I just have no inspiration sometimes 😛 ). I shall look forward to your posts!!!

    Probably what helps me most is music. Even if I’m not in a writing mood, if I listen to certain songs on my playlist, I’m instantly inspired and start writing (sometimes). And of course, encouragement from writer friends ALWAYS helps!


    1. I’m so happy you’re excited! I knew this was a good idea. XD I’m looking forward to your future input; writer girls stick together! ❤

      I so get you! Music always helps me; especially if I find songs that sum up where my characters are emotionally. YES I love writer friends' encouragement! I might have that be part of the series, by giving individual encouragement to any writers who are stuck or just need a "You can do it!" 🙂


    1. Nice! Nobody’s mentioned that yet, awesome input! Thank you Ivy Miranda! It’s so cool hearing about the things that help different people write! 😀


  6. This is a cool idea. ^ ^ I tried something like this on Facebook but it didn’t take off. XD I look forward to seeing your finds!

    1. Thank you! Aw, that’s too bad! I hope to not put a ton of pressure on myself so that it all doesn’t collapse. XD We’ll see how long I can carry it! 😀

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