My Forged Summer Bucket List


Due partly to my break from blogging and due to already having a 2015 Bucket List (that I’ve been recently neglecting), I skipped doing a Summer Bucket List this year. I’ve done one for the past two years, but I broke the tradition.

However, I thought it would be fun to make a list of things I did do this summer and pretend they were on a bucket list in the first place. XD

Go swimming once.
Watch more classic horror.
Acquire plastic mini drawer tower for my desk.
See “Mad Max: Fury Road” in theaters.
Buy a clip-on lamp for my bed for nighttime reading.
Thrift shop books.
Find a decent hat to wear in the morning for walking the dogs.
Learn how to grown-up budget.
Consistently blog on Jamie Talks Anime to build a readership.
Watch some 80s movies I’ve not seen.
Feel depressed about math and life.
Skype with friends.
Attend comic-con and wreck my feet from wrong shoe choice.
Purchase my first anime posters.
Start Daredevil.
Fuss over friends’ birthdays on Facebook.
Watch so much anime that I start to accidentally pronounce English words like Japanese words. (yes this happened and there are witnesses.) 
Stop neglecting Pinterest and Twitter.
Write a story that might seem weird, just for me.
Sway around in a rainstorm while crowing “Singin’ in the Rain”.

Omg you guys! I did everything on my bucket list this year! And it was so easy! How have I not done this before?! 😉

How about you? Did you do a summer bucket list? Did you get everything marked off like me? 😛



31 thoughts on “My Forged Summer Bucket List

  1. “Feel depressed about math and life”. That’s on your bucket list? Wow! As for me, I don’t really write a summer bucket list because if I do that, it’ll be a thick book-long. I’ll want to a lot of things and that’s just not realistic. Although I do write New Year’s Resolutions, sometimes. Anyway, interesting post, Jamie!

    1. Well “Feel depressed about math and life” is kinda joke because no one puts that on the list, but its something I ended up doing this summer because that’s life. XD

      I understand that feeling, though I don’t often hold myself the lists I write lol. New Year’s Resolutions are fun!

      Thank you! ❤

      1. Ahaha. Well. Same here. Someone told me before that Math means “Mental Abuse To Humans” which I have to agree, since my brain is not wired to do it as efficiently as I like. Whenever I see numbers, I slightly panic. I’m more comfortable handling letters and words. Anyway, sounds like you had a very eventful and fun summer. Hope that the next season holds more fun for you. Cheers!

      2. THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT MATH IS OMG. XD I’m not wired for numbers either, not in the slightest. 😦 Why thank you very much; I hope you have a nice next season too! Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a good summer to me! I should totally try making a backwards to-do list! It would make me feel very productive. 😛 Netflix’s Daredevil? How far are you into it? And don’t you just LOVE it??? 😀 Obviously, I do. 😉

    1. I actually feel really accomplished right now; a lot of silly things suddenly feel important some how. XD I’m only two episodes into Daredevil 😦 but I want to see more! I like how mature it is! 😀

  3. As a lover of lists (especially the crossing off of things on the lists) I think this is a wonderful idea, especially for someone who procrastinates as much as I do lol! 😀

    1. XD YES this is awesome for procrastinators! My life is one long procrastination. These are fun to do too, I did more this summer than I thought! 😀

  4. Sounds like you had a fantastic summer! I should probably get on mine since Spring has just started where I’m at. What classic horror film did you watch? Also, how fantastic was Mad Max: Fury Road!? I absolutely loved it.

    1. Well, my summer was very emotional, but it did have some great parts! I watched A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Sixth Sense for classic horror, both very good and creepy! XD MAD MAX: FURY ROAD. MY NEW FAVORITE MOVIE. I’m so glad you liked it too!! 😀

      1. Oooh Nightmare on Elm Street is on my list! I’ve only watched the re-make so am keen to check out the original with Johnny Depp 😉

        Mad Max was fantastic! I’ve heard they’re thinking of making another film but focused on Furiosa – which I want and need so badly!

      2. It was worth the watch and Johnny Depp was awesome as always–it was his first movie! I would love to see a second Mad Max with more Furiosa. She was excellent! 😀

  5. Haha what a great summer for you, how accomplished you must feel! I literally got so little done so I won’t make a list, but I will next year or this winter for sure. And thrift books ~

  6. Haha I have so pronounced English words in a Japanese accent before. XD You sounded like you had a really fun summer! I didn’t make a bucket list, though I did cross of going to the Atlanta Zoo which I’ve been wanting to do for years and I finished a book. ^ ^

  7. I love how accomplishing just the simple ordinary things in life just seems to make the days much more enjoyable : ) I’ve tagged you! (I will get your tag done soon!)

  8. This is perfect!!! So glad that you finished your list! 😉 Swimming at least once is the hard one for me — I hate being cold and water is usually cold, so…. Swimming doesn’t always happen. Writing a weird story is always fun!

    Also…. I STARTED THE WALKING DEAD. And I am so so addicted right now. It isn’t funny. I love it so.much.

    1. LOL about swimming! I don’t like super cold water either, but it gets so hot here it’s nice to get a full dip once and awhile. XD


  9. Mad Max was fantastic! And I’ve always wanted to dance in the rain like in Singing in the Rain 🙂

    I had a list of films to watch before going to film school, so that was sort of a bucket list. XD I enjoyed getting to see so many movies I hadn’t seen before.

    1. Oooh how fun! I kinda did that last year; it was really fun! I got worried near the end of summer that I’d seen all the good movies there were, but I had grossly overestimated what I had seen. XD

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