Moi’s Current Time Wasters


Even though I’m often busy doing different things, I still find the time to waste time on fun, dumb, or unnecessary things, like these awesome and not-so-awesome distractions.

Watching nature series on Netflix: I love animals so much, so these are almost like comfort shows. I’m in the middle of two shows on Netflix now, Planet Earth and Life. Baby polar bears, fish, and zebras for the win!

Hearting images on WeHeartIt: I’m on WeHearIt more than Pinterest these days, but that’s really not a shock. I was never truly addicted to Pinterest. XD I truly adore WeHeartIt though, its such a simple and easy way to fill a part of my day with beauty.

Worrying about Facebook: I’m not quite sure what it is about Facebook, but I’m ten times more nervous about what people think of my thoughts and blog post links on there than when I post stuff on any other site. Maybe because EVERYONE is on Facebook or because I’m just too self-conscious about what people think about me, when I shouldn’t… idk guys. But that’s a huge and terrible time waster that I should definitely cut out of my day.

Creating tunes on Incredibox: A capella awesome. 😀

Relistening to music on my back: Sometimes I can’t even multitask when I’m listening to certain music. I end up laying down somewhere to soak it in, even if I’ve heard those particular songs a million times already. To me that’s being a bit too generous with my time–can’t I do this while I write or something?–but sometimes I also think it’s just good therapy. XD



9 thoughts on “Moi’s Current Time Wasters

    1. I know, I can go “ajskld;fajskdlf” on Twitter and feel awesome but Facebook is a TOTALLY different story. Its like you need to be more presentable on FB or something? idk


  1. Please tell me listening to music is not a waste of time!!! I’ve shaved off years listening to music😃🎶. Also thanks for the intro to weheartit. Never heard of that before

    1. LOL! Ultimately its probably not a waste of time, but half the time I feel like I’m wasting time when I’m not doing something along with the music. XD You’re so welcome! No one I know uses WeHeartIt but it’s amazing and I’ve used it for several years! ❤


  2. I find nature stuff quite fascinating! But I rarely stick around to watch much….gah. I’m just too flighty or something?! I never even sit still very long for movies these days, gaaah, need to work on that because I miss out on seeing so many epic movies. I worry about facebook too!! I barely ever post because of it. Twitter though? Twitter is life.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Nature stuff is amazing! I’m always wowed out by the end of an episode. XD Lol Aw! Did you see Age of Ultron yet?! Yes. Twitter is the best! ❤

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