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I only have three movies to discuss this time, but I’m excited for all the summer flicks that are coming up! I’m sure I’ll be doing this blog series a bit more often! So many good movies coming. But for now, I’m still playing catch up with last year’s. XD

Exodus: Gods and Kings | 3.5/5

After watching the trailer I knew I would want to see this. I was nervous that it might turn out to be a terrible adaption like Noah had earlier in the year. But I kept my fingers crossed, and was pleasantly surprised by the film that I got. In comparison, Exodus sticks closer to the original biblical story than Noah did…not super closely of course; I don’t go into Hollywood adaptions of biblical tales and expect a good adaptions anyway–you’re only setting yourself up for disappointment that way. The cinematography and effects were amazing though. I’ve been waiting for a movie to show the plagues and it be realistic, so that was definitely a home run. The overall technical parts of the film were simply fantastic. The only thing that really failed for me was that the characters themselves were flat and didn’t affect me as a viewer. To me, that’s worse than not giving a word for word adaptation. On an overall scale, it was an enjoyable movie for what it was.


Unbroken | 2.5/5

Disappointed. Everyone was raving over the book and movie when it came out past Christmas. I’m sure the book is a lot better than the movie, or at least I hope it is. Mom and I decided to watch this together, as we were under the impression that it was an inspiring story. We were not that inspired once we hit the end. We followed this young man through trauma and torture for two long hours, waiting and waiting and waiting for that triumphant ending. Instead, it just…ended. Flatly. There was no triumph. There was no emotional punch at the end, like “Wow! He survived! He made it! We’re so touched!” The film completely failed to communicate any positive emotion at the end other than exhaustion. Which is how we felt when it FINALLY ended. No disrespect to the real man himself, please understand. I just think Angelina Jolie’s movie failed miserably at what it was trying to do. I’m sure glad I didn’t go see this on Christmas day.


Interstellar | 4/5

While I got a few elements that I didn’t expect, Interstellar basically delivered what I thought I would get. Space. Wormholes. Family. Science. Overall it was good, if a bit long. It was much more interesting that Gravity, thankfully. The acting was on point, too; I loved Mathew McConaughy in the lead role! The only person who felt odd to me was Anne Hathaway. Not that she was bad, but because her face and name was distracting–I didn’t even remember that character’s name, I just remember “oh, and Anne Hathaway.” XD Overall, it was great movie, a little heady, but enjoyable in its own right. Was it the next Inception? To me, no. Inception was tons more fun. 😀 But if you liked Inception, you should definitely give this a watch!



14 thoughts on “Movies of Interest

    1. I did, and I was impressed and frustrated because I was hoping the movie would be “Ha! You fell for our red herring! Look how smart we are with this OTHER twist.” Kind of like Inception, I guess. I just felt bad for the movie by the end. XD

  1. I read “Unbroken” first, and the book was WAY better than the movie. Part of that was because Laura Hillenbrand really did her research–I mean, REALLY DID HER RESEARCH. The acknowledgments at the end were fascinating in and of themselves.
    She paints the overall picture of the war to deliver an effective backdrop for what Zamperini was going through, for the general atmosphere and the daily life. (The bombers he flew? Highest casualty rate of the war. Like, the planes themselves, not even combat, got guys killed.)
    The other thing that the movie left out was his conversion story. *That* delivered the triumphant ending. He went through such incredible suffering and came out with some wicked PTSD…and God quite simply healed him of it.

    Tl;dr go read the book, it rocked.

    I’m going to have to give Exodus a shot! Are the plagues really gory?

    1. Ah ha! I knew the book had to be better! Thank you for explaining some of the differences, to say the movie was a disappoint is a understatement.

      I don’t remember the plagues being very gory…most discomforting and “EW!” than gory I suppose. XD


    1. LOL! Interstellar was a confusing, at least for small parts. XD Oooh yay! I hope you enjoy Exodus! It was very decent! 😀

  2. I’d heard that about Unbroken and noooope, I don’t want to see it. >_< It sounds so so sad and, eep, while I like sad movies, isn't it off a true story?! I find those hard to handle. *gulps* I WOULD like to see Exodus though! I don't mind when they retell the Bible and change stuff up, because, for me, it's just an adaption. I’m not expecting accuracy. hehe. That saying I haven’t seen Noah yet! The length scared me off. XD I AM A WIMP FOR LONG MOVIES.
    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Yes, Unbroken is based on a true story and the way this film in particular was presented…yeah, I would avoid it!

      FINALLY someone else who doesn’t expect a word for word adaption–I was in a church for a long time who got mad when Biblical movies came out and then a few liberties were taken–what did you expect? I didn’t have a problem with Noah until the very end myself. The last 45 minutes was terrible. XD I hope you enjoy Exodus once you see it!

      Aw, you’re welcome! I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine in return! 🙂


  3. I really need to see Interstellar… And I wouldn’t mind seeing Exodus either, since it’s not nearly so ridiculous and anti-christian as Noah was. And I like Joel Edgerton. 😀 That’s too bad about Unbroken, but I never was interested in that one for some reason.

    1. Yes, Exodus was MUCH better than Noah!!!

      For some reason I’m glad to hear that, I felt bad feeling like the only one who wasn’t raving or “in” when Unbroken came out. 🙂


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