10 Favorite Screen Characters

Victoria at Stori Tori’s Blog tagged me to list 10 of my favorite on-screen characters! So easy! To be more enjoyable and less predictable, I shall steer away from my obvious favorites like Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter, Captain America, and Rocky. Y’all know I love those guys already. XD

Instructions: For this quick, fun blog hop, you just name your 10 favorite characters from movies or TV, then tag 10 friends (if you can) to do the same!


Batman from The Lego Movie: The Lego Movie has a lot of my favorite things, including my favorite version of Batman. The film exaggerates that whole “Dark and Brooding” attitude of Batman. In a way, it makes fun of Batman in general–and I love it. DC’s films, although sometimes enjoyable, are way too gritty and dark for their own good *sings “De-PRESSING!”* However, when a character like Batman is handled in a spoofy manner, I can’t get enough of it. Here’s a big hand for Will Arnett voicing the best Batman ever!


Shaun from Shaun of the Dead: I love Simon Peg’s title character of this rom-com this much: *tries to hug entire world.* Shaun is ridiculously lovable because while he’s kind of loser, his heart is softer and bigger than most guys you would find in a zombie apocalypse movie. While Shaun had struggled to infuse color into his dull life, zombies helped him figure out his priorities, and so he sets out to save his mum and ex-girlfriend. This movie is awesome because of its smart British satire, its huge heart, its thrills..and its wonderful lead. ❤


Riko Aida from Kuroko’s Basketball: I LOVE THIS GIRL. While I have only seen the first season, Riko Aida stands out in a mostly male cast of basketball players because her entire character’s worth rests on her mental strengths. This is very refreshing to see in a female character. Riko has the clear ability, wisdom, and smarts to drive, steer, and urge her team through competitions. I love that she’s has a super-powered type of eye sight and that her cooking is terrible because the of the vitamins she sprinkles on it. XD


R from Warm Bodies: I love R. His character in Warm Bodies was, I believe, the first zombie that ever made me reconsider the genre as a whole. Beforehand I found the idea of zombies quite dumb, but R was endearing, contemplative, and quite sweet, for a man-eating corpse. I’m not crazy about story of Romero and Juliet, but Warm Bodies is definitely my favorite version, as R makes an intriguing Romero. XD And now, thanks to him and this rom-com, I really enjoy the zombie genre!


Kuranosuke from Princess Jellyfish: Kuranosuke is one of the most enjoyable characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching on TV; he’s funny, talented, kind-hearted, extroverted, a people person, and a great actor. To keep distance from his political family, Kuranosuke uses his passion for fashion to crossdress. He knows how to use society’s expectations to his advantage and he really doesn’t care what people think of him. I really love Kuranosuke for two reason: He’s hysterical and he’s genuine…even if he fakes in his female alter-ego for most of the show. XD


Pepper Potts from the MCU: Pepper still remains my favorite Marvel woman, even though Natasha is really awesome. I’ve loved Pepper’s quiet strength since the first Iron Man. Tony Stark has slowly reformed over the series of films to make their relationship work, which really speaks to her favor. I think in many ways she’s very underrated in the Marvel Universe. Not only can she kick butt as a business woman, but she’s a worthy action hero too!


Lloyd Dobler from Say Anything: I have only seen Say Anything once, which is ridiculous because that movie was fantastic. It only took one viewing for Lloyd to steal his way into my heart and stay there, too. Lloyd is your every day guy, except better. He’s confident in himself without being an a-hole and he pursues the girl he likes with a steady confidence that wins us all over. Melodrama and hardships effect him but they don’t make him stupid either. He’s also expressive, blunt, romantic…I shall stop myself here. In short, Lloyd is just really awesome character that I’ve not seen replicated anywhere else. ❤


Gale Weathers from ScreamFirst you hate her. Then you love her. There’s really no in-between when it comes to feelings for Gale Weathers. Scream is such a fun film series, its bloody, smart, and completely aware of it’s genre’s shortcomings and how society sees horror. Gale isn’t the main heroine, but her go-get-em attitude and swift-on-her-feet reactions make her an awesome news reporter to follow as we witness the murders. She also has some great one liners. XD


Kokkuri-san from Gugure! Kokkuri-san: He’s a lonely fox spirit who finds a home with a just-as-lonely little girl. Kokkuri-san is protective, hysterical, a good housekeeper, a great cook, and can even shape shift into a girl! Gugure! Kokkuri-san is a comedy and an extremely funny one at that and Kokkuri-san is a strong lead for such a show because he’s very quirky yet very genuine. Kokkuri-san is very loveable because he puts up with a lot of crap from two other spirits to care for and love on the adorable but seemingly emotionless Kohina. Kokkuri-san is about tied with Kuranosuke for being one of those male anime characters that have really affected me. ❤


Wadsworth from Clue: Clue is my most favorite movie ever (a cult classic!) and Wadsworth is one of the few characters in the movie that didn’t originate from the game. He plays an important role as he leads the murder investigation of the late Mr. Boddy. Wadsworth is smart, commanding as a lead among a cast of suspects, sympathetic, a good butler, and very funny. He’s also ridiculously cute and energetic once the murder happens, so I happen have a small crush on him. XD Out of all the colorful characters with all their engaging back stories and many one liners, Wadsworth, thanks to Tim Curry’s acting, is the most memorable, likable, and engaging character onscreen! If you love a good mystery show and haven’t seen Clue, definitely put it on your must-watch list!

It’s time tag a couple of victims! This is a pretty easy tag, so I look forward to seeing what people come up with! I tag:

Sarah | Maribeth | Ivy Miranda | Hamlette | Imogen | Moonstonemaiden



16 thoughts on “10 Favorite Screen Characters

  1. OMGOSH Lego Batman. I cracked up laughing more than once during “The Lego Movie” thanks to him.

    I’m commenting here so you don’t have to come and let me know I was tagged (I’m signed up for your email updates 🙂 ) and therein risk exposing yourself to a few Age of Ultron spoilers on my blog 😉 I absolutely love this idea of doing some more obscure favorites! Hope you don’t mind if I follow suit.

    1. Lego Batman was so funny! “I only work in black, and sometimes, very very dark grey.” XD I love his dark and brooding song, too! “NO PARENTS.” LOL!

      Thank you! I have been gone all day and haven’t had time to go to everyone’s blogs to tag them! I’m glad I can avoid the spoilers a little longer! XD I definitely hope you do the obscure favorites, they’re way more interesting!! ❤


  2. Awesome! Thanks for tagging me, Jamie, I’m definitely going to do this. 😀 I love Will Arnett’s Batman for the same reason. And Shaun, but I think I love all of Simon Pegg’s characters just as much. He’s brilliant. 😀 R is just adorable, and one of the first times I actually really enjoyed a zombie movie too. And Pepper! Pepper is great. I missed her in Age of Ultron! And I really need to watch Clue…

    I like your idea of mentioning the lesser known and lesser loved characters that are favorites, instead of the ones *everyone* likes! I think I’ll do something like that too. 🙂

    1. SIMON PEGG IS ALWAYS AWESOME CHARACTERS! He’s so funny! I almost couldn’t decide his character in Hot Fuzz and The Worlds End, but I picked Shaun of the Dead because I was just craving the movie. XD He was also great in Star Trek, wasn’t he! YES WATCH CLUE. I’d love to read a review from you on it to see what you think. XD

      Yay, I hope you do, I think it’s a more fun and engaging then the normal top ten faves. 😀 Looking forward to your post! ❤


    1. YAY someone else who knows this movie exists. For it being a cult classic, most of my friends have never seen it, to my exasperation. 😉 You’re welcome!


  3. Lego Batman is the best! I loved how exaggerated his character was. It was so exaggeratedly stereotypical it was original again, I swear. Clue is one movie I’ve always wanted to see. One day I’m going to see this legendary movie, I’m sure of it. Thanks for the tag! This looks like a heap of fun to do.

    1. LOL I KNOW! Lego Batman is awesome. YES you must watch Clue, it is hysterical and cheesy and so much fun! I keep noticing little things towards the mystery or about the characters each time I rewatch.

      You’re welcome, have fun!


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