Happy Star Wars Day!


Happy Star Wars Day, everybody! I never miss this day to celebrate, though I have absolutely nothing planned. 😦 Maybe I can squeeze in one of the movies?

I suppose now is a good time for me to document my current feelings about the new Star Wars film, now that we have a decent trailer for it. I’m still pretty indifferent to it, even a bit tinged with dread. Yes, even after watching the trailers. I really love Star Wars, especially Episodes 4-6, and I do not like people screwing around with things that ended well a long time ago. Do I really need a sequel?

Believe me, I’ll be happy to be proved wrong…but only after I see the film itself. At the moment, I’m refusing to assume Episode 7 is going to be good until I actually watch it. At this point in time, building expectations could be dangerous and I love Star Wars too much to be disappointed by my first Star Wars theater experience.

Listen to me, sounding like a complete drag to everyone who is excited about this film. Don’t mind me and my overly cautious habit of biding my movie optimism. XD Happy Star Wars Day!



7 thoughts on “Happy Star Wars Day!

  1. I’m suspending judgment until I see the film as well. I just don’t want the series to be ruined by it being dragged on and on and I really love the Anakin/Luke plotlines. But I am hoping that this movie rocks too 😀

    1. Yeah, sometimes a good series just needs to be left alone. XD I hope we aren’t disappointed like everyone was when The Phantom Menace came out. Fingers crossed it all turns out well!


      1. I liked the last three released, especially the third one, but I love the original three like crazy and I just think it will be weird to see a storyline where Anakin/Darth Vader isn’t present lol! 😀

      2. I KNOW. Unless they bring him back as a ghost (which I DON’T want), there will be no Darth Vader which would be REALLY WEIRD. Also what about Yoda?! He was in all six movies, too, it will be weird to have him missing as well. 😛


  2. Happy Star Wars Day!

    Honestly your response to the new movies is probably the most logical one, because nothing is worse than being let down by a film because your expectations were too high. That being said, however, I couldn’t contain myself when I saw Han and Chewie again. XD Anyways, I trust Abrams to take good care of Star Wars. I just hope they don’t make too many sequels and overwhelm us.

    1. May the Fourth be With You!

      I know. I’m generally an optimist, I don’t like to live with the negative thoughts all the time, but I’m so nervous about this movie! Oooh too many sequels, I hadn’t even thought about getting an Episode 8 and 9 as well….that’s also scary. I’m glad you’re excited about it Episode 7! 😀


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