My Online Highlights || Round 3

Favorite Blog Posts:

I Read:

I Reviewed:


What I’ve Been Watching:

  • Frasier Season 10 (nearly done with the entire show! My heart!)
  • Interstellar (um. I shall reserve my thoughts for a short review)
  • Princess Jellyfish (BECAUSE I HAVE THE DVDS!)
  • My Love Story!! (hands down best rom-com I’ve ever seen in my liiife)
  • The Office on Netflix (forever and always)
  • Blood Blockade Battlefront (stunning quirky sci-fi urban fantasy is stunning–see gallery below!)

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Out of all the seasonal anime airing right now, the best is definitely My Love Story!! and Blood Blockade Battlefront. I can easily recommend those to you guys because My Love Story!! is hysterical and terribly adorable and Blockade is quirky and way too much fun. 😄


I’ve followed The Fine Brothers react videos for several years now; they’re the YouTubers I keep up with most. At the beginning of the month I caught up with one of their gaming series while I wasn’t feeling well. I was missing The Walking Dead. 😦 and was needing some sort of zombie filler. 😄 This is Part 1 of the series, which is still ongoing.

I’ve also been running my playlist of anime openings and endings A LOT this month. I’m still stuck on the Free! ending but there are a ton of others that bring me good memories of some wonderful shows. Peruse at your own geek risk (and it was this or Kpop, so I will take no complaints. 😄 )

Writing Updates

Writing of “100 Levels” has come to a full halt the past two weeks as I studied for my GED science test–which I just learned today that I passed! I kept my writing habits alive by writing anime reviews and two large articles here about the internet and emotional health. I hope to put fictional writing as a higher priority in the upcoming month! Hopefully in next post I’ll have a new word count to tell you guys!

Right now, I’m looking forward to May for several reasons:

Age of Ultron for one… although my excitement for it has simmered down to a near “indifferent”… I think I’m trying to protect my feelings since I won’t get to see the film till mid-May after everyone else. I will have to spend that entire time avoiding my normal Tumblr and certain blog posts ’cause of spoilers. Gr.

The big thing for May is my state’s big summer Comic-Con will be happening at the end of this month. I bought my ticket back in February and I’m excited that it’s oh-so-close to arriving! I hope that I’ll maybe see some friends and I’ll probably do all my birthday spending prematurely while I’m there. 😄

I hope you all had a nice April!



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