My Online Highlights || Round 3

Favorite Blog Posts:

I Read:

I Reviewed:


What I’ve Been Watching:

  • Frasier Season 10 (nearly done with the entire show! My heart!)
  • Interstellar (um. I shall reserve my thoughts for a short review)
  • Princess Jellyfish (BECAUSE I HAVE THE DVDS!)
  • My Love Story!! (hands down best rom-com I’ve ever seen in my liiife)
  • The Office on Netflix (forever and always)
  • Blood Blockade Battlefront (stunning quirky sci-fi urban fantasy is stunning–see gallery below!)

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Out of all the seasonal anime airing right now, the best is definitely My Love Story!! and Blood Blockade Battlefront. I can easily recommend those to you guys because My Love Story!! is hysterical and terribly adorable and Blockade is quirky and way too much fun. XD


I’ve followed The Fine Brothers react videos for several years now; they’re the YouTubers I keep up with most. At the beginning of the month I caught up with one of their gaming series while I wasn’t feeling well. I was missing The Walking Dead. 😦 and was needing some sort of zombie filler. XD This is Part 1 of the series, which is still ongoing.

I’ve also been running my playlist of anime openings and endings A LOT this month. I’m still stuck on the Free! ending but there are a ton of others that bring me good memories of some wonderful shows. Peruse at your own geek risk (and it was this or Kpop, so I will take no complaints. XD )

Writing Updates

Writing of “100 Levels” has come to a full halt the past two weeks as I studied for my GED science test–which I just learned today that I passed! I kept my writing habits alive by writing anime reviews and two large articles here about the internet and emotional health. I hope to put fictional writing as a higher priority in the upcoming month! Hopefully in next post I’ll have a new word count to tell you guys!

Right now, I’m looking forward to May for several reasons:

Age of Ultron for one… although my excitement for it has simmered down to a near “indifferent”… I think I’m trying to protect my feelings since I won’t get to see the film till mid-May after everyone else. I will have to spend that entire time avoiding my normal Tumblr and certain blog posts ’cause of spoilers. Gr.

The big thing for May is my state’s big summer Comic-Con will be happening at the end of this month. I bought my ticket back in February and I’m excited that it’s oh-so-close to arriving! I hope that I’ll maybe see some friends and I’ll probably do all my birthday spending prematurely while I’m there. XD

I hope you all had a nice April!


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