Ignorance and the Internet


A pet peeve of mine is seeing members of the older generation preach (especially on Facebook) that if kids–everyone, really–weren’t on the internet, there would be fewer problems… The country wouldn’t be in such a “bad shape…” Life would be simpler… they say.

This really peeves me, so today I want to talk it out of my system.

The very idea that things would be simpler without the internet shows a complete lack of understanding and appreciation for what the internet can actually do. It also shows an ignorance about the true roots of the problems which crop up on the internet.

I can empathize with the older generation. Technology has moved so quickly and for certain personalities or mind sets, it might be hard to keep up with the changes. Or it be frustrating to feel left behind (though not completely if you’re on Facebook complaining.) It’s no doubt hard to see your reality change. The American lifestyle itself has changed drastically during the years into the 21st century. Much of that has to do with technology.

But change happens.


You can’t stop change. You can’t blame technology for change. And nobody forces you to use this technology. So:

Dear older generation,

Please understand the amazing things the internet can do. I can be in contact with a long-lost aunt because the of internet. By using google maps, I can walk roads in other countries. I can look at images of the deep space that some people a mere century ago would dream of seeing but couldn’t. I can talk with wonderful people who I would never have met otherwise, thanks to blogging and Skype and Instagram. World news travels faster, people sign petitions easier, and communication across the globe is completely open, thanks to the internet.

Does that not amaze you?

Of course there are pros and cons to everything.

A lot of bad things happen on the internet, serious issues which need to be addressed and fixed within society. Like how easily children can stumble over porn while online or how equipped bullies can be thanks to social media. People, in different ways, are more discounted from their families by hiding within technology. Opinions or beliefs you might not like very much actually have a place to heard on the internet–that’s not even a problem, that’s just a discomfort that follows you around if you happen to have a computer and Facebook.

tumblr_myebwtELvb1st5lhmo1_1280But these problems won’t go away if the internet disappears.

These are heart issues that have nothing to do with the Internet. There needs to a movement in the hearts of adults who are trying to fill the void in their heart so they stop needing/uploading porn on the internet. Children need to be loved for who they are so that when they become teenagers they don’t feel the need to rip each other apart out of self-hate and neglect. If families knew how to be accepting and how to work out problems with each other in a healthy way, they wouldn’t have to hide behind their phones so much.

These are problems that come from within us! The internet is merely a platform for these problems to take place on.

If we solved the heart issues, many of the problems the older generation might have about the internet would be very diminished.


Not all older people are like this of course. A lot are very easily keeping up with technology and appreciating its uses. To you, I thank you immensely. But for those of you who dislike the internet and still use Facebook anyway: please stop being ignorant and hypocritical. Please understand that problems don’t come from the technology you simply don’t understand.

They come from within us all. Including you.

Dear older generation, ignorance is not bliss, it merely makes others feel bad. Don’t shame my generation for using a beautiful technology that has so many wonderful abilities. Try to find something awesome on the internet today! (And Facebook is kind of an ironic place to tell others the internet complicates things. I’m sorry, but someone needs to tell you that.)



11 thoughts on “Ignorance and the Internet

  1. Amen! I’m so tired of hearing people complain about the internet. What’s even worse is when older people complain about this generation “being totally lost” or “the laziest generation who are just always on their phones”. In my school almost everyone I know who can drive has a job of some sort.

    The internet is not perfect, nor is any system invented and run by human beings. But you are right, discounting the internet because of these problems won’t make the problems go away.

    1. I can relate to what you’re feeling! I can sympathize with older people, but they’re definitely way too swift to brush off our generation for being lazy–sure, some kids are, but not all of us! It’s very sad.

      YES! Exactly! Nicely said! 😀


  2. I think it’s awesome the way you’re careful to think out both sides of the problem; and I totally agree with you.


    1. Thank you! Oh, I’m glad someone has noticed that, I am extremely careful on the more touchy subjects to look at from everyone’s perspectives, it helps all parties feel understood, even if I disagree with them. 🙂


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