Currently liking: that I know how to take real screencaps now. It’s been very helpful and fun! I’m also really enjoying my second Tumblr.

Currently listening: I’ve been listening to a soundtrack non-stop the past week or so. The types of music genres incorporated in it are so diverse and fun; jazz, band, orchestral, techno, soft guitar, it’s amazing. Here’s the playlist link: I’ll be featuring it tomorrow on my other blog. (Tracks 8 and 16 are my top favorites, but as a writer, I highly appreciate how versatile this entire OST is.)

Currently drinking: milk. I made chocolate chip cookies with Nathan over the weekend, and I always need milk with cookies. Yum. XD

Currently reading: I’m between fictional books right now and I’m not sure what to read next. 😦

Currently sitting: up in my mom’s bed, next to my sleeping brother. He’s been fighting his first flu and he asked me to sit with him. I’m trying to type quietly.

Currently writing: blog posts. I’ve paused “100 Levels” for now so I don’t feel drawn in too many directions. I’m about ten days away from taking my next GED test, so I thought I’d put writing on pause while I study.

Currently watching: Toy Story for Nathan (who am I fooling, I picked it out for myself.) I literally just finished the fourth episode of Nagi No Asukara, a story about people who live in the sea, whose children must take classes on land with the land people. It has some interesting themes on prejudice and coming-of-age—and the visuals are gorgeous–so I’m really liking it.

Currently obsessed with: anime. I’m not sorry that I like amazing stories and visuals. Not sorry at all. 😛


Currently tired: from the very crazy, busy past week. No more drama please. Drama is only fit for slice-of-life stories and soap operas, not for real life. 😯

Currently excited: that I finally own all 14 Basil Rathbone 1940’s Sherlock Holmes movies. Amazon had the set for half off! I was desperately missing the movies my dad had kept, so I thought it was time I buy the full set for myself and let go of the VHS tapes.

Currently failing: at my yoga again. *sigh* I really need to stick with it, because after just a few days my flexibility really improves!

Currently scaring myself with: taking my science GED test so soon. I never feel very prepared before my tests, which is a little scary since I have to pay to take the test in the first place. 😯

Currently stuck in my head: the credit song for Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. The song repeats easily so it stays in my head very easily. I shall conveniently link to that here. I have rewatched it about fifty times because the animation sequences are amazing (and the guys are so cute. XD)

Currently wishing: that my chocolate chip cookies would last forever. Bottomless cookie jar. Isn’t that the dream?

Currently praying: that Nathan gets better soon and that I don’t catch the flu from him, if that’s what it is. I haven’t had the flu in years, I don’t want a revisit with the old meanie. 😐



4 thoughts on “Currently:

  1. yumm chocolate chip cookies!

    I hope Nathan gets better soon. Being sick is no fun. But you’re a great sister to him so I’m sure that helps him a ton. I always love hearing about how well you take care of him. I wish I was that good a sister. lol. oops.

    And I’ll be praying for that GED test! Tests are scary, I agree. Just keep calm. you got this!

    1. 😀

      Yeah I hope he gets better soon too! Aw thank you, I try! XD

      Thank you so much!!!!! I already have lots of nerves about it but I just need to relax a little bit. Thank you for the pep talk!


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