Movies of Interest

So, I haven’t done this blog series in a while! Totally time for it because I’ve been getting through my want-to-see list pretty steadily this past month. The one thing in common between these movies is that they were all released last year. Which ones have you seen?


The Edge of Tomorrow | 4.5/5

So, I loved this movie! It follows a major who becomes stuck in a time loop, reliving the same day again and again as he awakens on an army base and goes into battle against aliens. It was SO entertaining and never once got boring! I loved Tom Cruise in the role of the Major and Emily Blunt in her female soldier role. I regret not seeing this in theaters; it would have been an amazing experience! If you enjoyed a good sci-fi story, definitely check this one out!


Big Hero 6 | 3/5

I have A LOT of problems with Big Hero 6, I’m afraid, and I went in with lowered expectations to see if Disney would surprise me. I guessed the villain immediately because of his nose. The side-characters were gross one-dimensional tropes. Nobody felt like superheroes at the end, just glorified “LOOK AT US WE’RE COOL NERDS” with science-y things they’d made. Honey Lemon was a near carbon copy of Rapunzel except she dabbled in science instead of art (her personality, hair and face looked so similar…she looked cheap.) Disney, stop delivering such poor character quality already. One Pro: Baymax was cute. He was adorable. I want a Baymax.


Gone Girl | 4.5/5

So, I really want to read the book, now that I’ve seen the movie! It was a great psychological thriller/murder mystery with some great characters, mostly because their depravity is slowly revealed as the movie progresses. I was on the edge of the couch throughout the running time and it went to places I didn’t expect. It was really long, but that turned out okay because I kept wanting more. 🙂


The Maze Runner | 4/5

I’m about to watch Divergent as well because I’ve been curious about these other YA dystopian films the people always end up comparing against The Hunger Games. Well, I ended up enjoying The Maze Runner quite a bit! The lack of romance was very refreshing, the maze setting was really cool (I admit I expected more than I got when it came to the maze, but what I did get was okay,) and the end reveal surprised me. The movie did leave me with more questions than when I started, so I’m fidgeting for a sequel with anticipation. I hope the next movie answers my questions!



19 thoughts on “Movies of Interest

  1. I actually really loved Big Hero 6…”Fist bump! Ba-de-la-de-la.” And the tag scene was HILARIOUS. Stan Lee for the winnnnnnnn.

    …but I’d like to know more about The Maze Runner! Have you seen or read “The Giver”? In my opinion it is THE dystopian novel to end all dystopian novels–and one of our family’s favorite books. And it was written in 1992, I believe, so it’s far older than Divergent or The Hunger Games…and yet they probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make the movie if it hadn’t been for the overwhelming success for The Hunger Games.

    1. Well, to each his own, I know a lot of people loved Big Hero 6 so I’m again in the minority I think when it comes to Disney’s newest animated stuff. Did you see it’s short Feast though? THAT was adorable!

      I’ve not see “The Giver” yet but I have it near the top of my Netflix DVD queue. I know Taylor Swift plays a teeny role in it XD


      1. Yes, I loved “Feast”! That was so cute! And yes, Taylor Swift has a teeny role–but she’s still pretty impressive, considering she has only about three minutes of screen time.

  2. I’ve seen some of these. Totally glad I’m not the only one who thought Big Hero 6 fell a little flat (though I can’t really pin why… except that it all felt a little one-dimensional, like you said. [EXCEPT TADASHI. I WANT A TADASHI.]) Anyway, have you seen Source Code? Edge of Tomorrow sounds a lot like it. LOVE that movie. If you haven’t seen it… find it and watch it. (Also watch Elizabethtown, if you haven’t already. Totally different genre – more like a deep, romcom-chick-flick, if there can be such a thing – but I recently watched it for the first time and fell in love with it. Orlando Bloom and Kristen Dunst at their best.)

    1. Yeah…Big Hero 6 was pretty one dimensional. Tadashi was one of the better characters but he was still “the awesome older brother” trope without much originality. 😦 I’ve not seen Source Code, I’ll have to look it up though! I’ll look into Elizabethtown too! Thank you for both recommendations!! 😀


      1. Exactly. Which is sad, because I was looking forward to it being better than it was. 😦 (I always love the “awesome older brother” character, so I guess that’s why he appealed to me.) I’m pretty sure you’d love both of those. Different ends of the movie spectrum, but you seem to have the same tastes in movies that I do. 😀 You’re welcome! Let me know what you think!

  3. Fun post Jamie! I agree with your thoughts on all the ones I’ve seen — Edge of Tomorrow is awesome, and sadly Big Hero 6 wasn’t so much, and The Maze Runner! I love The Maze Runner! Maybe not quite as good as The Hunger Games, but better than Divergent, and really different too. I liked the gritty, sleek style of the movie, and the book were solid all the way through, so I’m really excited for sequels. 😀

    1. I also liked the gritty yet sleek feel from the movie; that’s a great way to describe it! I agree, I’d say it’s not quite as good as The Hunger Games but it definitely can stand on it’s own feet in comparison to it! YES, I can’t wait to for the sequels too!!! 😀


  4. Edge of Tomorrow sounds like a movie that I would like–I’ll have to check it out! I didn’t think Big Hero 6 looked all that good to begin with, so since you didn’t think it was all that great, I probably won’t seeing it. Gone Girl sounds too scary for me. LOL, I don’t handle scary things well. The last time I read something slightly frightening, I wouldn’t go in my basement alone for two weeks…. I really want to see The Maze Runner, but I want to read the book first. I’ll have to do that soon 😀


    1. Yes, Edge of Tomorrow would be one you’d enjoy! LOL about Gone Girl–it was very thrilling/on the edge of your seat-like. I’ve not read The Maze Runner but I’ve heard it’s really good. You’ll have to read it soon so you can see the movie! 😀


  5. Of the films listed, I’ve only seen Edge of Tomorrow, I thought it was great! It’s one of my favorite Tom Cruise films! It was humorous, well made, the acting was fabulous, and the plot was fascinating! All in all, I loved it!!

    1. Yes! It was an all-around excellent film! I’d love to own it, actually, some day in the future so I can rewatch it! 😀


    1. Thank you very much! Yes, Edge of Tomorrow and Gone Girl were exceptional films, I’m glad you liked them too! 🙂


  6. Nice reviews! There were a lot of very good movies last year!

    Edge of Tomorrow was amazing! Totally original, fun, and intriguing!

    I actually really liked Big Hero 6. To me it was the story of Hiro dealing with his grief, and I felt that the film captured that part of the story, as well as his relationship with Baymax, very well.

    I haven’t seen Gone Girl yet but I will be sure to check it out!

    I saw the Maze Runner but wasn’t that impressed. It just doesn’t stand out enough from all of the other dystopia movies I have seen.

    What movies are you looking forward to seeing this year?

    1. There were, I wished I’d seen more of the better ones at the theater, but I was watching my money. XD

      I just saw Divergent a couple days ago, and I don’t know if it’s one you’ve seen, but I would say Maze Runner is superior to Divergent if one is talking dystopia. Maze Runner had higher stakes and else of a YA feel that Divergent had. I wouldn’t say Maze Runner is better than The Hunger Games though. 🙂

      I’m looking forward Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, Mockingjay Part 2, and Inside Out. I’m going to see Star Wars in theaters but I’m not sure if I would include it in the category of “looking forward too” because I still want another Star Wars movie. XD



  7. I totally understand that! I’ve been having to watch my money this year now that I’m about to head to college and have been waiting to rent a lot of movies.

    I haven’t seen the Divergent films, but they didn’t look interesting to me. I think I just wore myself out on the dystopia genre by reading too many of those books a while back, but I am going to give the Maze Runner sequel a shot. I may like that one more than the first.

    This year has a great line-up of movies! I look forward to reading your thoughts on them! 🙂

    1. Unless you really like the dystopia genre I wouldn’t really recommend Divergent because it wasn’t that impressive. XD

      Thanks, I’m looking forward to blogging more mini movie reviews, they’re fun to write! 😀


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