My Online Highlights || Round 2

Favorite Blog Posts

I Read:

I Reviewed:


What I’ve Been Watching

  • Frasier Season 4 (THIS SHOW IS HYSTERICAL.)
  • Your Lie In April (IT ENDED. It was so sad but so good!)
  • Arrested Development (because it’s also hysterical.)
  • Parasyte (it also ended! ALL MY SHOWS ARE ENDING.)
  • The Walking Dead is nearly over too.

New Accounts

anime planet

This month I discovered Anime-Planet, which put me on a rampage to document all the anime I’d seen. I liked hearting all the characters I liked and see how much time I’ve spent watching anime. According to the meter, I’ve seen nearly two weeks worth.


Lindsey Stirling’s latest video is out and it’s so beautiful! It’s little different since we don’t actually see her play the violin. I’d also say this video holds some of her best acting! And the music is just amazing as always.

I heard this and immediately knew I needed the sheet music for it. I LOVE the piano at the beginning and the overall melody! I can’t wait to start learning this piece!

Writing Updates

I’ve been getting into the nitty gritty details of my world recently, more than I’ve been writing it. Lol oh dear. I dislike details so I have to put extra effort into it.

Well, I like how my second post for this monthly series turned out! 🙂 My crown lengthening is happening today though, so that’s kind of a damper. I’m very nervous about it. AND my computer is acting up again and I’ve not yet done my first monthly backup! 8-| Hopefully all goes well and my computer stops acting weird! Prayers would be appreciated. 🙂



4 thoughts on “My Online Highlights || Round 2

  1. Thanks so much for including my link on your list! I was so excited to see it there. Lindsey Stirling’s new YouTube video is pretty amazing, isn’t it? I love all the special effects and the gorgeous scenery. The only bad thing was that there was no violin in it, but I think the rest of the video more than made up for it. I don’t know if you’ve seen her music video for Song of the Caged Bird, but it reminded me a little of that actually. In a good way.

    1. You’re so welcome; I’m trying to highlight my favorite bloggers on this post series, so I was happy to include you!

      SONG OF THE CAGED BIRD IS MY PERSONAL FAVORITE OF HERS. Like, that song is amazing. Now that you mention it, it does have the same vibe. Now I want to go rewatch that one! ❤


  2. Wow, thank you for mentioning me!

    You’re dentist talks about books with you? Why does my dentist not do that?? Why do people in general not talk about books?? Why?? (I’m going to stop before I start a rant….)

    Just FYI, I love these highlight posts that you do! 😀


    1. You’re so welcome! I LOVE your new blog name!!

      Yes, I carried a book when I went to have my root canal down and the one assistant got really excited about it and another asked if and where I bought books online! LOL I know, talking about books has become a dying art. 😦

      Thank you, I’m so glad someone likes them! 😀


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