Favorite Bromances


It’s a pop culture term that summarizes two guys (usually fictional characters) who have a deep/brotherly relationship (and/or often pertaining to actual romance, which I leave out when I use the word.) I don’t use this term that much but sometimes it’s feels appropriate when I’m trying to talk about a great friendship between two male best friends.

Personally, I love seeing deep, platonic relationships between guys in my movies and TV shows–usually those connections reach out from the screen to me and are near-unbreakable, which is why the movies and shows become near-unbreakable too!

These below are my personal favorite fictional best friends. They’re listed in an attempted alphabetical order to avoid the heartache of ranking favorites. XD


Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee | The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

I’ve worked on this post for a long time but I could never complete it for some reason. Now, after seeing The Lord of the Rings, I know why. It’s because this list was incomplete without Frodo and Sam, one of the best bromances ever. 🙂 These two were easily my very favorite part about The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Sam such a bad*ss best friend–he always had Frodo’s back, even when the ring began effecting Frodo’ judgement for the worse. And Frodo, when he was thinking straight, really appreciated Sam’s loyalty and brotherhood.  And of course, the moments on Mordor: #THEFEELS


Han Solo and Chewbacca | The Star Wars Trilogy

I think they’re usually viewed as “character with sidekick” sort of relationship but just because Chewbacca isn’t a main character in the Star Wars movies doesn’t mean that he and Han Solo aren’t bros for life. Besides Wookies are very intelligent and all, so their connection is completely legitimate.

The movies don’t even need to make a big sub-plot demonstrating their strong friendship because it looks so natural and real on the screen. They’re a classic addition to idea of brotherhood and kick-butt partners.

poirot and hastings

Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings | A&E’s Agatha Christie’s Poirot

Ever since I first watch the show over five years ago, I’ve absolutely loved this detective duo. They’re such a great addition to the bromance group since, in many ways, they’re a rather mismatched pair. Poirot is very particular, sharp, and proper, while Hastings is a relaxed chap who walks the line of being a little clueless.

But they work because they care for each other’s companionship! I’ve loved these guys since day one over five years ago, so the fact they’ve managed to stay within this list speaks to their true and memorably fun friendship.


Jake the Dog and Finn the Human | Adventure Time

Adventure Time is one of my more recent favorite shows because of its quirky stories, characters, and stylistically simple, magical world. The two main characters are unquestioningly one of the best broships you’ll ever find on TV. They were even raised to together as brothers. Finn and Jake go on adventures, take quests, woo princesses, play video games, and contemplate simple life lessons of friendship.

It’s sounds similar to many kid shows, but Finn and Jake’s friendship feels so special and authentic in a simple way. They’re partly why Adventure Time’s been embraced by young adults like myself. ❤


James P. Sullivan and Mike Wazowski | Monsters Inc/University

I shouldn’t even have to talk very much about these guys: you should know Sulley and Mike are the best of classic besties ever. Their song to each other in the credits literally goes “I wouldn’t have nothin’ if I didn’t have you.” Pixar perfectly captures the epitome of best friends with a big fuzzy monster and a one-eyed being shaped like a beach ball. They’re one of my most favorite duos in film and they absolutely had to get placed here. 😀


Jenko and Schmidt | 21 /22 Jump Street

I have a soft spot for these high school rivals-turned-cop partners. While these films are quite adult, they are among my favorite comedies: This is thanks to the fantastic chemistry between characters Jenko and Schmidt. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill are exceptional together in these films, and the characters combined with wonderful comedic timing carry the movies from meh to great.

I absolutely love Jenko and Schmidt together as best buddies and cop partners, so they very easily get to make my list of best bromances.


Kuroko and Kagami | Kuroko’s Basketball

These two were the first anime duo to pop in my head when I was creating this post. Even though I’ve only see the first season so far, these guys still easily make my best of the best list. Kagami’s passionate about basketball but struggles to control his strengths while Kuroko can barely do anything on the court outside of his amazing passing ability. The two discover that they perfectly compliment each other in-game, even if they can butt heads off the court, and their unlikely friendship is formed.

The partnership turned friendship in this anime had me hooked. The two have these epic fist bump moments where I want to fall out of my chair for love of them. Kuroko’s lack of presence annoys Kagami at first, but they eventually find, heart to heart, that they can only be better at what they love if they work together. ❤


Michael Scott and Dwight Schrute | The Office

A little more one-sided than you might think, the duo of well-meaning but idiotic Michael Scott and the cold-with-secret-soft-side Dwight Schrute is a priceless pair for both comedy and friendship. During the first few seasons, Michael just barely puts up with Dwight’s intense devotion as “Assistant Regional Manager,” while Dwight is completely devoted to Michael’s every wish and whim.

However, as the seasons pass, Dwight’s devotion is slowly repaid by Michael with real friendship and brotherhood, which is why they’re make it on this list. Also they’re hysterical together.


Mitchel and Cameron Pritchet| Modern Family

Mitch and Cam are the only official couple to be included here (because what’s the point of this post if I don’t mention these guys?!) While Modern Family has an amazing cast of characters, the standouts to me are the uptight yet steady redheaded Mitch who’s balanced by the bubbly jack-of-all-trades Cam: These guys are one of my favorite duos ever.

Mitch and Cam are wonderfully developed characters, both encompassing and simultaneously shattering the idea of”the gay couple” on several levels. I absolutely respect and admire the show’s writers for so thoughtfully creating such vivid, realistic, hysterical people–I will never get tired of watching these guys react to life together.

rick and daryl

Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon | The Walking Dead

Although not a main theme to The Walking Dead’s plot like in Adventure Time, the brotherhood between a former Sheriff’s Deputy, Rick, and a rough-around-the-edges red neck, Daryl, is one of the best parts of the show! Especially since these two guys are my favorite characters!

Daryl’s real brother Merle was abusive and bad-tempered, so when Daryl is no longer around his bad influences and begins to mature, he finds a better older brother-like friendship in the group’s leader, Rick Grimes. It’s not at all a quick friendship to say the least, but that’s why it feels so authentic. And without the zombie apocalypse it would never have been formed!


Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

Easily one of my favorite duos of all time (if not my ultimate favorite,) the classic literary duo are represented here with my two personal favorite pairs (technically the only two sets that I genuinely love) with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman from Sherlock and Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce’s 1940’s classics. Of course I adore Holmes and Watson in the books, especially since those are from Watson’s perspective.

Much like Poirot and Hastings, they sometimes seem a bit mismatched (especially in Sherlock) but they have one of the truest friendships in all fiction, as far as I’m concerned. Not because they have a perfect friendship without flaws, but because through the flaws they still can stick together.


Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s Many Character Duos | in The Cornetto Trilogy

I’m encompassing three sets of bromances here, all portrayed by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The characters they play have very different types of friendships which are all priceless. Shaun and Ed from Shaun of the Dead are the hysterical duo where the one character is more worried about his future while the other acts a burden. The fantastic friendship in Hot Fuzz is between the uptight Sergeant Angel and the soft-hearted sidekick Danny: they create a a wonderful cop duo (and the purest bromance of these three.) And in the last one, Pegg and Frost portray a broken friendship which is poorly reunited.

This British trilogy of stand-alone films features these brothers and it’s FANTASTIC due to excellent writing, character development and amazing comedy chemistry between Pegg and Frost. ❤


Stewie Griffin and Brian Griffin | Family Guy

Although Brian’s creation was as sidekick for family patriarch Peter Griffin, the absolute best episodes of Family Guy are when he’s teamed up with the one-year-old, English-accented, evil genius Stewie Griffin, in the “Road To” adventures. They’re another badly mismatched pair who start off hating each other but eventually become great buds.

Even non-“Road To” episodes with the two characters interacting are hysterical and completely awesome as zing each other and time travel. I adore them too much to leave them off this list!


The original list of guys to include here was twice this big but I kept only my favorite of favorites for length, which means Woody and Buzz, Arthur and Merlin, Tamaki and Kyoya of “Ouran,” and Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are only honorable mentions. But that’s life, I suppose. (And to tell the truth, I enjoyed Steve and Bucky more when it was only The First Avenger; all the fangirls got annoying during Winter Soldier and nearly ruined them for me. 😦 )

So: How many bromances have you seen from my list and would you agree with me? What are some of your favorite pairs of best guy friends? Any pairs you would include that I didn’t (I can think of some popular pairs that are very absent from my list)?


11 thoughts on “Favorite Bromances

  1. To be honest, Mike and Sully may be my favorite! Although I love Frodo/Sam, Han/Chewie, and Sherlock/John, too. But Mike and Sully are the definition of true fictional bromance in my book 😀

    Some other bromances that I love: Steve Rogers/Sam Wilson (I absolutely love them! In fact, I almost prefer them to Steve/Bucky *gaaasp*), Tony Stark/Bruce Banner, Tony Stark/Rhodey, Legolas/Gimli, Horatio Hornblower/Archie Kennedy and then Horatio/Mr. Bush (don’t judge, I was practically raised on the “Horatio Hornblower” show). Do Rocket Raccoon/Groot count? Oh oh oh, and also Rocky Balboa/Apollo Creed. They are such bros.

    The only other one I can think of is Chris Hemsworth/Tom Hiddleston, but they’re not exactly fictional. But you did ask for “favorite pairs of best guy friends.” 😉

    1. SEE?! I knew I didn’t need to go into Mike and Sully’s bromance. XD

      Those are good ones! I need to see Horatio at some point, I think we actually have the first season from the library right now… ROCKY AND APOLLO! Good one! ❤ ❤ ❤

      YES!! I actually wanted to include Thor and Loki but since they're more rivals they didn't seem to fit lol. But Chris and Tom are perfect. ❤ XD


  2. Okay Frodo and Sam are totally on my list too! 😀 I love them so much! Their best friends and they honestly are just awesome!
    Sherlock and John are another awesome duo.
    Okay, so another few favourites of mine?? Harold and John from Person of Interest, Will and Horace from the Rangers Apprentice series. 🙂
    Woody and Buzz are good too, just not one of my all time favourites. 🙂

    1. FRODO AND SAM!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

      I've been wanting to see Person of Interest I really need to watch the pilot sometime; it's good to here that it has a good bromance! 😀


  3. This post is equally as awesome!

    You’re welcome! Did you like the movie? Judging from the type of fandoms you’re into (yes, I judge) you would probably like the books…and I just want to have someone to talk to about the series! – because it’s taking my sister forever to get through book 1! – And I feel so alone in my fandoms, but at the same time, it’s cool to introduce people to your interests too.

    Thomas, Newt and Mihno all become the big 3 of the story. And I would totally put Thomas and Mihno together as a slow-burning bromance; you may not have seen it in the movie or the first book, but it’s definitely there as the story progresses.

    1. Thank you!!!

      I did enjoy the movie, more then I thought, actually! I liked the mystery and was really curious to see how and why they’d been put in the maze (I was guessing it was virtual reality for awhile but those final moments of the film sure disproved that, Lol!) Yes, it’s awesome to find people in a fandom which you thought you were alone in. I think I would like the books, I might read the first one now that I’ve seen the movie but wait for the sequels (that’s what I’ve done with The Hunger Games, which I’ve not read yet.)

      I’m glad to hear that, I loved those three together; and Thomas and Mihno <3! 😀

  4. Han and Chewie are a good one! Also of course Sam and Frodo!

    My favorite bromance is Bruce and Tony in the Avengers movies. They just have such a fun friendship! I also love the friendship between Hulk, Hawkeye, and Wasp in the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes tv show.

    Some other favorites of mine are Anakin and Obi-Wan, Aang and Zuko from Avatar, Professor X and Magneto from X-Men, and Steve and Bucky.

    1. I like Bruce and Tony, too! I hope we see more of them in Age of Ultron!

      I need to see Avatar badly, I know I would enjoy it. I considered Anakin and Obi-Wan for my list, but since Anakin rubs me the wrong way the pair just didn’t make to my list. 🙂 Obi-Wan is awesome though. 😀


      1. I do too!

        Yes, Avatar is so amazing! Yeah, Anakin in the movies rubs me the wrong way too, but in the Clone Wars he is a lot better portrayed. Agreed, Obi-Wan is awesome! 😀

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