The Authorly Bucket List

it's possible

Well, I’m going to list a few authorly things I’m not that good at doing, and then I’m going to list a few things I’d like to try in the future. I’m suppose to keep it to about three to seven things each. 😀

Things I’m Not Very Good At:

1. PACING. This is my number one problem as far as I’m concerned–my last book was meant to span years, and it ended up spanning a week and a half. For 60,000 words. *headdesk.* I promise I’m working on it.

2. Romance. A decent romance is hard for me to write. I’ve tried and it’s always come out extremely obvious and annoying. Although I’m picking up some stuff from anime, I don’t know if I could imitate it in my writing very well yet. (This is why I’m avoiding using  romance in any of my current books.)


3. First person POV. I’ve almost always written in third person, where I can jump into any character’s head for a second before moving to someone else… I’m not sure what you call that in authorly terms. So, I need more practice in writing from the view-point of one sole character. (Thankfully, I have some practice from all this blogging, so it’s not a completely foreign feeling. 😀 )

4. Plot threads. I’m always dropping plot threads, and that’s because I don’t “plot” very well. *headdesk*

5. Complete Endings. I’ve completed books, but I’m not often happy with how they end. I need to learn how to wrap everything together and create a cohesive ending that doesn’t rely on a sequel soon to follow.

Things I Want to Try:


A. A memoir/self-help book. Not to be written now, but some day.

B. I’d like to tell a story from an animal’s perspective. I read several stories from this perspective when I was twelve and it’s stuck with me ever since (and why aren’t there more stories like Black Beauty?!)

C. I’d love to write a good old-fashioned chick flick–you know, girl friends, gossip, coffee houses, scandal, musician boyfriends, tears, secrets, the works! I’ve never written one before so I think it would be great fun. XD

green wisps

D. I want to write a historical supernatural mystery set in gas lamp England. I actually already have a plot: it will follow a band of professional crooks who become indebted to a mysterious foreign upperclassman–not telling other details yet. 😛 However, this story feels very vivid to me, so I can’t wait to write it!

E. Pirates. Oceans. Maps. Gold. Sword fights … Pirates.

F. I want to write something in the Slipstream genre. Weird is my middle name, after all… or at least I desperately want it to be. I think it’d be a great challenge to master on day.


Other genres I’d love to attempt flexing my muscles in include Gothic Romance, a Cozy Mystery (makes me think of Miss Marple!) lots and lots more horror (happy to say I’ve already written a Zombie novel,) Steampunk combined with another genre still un-chosen, and Urban Fantasy among many other genres.

If you’d like to explore different genres and subgenres, check out this genre map I discovered while creating this post. It’s super cool–I spent an hour perusing and looking up book recommendations!

This writer’s tag was happily stolen with zero regret for the sheer fun of doing it. If you would like do this tag on your own blog, please help yourself immediately! 🙂



17 thoughts on “The Authorly Bucket List

  1. Romance *is* tricky. The slower the pace, the better–at least in my opinion. I always kinda roll my eyes when characters just tumble head-over-heels in love, haha!

    By the way, your mention of pirates reminded me to tell you that I saw one of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies a couple of nights ago 😉 Will Turner is a dear and Jack Sparrow quite hilarious.

  2. This was super interesting!

    Haha, your thing about pirates makes me think though of the Cousins and the Pirates Treasure. That has a treasure map in a bottle and everything!! But I guess that’s not exactly what you meant. XD I love that book!

    1. Ooh, that makes me happy!

      Lol yes, it’s not what I mean, but it does have similar elements! I’m glad you still like all my old stories. XD

  3. Oo, girl I would totally read a pirate/treasure/gold book by you. That would be awesome. Also you should write that historical supernatural mystery sometime, it sounds like you. 🙂


  4. By all means, ignore romance!! It’s more fun if you don’t have a designated couple…and if two characters wind up with more chemistry than you’d originally intended, well, that’s just part of the magic 🙂 Personally, while I enjoy a good romance, I’d be just as happy if not every single book I read had a romance. Nothin’ wrong with being single for a while.

    First person is fun (it’s how I’m writing my current project), but bear in mind your hero can’t be aware of a lot of stuff. Hit me up if you want a beta reader!

    PIRATES. YES. Historical supernatural mystery?? SURE. Your bucket list is awesome!

    1. YES THANK YOU. ROMANCE IS OVERRATED in entertainment, as far as I’m concerned. XD

      Thank you for that, I need to write it down so I remember while writing my book. I WILL SO HIT YOU UP WHEN I’M READY FOR BETA READERS! Thank you! ❤ ❤ Your input will, I'm sure, be fantastically helpful. 😀

      Thank you! 😀


  5. Oh I like all those ideas! I’ve always wanted to write my lifestory, but Im still living it so I dont want to start yet. haha.
    good luck with all the writing! Keep us updated on it!

  6. I swear I commented on this earlier today. *headdesk* Ugh.

    Basically I rambled about not being good at comedy or sub-plots and that I really want to write a chick flick, too. (And now that I’ve been thinking about it at various intervals throughout the day, I *really* want to write a chick flick. Think 27 Dresses or Leap Year. YUUUUSSSS.)

    Anywho. Great post!!!!

    1. Aw, that happened to me somewhere else yesterday. 😦 Thanks for trying again, though! ❤

      LOL Wouldn't a chick flick be such fun to write?! XD

      Thank you!! 😀


      1. You didn’t need two paragraphs of my ramblings anyway. 😛

        It would!!! The quirky best friend, the sexual tension, the ridiculousness of all of the randomness that happens to the characters… AHH, IT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN. (I think I mentioned in my comment fail that my pet plot bunny would be a romcom if I could do comedy… Anywho.) Have you ever read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell? It’s like the poster child for chick flicks, except from the guy’s perspective. TOTALLY swoon-worthy.

      2. I’ve not read Attachments! It sounds so fun, though, I’m going to mark it to-read on Goodreads! Thanks!!


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