The Art of Characters (a link up)

So, today I’m linking up with Victoria at Stori Tori’s Blog and her link up The Art of Characters. TheArtofCharactersButtonWithText2“This link-up focuses on your characters from the outside and how your character’s description can tell a lot about your character. I’m hoping this will not only help pure writers, but also writers/artists to draw their characters more.”

This is a fantastic idea and something I should ponder on more (this month’s focus was supposed to be on couples because of Valentine’s but I failed to see how to make that work, so I’m not doing that part.) I’ll be using my new main character (still going with the temporary name Zoe) to fill this out; I’m curious to my own answers. XD

(I do not have any images my character.)

1.) What does your character’s eye, skin, and hair color tell about him/her? Within the world of Immersed, a Multi-Player Fantasy Role-Playing Virtual Reality Game, my main character, after nearly choosing the human race, chooses to play in the avatar of a demon. (Demons have purple skin with unique black patterned splotches and black hair, along with a tail and cloven feet. No horns.) Zoe think she’s being unique by choosing an avatar that’s not human, but she’s not as original as she thinks she is.  I have not really decided on Zoe’s features outside the game–she is only described as her avatar.

2.) What does your character’s hairstyle tell about him/her? Zoe’s female demon avatar has black full hair that reaches past her shoulders. When she first enters the game, she wears it loose but as she becomes serious about dungeon crawling, she pulls it back (or will wear it under a helmet.) I haven’t put too much thought into anything beyond that.

large (7)

3.) What does your character’s default outfit tell about him/her? I actually haven’t created Zoe’s default outfit yet, she’s still in the basic garb of a new player. However, since she can and will be able to buy herself armor, charms, and an identifying outfit, I’ll be able to bring out her personality more. What I currently know about her is that while she’s not a genius, she does know common sense and that will show with the clothing she chooses.

4.) Does he/she have an object(s) he/she carries around a lot? She has a trademark tiny dagger that delivers more harm against monsters than it’s meant to and she carries a small trinket with her as a good luck charm, even though it’s not technically a “charm” from the game’s data base. It was given to her by a merchant on her first day within Immersed.

5.) Does he/she have any particular scars or birthmarks? Generally, once healed, avatars don’t keep scars from previous battles. However, on Zoe’s real body, she has a small scar on her thumb where a rose thorn stabbed her when she was 14.

large (8)

6.) Does he/she have any piercings or tattoos? In both reality and virtual reality, she has pierced ears. You can get tattoos in the game, but she does not have any.

7.) How does he/she carry themselves? Shoulders back? Eye contact? Eyes down? Slumped shoulders? Zoe is about eighteen (Can you believe I have not pegged down an official age and name for a main character yet?!) so she sees herself at prime of her youth; she has bright eyes, straight shoulders and a quirk of curiosity to her step.

8.) What is his/her default expression? Smiling? Frowning? Solemn? She has an inquisitive, curious facial expression. She’s not completely trusting of everyone she meets or sees, but she’s intrigued about virtual reality, and her curiosity comes across through her face.

9.) Does he/she wear make-up or face paint? She does not wear either in virtual reality, but in her real life she sometimes wears mascara and lip gloss.

I like the snake-ish helmet here...
I like the snake-ish helmet here…

10.) Does his/her physical appearance change at any time? For example: If they have a power do their eyes glow or hair turn blue? When she executes magic that is only used by the demon race, her eyes flash a soft blue gleam. However, her body doesn’t really react to other magical powers or skills–at least, not that I have developed, but this is something I should come up for other characters.

Bonus: Does the character change his/her appearance to impress the love interest? Currently, I’m not planning on giving Zoe a love interest. I choose this because I think fantasy and sci-fi books use the “in love” symptom between the female lead and a male presence too often as motivation or tension, and I want to try something completely different!

I really appreciated this link up, it’s definitely given me a better idea of my character and different aspects of her two lives that I can use throughout the story! Thanks for reading! 🙂


7 thoughts on “The Art of Characters (a link up)

  1. Very neat! I love getting to know about people’s characters, since to me characters are the most important part of a story.

    1. Thank you! I enjoyed writing this a lot! I agree, characters are very important, especially in keeping them relateable and likable! 🙂


  2. I’m glad you like the link-up. ^ ^ It was called love interest, because the link-up was to be done with the love interest as opposed to the main character. ^ ^’ That’s how it works. Sorry if that was confusing. Your story concept seems really cool. ^ ^ It reminds me a bit of the anime Sword Art Online which is one of my favorite animes. ^ ^ Thank you for participating!

    Stori Tori’s Blog

    1. Ah, okay, well that wouldn’t have worked since this book doesn’t have a love interest, lol!

      It’s a bit like Sword Art Online (I’ve seen the beginning,) but they go underground inside of up a tower. XD


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