I’m Back to Blogging



Well, my computer is not fixed but I know what the problem is: a bad hard drive. Everything I didn’t last back up I lost, which ended up including everything for my most recent book and my 2014 NaNoWriMo novel. Thankfully, my laptop is still under warranty; I’m borrowing my Mom’s spare laptop to work as a replacement while it goes to the depot and comes back. So, I’m back to blogging!

The computer issue has been a heavy burden this past week for me and I’m exhausted emotionally. I had a near panic attack the first night and then after I found out I’d lost my book I was a corpse on my floor for an un-exaggerated two hours. Crying and worrying takes it out of you. Writers, go back up your work now. Like, stop reading this and save your work, email it to someone trustworthy or stick ’em on a thumb drive. Do not make the mistake I did and assume it can’t happen to you. Assume it will all be lost tomorrow and go save it. Yes, Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.

colorful feathers

Lol I’m being quite dark, mostly to reflect my past week, but I’m doing a lot better now due to hunting for pros in a gallon of cons. Currently I’m grateful for the warranty and that my mom is so wonderful and that I’m single this year.

Self-discovery has revealed that to I would be in an awful fix if I was in a serious relationship right now. I’m still learning how I tick and how to function without becoming co-dependent or overly responsible. I’d like to stay single for a few more years! XD I’m not lonely today; I have a book date from the library this year and my little brother is my Valentine, so all is well. Hopefully in a few more years I’ll be more mature and there will be room in my heart for a relationship. 😀


Besides being dragged over coals this past week, I visited the library, went mini-golfing, and even managed to make my favorite dessert. I even briefly saw an old friend, which made me very happy. I hope this upcoming week will be a lot more relaxing, but grandparents are coming into town, so who knows. 😉

I’m going to end this here. Please pray that I’ll keep finding the positives in the negatives and that the people at Toshiba aren’t able to find an excuse to not cover my laptop. Now, go make sure your stuff is backed up and safe!



19 thoughts on “I’m Back to Blogging

  1. I’m so sorry about the computer problems and you losing your work, for a writer that is an absolute nightmare! I hope everything works out for you and I’m glad you’re back blogging 😀

    1. Thank you very much, girl!! It is a nightmare and such an awful feeling. 😦 Thank you, I’m glad I’m back to blogging too, I felt weird when I didn’t have access to my blog and stuff. Thanks for the sweet comment! ❤


      1. You’re welcome! I went months with no internet so I know how you feel being cut off from your blog. I like to take a few breaks throughout the year but I still like to be able to return to posting whenever I want, lol. 😀

  2. The ongoing saga with your computer has really driven home, for me, the need to keep my own computer consistently backed up. Especially since my laptop is coming up on its sixth birthday and I’ve noticed it getting a lot slower. I have my external hard drive plugged in and backing up as I write this. I’m so sorry you’ve had such a rotten experience. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a whole book . . . consider yourself hugged by a very sympathetic fellow writer!

    1. I’m so glad you are backing up your stuff right now! Hopefully you won’t ever loose anything like I did. Thank you for the big hug!!! *hugs back!* ❤


  3. Ooh, my laptop crashed a couple years ago. I can still remember the feeling of sickness and loss.

    BUT “we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” Cosmically speaking, this is the best thing that could’ve happened to you. Why? No idea. Maybe we won’t know till Heaven.

    For me, it was a chance to restart my story and to reinforce the importance of sharing it. I’d emailed a lot of it to my writing buddy, so I was able to recover it from Gmail. It was also a reminder of the transience of this life and a reminder to live in light of eternity. In a hundred years, will anybody on this earth read my stories? Will anyone even know that I once wrote? Maybe, maybe not. But in a hundred years, when I’m dead and gone to heaven, GUESS WHO’S GONNA TELL STORIES IN HEAVEN. ME. YOU. ALL THE CHRISTIAN WRITERS.

    For the present time, my dear, I am truly sorry your laptop crashed. How much of your most recent book can you recover? The NaNoWriMo may be irrevocable, unless you uploaded it to the NaNo website….
    It’s legit horribly disheartening, but it gets better ❤

    1. Thank you for the glimpse at the future and you’re very right. I’m already grateful this happened–I’ve learned early the importance to keeping solid backups of everything. Image what might have happened if I didn’t seriously realized this five years down the line when I might even more important work that could be lost. 😯

      I didn’t know you could upload your stories to the NaNo site (tell me more of this!) I entered it to get word validation at the end of the month but nothing more. As to my most recent book, it was only two chapters, but I lost the word document with all my planning and character ideas and world-building. I’ll have to try to remember it all. Thank you for empathizing with me and reminding me it will get better! *hugs*


      1. I *thought* you could; maybe I’m misremembering the word validation. I’ve only done NaNo once, a couple of years ago, so I’m not a reliable source.

        Oh no! All that background stuff is highly necessary! Me, I’m a pantser. I carry it in my head, and if it’s forgotten, oh well! What’s your favorite way to plan? Do you keep everything to yourself till it’s written, or do you bounce ideas off other people?

      2. Lol ah okay. I didn’t think you could but I suppose I could google it or something XD

        Yes! I never write background stuff down, so I’m kinda mad that the one time I do, it still gets lost. *headdesk* I’m also a pantser! Most of the time I keep ideas to myself till it’s written though. This latest time, I actually threw a lot of ideas at my friend James because he knows video games better than I do; he actually gave me some great ideas, which I’m really happy about! 😀 I’m trying to find the middle between pantser and plotter right now, because I like the best of both worlds. XD


  4. I’m so so sorry you lost your book, I can’t imagine how tough that must be. 😦 But I’m glad you’re back on blogger! 😀


    1. It’s really tough, I’m sad that I won’t see that book again. 😦 Thank you, I’m glad to be back and it’s nice to be missed! ❤ 😀


  5. Oh, Jamie, that must be so hard! I’ll be praying for you! I can imagine that it would be horrible to lose something that you’ve worked so hard on. >3 Hugs. And I hope that you can get your laptop back fixed, very soon!

    1. Thank you; it has been very hard so thank you for the prayers, I’m sure they help! I hope I’ll get my laptop back soon too! ❤


  6. Hi Jaime. I haven’t spoken to you in a while, to the point that I’m unsure if you even remember me. Well, I’m Zenta. I used to go by Spork. We were what might be construed as a sort of internet friendship once upon a time.
    Anyhow, awkward reintroductions and greetings out of the way, I’m so terribly sorry this happened to you. D: Writing is no longer my main medium (which is something I’d like to change, because writing is wonderful) and…I forgot where I was going with this. My mind has been all over the place lately.
    Well, stay positive and cheerful. I know it can be hard at times, but it is overall more rewarding than to let yourself fall into the dumps. Not that you should beat yourself up for that. We’re all human, after all. You know all this already. I’m so sorry. I’ll stop talking now. I hope things look up for you soon.


    1. Oh my gosh; of course I remember you! You’ve made my evening; I’m so happy to hear from you again! ❤ I wondered were you went but not very because everyone has lives, lol. I'm so glad you've dropped by again and you'll have to keep doing so!!!! 😀 😀 😀

      Thank you for the encouragement and for the reminder that I am human. 😀 It is always helpful to hear it from someone else. 😀


  7. Oh my gosh i’m so sorry you lost all of your work!! That happened to me once… i ended up switching to Google Drive because it saves every few minutes and is free (plus i can access it everywhere!) I’ll be praying that everything goes well for you in this!

    1. Thank you for the prayers! I’m so sorry that happened to you too! 😦 Wow, I didn’t know about Google Drive, I’ll definitely have to look into it, thank you for the idea!! ❤

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